Matenadaran- The museum of Ancient Manuscripts in Yerevan

Armenia is a buzzing travel destination not just in Eurasia but the entire world. Armenia is famous for its rich history with many beautiful and unique museums. Armenia has natural beauty also for the visitors. It offers some spectacular views with the peak of Mount Ararat which dominates the skyline of Armenia. Yerevan, the capital and the largest city of Armenia is the most popular travel destination here. Yerevan is quite a historic city having deep roots of the past and home to some beautiful tourist sites. One of them that we are going to explore in this article is Matenadaran in Yerevan, which is a museum cum research centre. It has huge repository of ancient manuscripts. Matenadaran is a place to visit on your Armenia Tour Package. Why? Let us know that.


If you are lover of history and the manuscripts then Matenadaran is certainly for you. But if you are not then also you should go there as the museum hosts world’s richest depositories of medieval manuscripts and books covering range of subjects like theology, philosophy, history, medicine, literature, art history and cosmography in Armenian and many other languages. Matendaran is a place with fantastic collection of the artistry work of Pre-press written material. This museum is in Yerevan, Armenia. Matenadaran was built in 1959 and a must see place for all history and cultural elements lovers. Today Matenadaran is not just a museum but a major research centre as well. If you are interested in knowing what role Armenian language and Armenian alphabet has played in world culture then you must visit this museum.

The literal meaning of word Matenadaran is ‘repository of manuscripts’ in Armenian language. The earliest when this term was mentioned here was in the writings of 5th century A.D. From 5th century this huge repository was noted at Etchmiadzin Cathedral where Greek and Armenian Language texts were kept. But from 10th to 15th centuries during the Turkic-Mongol invasions thousands of manuscripts in the country were destroyed which according to a medieval Armenian historian Stepanos Orbelian were over 10000 in numbers in the year 1170 itself. For quite a few years when the place was a constant battle ground between tow major powers, the Matenadaran was pillaged many times till early 19th century. Only in the first third of 19th century when Eastern Armenia was incorporated into Russian empire, the Matendaran got more stable climate to preserve remaining manuscripts. Since then many new Manuscripts were added and in 1914 the collection went up to 4,660 manuscripts.

Matendaran was built in 1959 and today it has over 17,000 units of manuscripts and over 30,000 documents which covering wide array of subjects. It has the oldest manuscripts which has been fully preserved is the Vehamor (Our Lady) Gospel which was written in 7th century. Matendaran has the most impressing items. One of them is the largest manuscript Msho Charentier which weighs over 27 KG and the other is tiny church calendar of year 1434 which is not bigger than a passport size photo and weighs only 19 gram.


As said Matenadaran is not only a museum but it is also a research centre. You can see a large library near to the Matenadaran known as most important scientific centre for Armenian studies. When you visit the Matendaran on your Yerevan Tour Package, you can explore the fact that Matendaran reveals the vital role that Armenian language and alphabets played in the world culture. So, you should not miss this place when you are in beautiful city Yerevan in Armenia specially if you love to know the facts about the old world.


What about a town made of rocks? What about a town which saw a great limelight and then was abandoned? Only the remains are there for the people to see. You would love to go to such a place which has too long a history and today it can only be felt in the rocky formations there. We are talking about one such town in the country Georgia. This is known as Uplistsikhe. The town is easily an off beaten travel destination for the tourists in Georgia. But when you are on Tbilisi Tour Package then you must take time to visit this place as it is not too far away from Tbilisi and it is certainly worth visiting. Uplistsikhe which means the lord’s fortress was once the political and religious center of Georgia and archaeologists say that it is one of the oldest urban settlements in Georgia. Let us go through journey of Uplistsikhe in brief here.


