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Tourist Attractions in Ukraine

Top Tourist Attractions in Kiev, Lviv, Odessa

1. Pechersk Lavra, Kiev

It’s a religious town in a modern city and the stronghold of the Orthodox religion. Lavra was founded in 11 century and was built in 9 following centuries. The complex is entered into the World Heritage List UNESKO. Lavra caves contain more than 200 relics of saints. On the territory of the monastery there is a number of historical and cultural museums of Ukraine, including the famous Museum of Historical Treasures, decorative folkarts, music, theater, film, exhibitions of private collections.

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Pechersk Lavra, Ukraine

2. Motherland Monument, Kiev

This monument in Kiev is part of the Museum of History of Ukraine in World War II. The stainless steel statue stands 62 m (203 ft) tall upon the museum building with the overall structure measuring 102 m and weighing 560 tons. The sword in the statue's right hand is 16m long weighing 9 tons. This is one of the most photographed monuments and has been shown in numerous films.

Motherland Monument, Ukraine

3. Independence Square, Kiev

Where all major events in the country take place. Maidan Nezalezhnosti, is the central square in Kiev, the main and the most beautiful one. Parades, concerts, festivals and other city arrangements and holidays take place on this square. It contains six fountains, Independence Column and artificial waterfall. The Independence Square has much to offer: the huge building with the tower and chimes, the Trade Union Association Office and other attractions.

Independence Square, Ukraine

4. The Pyrohovo Museum, Kiev

This museum contains over 300 pieces of folk architecture brought here from all parts of Ukraine and carefully reassembled. You can rest and take smart pictures there, also you will taste traditional Ukrainian food "varenyky" and drink "moonshine" in Pyrohovo. Besides, you can buy handmade pottery, embroidery, shoes, wooden kitchenware, accessories, sculptures, pictures, hats and more. You can also take a ride in a horse carriage if you wish. Pyrohovo Museum was founded in late 1960 but opened to public only after a decade. So the museum saw its first visitor in 1976. This museum is located only 12 KM to the southwest of Kiev in the beautiful setting of Pyrohovo village.

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The Pyrohovo, Ukraine

5. The Dnieper River Yacht Trip, Kiev

Is one of the favorite types of recreation in Kyiv. The 1,420-mile Dnieper, Europe's third-longest river (after the Volga and the Danube). A boat trip along the Dnieper River is a journey of discovery: Explore ancient historical sights, gaze upon grand monuments and encounter a vibrant culture rich in tradition. See how differing societies from the Vikings to the Tatars and the Cossack shave influenced the architecture and people living in the capital city of Ukraine. Enjoy your time of scenic cruising, taking in the Dnieper's landscape of rolling hills with ancient groves. Do you want to cross the Dnieper without getting wet? - Sure. You can walk to Trukhaniv island which is connected with the city by means of the Parkovy pedestrian bridge. The island is a paradise for fishers who enjoy sitting on the banks of the river and admire beautiful landscapes.

The Dnieper River Yatch Trip, Ukraine

6. The Kyiv Funicular (Cable Railway)

It’s a ride that should be on every tourist’s list of fascinating things to explore. The funicular connects the historic upper town to the lower Podil district through the steep hill and gives you the opportunity to explore the breathtakingly beautiful scenery of Kyiv and also view the Dnieper River. You can also click nice selfies there. The total gradient of the slope is 36%.

The Kyiv Funicular

7. Andriyivskyy Descent, Kiev

This is one of the major tourist attractions in Kiev also advertised by travel operators as “Montmartre” of Kiev, Ukraine. Andriyivskyy Descent is a historical and one of the best known streets in Kiev. The descent is 720 meters in length. The descent begins on the summit of Starokyivska Hora near St. Andrews church and continues on down and goes down steeply around Zamkova Hora hill which ends near the Kontraktova Square in Podli. In early times the descent was known as Borychiv Descent and during 18-19th centuries it was inhabited mainly by merchants and crafts people. Today the descent street thrives because it has several historical monuments, buzzing gift shops, small art galleries which showcase paintings and sculptures by Ukrainian artists and so offers the travelers good time to spend here. That is why the Andriyivskyy Descent is one of the favorite spots in Kiev for tourists.

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Andriyivskyy Descent Kiev

8. Dolphinarium in Kiev

Dolphinarium is a huge entertainment center. You are sure to have a lot of fun and incredible emotions. You can also swim with dolphins and take pictures. Photos with dolphins and seals will leave in your memory unforgettable positive memories from communicating with amazing sea animals.

Dolphinarium in Kiev

9. Saint Sophia's Cathedral, Kiev

St. Sophia's Cathedral, built in 1037, is not only the significant cathedral and prominent landmark in Kiev, but it represents the history of the city and the beauty of the architectural splendour of centuries gone by.

Saint Sophias Cathedral, Kiev

10. War Museum, Kiev

The National Museum of the History of Ukraine, one of the largest museums in Ukraine centred on the now famous 62-meter tall Motherland statue, the best recognized landmarks of Kiev.

