Best 8 Places to Visit This Summer in CIS Countries

1. Almaty (Kazakhstan)

One cannot imagine Almaty without mountains. Almaty is the largest city and the best travel destination in Kazakhstan. Almaty is ultra modern and it offers plenty of adventure activities too. Almaty is like any other buzzing European city where you can have great time. You can do sightseeing, shopping and adventure sports.

How to reach Almaty

By Air: Nearest airport is Almaty International Airport. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the Almaty city center by car from the airport.

Ideal duration

Ideal duration is 4-5 days.

Things to do

In Almaty you can do many exciting things. Talking about places to see in Almaty on your Almaty Tour Package you can visit Arasan baths, Kolsai lakes, Central state museum, St. Nicholas cathedral, Gorky Park and many other places. If you are a shopaholic then you will love it here as Almaty has has more bazaars than most cities in the country. The most popular among them is the Green Bazaar, which sells everything under the sun. Adventure lovers can visit Medeu Skating rink, Kolsai Lakes, Kok Tobe hill etc.


2. Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

Tashkent is the capital city and also the largest city in Uzbekistan. This is also the place where you land first on your Uzbekistan Tour Package. Tashkent is hub of Central Asia and this is the most exciting place in Uzbekistan to be. Tashkent has its own charm which mesmerizes the visitors. Visitors find Tashkent a great travel destination as the city has best restaurants, museums and lively nightlife to offer.

How to reach Tashkent

By Air: The main airport of the country is Tashkent International Airport. This is only 12 KM away from the city center.

Ideal duration

Ideal duration is 5-6 days.

Things to do

On your Tashkent Tour Package you can do many exciting things in Tashkent. You will love Tashkent if you love the outdoors or you are an adventure aficionado. You have many options here like rafting, trekking, cycling, skiing and other outdoor activities you can try in Tashkent. Hiking lovers can enjoy hiking at the Pamir Alay range and through the woods on the slopes around the Angren River Valley. If you love to explore art and history then you can visit various museums in Tashkent. Apart from all these you must visit Chorsu Bazaar, the most famous market in Tashkent. From Chrosu you can buy clothes, jewellery and handicrafts at super economical price.


3. Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)

Bishkek is the capital city of a beautiful country called Kyrgyzstan. Bishkek is a historical city where you can walk through the history of the country. This is because Bishkek is one of the oldest on the planet. Here you will get to see the great examples of old time architecture, culture, jewellery, art, clothes and much more when you land here on your Bishkek Tour Package. But on the other hand Bishkek is also ultra modern. The city offers an exciting nightlife to the visitors. You can have a great time in clubs and small cafes here along with the very friendly and hospitable people of Bishkek.

How to reach Bishkek

By Air: Manas International Airport is the main airport of the city which is only 25 minutes drive from the city center of Bishkek.

Ideal duration

Ideal duration is 4-5 days.

Things to do

On your Bishkek Tour Package you can do lot of things. You have many sights of attractions in Bishkek. You must visit Ala too square, State historical, Osh Bazaar, Abandoned Casino, Victory monument and Oak Park etc. For adventure lovers there is hiking and trekking the mountains outside but near of Bishkek. You will love it in the nature.


4. Baku (Azerbaijan)

Baku is a modern city of 21st century city and the capital city of Azerbaijan. But it has dynamic history as well. Baku is located on the shores of Caspian Sea. One who visits Baku can see the city in two parts. One is the downtown area and the other is old inner city. Little over 2 million population are living in Baku which is about 25% people in the Azerbaijan. On your Azerbaijan Tour Package you will observe that Baku is reaching new heights. You will also observe that Baku has amazing culture and people. You will realize this immediately in Baku. The city is also the scientific, cultural and industrial centre of Azerbaijan.

How to reach Baku

By Air: Heydar Aliyev International Airport is the main airport. This is only 25 KM away from the Baku city center.

Ideal duration

Ideal duration is 3-4 days.

Things to do

Baku is the most famous travel destination in Azerbaijan. You can visit some popular sights here which include Icheri Sheher, Miaden Tower, Complex of Shrivan Shah’s Palace, Baku Bulevard, Absheron Peninsula, Yanrdag, Ateshgah, and Qala Village etc. Apart from this you can also get some entertainment here at places such as National Opera and Ballet, Aqua Park, Luna Amusement park, AF beach club etc.


5. St. Petersburg (Russia)

St. Petersburg is the second largest city of Russia and an absolutely modern city. However the city also remains to be a custodian of the history of Russia. St. Petersburg has 36 historical architectural complexes which are listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. This simply means that you can buy a Russia Tour Package and enjoy a great cultural tourism and visit these sites on UNESCO list. St. Petersburg is full of life. You will get everything you expect in St. Petersburg. You will be surprised to know that St. Petersburg has more than 200 museums, 80 theaters, 100 concert organisations, 62 cinemas and almost 80 other cultural establishments. Festivals and carnivals are the charm of the city. More than 100 festivals and many carnivals are held in the city every year. In these events you can witness the art, culture and music which of the city. You can buy a Russia Holiday Package and enjoy lot more things in the beautiful city St. Petersburg.