Uplistsikhe is an old rock-hewn town in eastern Georgia. It is just 10 KM away from the town of Gori, which is also a tourist attraction and only 80-85 KM away from the capital city Tbilisi. Uplistsikhe is built on the left bank of river Mtkvari and here in town you can see numerous structures which dates back to early Iron Age to the late middle ages. These structures show the coexistence of Pagan and Christian culture. Before the 4th century, Uplistsikhe emerged as a major political and religious center of the country under the kingdom of Kartil. However when Christianity arrived in 4th century in Kartil, Uplistsikhe went on decline loosing its importance and lost its position to new Christianity centers Mtskheta and Tbilisi later on. Uplistsikhe saw its rise again during 8th and 9th century during the Muslim conquest of Tbilisi. Then in 14th century when the Mongols raided it marked the ultimate eclipse of the town and the town was abandoned again. During Mongol raids it saw the destruction of large parts of the city.

Archaeologists found several temples and finding related to sun goddess before the Christianity arrived here. Today this cave town can be divided into three parts, South or lower part, middle or central part and north or upper part. The central area has most of the rock-cut structures and it is connected to the lower area by narrow tunnel. Most of the rock-cut structures are without any decorative elements, however some of the larger structures, do contain some stone carvings. Now as a visitor what is there for you today? Well, when you enter this rocky town you find a giant hill of carved rocks. You can feel the cold wind coming from the river Mtkvari which feels good. You can enter the gigantic hill through preserved old rock carved steps where you can climb through a steel stair case. When you trek through the hill you get to see some great scenic view standing on the edge of the hills. You can also see some archaeological ruins of some ancient civilizations. At the top of the complex you will see Christian stone basilica which dates from the 10th century. The rock cut structures that you can see here includes a large hall which is called Tamaris Darbazi, pagan places of sacrifice, dwellings, some functional buildings, like a pharmacy, a bakery, a prison, and even an amphitheater is there. These rock-cut structures are connected by tunnels, while other tunnels were used for an emergency escape route. So Uplistsikhe is notably unique for its unique combination of styles from rock cut culture from Iran and Anatolia. Uplistsikhe is ancient yet looks beautiful because it contains numerous structures from old time, as old as early Iron Age to late middles ages. Representing mythical elements ascribed by medieval writers here makes the place unique. This ancient ruins must be on your must visit places list. The caves are devoid of any decorations although some of the larger structures have coffered tunnel-vaulted ceilings, with the stone carved in imitation of logs.


How can you get to this ruined yet beautiful place? Well, from Tbilisi you can reach Gori by regular buses, mini van and taxis which takes around 1 hour. From Gori you can take a taxi to Uplistsikhe or you can also make a bike ride and it takes around half an hour from Gori. So, on your Tbilisi tour package you should visit Uplistsikhe, the ruined town of Georgia.

Republic Square, Yerevan

Center of a city is generally the commercial, cultural and historical heart of a city. This place in all the famous cities of the world is generally a happening place where commerce, shopping and entertainment are concentrated. You can spend a good time in the city center with some sightseeing also. Both locals and outsiders gather in huge numbers there. So, in this article which city center we are going to explore? Well, we will explore Republic Square of Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. Republic square is the central town square in Yerevan. Republic square is a happening place in Yerevan and it has all the elements of a great place for the visitors. When you are in Yerevan on your Armenia Tour Package you must be here at the Republic Square, Yerevan. What is the specialty of the square? Let us find out.


Republic Square is the central town square in Yerevan, Armenia. Locally it is known as Hraparak. Republic Square has two sections. One is an oval roundabout and another is a trapezoid shaped section in which there is a pool with musical fountains. This is also famously called ‘Heart of Yerevan’ and it is a favorite destination in Yerevan for the visitors. Construction of Republic Square was designed by Alexander Tamanian in 1924 and construction started in 1926 and since then it went till 1950s to complete most of the buildings, only the last building National Gallery was completed in 1977.  In the times of Soviet Period the square was known as Lenin Square and there was a statue of Lenin here also but after the independence of Armenia the Lenin statue was removed and the square was renamed. Today, Republic square is widely known as most important civic space in Yerevan, Architectural height of Yerevan and most outstanding architectural ensemble in Yerevan.