War Museum, Kiev

11. Arsenalna, Kiev - Deepest Metro Station

Arsenalna is a station on Kiev Metro’s Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska Line. Arsenalna on Kiev city metro line (Sviatoshynsko – Brovarska Line) is the deepest metro station in the world right now. It is 105.5 m deep. Escalators take you deep down so that you can catch the train. The reason why Arsenalna had to be 105.5 m deep is because it had to bypass Dnieper river which rises above Kiev city and surrounds it. You will go for five long minutes on escalator to reach 105.5 m deep down station.

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Arsenalna Kiev Metro Station

12. Lviv’s Ploshcha Rynok

Lviv is said to be the Central European city which has graceful domes of its many cathedrals, and chimneys on its tiled roofs. It is right to say that Lviv attracts more visitors than any other city in Ukraine. And so Lviv has been rightly rewarded as Ukraine’s number one tourist place. There is Ploshcha Rynok or Rynok Square, a central square of the city of Lviv in Ukraine. The square was planned in 14th century but most of the Lviv city was destroyed by a great fire in 1527. The square was designed Rynok square is rectangular in shape and measures 142 meters by 129 meters and out of every corner of it two street radiates. In the middle of the square there was row of houses, and the southern wall made by the town hall. In 1825 when the tower of the town hall was burnt all houses nearby were burnt too and then in 1835 a new hall with 65 meter tower was built. Ploshcha Rynok was recognised as world heritage site by UNESCO along with historic city center of Lviv in 1998.

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Lvivs Ploshcha Rynok

13. Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet

Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre, located in Lviv, is Ukraine's largest western city and one of its historic cultural centres. Originally built on former marshland of the submerged Poltva River, the Lviv Opera now sits at the end of Freedom Avenue.

Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet

14. Market Square, Lviv

Market Square is the central square in Lviv and the heart of its historic centre. It appeared in the 14th century, and its look is typical of the squares that all medieval Polish and German towns possess.

Market Square, Lviv

15. Odessa City

Odessa is a romantic city and has been adored by artists, sculptors, writers and poets for its most beautiful opera houses, diverse museums and galleries, peaceful gardens and amazing architecture. Odessa's warm sea breeze, sunny beaches, picturesque coastal areas and therapeutic mud from salt lagoons are the places which Odessa reserves for its famous health resorts and treatment facilities. Local cuisines like kilka, forshmak, tzimmes, aubergine pate, fried gobbies are very popular. Odessa welcomes visitors at any time of year and always has something special and memorable in store for them with its festivals, bright nightspots, theaters, music clubs and just boundless joy.

Odessa City

16. Underwater Museum Ukraine

Underwater Museum of USSR leaders is located near Odessa beach at a depth of 6 - 10 meters. It’s open for divers and tourists who want to dive into the world of Soviet era from middle of May till the end of September. The exposition presents sculptures of Soviet Union political leaders, naval artefacts, anchors of different epochs, cannonballs of Crimean War, anti-landing hedgehogs of World War II, Greek statues and anchors.

Underwater Museum Ukraine

17. One Wall House, Odessa

One Wall House, built as an apartment house in 1889, is one of the most famous sights of the historic centre of Odessa. A look from a certain angle creates the illusion of lack of side walls of the house which is just adjacent to the facade at a very acute angle.

One Wall House, Odessa

18. Tunnel of Love, Klevan

Just outside the city of Klevan in Ukraine, a nearly two-mile stretch of private railway has turned the surrounding trees into an enchanting natural tunnel. The romantic setting earned its nickname, the ‘Tunnel of Love’. This is a place for people who are head over heels in love. Earlier it was a normal travel spot in Ukraine but now it is known as one of the most romantic places on the planet. The railway section is about 3 to 5 KM in length and it is surrounded by green arches. The railway line starts at Klevan station and goes to northern area of Orzhiv. Major part of the railway line is covered by forest. In this entire length, the tunnel stretches up to 5 KM. “Tunnel of Love” is super popular among couples.

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Tunnel of Love, Klevan

19. Kolomyya City, Ukraine

Kolomyya is a city located in western Ukraine and it is a great tourist attraction in Ukraine. Kolomyya is famous for its architectural monuments. So all those travelers who love to explore monuments in different cities around the world must be here. Kolomyya is old and it is beleived it was founded in 4th century and it is known as a symbol of a rebirth of forgotten places, the pearl of the soul of the Hutsul region. The city got mentioned first by the Hypatian Chronicle in 1240 and in 1241 in the Galician-Volhynian Chronicle. Kolomyya has lot of tourist attractions. It has nice and orderly streets, numerous buildings of 19th and 20th centuries with great decoration and you can easily observe city character heavily expressed by Austro-Hungarian buildings. If you love to explore art work of a place then you should visit Kolomyya.