How to reach St. Petersburg

By Air: Pulkovo Airport is the main airport of the city which is 20 KM south of the city center.

Ideal duration

The ideal duration to travel St. Petersburg is 4-5 days.

Things to do

St. Petersburg has many attractions for tourists. Hermitage museum is its prime attraction. Other than this St. Petersburg has other great attractions like Russian museum, Peter and Paul Fortress, The bridges on the Neva, Museum of Artillery, Combat Engineers and Signal troops, Ethnographic museum, Alexander Nevskiy Monastery and Kirov’s museum etc. In these sights you can see the St. Petersburg’s historical and cultural elements on your Russia Tour Package from India. You can also experience world’s best Ballet dance performances in the city. Along with Ballet dance, Opera is another beauty of the city culture. In Mariinsky Theatre a world class theater you can enjoy both ballet and Opera. In St. Petersburg you must take a tour of the canals by boat which is a great way to see the city in the summer.


6. Kiev (Ukraine)

Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine. Kiev is also the cultural center of Eastern Europe. Famous for its golden domed churches and historical monuments, Kiev is the most fascinating and wide arrayed tourist place in Ukraine. You will instantly connect with people here who are kind and welcoming. On your Ukraine Tour Package, when you land in Kiev which is popular as Hidden Jewel of Europe, you get an opportunity to see more than 100 museums, many theaters, and ballet, opera along with art galleries. In Kiev you will never get tired of the city. On top of it all, Kiev offers you the diversity and quality of food with loads of yummy taste.

How to reach Kiev

By Air: Kiev has two international passenger airports. One is the Boryspil Airport which is located 30 kilometers away, and the other the smaller one is municipally owned Zhulyany Airport on the southern outskirts of the city.

Ideal Duration

Ideal duration to visit Kiev is 4-5 days.

Things to do

Talking about things to do your first stopover should be Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. This is most significant tourist spot in Kiev. This is the oldest monastery and attracts so many pilgrims from all over the world. Another place to be is Kreshatyk and Independence Square. Kreshatyk is Main Street of Kiev you can sit gossip and drink here and on weekends you can also enjoy any ongoing event or music. Other places to see in Kiev on your Ukraine Tour Package are Chornobyl museum, Open air museum of Folk Architecture and rural life, St. Sophia cathedral, Kiev TV tower, One street museum Mariyinski Palace and other such places. For recreation and entertainment you can go to Hidropark Island in the Dnipro River and enjoy lot of activities like swimming, beach volleyball or you can just soak up the sun there. You should also visit Dream town aqua park also, the biggest indoor water park in Europe. It has 14 different level of extreme slides, 2 wave pools, 3 current rivers, lagoon akvabarom 55 seats, Jacuzzi, swimming pool for water polo, children’s area of approximately 3000 square meters accommodating up to 3,500 visitors at the same time.


7. Tbilisi (Georgia)

Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia. In this historical city one can see its architecture which is a mix of medieval, classical and Soviet structures. Tbilisi is located on the south-eastern edge of Europe. the city has always been point of interest for kingdoms in the past and countries in the present, because of Tbilisi’s proximity to lucrative east-west trade route. But apart from being a strategic attraction for some countries Tbilisi is highly attractive tourist destination too. Tbilisi is surrounded by mountains on three sides. You can buy your Tbilisi Tour Package and visit the city anytime of the year because weather remains good here throughout the year. Warm hearted people of Tbilisi along with stunning countryside will take a place in your memory. Tbilisi’s amazing nightlife will raise your heart beat. Tbilisi is unspoiled beauty shaped by rugged mountains. Within Tbilisi you can walk through little streets all over the city.

How to reach Tbilisi

By Air: Tbilisi International Airport is the main airport of the city which is 17 KM southeast of the city center.

Ideal duration

Ideal duration to visit Tbilisi is 3-5 days.

Things to do

On your Tbilisi Tour Package you can visit good number of museums and other exciting places in Tbilisi. Narikala Fortress is the most notable place to see. This is the symbol of Tbilisi’s defence. You can visit popular museums like G. Chitaia Ethnographical open air museum, Numismatic Museum, Museum of art, Simon Janashia museum, Puppet museum and Galaktion Tabidze museum. If you love opera and ballet then Tbilisi opera and ballet theater is must for you. Fun activity lovers can take an aerial cable car as well which connects Rike Park on the bank of Mtkvari River with Narikala fortress. And those who love calmness and peace can walk through the lane of Old Tbilisi where you will see old style balconies, old time churches, winding streets and lot of charming shops around. And lake lovers can go to Turtle Lake. Located in hilly outskirts of Tbilisi Turtle lake is good hang out for families. You can enjoy the pedal boating along with great view of mountains as well as the city.


