Yanardag – The Burning Mountain

Azerbaijan is a great tourist destination located at the crossroad of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Azerbaijan is famously known as land of fire also. The country has close association with fire. Fire often burst from the mountain and sea. This is because Azerbaijan has huge reserve of oil and natural gas. So the flames come up on the land also. There is this famous temple of fire in Baku as well. There is even the modern flame tower in Baku. So, fire has lot of importance in Azerbaijan. In this article we will see about Yanardag or burning mountain on the Caspian Sea near Baku, Azerbaijan.


About Yanardag

Yanardag also known as burning mountain is a natural gas fire. This natural gas fire blazes continuously on a hillside on the Absheron Peninsula on the Caspian Sea 25 KM northeast of the Baku city. So, the Yanardag belongs to Absheron district in Azerbaijan. The flames from the Yanardag jet out at least 3 meters into the air from a thin porous sandstone layer. Because it gets a steady seep of gas from the subsurface so the flame from the Yanardag burns quite steadily. This burning mountain is different from nearby mud volcanoes of Lokbatan or Gobustan as Yanardag has no seepage of mud or liquid like mud volcanoes has and so mud volcanoes don’t burn as steadily as Yanardag does.

Yanardag is 116 meter hill located on the top of natural gas pocket causing continuous flame eruption. This is the nature of this burning mountain. The reason given for continuous eruption of flames is that hydrocarbon gases are emanating from below the earth’s surface which causes the fire. From the sides Yanardag offers spectacular view for the spectators especially at nights. However the people standing have to inhale smell of gas and thick air around this open fireplace. Heavy winds twist the flames into some bizarre shapes adding mystery to the region. There is this tongue of fire also rising from the surface of the streams located around the hill. These streams are popularly called Yanar Bulaq, or ‘Burning Spring’.


Local expression & Traveler’s sight

Though science gives explanation as to why there is this fire coming out continuously but locals still consider the mountain sacred and worship it. So, as a visitor you can enjoy the stories behind the Yanardag from the locals even if they don’t appear true to you. Earlier worshipers gathered from India, Iran and other parts of the world at the foot of the mountain and even today this place is considered a pilgrimage of Buddhists who believe in the sanctity of Yanrdag Mountain and they meditate at the foot of the hill.

Even today, both tourists and locals get amazed by the flames here. These natural fires have always inspired humans. They carry a cultural significance as they played a crucial role in the creation of faiths like Zoroastrianism, centered on ceremonial fire cults. Azerbaijan today has made Yanar Dag a protected site, with extensive archaeological studies being conducted in the area. You are highly advised to visit this amazing and mysterious place on your Azerbaijan Tour Package especially if are history and culture lovers and believe in mysteries and miracles.

National Museum of History

One who does not know about Azerbaijan is simply missing a great travel destination. One who knows about it wants to go there and one who has been there advises others to be there too. First and absolutely exciting place in Azerbaijan is the capital city Baku where people on their Azerbaijan Tour Package land. Baku is located on the shores of the Caspian Sea and on the crossroad of Europe, Asia and Middle East. Baku is a growing city where you can see a cocktail of old and new. The city can be seen in two parts. One is the downtown area and the other is old inner city. Little over 2 million population, about 25% people in the country Azerbaijan live in metropolitan area of Baku. Baku in recent times is reaching new heights. The country, culture and people here are amazing and one who travels to this place will realize this immediately. Baku is popularly known by its nick name ‘City of winds’. In this article we will see one of the major attractions of Baku and this is National museum of history.


A museum generally does not attract everyone. But museums are worth visiting. National museum of history is the largest museum of Azerbaijan located in Baku city. This museum is dedicated to the history of Azerbaijan which includes the Russo-Japanese War, First World War, Russian Civil War and the Second World War. It was founded in 1920 in the mansion of famous oil industrialist and philanthropist Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev. There are four floors in some parts of the building designed by Polish architect Jozef Goslawski. Second floor is interesting. On the second floor of Taghiyev’s residence, side by side there are two major ballrooms. One is based on Oriental designs (Mauritanian) style and the other, on Occidental design. Room with oriental design has enormous glass windows, gided arches, highly ornamental walls, ceilings and chandeliers.  According to photographs that are about 90 years old, one of the most elaborate rooms was Taghiyev’s wife’s boudoir (called private sitting room). All of the movable furniture and paintings in this room have disappeared. Nothing remains today except the ornate mirrored mosaic ceiling. Even after 100 years the original paint has withstood in the main hall of residence.