The Republic Square is located in the center of the Yerevan in the close proximity of Abovyan and Amiryan streets. You can get there by bus or you can use the underground and deboard at ‘The Republic Square’ station. So when you land at Republic Square what is the attraction for you? Well, this complete area of Republic Square has 5 major and famous buildings for you to explore: The National Art Gallery and History Museum of Armenia, The Government House, The Central Post Office, The Mariott Hotel Armenia, Trade Union and communication building. In the Art Gallery and History Museum you can see the exhibits which tell you the history of Armenia right from primitive society to modern times. On the Government house there is Armenia’s main clock with bell. The Central Post Office provides telegraph, money exchange, and postcards that you can buy send and receive. The Mariott Hotel is for the tourists with great advanced services. Trade Union and communication building has been home to Ministry of Transport and communication. So these are these buildings to explore at Republic Square Yerevan. Apart from these you can see musical fountains which was opened in 2007. There is also a Drinking Fountain next to the museum building which consists of seven fountains. Many events also keep taking place here as this is the heart of the city. What about the recreational stuff here? Well, you have number of restaurants and cafes around the square. You can also enjoy shopping here on the Abvoyan Street as the street has numbers of clothing stores, souvenir shops and other shops where tourists love to buy stuffs.


 At Republic Square, Yerevan you must enjoy the musical fountain as they offer great view to the tourists who come here to admire it. The colour of the fountain changes in the day time and night time which makes it even more beautiful. Musical shows also happen here from the morning till late evening which you can enjoy. So on your Armenia Tour Package or Yerevan Tour Package come to Republic Square and have a great time.

Lake Sevan

Armenia is a small country that is packed with some astonishing landscapes and attractions. A country of mountains located in the southern part of South Caucasus region, Armenia is easily a great place for tourists. What is not there in Armenia? It has amazing view of snow capped view of Mount Ararat, canyons, ancient temples, churches, monasteries carved into the walls of cliffs, gorges and lakes. Each corner of Armenia is a great view and so you get amazed when driving through any section of the country. When Armenia is so beautiful then which attraction are we going to explore in this article? Well, we will see a world famous lake named Lake Sevan. Viewing the image of Lake Sevan itself is enough to excite anyone to go and see Lake Sevan. Lake Sevan is the largest body of water in Armenia and entire Caucasus region. Lake Sevan also happens to be one of the largest freshwater high altitude lakes in the region of Eurasia. Let us explore the beautiful and high altitude Lake Sevan in detail.


Sevan Lake is located in Gengharkunik Province in eastern part of Armenia at a height of 1900 m above sea level and so it is one of the highest located lakes in the world. 28 rivers and streams feed the Lake Sevan. Popularly Lake Sevan is known as ‘jewel’ of Armenia and recognised as National Treasure of Armenia. Only beaches in Armenia are beaches of Lake Sevan. Within the landlocked Armenia these beaches offer unique experience to the visitors. July and August are the best months to be here when the weather is warm enough for swimming in the water and enjoying the sun on beaches. You can enjoy some cool activities like sun bathing, swimming; jet skiing, windsurfing and sailing here in and around Lake Sevan. Other than beaches where you enjoy these activities there are other places of interest around the Lake Sevan. The most visited of them is the peninsula known as Kghzi which means island. There is Sevanavank Monestary on the top of the peninsula hill which offers probably the greatest view of the vast Lake Sevan. The exterior of this monastery is built of black stone and the interior has beautiful old altar used for services by the new seminary down the hill. Apart from the Sevanavank Monastery, other attractions of the lake sevan is Noratus, Hayrivank, Makenyats Monsatery, and Vanevank Monastery.  So in brief Lake Sevan is a great travel spot in Armenia.


The serene beauty of Lake Sevan is also the home to a rich and rare collection of fish. Lake Sevan is home to rare species of fish including Salmon Trout or Prince Fish which is the signature fish of the lake. Obviously, you have lot of excellent fish restaurants along the shore of Lake Sevan. This fresh water lake is must watch for everyone. Yo can get to the Lake Sevan or Kghzi peninsula by frequent vans from Yervan. There is a train which also takes you to the peninsula, and then it continues around the top of the lake over to Shorjha, which is a beautiful spot.

So the Lake Sevan which has blue waters and where the weather remains cold throughout the year is a great travel attraction. July and August are the best months to be here when you can enjoy the beautiful sunset other than great scenery and sites where you can enjoy your time. Your Armenia Tour Package or Yerevan Tour Package must include a visit to Lake Sevan. You cannot miss this which is a picturesque place with mountains around.


Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine and a great travel destination. Kiev has so many attractions and historical sites for the visitors to explore. You need ample time if you want to explore Kiev in detail. Some famous tourist attractions in Kiev which on your Kiev Tour Package you must explore are Kiev Perchersk Lavra, Saint Sophia’s Cathedral, Golden Gate, Mikhail Bulgakov museum and more. But in this article will explore another sparkling place in Ukriane and it is Kolomyya.  Kolomyya is a city located in western Ukraine and it is a great tourist attraction in Ukraine.  Kolomyya is famous for its architectural monuments. So all those travelers who love to explore monuments in different cities around the world must be here and also others who come to Ukraine on a Ukraine Tour Package must visit Kolomyya. Why? So let us explore this beautiful tourist attraction Kolomyya in Ukraine, a bit more.


Kolomyya is old and it is beleived it was founded in 4th century and it is known as a symbol of a rebirth of forgotten places, the pearl of the soul of the Hutsul region. The city got mentioned first by the Hypatian Chronicle in 1240 and in 1241 in the Galician-Volhynian Chronicle. Kolomyya belonged to Poland from 1349 to 1569. In 1498, the Turks and Valkhs destroyed the city. After that, they plundered Pokutye almost every year. In 1502 and 1505, Kolomyia was burnt, and, in 1589, it was almost completely destroyed. Howeve Kolomyya remained and today Kolomyya is located on the Prut River in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast and Kolomyya is district center of Ivano-Frankivsk.

Kolomyya has lot of tourist attractions. It has nice and orderly streets, numerous buildings of 19th and 20th centuries with great decoration and you can easily observe city character heavily expressed by Austro-Hungarian buildings. If you love to explore art work of a place then you should visit Kolomyya. You will see great wooden art work, pottery, painting and iconography on glasses here. You can see some big collection of such works in Ukraine which dates back to 16th century. Then comes the real attraction of Kolomyya and it is the museums of Kolomyya. You can see rare collections of archaeology of Trypillian culture of 2nd and 3rd millennia B.C. Two major ones among these are The Museum of Pysanka (Easter egg) and museum of Hutsulshchyna.


The specialty of world’s only museum of Pysanka is that it has unique collection of miniature traditional paintings of Ukraine done on Easter eggs. It was specially constructed for keeping and exhibiting the works of pysanka painting. The museum is in the form of a huge Easter egg. Pysanka is a hen or goose egg painted using a special technology. The museum has more than 6000 exhibits which include works from Russia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and countries of Western Europe and America. Museum of Hutsulshchyna is special because it’s building was laid down before the world war I. This was built in 1902 and is a 3 storey building. The museum has over 30,000 items on exhibition and you can see some rare works of valuable folk art of Hutsul and Pokuttia regions of Western Ukraine.

Few other places of interest in Kolomyya are The wooden church of Annunciation, The Catholic church of Virgin Mary, The Town Hall and The Gymnasium of Grushevskiy. For all shopping lovers The Souvenir Market Hutsulshchyna is a great place where you can buy unique products of local craftsmen like leather, fur, ceramic, wood and metal handicrafts. To appreciate the true master piece work in every house you should walk on Teatralna Street which is a true paradise for those who love Viennese Art.

You will love every part of Kolomyya as the city is full of great architecture. Every building, churches, museums and streets create a beautiful view here. So on your Ukraine Tour Package or Kiev Tour Package you should go to Kolomyya and explore the great old art and architectures.

Kamyanets – Podilisky

Ukraine is a bustling tourist attraction. Tourists from all parts of the world come to Ukraine now and explore this wonderful country. Ukraine is gifted with great mountain ranges like Carpathian Mountains where one can enjoy skiing, hiking, fishing and hunting. During the summers you can walk along the coastline of Black sea for a good vacation. Ukraine have ruins of ancient castles, historical parks, churches and more. Kiev, Odesa, and Lviv are some most famous cities in Ukraine where tourists come for some great travel experience and sight seeing. There is another city in Ukraine which is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine and is considered of great importance for its great culture.  This is Kamyanets-Podilisky. Kamyanets-Podilisky is a city in western Ukraine on the Smotrych River.  The city is culturally rich because all those people who lived here brought their culture and architecture along. One can see the examples of it which include Polish, Ruthenian and Armenian markets. You are suggested to visit the city on your Ukraine tour package. Let us see what makes Kamyanets-Podilisky worth visiting?