8. Armenia

Armenia is a country of mountains located in the southern part of South Caucasus region. Yerevan is the capital of Armenia. Armenia is a small country but it is quite rich in its beauty for tourists. Armenia has lot of natural beauty. There is wide range of mountains, volcanic uplands, rivers and forests. The highest point is Mount Aragats which currently falls in the territory of Turkey.

Armenia is also one of the oldest countries in the world. In this land locked country one can experience the rich heritage of great culture and ancient history. Along with historicity, this ancient and small land locked country offers you bright colors in all seasons. Snow white winters, mellow autumn, colorful spring and sunny summer gives you all the reason to visit Armenia. Armenia Tour Package is a must see place destination to enrich your lifetime travel experience.

How to reach Armenia

By Air: You can reach Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. The main airport here is Zvartnots International Airport which is 10 KM west of Yerevan.

Ideal duration

Ideal time to visit the country is 4-5 days.

Things to do

When you are on an Armenia Tour Package, you cannot miss the historical and cultural complexes. But adventure lovers have also lot of activities to do in Armenia. They can enjoy hiking in the countless mountains, hills, gorges and valleys of Armenia. You can enjoy Fishing in the lakes and rivers of Armenia which have rare and rich collection of fishes. There are some very popular and attractive lakes like Lake Sevan, Echmiadzin Lake, Spandaryan, Tolors and Shamb Reservoirs, Araks River, Alagyaz Lake, Mantash Reservoir which are homes to many species of fish. You can also enjoy horse riding and bird watching.


Talking about sightseeing in Armenia you have choices among museums, galleries, religious sites like monasteries, natural and scenic beauty to choose from. Some of the sights you can see while you are in Armenia are Echmiadzin, Dilijan National Park, Lake Sevan, Noravank Monastery, and Amberd Fortress.

5 Points of Interest in Tashkent

Tashkent is the largest city in Central Asia. If you thought that Tashkent would be just an old and boring place then you got it all wrong. Tashkent is definitely full of cultural places but Tashkent is also ultra modern city. Before having any other idea you should know that Tashkent has extremely wide avenues and plenty of modern restaurants and posh buildings. Tashkent is also the surprisingly clean city, definitely, quite different from the idea you have of any Central Asian city. So, Tashkent is a blend of old and new at the same time. Tashkent has many places where as a visitor you should go and explore the place. Some of those are famous Chorsu Bazaar, Amir Temur Square, Uzbekistan state museum of applied arts, Chimgan valley and Charvak Reservoir. With names like Chimgan and Charvak, this is clear that you that you have amazing natural beauty in Tashkent as well. In this article however we will talk about other 5 Points of interests in Tashkent you should explore when you are here on your Tashkent Package.

1. Hazrat Imam Complex

This is located in the old residential part of Tashkent. Hazrat Imam Complex also known as Hast-imam is a religious center but you can also explore the place for it’s architectural beauty. The primary significance of the complex is a rich library where oriental manuscripts are preserved. The world famous Quran of Caliph Uthman – Ottoman has been preserved here. Ottoman Koran is the primary source of Islam holy book that was written in the middle of VII century. Hazrat Imam complex new building was erected in 2007. Now the mosque has the mosque itself, along with two minarets. Architecture has been kept in the style of the XVI century.

Landscape designer’s great work can be observed here. In particular, you should see the imported exotic trees, shrubs and flowers from different countries which have been planted on the territory of the complex. During the spring, summer and autumn, you can see beautiful storks freely walk there. Special lighting of the buildings at the night makes you feel being a part of the world of the ancient oriental tales.

Hazrat Imam Complex

2. Tashkent Metro

Tashkent had a major earthquake in 1966 which destroyed the major part of the city especially the old town. This was the time when architects and planners from all over the Soviet Union came together to restore the city. And during this time only Tashkent Metro project was taken up. Tashkent Metro was inspired by Moscow and St. Petersberg Metro and that is why they wanted Tashkent Metro to be a artistic masterpiece.

Today, if you see each station of Tashkent Metro then you will immediately feel that you need some extra time to experience the beauty of it. Each station is absolutely gorgeous and they are all different from each other. From beautiful mosaics to massive, goldish-candelabras, you would love to spend some time just going up and down on the metro.

Tashkent Metro

3. Kukeldash Madrassa

If you are a traveler who loves to gather details of the place in a city then you can visit Kukeldash Madrassa. This is a place where public executions were held. This was an old fortress which used to be an old Islamic school in 16th century which two hundred years later was a caravanserai. This is one of of the most historic buildings in Tashkent. This was damaged very badly because of earthquakes but it was beautifully reconstructed in the middle of the 20th century.

So, on your Tashkent Tour Package you should visit this centuries old Madrassa. You can see a colorful courtyard inside the madrassa as well.