The museum has several departments like modern history department, ethnography department, scientific excursion department, Library and Department of ancient and medieval history of Azerbaijan. National museum of history also has over 3000 items of which more than 2000 are exhibited while remaining are kept in scientific storage. All those who love to explore culture, history and the old story of a country, a place should visit National Museum of History in Baku on their Azerbaijan Tour Package.

Ateshgah, the temple of fire

Baku is 21st century city with 2000 year of dynamic history located on the shores of Caspian Sea. The city can be seen in two parts. The downtown area and the old inner city. Little over 2 million population, about 25% people in the country Azerbaijan live in metropolitan area of Baku. Baku in recent times is reaching new heights. The country, culture and people here are amazing and one who travels to this place will realize this immediately. Baku city is the scientific, cultural and industrial center of Azerbaijan. In recent past Baku has become an important venue for international events. It hosted the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in 2012. 28th June of 2015 only was the concluding day of European Games held here. It will host Euro 2020. Baku is known by its nick name ‘City of winds’.Baku is today one of the most famous tourist destination in the Caucasus region. Any part of Azerbaijan from its architectural and historical point of view can attract tourists but Baku provokes tourists for its own beautiful sights. One of those must see tourist attractions in Baku on your Azerbaijan Tour Package is Ateshgah, Fire Temple.


Baku has this famous Ateshgah which is often called ‘Fire Temple of Baku’. This is a famous tourist sight today in Surakhani town, a suburb in Baku, Azerbaijan. In Azerbaijan there are eternal burning natural flames of oil and gas which makes Ateshgah an unusual characteristic of the country. This Ateshgah in Surakhani is known as most popular place for its natural flame. This fire temple is a place of significance here. The temple was used as a Hindu, Sikh, and Zoroastrian place of worship. This is pentagonal complex which has a courtyard which is surrounded by cells for monks and tetra pillar-altar in the middle. The complex was built in 17th and 18th centuries but dwindled in 19th century because of dwindling of Indian Population here. With natural flame going out in 1969 this was later turned into a museum in 1975.

The Ateshgah Fire Temple or the Fire Temple of Baku is situated at Surakhani near Baku. This castle-style temple was nominated for World Heritage Site status in 1998 and declared a historical-architectural reserve by decree by the Azeri President in 2007. The inscriptions in either Sanskrit or Punjabi state that the place was a Hindu place of worship, unlike claims indicating it was a Zoroastrian Fire Temple. Fire is sacred for Hindu, Sikhs and Zoroastrian and there has been debate on whether it was originally a Hindu temple, Sikh one or Zoroastrian. But the trident (Trishul) which is distinctly a Hindu symbol and one can see it commonly mounted on temples, mounted at the top of this Ateshgah makes people believe that it was a Hindu place. However, today it houses a museum and is no longer used as a temple.


Natural flame went out here in 1969 but now the museum’s fire is fed by mains gas piped in from Baku city. Whether Hindu temple, Sikh temple or Zoroastrian temple this Ateshgah has a history attached to it and you can explore it by reading more about and more so by visiting the place yourself on your Azerbaijan Tour Package as this happens to be well known place in the world.

Baku Boulevard

Baku is located on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Sitting on the crossroad of Europe, Asia and Middle East, largest city on the Caspian Sea, 28 m below the sea level and so lowest national capital in the world, Baku is a great travel destination to say the least. This is largest city in the world below sea level. Baku has freestyle wrestling regarded traditionally as national sport. However Football and chess are the most popular games here. These all together are only small description of Baku city in Azerbaijan. Baku has many sightseeing places for you to explore on your Azerbaijan Tour Package. In this article we will explore one of those popular sights in Baku that is Baku Boulevard.