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Kolomyya City Ukraine

20. Kamyanets-Podilskyi City, Ukraine

Kamianets-Podilskyi is a city in western Ukraine on the Smotrych River. The city is culturally rich because all those people who lived here brought their culture and architecture along. One can see the examples of it which include Polish, Ruthenian and Armenian markets. It's known for its well-preserved Old Town and Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle, a medieval fortress featuring several original towers. Castle Bridge, which leads to the city proper, also dates from the Middle Ages. The open-air Museum of Miniatures presents replicas of Ukrainian castles. Podilski Tovtry National Park is a huge nature preserve home to historical monuments. Kamyanets-Podilisky is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine and is a phenomenon of a great cultural heritage.

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Kamyanets Podilisky

21. Bukovel Ski Resort (Adventure Tour in Bukovel), Ukraine

If you are a traveler who loves to see breathtaking sights then Ukraine is definitely for you. And those who love to see the natural beauty in its ultimate form; they also find Ukraine a super travel destination. Ukraine has some exciting places where you can experience some great adventure activities. One such place is Bukovel Ski Resort. This is located in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast of Western Ukraine. This is one of the most famous Ski Resorts in Ukraine located on the ridge lines of famous Carpathian Mountains. Bukovel is located at the elevation of 3000 ft. and has already been recognized as fastest growing world ski resort. Thousands of people every year come here in the winters to enjoy winter activities along with stunning view of nature.

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Bukovel Ski Resort

22. Mount Hoverla - Highest Mountain in Ukraine

Mount Hoverla at 2,061 metres, is the highest mountain in Ukraine and part of the Carpathian Mountains. The mountain is located in the Eastern Beskides, in the Chornohora region. The slopes are covered with beech and spruce forests, above which there is a belt of sub-alpine meadows called polonyna in Ukrainian. Since the late 19th century Mount Hoverla has been a notable tourist attraction. Over the years mountain got popularity as an extreme sports site also.

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Mount Hoverla Ukraine

1. Carpathian Landscapes, Ukraine

Ukraine is one country which has plenty of natural beauty with beautiful mountain range to offer to visitors. If you are taking a Ukraine tour then think of Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains. Located in the western Ukraine on the territories of Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zakarpattia and Chernovtsy oblasts, Carpathians is supremely beautiful and the landscape must not be missed when one is on a Ukraine trip. The Carpathian Mountain in total is a mountain range in arc form, 1500 KM long which spreads across Central and Eastern Europe. The height of the mountain goes up to 2000 m along the main ridge. With this length Carpathians is the second longest mountain range in Europe. Carpathian is popularly famous as Green pearl of Ukraine and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ukraine.

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Carpathian Landscapes Ukraine

2. Nesamovyte Lake, Ukraine

Nesamovyte lake is located in the north eastern slopes of Turkul mountain at the height of above 1700 meters. Nesamovyte is also called cirque lake. Why cirque lake? Because it is situated in an amphitheatre like large cirque which is formed at the head of a valley glacier. The lake is 88 meter long and 45 meter wide with area of around 3000 square meter. Nesamovyte Lake is a sky high kind of lake but it is not alone in the but in fact Carpathians mountain has many such sky high lakes. All of these sits at heights between 1400 m to 1800 m. So Nesamovyte with height of 1700 m is quite interesting place. At the banks of the lake you will find trees and subalpine herbs. Lake is around 1.5 m deep and water also comes from rain and snow.

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Nesamovyte Lake Ukraine

3. Dragobrat - Highest Ski Resort in Ukraine

Dragobrat is the highest Skiing Resort in Ukraine as of now. Situated at the height of 1300 m that goes up to 1800 m Dragobrat offers the most spectacular view from the top of the highest mountain Hoverla in Ukraine. Dragobrat is more supported by nature than machines when it comes to snow filling. But that is not a point to worry about, because the resort gets snow up to 5 m high and is good enough for skiing from November to May. Now Dragobrat Ski Resort is well known place among the tourists. Dragobrat has 5 lifts and there is 20 tracks with different difficulty level for Skiers and ski equipment are easily available on rent.

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Dragobrat Ski Resort in Ukraine

4. Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, Ukraine

The Danube Delta is the second largest river delta in Europe, after the Volga Delta, and is the best preserved on the continent. Most part of the Danube delta is in Romania while its northern part on the left bank of the Chilia arm is situated in Odessa Oblast Ukraine. Danube delta is a great host to hundreds of species of birds and fishes in its numerous lakes and marshes. So travelers can spend few days here to explore the passages of the delta along with best and highest concentration of bird colonies in all of Europe. Danube delta is 2200 miles of rivers, canals, marshes, lakes, and reed islands. In nutshell Danube delta is a paradise for wildlife enthusiast and more so for bird watchers.

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Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Ukraine

5. Sofiyivka Park, Uman

Sofiyivka Park is an Arboretum and scientific researching institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Sofiyivka Park can also be termed as museum of nature because everything in the park is enchanting beauty. The park is located in the northern part of the City of Uman, Cherkasy Oblast, near the Kamianka River. Today Sofiyivka Park is a popular recreational spot and is visited by as many as 5, 00,000 visitors every year. There are some beautiful garden designs in the world. Sofiyivka is one of those scenic landmarks and is world class gardening design which was founded in 1796 and was built in 1802.

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Sofiyivka Park Uman Ukraine

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