Kukeldash Madrassa

Central Asian Plov Center

Are you a foodie? If yes then Central Asian Plov Center is must go to place for you in Tashkent. Plov is one of the most famous dish of Central Asia and national dish of the Uzbekistan. Central Asian Plov center is the place to taste Plov. This is the place where you get the best plov in the entire region. Plove is cooked in massive pans (Kozon), which can feed hundreds of people at a time.

Before 12 is the best time to visit Central Asian Plov Center. But this place is not only for those who want to eat Plov. This is also for those who want to experience a great atmosphere in Tashkent city.

Central Asian Plov Center

Botanical Gardens

Those who are interested in natural places in Tashkent should visit Botanical garden in the city. This garden here add a lovely splash of color and they are fantastic stopover for the visitors. Botanical Garden have thousands of trees, flower, shrub, vine and other plant species. They are all beautiful and represent the beauty of different geographies of the world. This happens to be the largest and the oldest botanical garden in the entire Central Asia region.

There is a small pond with delicate pink lotus blossoming into it during the late spring. Apart from this there are several alleys around the garden, which lead to the central part of the garden. You can start to walk from any climate region in the garden as all sectors of the park are closed up here. You can start from either flora of America, Europe or Asia. But it is better if you start start from the hill of wishes.

Botanical Gardens

These are 5 Tashkent points of interest. But Tashkent has lot more to offer to the visitors. So, on your Uzbekistan Tour Packages you should look to explore these places along with other major and minor attractions of the city.

5 Things to do in Tashkent

Ideally you should go to your favorite travel destination with ample time in hand. If you go for a really short trip then it simply rushes you to capture more and more of the place in the little time that you have. So, when you are planning to visit Tashkent then you should keep enough time in your pocket so that you enjoy the city to the maximum. We are not saying it just like that. Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan is really a charming place and one has lot to do here when they buy our Tashkent Tour Package. Tashkent is super old and the biggest city in not just Uzbekistan but entire Central Asia region. You will appreciate Tashkent as a complete tourist destination. Now, the question is what are the Things to do in Tashkent when you are here? Well, let us see what you really can do in Tashkent.

1. Sightseeing

Visiting Tashkent Tourist Places are of course first thing you would like to do here. This is important for you to know some of the amazing places to see in Tashkent. You can see Chorsu Bazaar in the old town of Tashkent and apart from this market you should also explore Amir Temur Museum, Museum of applied arts, Tashkent Botanical Gardens, Fine Arts Museum of Uzbekistan, Charvak Reservoir, Chimgon, Minor Mosque, Barak Khan Madrassah and more. When you buy our Uzbekistan Holiday Packages you get the best sightseeing experience in Tashkent. You can spend good time at each of these places.

Tashkent Sightseeing

2. Outdoor Adventure Activities

Outdoor adventure activities play a fun part of your travel. Tashkent impresses travelers in this department as well. There are parks, water parks, lakes, rivers and mountains. You can enjoy swimming, skiing and climbing. Some of the parks where you can go in Tashkent are Aqua Park, Gulyam Park and Alisher Navoi National Park. You also have Japanese Garden, and Ankhor Canal. Ankhor Canal is an amazing place in Tashkent. People love to visit the canal in all seasons. Ankhor Canal is also a famous place among the people who love to swim in all year round. If you are mountain lover then Chimgan valley is for you. You can go for climbing and skiing in Chimgan Mountains.

Tashkent Adventure Activities

3. Restaurants and Food

No matter which place you go to, you hunt for best food in town. But about Tashkent it is important for you to know even before you know about food and restaurants here that, traditional Chaikhana – Tea House is a must visit place for everyone in Tashkent city. You will get Chaikhanas in every part of Uzbekistan. Taste the traditional tea of the city and hear the local gossip. Now talking about restaurants you will get all varieties of restaurants in Tashkent. You can walk in a restaurant of your liking and enjoy some great food. If you like live music and entertainment then again you will get plenty of options here. There are many restaurants with live entertainment in Tashkent.  You can be treated to a show while you dine. Those who want to enjoy Tashkent Night Life can hit the local bars and pubs where both live music and hard drinks are available for the visitors.

Tashkent Night Life

4. Shopping

No tour is complete without shopping. Tashkent offers you many places for shopping. You have heard about the world famous Chorsu Bazaar in Tashkent where you get to buy every thing. You can buy local specialty from Chorsu Bazaar. But Tashkent has other Bazaars too. You can visit Alay Bazaar, Karavan Bazaar, Askia Faremer’s Market, Bek Baraka wholesale market apart from Chorsu Bazaar in Tashkent. And those who love to shop in big and modern malls also have plenty of malls to do shopping in Tashkent. You can shop anything and everything in Tashkent Bazaars and malls.

Tashkent Shopping Places

5. Entertainment and Recreation

Though one will be entertained in every activity they do in Tashkent yet those who are looking for exclusive entertainment activities can do many things in Tashkent on their Uzbekistan Tour Package. Disney Land Recreational Park in Tashkent is must for some great entertainment and recreation. You get amazing rides for kids, men and women. There is a jungle boat ride here. On this ride you will be taken through a tropical forest with indigenous plants and animals. You will hear the sound effects in the background which complements the illusion of a trip through the forest.

