18 Best Summer Holiday Destinations in Europe & CIS Countries

Best Summer Holiday Destinations

When we think of summer, the first thing that comes to mind is taking a vacation and soaking up some heat. After months of winters, we all need summer; it’s the time of infinite fun. Summer vacation is a time of excitement, romance and enhances the enjoyment of life. And, unfortunately, summer never seems to last long enough and it’s always over before we even have the chance to fully experience its power. Summer’s splendour is always by the gentle blue sea with caressing rays of golden sun. So, why not drift away in the summer wind to the Best Summer Holiday Destinations where the wind is like peace.

You can connect with nature and laze in the sun in Baku and feel the Caspian seashore as the sun goes down. Travel around other European and CIS countries where the sun is great, walk wherever you want cool shades shall fan the glade. Kiev is one summer destination which is really hot but has many places to cool and have a real summer rest. Hike through national parks, lakes and stay overnight with nature at the Green Lake in Tbilisi, Georgia. Amongst, all the activities to do in summer, the festival are always a big part of the summer season.

Best Summer Destinations in Europe

Let’s kick away winter and enjoy this summer by listing down some of the places to visit this summer:

1. Baku, Azerbaijan

Baku is surrounded by the country’s beaches, forested mountains, and miles of coastlines. If you want to laze on the beach, there are some sandy beaches on the shores of the Caspian Sea. But, if you want to head for the hills or the mountains, there are two mountain ranges where to choose from: the Caucasus Mountains or the Shahdag. Baku’s summer life is also about music festivals, and one of the biggest music festivals that happen during summer is the Zhara Music Festival.

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Baku Attractions

Attractions in Baku, Azerbaijan:

Heydar Aliyev Center
Azerbaijan Carpet Museum
Yanardag – The Burning Mountain
Ateshgah – Fire Temple of Baku
Bibi-Heybat Mosque
Baku Old City
Baku Boulevard

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2. Kiev, Ukraine

Don’t you want to relax this summer by the Black Sea? The healthy air, warm sea and exquisite mountain scenery make Kiev a perfect summer destination in Europe. If you want some quiet contemplation combine with leisure spend your summer vacation in the Carpathians will bring healing to mind, body and soul. Take multi-day hikes to the glacier lakes, enjoy horse riding in the mountains or swim in the mountain rivers while you are here!

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Ukraine Attractions

Attractions in Kiev, Ukraine

Shatsky Lakes
Pechersk Lavra
The Dnieper River Yacht Trip
The Kyiv Funicular
Underwater Museum Ukraine
Tunnel of Love
Bukovel Ski Resort
Carpathian Mountains
Kinburnska Sandspit

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3. Istanbul, Turkey

The heat in Istanbul settles in the month of July and August, and that’s when the city remains empty. All the locals and tourists escape the heat to the shores of the Marmara, the Bosphorus and sail on a warm day to discover the place. Eat mezes and drink raki to refresh yourself after a good day. There are also beautiful beaches, forest and islands such the Prince Island. Istanbul is the International travel destinations, and here’s a list of few places to explore more of the summer in Istanbul.

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Turkey Attractions

Attractions in Istanbul, Turkey

Belgrade’s Forest
Land Walls of Theodosius
Land Walls of Theodosius
Blue Mosque
The Bosphorus Cruise
Galata Tower
Istanbul Archaeological Museum
Chora Church
Basilica Cistern
Dolmabahce Palace

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4. Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade has a continental climate which makes summer really hot. A very popular spot to spend summer in Belgrade is Ada Ciganlija, an island made into a peninsula. You can spend your day here with rock climbing, beach volleyball, water skiing and many other things. After a long tiring fun day, you can dine in Skadarlija.