Baku Boulevard is known as National Park. This was established in 1909 and it runs parallel to Baku’s seafront. It is a historical place dating back more than 100 years, to a time when Baku oil barons built their mansions along the Caspian shore and when the seafront was artificially built up inch by inch. Boulevard goes along the Caspian Sea for several kilometer. This started with occupying just a few hundred meters from today’s puppet theater to Azneft square but over a period of time got extensions in length. Today this boulevard or National Park is known as real gem of Baku city. The park starts at Freedom Square and continues west to the old city and beyond ending at National Flag square which makes it about 3 KM in length and 750 m in size.

Over a period of time Boulevard has been focus area of the government. Some key developments in last decade alone prove this fact. Earlier until 2009 there were 28 entertainment attractions here but they all got replaced by new carousels and rides. In 2008 there was reconstruction of Parachute Tower here and it started displaying wind speed, time, date, and air and sea water temperature. In 2010, a multi-story shopping mall park Bulvar, Baku Business Center and 5D cinemas were opened in this promenade to boost shopping and leisure in Baku. It has world’s highest flag that flies on a pole 162 meter high and measures 70 by 35 meters. In 2014 Baku Ferris wheel was opened in the new section of the Boulevard and in 2015 Stone Chronicle Museum XX-XXI Century Azerbaijani painting” Museum and Yarat Contemporray Art Center were opened here. In 2016 Baku’s first open air cinema was opened here in the new section of Boulevard. So, gradually Boulevard has not only extended but it also has got so many constructions which attracts visitors now.  It also has social significance as this square has often been the scene where public meetings, cultural gatherings, celebrations, ceremonies, parades, concerts have taken place and it has lately become the venue for the city’s extensive New Year celebrations.


What can you expect more as a tourist here? Well, Baku Boulevard offers the city’s best view of expansive and magical Caspian Sea. You can have a great leisurely seaside amble in the city of Baku at the Boulevard which is over hundred years old and you can see grand mansions of the yesteryear here. The Boulevard connects the old part of the city which is home of ancient temples and palaces to the newer developments like Park Bulvar. This is quite apt to say that on your Azerbaijan Tour Package when you land to the city of Baku you must travel along the Baku Boulevard to have a great time here.

5 Natural places in Ukraine you must see

Every country on the planet has something which is its very much own. This exclusive thing about the place makes the place worth knowing and most importantly visiting. It can be natural grandeur, man made special monuments, food or simply the overwhelming and welcoming people. The place is known for that one thing or combination of two or more. You want to explore every bit of the place when you are there. If the place has natural beauty then it automatically invites and excites visitors. Every moment that you live in the place is your takeaway of your journey. Ukraine is one such country on the planet gifted by nature. Ukraine is geographically situated in Eastern Europe bordering the Black Sea, between Poland and Russia. A destination on the crossroad between Central and Asian Europe, Ukraine is famous for skiing, hiking, fishing and hunting. Loaded with mountain ranges, Ukraine sees fair amount of visitors despite having a fall in numbers of visitors in last two years. Let us see 5 natural places in Ukraine that you must see on your Ukraine Tour Package.

  1. Carpathian Landscape

Located in the western Ukraine on the territories of Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zakarpattia and Chernovtsy oblasts, Carpathians is supremely beautiful and the landscape must not be missed when one is on a Ukraine trip. When the first ray of the sun falls on Carpathian range the landscape is a must capture not only in your eyes but in your camera too. The Carpathian Mountain in total is a mountain range in arc form, 1500 KM long which spreads across Central and Eastern Europe. The height of the mountain goes up to 2000 m along the main ridge. With this length Carpathians is the second longest mountain range in Europe.  Carpathian is even more attractive is because the landscape is a wonderful mix of nature, forests, meadows, shepherds and humans at one place. Then to add to this wonderful mix Carpathian has beauty of Alpine meadows, rough rivers, mountain lakes, beautiful climate and historical monuments which attracts travelers towards it. Travelers with core virtue of adventure love to come here and they come in huge numbers. The peaks of Carpathian in Ukraine are not harsh which makes hiking easy.


  1. Nesamovyte Lake

Nesamovyte is also called Cirque Lake. Why, because it is situated in an amphitheater like large cirque which is formed at the head of a valley glacier. The lake is 88 meter long and 45 meter wide with area of around 3000 square meter. Nesamovyte Lake is a sky high kind of lake. Nesamovyte with height of 1700 m is quite interesting place. At the banks of the lake you will find trees and subalpine herbs. Lake is around 1.5 m deep and water also comes from rain and snow. This lake has huge significance among Hutsuls (an ethno cultural group of Ukrainians living in Carpathian Mountains for centuries) and locals for whom the lake is a sacred place. At the height of 1700 m then hiking has to be one of the main activity to do here as well.