Disney Land Recreational Park Tashkent

Apart from Disney Land you can explore other parks, theaters, bowling centers, Golf club and Tashkent Zoo for some great entertainment and fun.

Bibi Heybat Mosque

Baku city is a popular travel destination in Azerbaijan. One knows that Baku is a historical city and with time it has been modernized to the highest standard in the world as well. Flame towers in Baku alone attract thousands of foreign travelers. But as you know that Baku is a historical city, so in this article we will talk about one of the Azerbaijan Tourist Places known as Bibi Heybat Mosque. This is a super old mosque in Baku. Though the new building was made in 1990s but it is a recreation of the mosque built in 13th century. Let us know more about Bibi Heybat Mosque.

Bibi Heybat Mosque in Baku

Bibi-Heybat Mosque is a historical Mosque in Baku, Azerbaijan. It is also known as Mosque of Fatima locally. This is one of the prominent Islamic architecture in the country. Today it is considered as spiritual place for Muslims. The current structure of the mosque was built in 1990s which is a recreation of the mosque with the same name which was built in 13th century. It was first built in 13th century by Shrivanshah Farrukhzad II Ibn Ahsitan II which was completely destroyed by the Bolsheviks in 1936. Today Bibi Heybat mosque is not only known as a spiritual center for the Muslims of the region but it is also quite famous monuments as a representative of Islamic Architecture in Azerbaijan.

Writings on the south wall of the mosque suggest to the historians that mosque’s construction ended in 13th century. This mosque has been mentioned by a famous French writer Alexandre Dumas in his book ‘The World’ when he visited the mosque in 1840, as a place of worship for infertile women who come here on foot, worship and within a year they gain the ability to give birth. The mosque has been mentioned by other locals and European explorers and travelers in their work as well.

Going in the recent history of the mosque, it was blown up in 1934 by Soviet as a part of their anti religious campaign. But in 1994 when Azerbaijan got independence, there was an order by then president of Azerbaijan to construct the new building for Bibi Heybat mosque at the same place where it was destroyed. Based on the photographs that were taken before the explosion of the mosque the mosque’s layout and size were restored in 1980. Modern architecture of the mosque is a classic example of Shirvan architectural school. In the present state, the Bibi Heybat mosque has three domes, which have kept the traditional corrugated galvanised iron shape of the old mosque and two minarets. The domes are decorated beautifully with the green and turquoise mirrors, which are bordered with gilded inscriptions from Quran. There are separate praying rooms for men and women. For men praying room is located on the south side of the complex, while for women – on the north side. There is the mausoleum between these praying rooms.

Mosque in Baku

So, you can see that Bibi Heybat Mosque has a great history attached to it and it keeps quite an important place in Azerbaijan. This is the reason why it was rebuilt years later after it was blown away in 1934. Today the mosque is both a religious place as well as a tourist attraction as a representative of great Islamic architecture. On your Azerbaijan Tour Package when you happen to be in Baku, you should give a visit to the mosque to know more about it.

Absheron Peninsula

A peninsula is a piece of land which has water on majority or in other words three sides of its borders. This means that peninsula is surrounded by water from three sides and it is connected to a mainland from one side from which it extends. This is about a peninsula because in this article we will Explore Absheron Peninsula from Azerbaijan. Absheron Peninsula is located in Baku, Azerbaijan. It is said that Absheron peninsula forms the beak of giant eagle (Azerbaijan) stooping into the Caspian Sea. Absheron Peninsula is almost the metropolitan area of Baku as the Peninsula consists of Baku City, Sumgayit and Absheron Rayon with center Khyrdalan. Those who are searching for Azerbaijan facts can collect interesting facts about Absheron Peninsula in Azerbaijan, from this article.

Absheron Peninsula

Absheron Peninsula extends 60 km eastward into the Caspian Sea, and reaches a maximum width of 30 km. In the easternmost extension of the Caucasus Mountains, the landscape is only mildly hilly. In southeastern tip of the Peninsula there is a gently undulating plain that ends in a long spit of sand dunes which is known as Shah Dili, and this has been now declared as the Absheron National Park. Absheron Peninsula in this part is dissected by ravines and characterized by frequent salt lakes. The landscape is a land of hillocks and plains which has pylons, oil derricks, pools of oily effluent and also a wild life. So, when you are considering Places to visit in Azerbaijan, Absheron Peninsula may not be an immediately appealing place to go to. However that does not mean there is nothing. It has lot of things to offer and thus with lower expectation you can consider the peninsula region having some interesting Azerbaijan tourist places.