Kamyanets-Podilisky is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine and is a phenomenon of a great cultural heritage. You can see great example s of miracles on stone in this rocky city which was created by well known and anonymous masters over thousand years. This rocky island Kamyanets-Podilisky is skirted by Somtrych River which flows in a picturesque canyon and this canyon where many activities can be done attracts lot of tourists. The canyon at River Smotrych looks absolutely beautiful. Other than the canyon some major attractions of Kamyanets-Podilisky are Ancient castle, various architectural attractions which include the Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, Holy Trinity Church, The city hall building and several fortifications. This is the reason why in the Western Ukraine the city has grown its stature as a tourist destination in Ukraine. You can explore the mysticism of the city as the actual age of the city has not been ascertained so far. Some annual festivals in the city of Kamyanets-Podilisky also attract lot of visitors. Annual Cossack games and festivals in which open ballooning championship of Ukraine is included, Car racing event,various music, art and drama activities make the city a happening place for tourists and attract thousands of people from different parts of the world. Tourism supports the local economy in a big way.

So the main two attractions of Kamyanets-Podilisky along with other are Kamyanets-Podilisky castle and the canyon over Smotrych River. Kamyanets-Podilisky castle dates back to the early part of 14th century which was initially built to protect the bridge that connected the city with the mainland. The castle stood as natural defense system because it sits at the top of the peninsula created by Smotrych River. The castle had 12 towers but today only few of them remain unscathed. So you must explore this medieval castle where interiors and exteriors both offer a lot to the visitors. Go inside the towers and catch some beautiful views and don’t forget to enjoy the local food here. Second is canyon over Smotrych River which creates picturesque view for the viewers. Ballooning activities in the canyon of Smotrych River brings lot of tourists here.


As you know, that Ukraine is a great travel destination and has some great travel places for the travelers. So when you are planning for a Ukraine Tour Package or a Kiev Tour Package then do think and include Kamyanets-Podilisky as one of your travel sites in Ukraine to explore. You can take bus, train or a car from Kiev to reach Kamyanets-Podilsiky. It is an easy route to get there as the infrastructure is quite developed. So get to the historical city called Kamyanets-Podilisky and have a good time here.

The Cascades – Yerevan

Armenia is becoming a popular travel destination every year. Armenia is one of the most ancient countries the region of Caucasus which is famous for both cultural tourism and adventure tourism. Armenia is unique country as it offers lot of exciting places to visitors despite being a small country in size. The uniqueness of the country Armenia is that it has in abundance the picturesque mountain landscapes, historical sights, fine cuisines and multiple of exciting places to see. One cannot think of a fulfilled Armenia tour unless he sees the ancient city Yerevan. Yerevan offers you plenty of excitement. You can enjoy here the cozy atmosphere, unique architecture, museums, and beautifully designed restaurants and cafes with great food. In Yerevan you can visit the city center where there is majestic Republic Square, Opera and Ballet Theater, and modern Northern Avenue and more places. So you see that on your Yerevan tour package you have lot of things to explore. In this article we will explore another thing to explore in Yerevan, Armenia and this is Yerevan Cascade or The Great Cascade, Yerevan. This is a beautiful structure and unique one. Let us explore Yerevan Cascade.