  1. Dragobrat Ski Resort

Dragobrat is the highest Skiing resort in Ukraine as of now. Situated at the height of 1300 m that goes up to 1800 m Dragobrat offers the most spectacular view from the top of the highest mountain Hoverla in Ukraine. The resort gets snow up to 5 m high and is good enough for skiing from November to May. Sometimes the snow cover up to height as 5 m is not suitable for beginners in skiing. But during other times of the year Dragobrat is for everyone to enjoy skiing. Dragobrat Ski resort is well known place among the tourists. Dragobrat offers skiing options on pistes or off site place. During the spring time the early spring flowers turns the resort into a beautiful view mountain ski resort. Adventure increases because both chair lifts and rotating lifts are available here. Dragobrat has 5 lifts and there are 20 tracks with different difficulty level for Skiers and ski equipment are easily available on rent.


  1. Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve

Most part of the Danube delta is in Romania while its northern part on the left bank of the Chilia arm is situated in Odessa Oblast Ukraine. Danube delta is a great host to hundreds of species of birds and fishes in its numerous lakes and marshes. So travelers can spend few days here to explore the passages of the delta along with best and highest concentration of bird colonies in all of Europe. You must consider exploring Danube delta before or when you are on Ukraine Tour Package. Danube delta is 2200 miles of rivers, canals, marshes, lakes, and reed islands. In nutshell Danube delta is a paradise for wildlife enthusiast and more so for bird watchers.


  1. Sofiyivka Park

Sofiyivka is an Arboretum. An Arboretum in a sense is a collection of trees only.  Sofiyivka Park is an Arboretum and scientific researching institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Sofiyivka Park can also be termed as museum of nature because everything in the park is enchanting beauty. You need some time and attention to have a look at them and appreciate it beyond your initial pleasant surprised feelings. Today Sofiyivka Park is a popular recreational spot and is visited by as many as 5, 00,000 visitors every year. Sofiyivka Park is located in northern part of Uman city, Cherkasy Oblast near Kamianka River in Central Ukraine. Over 2000 types of trees and brush are here. They are both locals and exotic. Some of them are taxodium, Weymouth pine, tulip tree, platanus and more of them. Today Sfiyivka Park is among top Ukrainian’s sight which is quite interesting and beautiful. Here you can relax and enjoy with your family and the park is absolute delight for kids.


You should visit one, two or all of these 5 natural places in Ukraine on your Ukraine Tour Package.

5 places to visit in and around Astana

Astana, capital city of Kazakhstan is one of the two most beautiful cities of Kazakhstan. Astana is a bustling city in Kazakhstan. Astana has lot of beautiful sights for a traveler to visit. Kazakhstan in Central Asia is also gifted by nature and there is no two way about it. This is the reason why tourist number is increasing here in Kazakhstan, Central Asia. Still unexplored by many, Astana is an intriguing and little-known land of vast plains, mountainous horizons and beautiful culture.

  1. Bayterek Tower

Bayterek Tower is quite popular among foreign tourists in Astana. It is a monument and observation tower in Astana. On your Kazakhstan Holiday Package when you land in Astana then you can see Bayterek tower which is meant to embody a folktale. The folktale is about a mythical tree of life and a magic bird of happiness. The bird, named Samruk, had laid its egg in the crevice between two branches of a poplar tree. This is 105 m tall consists o f a narrow cylindrical shaft, surrounded by white branch-like girders that flare out near the top, supporting a gold-mirrored 22 m diameter sphere. The tower has two levels and you can see 360 degree view from level one. You can also make a wish by placing your hand in the imprint here.



  1. President’s cultural center

This is a museum which displays the history of Kazakhstan. It displays ancient and modern history of Astana and achievements of its president. This blue domed building looks beautiful right from the moment you see it for the first time. This is a blue domed building with vertical blue panels surrounding the dome. This building has a museum which houses around 143, 000 artifacts and a library with 700,000 items. President’s Cultural center has museums, library, and concert and exhibition halls. The designs and symbols here in the building are all beautiful and worth watching. The museum has items of archaeology, ethnography, history and current arts.


