Ukraine Cheat Sheet (Ukraine At a Glance):

 Formal Name


 Location of Ukraine

 Eastern Europe






 603,628 km2 (233,062 sq mi)

 Land Boundaries

 Total: 5,618 km, Border Countries (7): Belarus 1,111 km, Hungary 128 km, Moldova 1,202 km, Poland 535 km, Romania 601 km, Russia 1,944 km, Slovakia 97 km


 45 Million

 Ethnic Groups

 Ukrainians, Russians



 Administrative and Territorial Structure

 Ukraine is divided into 27 regions: 24 oblasts, one autonomous republic, and two "cities with special status".


 Orthodox Christianity, Catholicism, Islam


 Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH)

 Time Zone

 UTC +2, UTC +3 (Summer)

 Calling Code


 Internet TLD

 .ua, .ykp

 Drives On

 Right Side

 Visa on Arrival


 Major Cities

 Kiev, Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro, Donetsk, Zaporizhia

Geography of Ukraine

Ukraine is a country located majorly in Europe and some parts of southern and western regions fall within Alpine System. This is second largest country in terms of area in Europe after Russia. Ukraine Geography varies in different regions of the country. Majority of the Ukraine lies in Eastern European plain. Ukraine has highlands and lowlands. Places which fall in these regions have geographical diversity along with climatic differences. Ukraine is on the northern shores of black sea and the Sea of Azov. Ukraine shares borders with many European countries which include Poland, Hungary and Slovakia in the west, Moldova and Romania in the south-west, Belarus in north and Russia in the east. Kyiv is the capital city of Ukraine.

Ukraine Nature is different in different regions of the country. However majority part of Ukraine is fertile plains and plateaus. Mountains are found only in the western side and in extreme southern side. Carpathians is the major mountain range in Ukraine. Ukraine nature is beautiful and one can enjoy it on a Ukraine tour.
Climate and Weather in Ukraine

Ukraine Climate is mostly temperate continental with warm summer, cold and snowy winters. However in southern coast of Crimea has subtropical climate. Moderately warm, humid air which comes from the Atlantic Ocean contributes to the climate of Ukraine. Ukraine’s average annual temperatures range from 5–7 °C in the northern region, to 11–13 °C in the southern region. Precipitation is also received disproportionately in different parts. It is highest in the west and north side while lowest in the east and southeast side of the country.

Ukraine Weather is generally good. Summer in the country is generally warm which is across the greater part of Ukraine. Only in south summer is hot. Winter season varies. It is cool along the Black Sea and coldest in northeast. For visitors looking to go for a Ukraine trip, summer which happens between June and September is the best time to be in Ukraine.

History of Ukraine

Ukraine History is long and interesting. The modern Ukraine that we know today has been inhabited and ruled by several people and empires throughout history. Cimmerians, Scythians, Sarmatians, and Goths were first among other nomadic peoples who populated the land of Ukraine. Kyiv which is currently the capital city of Ukraine was located at lucrative trade routes and so it prospered quickly and became powerful state of Kievan Rus during 11th century. After that Ukraine was invaded by Mongols in 13h century. Over next two centuries Ukraine was annexed by Poland and Lithuania. In 1667 Ukraine was divided between Poland and Russia. And in 1793 when Poland was partitioned major portion of Ukraine was integrated into Russian empire.

In recent history of Ukraine, Ukrainian kept trying for its independence. They got it for a while after World War I. But soon Ukraine was incorporated into Soviet Union. During World War II Ukrainian Army fought against Germany and Soviet Union. The Ukrainian SSR became one of the founding members of the United Nations in 1945. After that Ukraine was under Soviet Union for long and when Stalin died in 1953, Khrushchev as head of the Communist Party of Soviet Union tried to revive Ukraine. But as in other parts of USSR political repressions against poets, historians and other intellectuals continued in Ukraine as well.  Ukraine received independence again when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991.

Culture and Traditions in Ukraine

Ukraine Culture is very much a result of shared culture and history with its neighbouring nations. Ukraine shares history with its neighbours right from 9th century. This you can see in cultural and customs similarities in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Influence of Eastern Orthodox Church and Slavic Mythological traditions can also be seen on Ukrainian culture, customs and traditions. Soviet Union in its time of rule played a huge role in unifying culture of different nations with a common language. Currently there are 3 major religions followed in Ukraine. They are Christianity, Eastern Catholicism and Roman Catholic. Main language of Ukraine is Ukrainian. Social gathering is very common part of Ukraine culture and has been there for centuries. Music and dance also have deep rooted place in Ukraine which can be observed in Ukrainian weddings.

Uzbekistan Tradition is also rich in terms of its art and craft. The Ukrainian applied art is an integral part of the country with deep roots in the past. For instance, in Ukraine woodcarving is one of the oldest types of folk applied arts and crafts which include wood sculpture carving. Along with this carpet making, embroidery, pottery and ceramics are also fine examples of brilliance of Ukrainian craft.