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Serbia Attractions

Attractions in Belgrade, Serbia

Kalemegdan Fortress
Knez Mihailova
Museum of Yugoslavia and the House of Flowers
Nikola Tesla Museum
Ada Ciganlija
Republic Square and the National Theatre
Avala Tower

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5. Moscow, Russia

Summer is a beautiful season in Moscow as travel makes it more pleasant. Attractions are easier to reach and they are open in the summer time. While you are Russia, you can cool yourself with a glass of kvass and enjoy the dachas located outskirts of the towns and cities. Moscow is rather alive during the summer and that’s when the city is fully awake and has more events happening than any other time of the year.

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Russia Attractions

Attractions in Moscow, Russia

Red Square
Bolshoi Theatre
Saint Basil’s Cathedral
State Hermitage Museum
Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
Peter and Paul Fortress
Gorky Park
Moscow Metro
The Novodevichy Convent

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6. Helsinki, Finland

The Finns spend their summer passionately and make great use of summer because of long, hard, cold winters. So, you can imagine what’s in store for you if you are in Finland. There’s so much to see and do here in the summer, fishing, music festivals, fishing, swimming and dinner from the grill! You can visit the Helsinki SkyWheel or get back to nature in Nuuksio National Park.

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Finland Attractions

Attractions in Helsinki, Finland

The Old Market Hall
Helsinki Zoo
Sibelius Monument
Suomenlinna Sea Fortress
Market Square
Seurasaari Island
Temppeliaukio Church

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7. Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is one of the best countries to visit in summer as it gives any visitor a perfect combination of diverse food, nightlife, edgy energy and mix authenticity of culture and history. If you are looking for a place that not so commercialized but something to give you peace of relaxation for your summer, then this is the summer destination for you.

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Romania Attractions

Attractions in Bucharest, Romania

The Old Centre
Cișmigiu Gardens
George Enescu Museum
Stavropoleos Monastery
Museum of Collections
Bellu Cemetery
Village Museum

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8. Riga, Latvia

Summer is short and sweet in Riga, but that doesn’t mean you can be here for summer. Most of the cafes at the Old Riga are made into open-air cafes and bars which make a perfect spot to spend the summer night and enjoy the city. The season starts kicking off in the month of June with a number of celebration and festivals and one of the biggest amongst them is the Riga City Festival.

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Latvia Attractions

Attractions in Riga, Latvia

Gauja National Park & Zvartes Rock
Cesis & Cesis Castle
Tarzans Adventure Park
Rundale Palace and Museum

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9. Vilnius, Lithuania

For summer madness, Vilnius has a lot to offer, from its wild dune beaches to even wilder festivals. Locals stay up until dawn and harness the power of summer all they can! You can enjoy the serene nature on the coast or take an adventure into the deep forest surrounded by lakes and rivers. Visit the hill forts, burial grounds and uncover the heritage sites.

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Lithuania Attractions

Attractions in Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius City
Curonian Spit
Kaunas City
Trakai Island
Hill of Crosses
Hill of Witches
Visaginas Town

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10. Tallinn, Estonia

There’s no denying that the country’s forests are an ideal place to enjoy the cool and chill in summer. It’s a rich culture hotspot for travellers looking to spend a good summer and city break experience. You will be drawn to the summer of the white night the city has to offer.

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Estonia Attractions

Attractions in Tallinn, Estonia

The Russalka Memorial
Freedom Square
Kadriorg Park
Tallinn Zoo
Town Hall Square
Toompea Hill
Oleviste Church
Tallinn Old Town

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11. Yerevan, Armenia

Looking for a perfect summer destination to quench your thirst? Summers are longer in Yerevan and the weather is perfect for adventurous activities, while evenings are a good time to leisure around the pool. There are also a number of festivals such as ecotourism, food, wine, sheep rearing and many others. The summer holidays in Yerevan, Armenia carry a cultural significance, it full of laughter, fireworks and music filling the streets of Yerevan.

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Armenia Attractions

Attractions in Yerevan, Armenia

Shikahogh State Reserve
Lake Sevan
Dilijan National Park
Mount Aragats
Lake Arpi

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12. Tbilisi, Georgia

Summer is a great time to visit Tbilisi, Georgia if you like to have more opportunities to see other places in and around the country. Apart from just seeing the remote villages, you can also hike through national parks and see the Black Sea coast. There are also other ways to relax such as attending the music festivals. Tbilisi can get really hot during July and August.