Yerevan Complex is a complex of massive staircase with fountains. The Cascade is a happening place for both youth and old for a good time .You can enjoy to have a cup of tea, coffee and eating a bite here. You can also enjoy the outdoor concerts here and have a great view of it from up on the Cascade staircase. Many events like Jazz, musical guitar and others take place here. So, not just the day time but night time is also great at the Yerevan Cascade. So what is the Cascade? Cascade is a giant stairway in Yerevan and it links the downtown Kentron area of the city with the monument neighborhood. The construction of the Cascade started in 1971 during the Soviet period and first phase was completed in 1980. After that second phase started in 2002 and went till 2009 and there was a plan to construct a museum but it has not completed so far as the work was frozen in early years only. Also some stairs work did not finish. Cascade is an example of unique architecture. It is a system of huge staircase which connects the downtown area to the residential areas located at highs in the mountains. Inside the Cascade under the exterior steps there are escalators going to the length of the complex. Along the escalators there are some rooms composing Cafesjian Museum of Art. At the exterior of Cascade, you have multiple levels of stairs with fountains and sculptures. From the stairs of Cascade you can have unobstructed view of Yerevan and Mount Ararat. In the Yerevan city, The Cascade is located at the start of Tamanyan Street gardens and pedestrian zone. At the foot of the Cascade there is Tamanyan Monument and near the monument there is an amusing sculpture named “the Black Cat”.


So you see that Yerevan Cascade is a cool place to be at in Yerevan. It is a unique architecture and looks beautiful also. In and around Yerevan Cascade you can also enjoy visiting Cafesjian Center of the Art which is an art museum in Yerevan located at the Kentron. Apart from this, walk up the stairs and enjoy fountains around at all levels. From the stairs, enjoy the great view of Yerevan city and of course you must enjoy the events taking place here. Yerevan offers you a great time when you land to this capital city of Armenia on your Armenia Travel Package.

Museum of Fine Arts – Bishkek

Kyrgyzstan is land for travelers. One who comes to Kyrgyzstan goes back with best memories after seeing heavenly paradise. And when you want to look for beautiful architecture and culture of old time Kyrgyzstan Bishkek is the city you land to. One place where you can take the note of ancient Kyrgyzstan is State History Museum which we explored in our last article. There is another such museum where you can observe elements of Kyrgyz people, art, culture and Russian art of Soviet Period. This is Museum of Fine Arts in Bishkek city in Kyrgyzstan. So those who love to explore the details of elements which played an important role in the ancient times of a place should visit Museum of Fine arts when they are on a Bishkek tour package. You should take some time out to enter and explore Museum of Fine arts. Why? Let us see what is there for you at Museum of Fine Arts in Bishkek.


Bishkek is the first city you come to when you are on your Kyrgyzstan tour package. Bishkek is beautiful and around Bishkek city also you have many places to visit and one of them is famous and beautiful Issyk Kul Lake. So when you have a good time in Bishkek, add Museum of Fine Arts to your list. Museum of Fine Arts is dedicated to Kyrgyz Fold and applied arts and Russian art of Soviet times. Initially the museum was located in St. Nicholas Church in Oak Park and in the beginning it was state picture gallery. Today Museum of Fine Arts houses the gallery of Soviet Artist’s union. The modern museum’s building was built in 1974 as a part of overall capital city development project. Museum is named after famous Kyrgyz painter Gaper Aitiev and you can see several of his paintings in the museum. Museum features yurts, unchanging shyrdaks along with other things. Museum exhibits several masterpieces of National Arts and the collection of items of paintings, drawings, traditional decorative and applied arts in exhibit is over 17,500. When you are here you can see collection of artwork of Soviet period, work of Egyptian and Greek reproduction, classical western sculptures and more epic collections in the Museum of Fine arts, Bishkek. You can take a walk in the gallery here where painting from Soviet period is on display. You can also see collection of lino cuts by Hertzen based on the Manas epic. So the uniqueness of the museum is that it is a mix of Kyryz national art and Soviet modern art and every visitor can find something very interesting here. As you wind through the museum you can see the progression of medium and expression and ideology behind the works in all the items like Shyrdak carpets, intricate jewelry, sculptures, paintings which wander from romantic seascapes to social realities. So exploring the finer details of all works would be interesting for you as you would come to know about both temporal and political history.