One thing is that Absheron is home to Baku. Apart from that this is also Azerbaijan’s one place with dozens of older mosques and many fast growing shrines which are being built here and then you can also witness some folk rituals here which may seem superstitious but they will raise your curiosity for sure. On the natural beauty front, Absheron, despite having serious environmental damage and pollution has flowers, horticulture, mulberries and figs. There are some beaches on the northern coast which are popular among locals. Absheron has some famous lakes as well such as Masazir, Khojahasan and Boyuk Shor. Variety of mud volcanoes are also part of the peninsula. There are near by villages around Absheron Peninsula. For traveler’s interest some interesting places of Absheron are Fire Temple, the Yanar Dag burning hillside, some beaches and several castle towers and ovdans hidden away in modestly interesting ancient villages. Absheron National Park on the southeastern tip of the peninsula is also a place of interest where you can see a great wildlife. The wildlife of the Absheron National Park includes a range of birds, foxes, jackals, tortoises and snakes. Over 50 types of mammals and birds live inside along with 25 species of plants. However to reach the national park you may require an organized tour or local guides otherwise it may be difficult to get there.

Absheron Peninsula, Baku

Absheron Peninsula is also a place contributing in the economy of the country. This was the first place where world’s earliest petroleum production started in 1870s. Even today much of the land remains scarred with rusting oil derricks. Natural resources like oil, lime sand and salt are found in the peninsula too. So, you may not get tempted to visit Absheron Peninsula immediately but you still should include this place in your Places to visit in Azerbaijan list when you are going to Buy an Azerbaijan Tour Package.

Azerbaijan Carpet Museum

Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan. Baku is also the most popular travel destination in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan, the country and Baku, the capital city is known for its great culture. When one plans to go to Azerbaijan and wants to know about things to do in Azerbaijan then he comes to know about exploring the cultural aspect of the country. Talking about cultural aspects of the country, one fascinating thing for centuries has been rug weaving in Azerbaijan. And if you want to explore it in modern times in one place, then you must visit Carpet Museum which is one of the most popular Azerbaijan points of interest for travelers. You can see the ages old rug weaving and huge collection of carpets here. On your list of places to see in Azerbaijan, you should include Carpet Museum in Baku. What is the museum all about and why should you visit the place? Let us explore it.

Azerbaijan Carpet Museum

Rug weaving in Caucasus region is dated back to two medieval times at least. This fact has been established by the discovery of fragments of knotted pile carpet from the 13th and 14th centuries from the region in several cave complexes. Azerbaijan in the Caucasus region is famously known for its applied arts especially carpet weaving as a part of its culture. Carpet weaving made its way into every household of Azerbaijan and turned into a thing of everyday and became the symbol for the country. You can observe the treasury of Azerbaijan culture in the current Carpet Museum.

Carpet Museum is now located in a new building on the seafront park in Baku. Earlier till 2014 it was located in Neftchiler Avenue from where it was moved to new building in 2014. In the Carpet Museum you can see Azerbaijani carpets on display and also rug items of various weaving techniques and materials from different times in the history. Azerbaijani carpets are world famous and Carpet museum has the largest collection of Azerbaijani carpets. Carpet Museum was established in 1967 and over the years it has become a research training center and exhibition center. In 1967 when this was established then it was located in the Juma Mosque in Icheri Sheher. The first was in the museum was held in 1972. After that many more exhibitions, international symposiums and conferences have been held here. The museum has collection over 10,000 items of ceramics, metal works of 14th century, jewelry from the Bronze Age, carpets and carpet items from 17th-20th centuries, national garments and embroidery, and applied art works of modern age.

In 2010 Azerbaijani carpets were proclaimed as ‘A Masterpiece of Intangible Heritage’ by UNESCO and since then it was planned to move the carpet museum to a new building which eventually happened in 2014.  The carpet museum building is also fantastic. The structure of the building is intended to look like a rolled carpet. It was designed by Austrian architect Franz Janz. It took over six years to construct the building. The museum today stands as a center of collection of artifacts and carpets representing the country’s most valuable heritage. Also it works as research center of traditional carpet weaving art and works towards popularizing the museum and carpets in the world.

Carpet Museum

Carpet Museum is not just a building or collection of Azerbaijani carpets, but it is a representative of Azerbaijan culture. One can sense how the country evolved in weaving carpets and why these carpets are the best in the world. On your Azerbaijan Tour Package you should go to Carpet Museum in Baku for once at least. Those who love to explore cultures, Carpet Museum is a must visit place in Azerbaijan.

Nohur Lake

Travelling is not just going from one place to another. Travelling is living a piece of life. Travelling is about exploring things which you cannot do being in your place for ever. And if given the opportunity you must travel to exciting places in the world. In this sense it is apt to say that everyone should visit Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is known as the most beautiful country on the cross road of Asia and Europe. The country is so naturally gifted that one must go there for at least once in his life. Baku the capital city of Azerbaijan is located on the shores of the Caspian Sea. On the crossroad of Europe, Asia and Middle East, Baku is the largest city on the Caspian Sea. Yes, Baku is a popular tourist destination for those visiting the country on Azerbaijan Tour Package, but that is not all. Little far from Baku there is this Nohur Lake, which is a perfect place for those who love to bask in the sun under a nature’s magic. Let us explore Nohur Lake for you.

