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What ‘luxury’ actually mean? As realized by many, it does not essentially have to do all with money. This paradigm outlook shift is spreading right through the travel and hospitality industry.

Re-imagined as an experimental breakout and altering itineraries of sightseeing, creating memories for the loved ones, the travel industry has reacted accordingly. We, Dook International, are here with every luxury facilities in every luxury tours of yours to CIS Countries.

As you travel to Uzbekistan, enjoy experiences, elaborate Islamic art and architecture, exceptional cultural communications and a host of treasured moments on our Uzbekistan luxury tours. While travelling around historic Russia, home of artefacts that date back to the 14th Century from Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral to the Kremlin and the State Armoury, we will be right there, ensuring your journey to be original and entirely memorable. With a wide variety of heritage, art museums, mountains, apple orchards and traditional music, Kazakhstan makes luxury vacations, an engrossing merge of folklore and Central Asian landscapes. Luxurious Azerbaijan is a distinctive country, which combines the uniqueness of cultural traditions and the contemporary luxury of the city night lighting. We have designed Luxury tours, which provide services to travellers with different level of prosperity. Discover unique traditions and spiritual heritage around Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia and Yerevan, the capital of Armenia while travelling and enjoying local cuisine and drinks, spending night in all-inclusive facilitated hotels.

Luxury Tours & Travel

DOOK Luxury Tour Packages includes all the luxury facilities to provide the ultimate luxury experience of CIS Countries. Our luxury tours feature:

1. Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Due to increased supply growth all through World Cup 2018, the new rooms were introduced compared to previous years, more so a record results in Russia. In the region, 6,000 branded rooms on luxury hotels or resorts are announced in Russia. In Georgia and Kazakhstan, the highest activity of international brands is about 1,000 rooms in each country, followed by 661 rooms in Armenia. The hotel openings in H1 2018 also included 479 rooms in Georgia and 283 rooms in Ukraine.

2. Luxury Casinos

Places like Kazakhstan have specified gambling regions with two main areas being developed as the Las Vegas and Atlantic City of the region – Borovoe (in the Akmola region) and Kapchagai (in the Almaty region).

A feature which is common to most such establishments in the CIS is that there are very few that have any amount of foreign investment. Russia can at most claim only as many as four legally running casinos at this time though it is expected that the number will grow between now and 2020. The most well-known of Russian Casinos is the Sochi Casino and Resort, which has become a popular tourist attraction and betting spot outside Russia due to the 2014 Winter Olympics held there. Belarus boasts over 30 casinos, many of them concentrated in its capital Minsk which is frequented by the rich and powerful from across the CIS.

3. Limousine Private Tour

Limousine private tour experience with a qualified chauffeur in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and other Russian cities is the best investment to gain convenience and ultimate enjoyment. We offer limousine services with English-speaking chauffeurs for business and private customers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and other Russian cities.

4. Private Plane (Private Jets)

We offer services to a variety of clients, including senior business executives, celebrities and others who avail private jets and a range of small specialist aircraft. Our team ensures your entire itinerary, runs smooth, exactly the way you want anywhere in CIS countries. Our professional guidance and local expertise help you choose best options for your personal trip. Get in touch with us and start planning your journey to make it the most memorable vacation!

5. Party Vans

Typically imitated from a conventional buses or vans, Party Vans are customized to a vehicle suitable for dancing. It’s a large motor vehicle commonly referred to having a nightclub-style feel, but on wheels. The sound, lighting system and perimeter seating arrangement make for a fun time for all ages. Enjoy our best possible services and avail the party vans from its substantial selection.

6. Seaplane and Helicopter Ride

A flight on a seaplane or a helicopter ride is a memorable, enthralling experience in itself made all the more special with an expert commentary provided. Our exclusive helicopter tours offer aerial panoramic views, once in a lifetime, a true experience to cherish forever. Hence never miss the opportunity of discovering the remarkable views and beauty as unveiled from high above, which are simply amazing!

7. Yacht Ride

Come, sail away and enjoy the exhilarating feeling of yachting or Yacht rides in the deep waters of Ukraine and other CIS countries. Sailing is an awesome experience for all who are looking for thrill and also for those who love stunning sunsets and dazzling blue waters. Yachting in Ukraine will give you the perfect ending to a memorable day.

8. Escorted Private Tours (Provide Concierge)

Our Escorted Private Tours are ideal for independent and flexible travellers, designed to offer a personal touch with the assurance that all arrangements are taken care of. All our group tours are organised on a private basis, often the difference in price is far more affordable than expected. Sharing your adventures with your loved ones make them all the more exciting. On a private tour you can travel with whoever you want to be - your family or a group of friends. All our services are personalized and each member is being allocated a personal adviser or a concierge.

Book Custom Luxury Tour and Travel Packages at Dook

Luxury Russia Tours: Russia, a tourist's delight, holds 23 UNESCO heritage sites, spans 11 Time Zones, covers 40 per cent of Europe and embraces nearly 25 per cent of the world's freshwater, proved to be the most popular travel destinations of the world. Explore your imagination, travel to Russia with our special Luxury Russia Tour Packages.

Luxury Uzbekistan Tours: Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan, an ancient city on the great Silk Road, holds a great place in Uzbekistan as a political, economic, cultural and scientific centre of the country. Explore Tashkent with our Special Luxury Packages - Abdul Kasim Madrasah, Chorsu Bazaar, Kukeldash Madrasah, Fine Arts Museum of Uzbekistan, IIkhom Theatre to name a few.

Luxury Ukraine Tours: Ukraine, a great travel destination located at the crossroads of Central and Eastern Europe. Our Luxury Ukraine Tour Packages include Carpathian Mountain skiing, hiking, fishing and hunting for adventure lovers. Enjoy bird spotting in Danube Delta, cycling along the Dnipro in Kiev and the water sports in various parts of Ukraine.

Luxury Kazakhstan Tours: Kazakhstan is the world’s largest landlocked country. Two major and super popular travel destination in Kazakhstan are Almaty and Astana. You can explore both the cities with our special Luxury Kazakhstan Tour Packages. Other major popular destinations include Karaganda and Oskemen.

Luxury Kyrgyzstan Tours: Kyrgyzstan is a Central Asian totally landlocked country full of mountains borders Kazakhstan to the north and Uzbekistan to the west. There are many tall peaks, glaciers and high-altitude lakes in the country. On our Special Luxury Package, you can enjoy hiking and trekking in the mountains.

Luxury Azerbaijan Tours: There are plenty of attractions to enjoy in Azerbaijan with our special luxury package. There are summer resorts at the shores of the Caspian Sea and winter resorts in high mountains. You can go for trekking, horse riding, combined with sightseeing to UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Luxury Belarus Tours: Belarus has neighbouring borders with Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. This landlocked country has plenty to offer to the visitors, a must-to-visit for those who are attracted by wildlife as the country covers over 40 percent forest.

Why Prefer Dook for Luxury Tours - World’s Best Luxury Tour Operator

Dook gives the best travel deals, some of the lowest airfares and the best travel experience. Starting from the booking process to the execution of the trip the customer service is simply immaculate. Dook, Delhi team is very knowledgeable, efficient and professional and the local representatives in all the CIS countries present in Dook's local offices are very cooperative and highly well-informed about all the destinations. DOOK assures customer satisfaction, help gain unforgettable experiences, lifetime memorable trip.