  1. Nur-Astana Mosque

Nur Astana Mosque is a famous site in Astana city in Kazakhstan. This is the second largest mosque in Kazakhstan and in Central Asia after Hazrat Sultan Mosque. The 40-meter height symbolizes the age of the Prophet Muhammad of when he received the revelations, and the height of the minarets are 63 meters , the age Muhammad was when he died.


4. Aquarum of Duman entertainment complex

Duman is an entertainment complex that houses an aquarium, a 5D cinema and many other entertainment options. This aquarium at Duman is the only aquarium in the world which is over 3000 km away from ocean. More than 2,000 of sea inhabitants, the representatives of 100 species of sea fauna from different parts of the world, live there. This is definitely a place to be at. One of the major highlight of this aquarium is the 70 m long tunnel where one can get up and close to sharks and other big fish. Duman adds to your ‘Must see’ places list you are in Astana on a Kazakhstan Tour Package.


  1. Korgalzhyn nature reserve

Korgalzhyn is a heritage site listed in UNESCO. This is a place of lakes, steppes and semi deserts. Home to Pink flamingos, there is lot about Korgalzhyn to be explored by travelers. In the very heart of Kazakhstan, 130 KM drive from Astana you come close to a place where you may see Pink flamingos, pelicans and several other beautiful species of birds. This is Korgalzhyn nature reserve situated in the north central part of Kazakhstan. The entire zone of Korgalzhyn is a mix of fresh waters and saline lakes embedded in dry steppe zone of Eurasia. The big wetland here sees lot of migratory birds to and from Siberia.There are over 300 species of birds which is a visual delight for bird watchers.


Astana is a beautiful city and you must explore these beautiful sights in Astana on your Kazakhstan Tour Package.

5 Natural Places in Russia you must see

Russia is one of the biggest and oldest countries on the planet. It is so vivid that probably as a traveler you can explore everything you wish to in Russia alone. It is gifted with nature’s paradise also. There are many natural beauties in Russia which you should explore on your Russia Tour Package. Here are 5 of them for you.

1. Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain in Russia and in Europe and 10th most prominent peak in the world. Nearing the border with Georgia Elbrus is a part of Caucasus in Southern part of Russia. Mount Elbrus is dormant volcano, two summits west and east, both volcanic domes.West Summit is slightly higher than the east. West summit height is 5642 m and east summit height is 5621 m. You would be happy to know that though Elbrus is one of the highest mountains in the world but it is easy to climb. Standard path leading to Elbrus is long and strenuous still easy to climb, probably the easiest among seven summits in the world. The fact that Elbrus is easily accessible with its gentle slopes attracts a lot of tourist climbers every year. People reached the west peak of Elbrus for the first time in 1874 and the east peak in 1829. Since then many have climbed the peaks. Today one who wants to ascend to the peaks can take a cable car and chairlift up to 12500 feet and from there one can take the standard route up to the summit.


2. Kamchatka Peninsula

Kamchatka is 900 miles long and it is closer to Alaska than it is to Moscow. On the eastern tip of Russia, between the Pacific Ocean to the east and sea of Okhotsk to the west, Kamchatka has over 150 volcanoes and 29 out of them are active ones on peninsula. Kamchatka has group of 19 volcanoes known as Volcanoes of Kamchatka which is UNESCO world heritage site. Kamchatka remains snow covered from October to late May. With the presence of both Volcanoes and ice, Kamchatka is also known as “land of fire and ice”. Kamchatka has largely been less explored by humans and is a remote paradise in Russia. The reason why Kamchatka is less explored is because this is not easy place to reach to. Kamchatka is highly attractive because it has many volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and even a lake of acid. Kamchatka is famous for its diverse and abundant wilderness too. Brown bears are in plenty here, almost 10 bears per square KM. There are also 100,000 lakes and rivers, all bursting with fish.