Museum of Fine Arts is located in the center of Bishkek city on the Sovetskaia Street 196 and remains open to visitors from Tuesday to Sunday between 9 AM to 5 PM. So when you are in Kyrgyzstan having a great time in Bishkek, do explore some museums of Bishkek city. One is State History Museum where you can observe about every thing of ancient Kyrgyzstan and when you want to know about the modern Kyrgyzstan then do visit Museum of Fine Arts in Bishkek. Your Kyrgyzstan tour package or Bishkek tour package should include Museum of Fine Arts, Bishkek if you love to explore such places on your trip.

State History Museum – Bishkek

Kyrgyzstan is a popularly growing tourist destination in Central Asia region. In Kyrgyzstan there are many natural sites to visit and Issyk Kul Lake comes first to any one’s mind when we talk about natural paradise in Kyrgyzstan. Song Kol Lake, Karakol, Fairy Tale Canyon, Sary Chelek Biosphere reserve and Konorchek Canyon are some of the God’s gifted places in Kyrgyzstan which are must see when one is on a Kyrgyzstan tour package. Apart from the Bishkek is the most popular city in Kyrgyzstan which attracts thousands of visitors every year. Bishkek is a historical city which has its own color, architecture, culture and many elements which draw travelers to explore the city. In this article we will see a place in Bishkek which is State History Museum and it is a site which you should visit when you are here on a Bishkek Tour Package. When you come to Kyrgyzstan first city you visit is Bishkek, so when you are in Bishkek you have plenty of places to see and one of those should be State history museum. Let us explore State History Museum in Bishkek a bit more.


State history museum is located at the Ala too square which is a popular site in Bishkek. This main city square is a vast expanse of concrete that the site of frequent political demonstrations and regular festivals.  At night many vendors set up photograph and karaoke booths, and there’s a synchronized sound and light show in time with the fountains. Ala too square offers you a great time when you are here. You can sense the grandeur of this area. You can enjoy this place which is full of fountains and has a huge flag surrounded by huge buildings. At this popular Ala Too Square is State history museum. This museum was earlier called the Lenin Museum. The museum has quite a few attractions to offer to visitors. You get the opportunity to see some exhibits of rock paintings, the Bronze Age household items, nomad jewelry as old as dating from the 1st century to the 5th century AD, Turkic stone collection, Talas stones which has runic inscriptions, old time ceramics, several glass and metal items and there are also number of ancient coins which you can see.

The museum has 3 stories. Ground floor houses temporary exhibits while first floor houses permanent exhibits depicting natural and political history of the country and Soviet heritage. In the State history Museum you can also observe extensive collection of ethnographic objects belonging to late 19th century and early part of 20th century. These collections also include wool and wood work of Kyrgyz craftsmen of those times, knitting and embroidery works, Kyrgyz national costumes, and traditional women’s jewelry. So you see that State history museum takes you back to old Kyrgyzstan and you can observe all elements of old Kyrgyzstan. This is fascinating especially for those who love to explore historical part of a place. There is statue of Lenin on the south side. This museum sits between Ala-Too Square and the Parliament building. So you can have a good time at Ala Too Square and visiting State History Museum will add to your good experience when you leave this place.


The State History Museum m in Bishkek is open for visitors from Tuesday to Sunday between 10:00 AM to 15:00 PM. When you come to explore the Bishkek city, you should explore State History Museum on your Bishkek tour packages.

Hill Stations in Himalayas – II

In the last article we explored some of the famous hill stations in Himalayas like Shimla, Manali, Mussoorrie, Dharamshala and Nainital. In this article we will see some other famous hill stations in Himalayas in India. Ladakh and Spiti valley in the upper regions of Himalaya we have explored as they are one of the most beautiful places not just in India but in the entire world. Other hill stations in Himalayas are easily accessible and thousand s of tourists visit them during a year from all parts of the country and the world. Weather, natural beauty, food, people, adventure and much more comes in a single package when you visit these hill stations in Himalayas in India.