Nohur Lake Baku

There is Qabala district little over 200 KM away from Baku, where you can visit Nohur Lake. Qabala district has some great attractions other than Nohur Lake but all the nature lovers find the lake the best place to be. Qabala is a popular travel destination and in Qabala those looking for some warm winter sun and crisp blue sky days can enjoy the day at Nohur Lake. You get amazing scenery here along with sun baking. You can also enjoy skiing a bit. Thus winter is a great time to visit Nohur Lake. Nohur is a man made lake. Lake was created after WWII with a purpose to supply water to surrounding villages.  Presently Nohur Lake has become a popular recreation spot. It has a large tree-lined body of water reflecting the Greater Caucasus Mountains in its green-blue waters. You can not swim here as it is prohibited but you can enjoy fishing and hiking.

Nohur is also for those who simply want to sit and enjoy the fresh air and experience a great view of the mountains. Winter is great time to be here. During the winter lake is covered by thick ice which starts at the end of December. At different times of the year lake freezing happens and all of this depends on vagaries of the weather. When you reach Nohur Lake you can see beautiful mountains opening up in front of you. Though Nohur Lake is not nature’s creation but it is quite beautiful and nothing short of a natural lake.

Nohur Lake Azerabaijan

So, on your Azerbaijan tour take some time when you have seen it all in Baku and then you can move toward Qabala where this beautiful Nohur Lake is waiting for you. Do include a visit to Nohur Lake on your Azerbaijan Tour Package.

Heyder Aliyev Center

Baku is not just the capital city of Azerbaijan but it is also tourist hub of the country. Baku is quite famous tourist destination for many reasons. It has several sights for everyone’s delight. Baku city is absolutely modern and super ancient. That is how Baku is. So, you will be amazed to see this largest city on the Caspian Sea in the Caucasus region. You have plenty of things to do in this city of ambition and bling. And one of those things to do is to visit Heyder Aliyev Center. It is a building complex in Baku designed by Iraqi British architect Zaha Hadid. This woman has designed this building quite amazingly. Heyder Aliyev is noted for its distinctive architecture and flowing which has curved style that avoids sharp angles. In the beginning itself it would be right to say that you should visit Heyder Aliyev Center on your Azerbaijan Tour Package. Now let us explore this place or building little more.


You have heard or seen some amazing architectures of the modern time in the world. Heyder Aliyev Center beats them all probably. Baku has already flame towers in the shape of flames. It is a marvelous design and a unique experience for both locals and travelers. And yet another brilliance of design and architecture work can be seen in Heyder Aliyev Center. This is a building with curves. There is no column in the building. It is flowing and has mainly three distinctively different pieces under one roof. One is the conference hall or auditorium; two is a gallery hall and third is a museum. You can simply flow from one part to the other from inside the center enjoying each section of it. Without a doubt a great engineering work has gone into it. The fluid form of the Heyder Aliyev Center emerges by the folding of landscape’s natural topography. The center’s 3 individual functions along with the entrances are only in the shape of folds in a single continuous surface. Heyder Aliyev Center is an attempt to represent the cultural space of original Azerbaijan which has been under external controls for years and years. The fluid form of the center connects cultural spaces and at the same time all three parts of it has their own unique identity and privacy. When you move inside with the folds of the center, the skin erodes away to become an element of the interior landscape of the Center.

This superb architecture is grabbing the eyeballs of everyone including the visitors from around the world. This is significant landmark of the Baku City. This innovate and cutting edge designed building has an auditorium worth capacity of over 1000 people at a time, temporary exhibition spaces, a conference center, workshops and a museum. The center hosts many events and exhibitions. If you would like to go into the detailing of how this amazing design happened and got constructed then you would read or see that it required different set of constructions, logic and technical system to build this fluid like center. If you spend time here then you can experience how the center transforms from day to night. As the sun goes down the lights coming from inside washes across the surface that creates an amazing view. The lights which are ground embedded are positioned in such a way that when it falls on the surface of the building it creates illusion in such a way that you feel the lights is positioned above the ground free from gravitational force. Be it day or night, you get the feeling of floating in the entire building.


This culturally significant icon of Baku is intended to create the Azerbaijan’s chart post Soviet era. Heyder Aliyev Center is representative of world cultural heritage and several civilizations that happened in Azerbaijan. So, again it would be right to say that on your Azerbaijan Tour Package you must see this free flowing curved shaped building in Baku.

Adventure Tour in Bukovel, Ukraine

Ukraine is a fascinating country. If you are a traveler who loves to see breathtaking sights then Ukraine is definitely for you. And those who love to see the natural beauty in its ultimate form; they also find Ukraine a super travel destination. Kyiv and Lviv are two most famous cities in Ukraine for travelers. But Ukraine has other exciting places as well where you can experience some great adventure activities. One such place is Bukovel Ski Resort. This is located in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast of Western Ukraine. This is one of the most famous Ski Resorts in Ukraine located on the ridge lines of famous Carpathian Mountains. Bukovel is located at the elevation of 3000 ft. and has already been recognized as fastest growing world ski resort.