Food and Cuisine in Ukraine

Food has special place in Ukraine culture. Special Ukraine foods are prepared on different occasions like Easter and Christmas. Kutia is a special food item which is prepared during Christmas. This is made of cooked wheat groats, poppy seeds, honey and special sweet breads. Fish, cheese and different types of sausage are part of normal Ukrainian food diet. Bread is generally a part of every meal cooked in Ukraine. Without bread the meal is considered incomplete here. Head cheese and Kolbasa which is a type of sausage is also quite popular in the country. During special occasions like Christmas it is a tradition to have twelve course meatless dishes which shows the love for food of Ukrainians. Social gathering and chit chat is quite common over a meal in Ukraine. And after the meal they like to have tea, coffee or wine with a simple dessert. Some of special food items of Ukraine are Salo, Chicken Kiev, Pilaf and Pierogi.

Ukrainian Cuisine is rich and has variety of different ancient food items for both locals and visitors. However in recent times it has very much modern cuisine as well in their restaurants and cafes. In restaurants of Ukraine cuisine includes menu which are generally Eastern European.
Languages of Ukraine

Ukrainian, as language, acts as a pillar to strengthen the relationship between eastern and western Ukraine, though the southern and eastern Ukrainian cities use Russian as a regional language.
Interesting Facts About Ukraine:

Ukraine is the largest state situated entirely in Europe.

The world's worst nuclear power plant accident, the 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster, took place in the now abandoned Ukrainian town of Pripyat.

The name Ukraine is believed to originally mean "borderland" or "region". In English 'The Ukraine' used to be the form used now it is just called 'Ukraine'.

Arsenalnaya Metro Station located in Kiev is the deepest in the world (105 meters).

As of 2011 Ukraine was the world's 3rd largest grain exporter.

After the breakup of the Soviet Union, Ukraine inherited the third-largest nuclear arsenal in the world. They voluntarily gave it up, becoming entirely free of nuclear weapons by 1996. Ukraine had over a thousand nuclear warheads and the third largest nuclear potential after Russia and America. The warheads and missiles were given to Russia, silos were destroyed.

Ukraine has been in a demographic crisis since the 1980s because of its high death rate and a low birth rate. The population is shrinking by over 150,000 a year.

Ukraine is a 4th educated nation in the world: 99.4% of Ukrainians aged 15 and over can read and write.

The world’s heaviest aircraft is An-225 Mriya is created by the Kyiv-based Antonov design bureau. The plane was designed to airlift space shuttles and rocket boosters, however is now carrying oversized payloads.

Ukraine is tech-savvy. They’ve got the 4th largest number of IT professionals in the world, behind the US, India, and Russia.



Ukraine Toursim

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe and has attracted tourists from all over the world with its treasures of nature and the life. Ukraine, with its 2300 kms of railways, has 7 Unesco heritage sites, 20,000 lakes and 71,000 rivers and streams. Odessa Opera House is among the top 5 operas in the world and has hosted some of the greatest musical performances. There are 30000 churches and parishes in Ukraine, frequently visited by tourists. Ukraine offers romantic landscapes and has 11 million hectares of green forests. Oleshky Sands is the only desert in Europe. It is situated inland from the Ukrainian coast of the Black Sea and consists of sand dunes reaching heights up to 5 metres. If that's not enough, Ukraine has 500 Kms of beaches and resorts for beach lovers. Last couple of decades has seen an influx of students from around the world studying medical science and information technology. Ukraine has some of the highest number of IT professionals in the world. Ukrainian food is one of the richest national cuisines. There are food festivals that offer countless delicacies for tourists around the world. Winter tourism, eco and culture tourism are equally popular here. Ukraine provides an excellent environment and infrastructure to host corporate meetings, conferences and incentive tours. By far, Ukraine is one of the most affordable tourist destinations in Europe.

The capital of Kiev is said to be one of the most beautiful cities of the post Soviet countries and establishes connection between the history of Ukraine and its modern urban developments. It’s a romantic city bustling streets and fascinating golden domed monuments of historical importance. No other city in Europe has more green open spaces than Kiev. Beautiful parks and flowers, tree lined boulevards and the vast Dnipro River. Kiev city boasts of numerous theaters, museums, religious sites, modern buildings and ancient ruins. The city of Kiev is the center of Ukrainian culture and soon to be a destination of mass tourism.

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Attractions in Kiev & Ukraine:

Kiev Pechersk Lavra, Kiev

Carpathian Landscapes

Lviv’s Ploshcha Rynok

Kamyanets – Podilisky


Pyrohovo Museum of Folk Architecture, Kiev

Sofiyivka Park - Uman

Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, Ukraine

Andriyivsky Uzviz, Kiev

Sudak's Crumbling Castle

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Ukraine Flight Connections (Flight to Kiev)

Destination: Kiev - Ukraine
Pickup & Drop: Delhi International Airport
Mode of Travel (Flight Details): Fixed Departure for Kiev

Kiev Flight Connections:

• Air Arabia and Fly Dubai have flights via Sharjah and Dubai respectively, from numerous airports in India.
• Air Astana has flights ex-Delhi via Almaty.


• Air Arabia has flights on Tue, Fri, Sat & Sundays from 13 airports in India.
• Fly Dubai has daily flights from 8 ports.
• Air Astana has connecting flights to Kiev four times a week via Almaty.

Ukraine Tour FAQs

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Visa Information

Ukrainian Visa Information:

Ukrainian visa process takes 7 working days.

• Ukrainian visa for Indian tourists is on arrival for a fee of 100 USD.
• It helps to have good international travel history on the passport to acquire Ukrainian visa.
• Border immigration police reserves the right to refuse entry in Ukraine.

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