Rishikesh is located in Uttrakhnad and is quite a hot destination for people who seek spirituality or adventure or both at one place. Rishikesh is located in the lower region of Himalaya and is the connecting point to some pilgrimages in the Himalayas like Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri. These four pilgrimages are also popularly known as Char Dham. People come to Rishikesh for Spiritual retreat as Rishikesh along with Haridwar has a special place in India. Both are considered quite a sacred place and river Ganga plays an important role in this. But even if you are not for spirituality, Rishikesh is a happening place for adventure lovers and those who just want to spend some peaceful time also find Rishikesh a place to be. Rishikesh is 6-7 hour journey from Delhi by Road. For adventure lovers River rafting, Bunjee jumping, camping, trekking are some activities they love to explore here. Some of the main tourist attractions of Rishikesh are Lakshman Jhula, Swarg Ashram, Triveni Ghat, Gita Bhawan and more.



Kullu is another famous tourist destination and hill station in Himalayas. Located in the state of Himachal Pradesh and on the bank of Beas River Kullu is a broad open valley which is formed by Beas River between Manali and Largi. Kullu is a famous place for its temples, picturesque beauty and its majestic hills covered with forest where you will find pine, deodar and sprawling apple orchards. Kullu valley is placed in such a way that it is sandwiched between Pir Panjal, Lower Himalaya and great Himalayan ranges. Kullu is famous for sightseeing and also for shopping. You can see main tourist attractions here of Kullu which are Kali Bari temple, Raghunath Temple, Mahadevi Tirth Temple,Raisoon, Shoja, Nggar and Bijli Mahadev Temple. You can shop here in famous Akhara Bazaar where you can shop woolens made by locals. You can reach Kullu from Delhi via road and the nearest airport is at Bhuntar Town. Kullu Holi is quite famous and is celebrated for two days.



Dalhousie is yet another famous tourist destination and hill station in Himalayas. Dalhousie is in Chamba District in Himachal Pradesh and when you visit Dharamshala, you can go 92 KM more to reach Dalhousie. Dalhousie is located at the height of 1,970 m above the sea level and is situated on 5 hills. You will see colonial touch in Dalhousie in its buildings and architectures. Like other hill stations Dalhousie also has many tourist attractions. Some of them are Dainkund Peak, Khajjar, Bakrota Hills, Village Lohali, Dalhousie Cantonment, Sadar Bazaar, Tibetan Market, Panchpula, Kalatop Forest and Salooni. If you want to enjoy majestic views in Dalhousie then you must go to Alla which is a potato field and offers mesmerizing landscape views and if you are looking for breathtaking views then you should go to Salooni which is 50 KM from Dalhousie.



Darjeelling is in the eastern part of India. Darjeeling is in the state of West Bengal and is a dream tourist destination and hill station in Himalaya. Darjeeling is located at the height of 2,042 m above the sea level. Darjeeling is famous for its Tea industry and superb views of Kangchenjunga which is the world’s 3rd highest mountain and Darjeeling Himalayan Railway which is a World UNESCO World Heritage Site. Darjeeling has seen thousands of foreign visitors every year. Another famous attraction of Darjeeling is Toy Train. In Darjeeling you can see British Style school buildings and you can experience varied culture here. You will be lured by amazing and dazzling snow capped peaks of Kangchenjunga. Then there are beautiful tea gardens, the orchids, pines and Cute Himalayan Toy Train which when whistles passing through mountains gives you a feel of majestic music. Along with great sight seeing experience you will also enjoy the food and shopping in Darjeeling.



Gangtok is another hill station in India which is quite famous among domestic and foreign visitors. Gangtok is the capital city of Sikkim. Gangtok is located in the Eastern Himalayan range and is located at the height of 1,650 m above the sea level. Gangtok is like a fairy-tale land with its flowing rivers, snow capped hills, and lush rice terraces. The main places of attraction are Tsuk-La-Khang monastery, Lal bazaar, Dul-Dul Chorten and Jhang Club Chortan, Institute of Tibetology, etc. Among the nearby places there is Rumtek Monastery, Tashiding Monastery, Pemayangtse Monastery,Yuksom, Mangan to name a few. Gangtok also offers magnificent views of Kangchenjunga and Gangtok is one of the most beautiful hill stations not only in India but in the entire world. Gangtok is a paradise in the northeast part of India.


So these are few other popular hill stations or tourist attractions in Himalayas in India. Though there are more hill stations in Himalayas but for now we can close with these. These are popular anyway so anyone who is on a India tour must visit these hill stations in Himalaya.