Thousands of people every year come here in the winters to enjoy winter activities along with stunning view of nature. If you love skiing then Bukovel is must for you and if you don’t love skiing but just love nature then also Bukovel is must for you. You might already know some snow and winter sports and you would be delighted to know that you get them all at one place in Bukovel. Here is a small list of winter adventures that you must do in Bukovel, Ukraine.

  1. Snowmobile driving

Snowmobile is a motorized vehicle especially designed for winter travel and recreation on snow. You can rent a snowmobile in Bukovel and go on for an adventure ride. Get a guide and enjoy a great drive on a route full of picturesque views.


  1. Sledding

Sledding is another winter adventure activity you must enjoy in Bukovel. This is unique in Bukovel as you get to ride the sled led by dog team. Get along the forest trail of Bukovel Ski Resort with these Siberian husky. You can drive the sled and lead the sledding for a while on a snowy path.


  1. Winter Paintball

If you thought that Paintball is only a summer game then think again. In the Carpathian’s forest in Bukovel you can play Paintball in winters and enjoy a colorful battle. On a freezing day you can get absolutely  warm and have lot of fun while playing paintball.


  1. Snowtubing

Snowtubing is a great recreational activity in winters. You get a lot of fun from entirely a new perspective when you do snowtubing. You don’t need to be expert or have any experience for it. In Bukovel resort you can be a child again. Go for snowtubing with unguided sledding. This is fun and safe at the same time as the tracks are completely flat and safe. So kids can also enjoy it. This is not a single person thing but the whole family ride.       


  1. Zorbing

Zorbing is another recreation or sport where you roll downhill inside an orb. You need little courage while zorbing in Bukovel. However it is quite safe and so everyone can go for the ride. You get inside a huge, transparent, inflatable ball made of plastic and enjoy a roll at the snow covered mountain slope of Carpathians. Once you do Zorbing at Bukovel, you will remember the experience forever.


You might already be planning to go to Bukovel to enjoy some great snow sports. Well if you want to plan for it then you can ask for our Ukraine Tour Package.

Yanardag – The Burning Mountain

Azerbaijan is a great tourist destination located at the crossroad of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Azerbaijan is famously known as land of fire also. The country has close association with fire. Fire often burst from the mountain and sea. This is because Azerbaijan has huge reserve of oil and natural gas. So the flames come up on the land also. There is this famous temple of fire in Baku as well. There is even the modern flame tower in Baku. So, fire has lot of importance in Azerbaijan. In this article we will see about Yanardag or burning mountain on the Caspian Sea near Baku, Azerbaijan.


About Yanardag

Yanardag also known as burning mountain is a natural gas fire. This natural gas fire blazes continuously on a hillside on the Absheron Peninsula on the Caspian Sea 25 KM northeast of the Baku city. So, the Yanardag belongs to Absheron district in Azerbaijan. The flames from the Yanardag jet out at least 3 meters into the air from a thin porous sandstone layer. Because it gets a steady seep of gas from the subsurface so the flame from the Yanardag burns quite steadily. This burning mountain is different from nearby mud volcanoes of Lokbatan or Gobustan as Yanardag has no seepage of mud or liquid like mud volcanoes has and so mud volcanoes don’t burn as steadily as Yanardag does.

Yanardag is 116 meter hill located on the top of natural gas pocket causing continuous flame eruption. This is the nature of this burning mountain. The reason given for continuous eruption of flames is that hydrocarbon gases are emanating from below the earth’s surface which causes the fire. From the sides Yanardag offers spectacular view for the spectators especially at nights. However the people standing have to inhale smell of gas and thick air around this open fireplace. Heavy winds twist the flames into some bizarre shapes adding mystery to the region. There is this tongue of fire also rising from the surface of the streams located around the hill. These streams are popularly called Yanar Bulaq, or ‘Burning Spring’.


Local expression & Traveler’s sight

Though science gives explanation as to why there is this fire coming out continuously but locals still consider the mountain sacred and worship it. So, as a visitor you can enjoy the stories behind the Yanardag from the locals even if they don’t appear true to you. Earlier worshipers gathered from India, Iran and other parts of the world at the foot of the mountain and even today this place is considered a pilgrimage of Buddhists who believe in the sanctity of Yanrdag Mountain and they meditate at the foot of the hill.

Even today, both tourists and locals get amazed by the flames here. These natural fires have always inspired humans. They carry a cultural significance as they played a crucial role in the creation of faiths like Zoroastrianism, centered on ceremonial fire cults. Azerbaijan today has made Yanar Dag a protected site, with extensive archaeological studies being conducted in the area. You are highly advised to visit this amazing and mysterious place on your Azerbaijan Tour Package especially if are history and culture lovers and believe in mysteries and miracles.