3. Valley of Geysers

Valley of Geysers in Russia is a Geyser field on Kamchatka Peninsula and it has second largest concentration of Geysers in the world. There are approximately 90 Geysers. It is situated in the Russian far east on Kamchatka region mainly on the left bank of quite deepening Geysernaya River. This place is wonderful but difficult to reach. Besides helicopters no other feasible means of travel are available. The place was discovered only less than 100 years ago. In fact it was discovered in 1941 by local scientist Tatyana Ustinova. But it took even some more years to explore the place. From the 1980s the area was promoted among locals as one of the tourists place in Kamchatka. For the foreigner tourist entry into valley started from 1991. Though the place is unique and beautiful it is notable that it cannot accommodate millions of tourists because it is a tough terrain. However those who get the chance to visit the place are lucky ones.


4. Solovetsky Island

Solovetsky, an archipelago is located in the Onega Bay of the White Sea Russia. Solovetsky’s identity as an administrative division is as Solovetsky district of Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia. Solovetsky is a group of Islands and majority of the population of all islands live in Solovetsky which is estimated at 861 inhabitants as of the 2010 census. So how many islands together form Solovetsky? There are 6 in fact and so total area together they cover is 347 square KM. These six islands namely are Bolshoy solovetsky islands, Anzersky islands, Bolshaya Mukasalma, Malaya Mukasalma, Bolshoy Zayatsky and Maly Zayatsky. When visiting the islands you can expect for legendary monasteries and fortress. Some of the famous and main sights to visit here are Solovetsky fortress and cathedrals, Sekirnaya Hill, the Church of Ascension, Commemoration Cross, Belugas Cape, Solovetsky Canals, Solovki Botanical Garden, Negotiation Stone, Zayatsky IslandsMuksalma Island and Muksalma Dam and Solovetsky Gulag history museum.


5. Kizhi Island

Lake Onega is a picturesque place in Russia and Kizhi Island is situated near the Onega lake in the republic of Karelia, Russia. Kizhi since early times used to be stopover place for travelers. Kizhi pogost which is a major attraction of this island today is actually two churches and a bell tower that were built in 18th century.  Today Kizhi Pogost lives on as one of the largest open air museum in Russia. Today Pogost along with other wooden buildings from the region are divided in 3 special sectors North Karelia, Karelia and Pudozhsky. Other highlights of Kizhi are 22 domes Transfiguration church, church of Resurrection of Lazarus, Chapels of Archangel Mikhail, of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, of the Divine Savior.


These are 5 popular and beautiful places in Russia which you must visit on your Russia Holida Package or Russia Tour Packages from India.

5 Places to see in Bishkek

Bishkek is without a doubt a grand symphony. It takes you high. It moves you to dip more into it. It stays with you for long. Bishkek is urban. Bishkek is picturesque. Bishkek is emerging as a new tourism hub on the global map. In last few years the government in Kyrgyzstan have laid strong foot forward for tourism infrastructure development. This led to lot of tourist visiting the country and Bishkek in special from different parts of the world. Bishkek, capital and largest city of Kyrgyzstan is speaks loudest of its natural beauty. One specialty of Bishkek is that it is tucked in the Tien Shan mountain range in the Chui Valley that makes it a great place to start your trip to mountains and alpine lakes of Tien Shan. Heart winning people, great hospitality, a well planned city, thunderous mountain places, liberal visa regime all create a crescendo of surprises and makes you fall in love with the place. On your Kyrgyzstan Tour Package you must see some popular places in Bishkek. Here are 5 of those.

1. Ala too square

Ala too square was built in 1984 to celebrate 60th anniversary of Kyrgyz SSR. At that point of time a huge statue of Lenin was placed in the center of the square. This statue was moved in 2003 and a new statue was placed here which was again replaced in 2011 by statue of Manas to celebrate 20th anniversary of Kyrgyzstan’s independence. Ala too square plays a key role in hosting state events and celebrations.  Ala too square offers you a great time when you are here. You can sense the grandeur of this area. You can enjoy this place which is full of fountains and has a huge flag surrounded by huge buildings. Ala too square has bronze statue of its national hero Manas and there is also a monument to the famous Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aitmatov and a 45 meter high flagpole with huge waving flag of Kyrgyzstan. Ala too square is good place during the day and quite lovely in the evening. In the evening the place becomes extremely lively. Flowers and fountain show you can cherish and capture in your camera forever. Magnificent events take place here during main holidays or festivals like Nowruz and victory day.