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Georgia Attractions

Attractions in Tbilisi, Georgia

Museum of Georgia
Narikala Fortress
Metekhi Church
Clock Tower
National Gallery
Anchiskhati Basilica

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13. Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is best in its early summer where you can find plenty of fests, nature excursions and bright sunny days. The city is perfect for an International Summer Holiday with great nightlife, appealing al fresco vibe, splashing Lake Jarun and many other summer activities to experience while you are here. There are no words to describe fun in Zagreb except that you will have to be here to experience it.

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Croatia Attractions

Attractions in Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb Cathedral and Treasury
The Museum of Broken Relationships
Lotrscak Tower
Stone Gate
The Museum of Mimara
The Art Pavilion and the Mestrovic Gallery
The Croatian Museum of Naïve Art
The Croatian National Theatre

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14. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the best countries to visit in summer as the sunrise early and set over the river on warm evenings. The capital city of the Czech Republic is always crowded with tourist and its month pulse with energy. With the first sun rays, pedal boats on Vltava River, and spend your afternoon at Prague islands, Střelecký Ostrov being the most popular and central one among them.

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Czech Republic Attractions

Attractions in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Castle
Charles Bridge
Wenceslas Square
The National Museum
The Clementinum and the National Library
The Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock
St. Vitus Cathedral

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15. Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia is best visited in the summer time when you can see the cities and enjoy the seaside. Summer in Sofia is also good for visiting remote villages, hiking, trip to the mountains and camping. The seaside is the busiest part of the attractions as they have an abundance of resorts by the sea that makes summer more fun to stay in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Bulgaria Attractions

Attractions in Sofia, Bulgaria

Aleksander Nevski Cathedral
Sveta Sofia Church
Boyana Church
Archaeological Museum
Sveti Georgi Rotunda
Museum of Socialist Art
Sofia History Museum
National Museum of History
Zlatnite Mostove

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16. Minsk, Belarus

Summer in Minsk is quite warm and it tends to get warmer in the northwestern cities. Get rid of all your stress with a summer vacation in Minsk, Belarus by watching the sunrise on the Belarusian lakes and visit the summer festivals. You can take a bike ride to the national parks or nature reserves of the country. There’s much that you can imagine of the things to do in summer in Minsk.

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Belarus Attractions

Attractions in Minsk, Belarus

Museum of the Great Patriotic War
Vul Kastrychnitskaya
Pr Nezalezhnastsi
Museum of Folk Architecture & Rural Lifes
Belarusian State Art Museum
Ў Gallery of Contemporary Art
Pl Svabody
Zaslavsky Jewish Monument
National Library of Belarus
Former Residence of Lee Harvey Oswald

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17. Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Tashkent has a continental climate where it is generally warmer in the south, and the temperatures can reach up to 45°C. The hottest months are during July and August. Tashkent has its own summer flavour where every guest is closer with the country and the culture. Tashkent is better when it’s visited as a whole rather than just part of the country.

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Tashkent Attractions

Attractions in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Lake Charvak
Chimgan Mountains
TV Tower
The Broadway
Tashkent Metro
History Museum of the People of Uzbekistan
Ilkhom Theatre
State Fine Arts Museum
Chorsu Bazaar
Museum of Applied Arts
Abulkasim Medressa

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18. Almaty, Kazakhstan

Almaty is the Best Summer Destination as it offers a lot of interesting things to do in the summer season. Whether it’s hiking, swimming, fishing, horse riding or just walking about in the woods, this is the country you must visit this summer. And, summer in Almaty starts from the month of May to September, and it has exciting locations to visit.

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Almaty Attractions

Attractions in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Bukhtarma Reservoir
Kapshagai Reservoir
Kok Tobe Tower
Shymbulak Ski Resort
Medeo Gorge
Big Almaty Lake
The Charyn Canyon
Bayanaul National Park
Lake Alakol
Chundzha Hot Springs

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