2. Museum of Fine arts

Museum of Fine Arts is dedicated to Kyrgyz Fold and applied arts and Russian art of Soviet times. Initially the museum was located in St. Nicholas Church in Oak Park and in the beginning it was state picture gallery. Today Museum of Fine Arts houses the gallery of Soviet Artist’s union. The modern museum’s building was built in 1974. Museum exhibits several masterpieces of National Arts and the collection of items of paintings, drawings, traditional decorative and applied arts in exhibit is over 17,500.


3. Ala Archa national park

The Ala Archa National Park is an alpine national park in the Tien Shan mountains of Kyrgyzstan, established in 1976 and located approximately 40 km south of the capital city of Bishkek. The park includes the gorge of the Ala-Archa and the mountains surrounding it. So, Ala Archa Park happens to be popular destination point at the weekends. Picnickers, hikers, horse trekkers, skiers as well as mountain climbers looking for challenging ice, rock and mixed routes get their excitement fulfilled in abundance here. The park is open all round the year but late summer and early fall is the best time to go. There are more than 20 small and large glaciers and some 50 mountain peaks within the park. The wildlife here includes the very rare snow leopard on the alpine meadows and snowfields above 2,500 m elevation, wild goats, roe deer and marmots. For those who love trekking planning a longer stay in the park is great choice.



4. Burana Tower

It is a nice tower surrounded by some beautiful countryside. The Burana Tower is a large minaret and is located about 80 km east of the Bishkek, near the town of Tokmok. The tower represents grave markers, some earthworks and the remnants of a castle and three mausoleums. An external staircase and steep, winding stairway inside the tower enables visitors to climb to the top. The entire site, including the mausoleums, castle foundations and grave markers, now functions as museum and there is a small building on the site containing historical information as well as artifacts found at the site and in the surrounding region.


5. Osh Bazaar

The chaotic swell of people that duck and weave around Osh Bazaar make it one of Kyrgyzstan’s main attractions. It’s one of the largest in Central Asia and an excellent place to people watch or buy souvenirs, and everything else under the sun. The Bazaar is located on the west side of town Bishkek and is the main Bazaar of Bishkek. When you are on Bishkek tour package and once you are at Osh Bazaar, the colorful Osh Bazaar will probably stay in your memory forever. It tells you about local life and culture and it sells everything. Osh Bazaar, the shopping center of Bishkek was a key stop on the ancient Silk Road through Central Asia. The smell of spices, the crowd leaving little space to move, haggling of smiling vendors and much more gives you a vibe of multicultural intensity of the Bazaar.


These are only 5 of exciting places in Bishkek which you can explore here. Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan is full of more tourist sights to see.

5 Places you must see in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a great and fast growing country not in just terms of economy but also for travelling. Foreigners have found and continue to find Kazakhstan a great travel destination. Infrastructure has grown in the god gifted naturally beautiful country called Kazakhstan. Almaty and Astana are already known as two major tourist destinations which are quite modern and can match with any European metro cities. When you plan to go to Kazakhstan with Kazakhstan Tour Package then you should visit some of the exciting places here. We are bringing 5 for you in this article.

1. The intimate ruins of Sauran

Little away from highway from Turkestan to Kyzyl Orda in South Kazakhstan, the intimate ruins of Sauran is there. Sauran is a place for adventurers. Once one of the biggest cities in Kazakhstan, Sauran is today known as romantic ruin remains. Once you are over the fascinating big cities like Almaty and Astana in Kazakhstan, it’s really time for you to explore more here. Ruins of Sauran will catch you with its old and beautiful charm.


2. The Charyn Canyon

The story of Canyon dates back to 3 million years when the land around the canyon started rising.  A very large lake existed in the area around the top of the canyon and it started to empty.  Over the next million years the canyon was formed by the Charyn River. The canyon features a dramatic landscape with beautiful red sand and formidable rock formations. Kazakhstan’s Charyn Canyon is a spectacular sight sitting at the backdrop of flat steppe lands near Almaty. The multi-colored gorges display millions of years of history. This is a great place for rafting, hiking, climbing or nature appreciation.


3. Zenkov Cathedral

This cathedral is unique because it is probably only cathedral in the world which is made of wooden completely. Another uniqueness of the cathedral is that it is built without using any nails. Yet another uniqueness of the cathedral is that it has survived major earthquake in the region which is attributed to the architect quality of the cathedral. You can visit Zenkov Cathedral for religious purpose and for accessing its both internal and external beauty. One can observe the customs of the cathedral and should respect it at the same time. Viewing the cathedral from all four sides is worth and so is the walk around. On one side you can see an open area where stalls for children’s activities and rides are laid out. In the center of Panvilov Park, Zenkov Cathedral is worth a visit for everyone who is in Almaty on a Kazakhstan Tour Package. 


4. President’s cultural center  

President’s cultural center is a blue domed building in Astana with vertical blue panels surrounding the dome. This building has a museum which houses around 143, 000 artifacts and a library with 700,000 items. President’s Cultural center has museums, library, and concert and exhibition halls. The designs and symbols here in the building are all beautiful and worth watching. The museum has items of archaeology, ethnography, history and current arts. Here we also can find out collection of gifts of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


5. Kazakh Steppe 

Kazakh steppe is a part of Great steppe or Eurasian steppe. This is also called Great Dala. It is vast open grassland in northern part of Kazakhstan and adjacent parts of Russia. The steppe extends to Pontic steppe and Emin Valley steppe thus forming part of the Eurasian steppe. The vastness of Kazakh steppe can be observed by the fact that it almost covers one third of Kazakhstan’s total territory and if measured it extends to more than 2200 KM and covers more than 804, 500 Sq. KM.


On your Kazakhstan Tour Package from India or your Kazakhstan Holiday Packages you should explore these exciting and diverse places in the beautiful country.

5 reasons why you should travel to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a unique country in many senses. Azerbaijan is located in the southern part of the Caucasus, at the crossroads of Southwest Asia and Southeastern Europe. The country shares a border with Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Iran and a little bit of Turkey. The way Azerbaijan is placed geographically is what makes it a real blend of East and west. Azerbaijan has a deep history and it has all the modern infrastructure too. You can find Azerbaijan immediately interesting when start knowing more about the country and then you may wish to buy an Azerbaijan Tour Package. And to have reasons why you should travel to Azerbaijan, let us see five of them.

  1.   Azerbaijan is secular and liberal country 

This is important in the sense that Azerbaijan was the first Islamic country which declared itself a democratic and secular republic that too in as early as 1918. Unlike some other Muslim countries where there are still no theaters, Azerbaijan was the first to open a theater. From a tourist point of view it is important. People in Azerbaijan are modern and you can see it here in capital city Baku itself. Azerbaijan is quite liberal and you can even find alcohol widely available here.


  1.    Capital city which is perfect blend of history and modern outlook

When you need to have a good reason to visit Azerbaijan then its Capital city Baku will be the perfect one. Baku is full of surprises for every visitor. The first glimpse that you get is when you land at the airport which is ultramodern. And as you move to the city center you find a wonderful historical old town on the streets of Baku. You also get to experience pubs, fine dining restaurants and luxury cars on the super clean roads of Baku. You must be here to experience the amalgamation of the old and new in Baku.


  1. It is very cheap travelling here

This is also a great reason why you should visit Azerbaijan. It is cheaper than many European countries. Azerbaijan is rich in oil and gad and so transportation is quite cheap in the country. One of the main components of your travel is food and that too is very cheap in Azerbaijan at local eateries. Staying in hotels beyond fancy places in Baku is also very economical.


  1. Welcoming people

This is the thing you look for when you travel to a new place. People in Azerbaijan are nicest in entire Caucasus region. The locals here invite you to their place and take you out for a lunch. This might not be true for everyone in Azerbaijan but majority are welcoming people. Most of them don’t speak English language still they try to help you out.


  1. The landscape is great

Though Azerbaijan is a small country but it has 9 time zones out 11. You can find everything in Azerbaijan. High altitude Caucasus Mountain, vast hot deserts, green meadows and long coastal area all is contained by Azerbaijan. You have urban landscape in Baku and also 50% of the mud volcano in the world is in Azerbaijan only.


Now you can prepare to visit Azerbaijan as you have plenty of reasons to go and explore the country. You can buy an Azerbaijan Tour Package and enjoy a great trip to the great Caucasus travel destination.