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When travelling in Finland, put on the rubber boots and head to the woods to slow down, just like the Finns do to embrace the calmer side of life. No wonder why Finland is consecutively labelled as the ‘happiest country in the world’ by the UN. A hidden gem tucked into the North of Europe, Finland offers what most people around the world are looking for - peace, soothing sights and sounds of nature, the beauty of the wild, culinary excellence, security and authenticity. Throw in some winter delight along with some amazingly awesome summers and you've got one cool country to pin to the top of your bucket list. Despite being relatively undiscovered by the world, there are many intriguing Places to visit in Finland that have easily gotten the deserving attention of travellers. Whether you want to peep out of your glass igloos to witness the extraordinary Northern Lights, enjoy city tours in Savonlinna and Helsinki, get super close to nature in Lakeland, take pleasure in a traditional Finnish Sauna or visit Santa’s imaginative world at Lapland, the Finland Attractions are nothing less than magical wonders.

Thriving and shining as one of the top bucket list destinations in the world, Finland is stocked with vibrant cities that have helped enormously in backing up its tourism sector. But a major chunk of acknowledgement goes to its capital city Helsinki which is a surprising package of unique travel experiences. While the rhythm of the city is quite laid-back, there are several Best Places to visit in Helsinki that cater to the preferences of history and art fanatics, nature and food lovers and those wanting to loosen themselves in a public sauna. With a list of Helsinki Attractions that seems endless, it is tough to pick just a few. Read on to discover the worth-visiting Helsinki Tourist Places and Spots while you plan on making your overall journey to the country absolutely fun-tastic!

Loving Finland already and can’t wait to get there? Plan your trip with our list of Top Finland Tourist Attractions and bookmark the signature travel experiences.

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Finland and Helsinki:

Kiasma Nykytaiteen museo

Kiasma is a contemporary art museum located on Mannerheimintie in Helsinki Finland.

Havis Amanda

Havis Amanda is a fountain and a statue in Helsinki Finland by the sculptor Ville Vallgren.

Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki Cathedral is the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran cathedral of the Diocese of Helsinki located in the neighborhood of Kruununhaka in the centre of Helsinki Finland at the Senate Square. The church was originally built from 18301852 as a tribute to the Grand Duke of Finland Tsar Nicholas I of Russia. It was also known as St Nicholas Church until the independence of Finland

Orthodox Church Porvoo

Temppeliaukio Church

Temppeliaukio Church is a Lutheran church in the Tl neighborhood of Helsinki. The church was designed by architects and brothers Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen and opened in 1969. Built directly into solid rock it is also known as the Church of the Rock and Rock Church.

Sibelius Monument

The Sibelius Monument by Eila Hiltunen is dedicated to the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. The monument is located at the Sibelius Park in the district of Tl in Helsinki the capital city of Finland.

Sea Fortress Suomenlinna

Suomenlinna is an 18th-century sea fortress and nature area with centuries-old artillery and defensive walls spread across 6 linked islands. Walking trails cross parkland between popular sights like the Kings Gate drawbridge and Suomenlinna Museum which recounts military and maritime history. Submarine Vesikko lets visitors explore a restored 1930s vessel. Theres also a brewery and several waterside restaurants.


Esplanadi colloquially known as Espa is an esplanade and urban park in downtown Helsinki Finland situated between the Erottaja square and the Market Square. It is bordered on its northern and southern sides by the Pohjoisesplanadi and Etelesplanadi streets respectively. Aleksanterinkatu runs parallel to Esplanadi.

Santa Claus Holiday Village

All your childhood fantasies about Christmas are going to come true when you will meet the real Santa Claus in a village called Rovaniemi. This place in Lapland is the only place in the world where one can meet real Santa Claus at any time of the year. If one is unable to meet him then just drop a postcard at Santa’s office. Despite being the country with the highest standards of living, Finnish families have been following their traditions flawlessly. As compared to other Christian countries, Christmas in Finland is about following traditions that have been passed over generations. On the eve of Christmas, Santa Claus comes on his sleigh to visit all well-behaved Finnish children.

Arktikum Science Museum

Arktikum is a museum and science centre in Rovaniemi Finland. The building is also a popular culture destination and venue for meetings and conferences and has a cafe and library to serve the customers. Two separate exhibitions operate at Arktikum the Arctic Center and the Provincial Museum of Lapland.

Helsinki Senate Square

The Senate Square presents Carl Ludvig Engels architecture as a unique allegory of political religious scientific and commercial powers in the centre of Helsinki Finland.

Uspenski Cathedral

Uspenski Cathedral is an Eastern Orthodox cathedral in Helsinki Finland and main cathedral of the Orthodox Church of Finland dedicated to the Dormition of the Theotokos. Its name comes from the Old Church Slavonic word uspenie which denotes the Dormition.

Stundars Museum

Come and experience life as it may have been at the turn of the 20th century in the countryside in Ostrobothnia. Stundars open air museum consists of seventy buildnings that have all been relocated from villages in Korsholm and the Vaasa region. There is a country shop a village school and a farmhouse as wess as many artisans workshops and crofters cottages.

Market Square Oulu

The Oulu Market Square is the main market square of the city of Oulu Finland. The market square is located in the city centre in the Pokkinen district on the waterfront of the Oulujoki river. The Rotuaari pedestrian zone starts from the square behind th

RIISA Orthodox Church Museum of Finland

RIISA Orthodox Church Museum of Finland is a museum located in the city of Kuopio which specializes in the research preservation and archiving of the visual and tangible cultural heritage of the Finnish Orthodox Church.

Savonlinna Market Square

Old Market Hall

Aurora Borealis Observatory

Santa Park

SantaPark is a Christmas theme park and visitor attraction in Rovaniemi in the Lapland region of Finland. SantaPark was opened 28 November 1998.

Arctic Circle Snowmobile Park

Arctic Circle Snowmobile Park Oy is a family-company based in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland. The firm was established in 1999. We organize customized program services for individuals especially for families and small groups. In winter season our office located in Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for non-stop snowmobile safaris and mini-

Rovaniemi Church

Kamppi Chapel of Silence

Santa Claus Office

Santa Claus Office is the place to meet Santa Claus himself in Rovaniemi. Have a chat with him and have your photo taken with him. Open every day free of charge

Arctic Lifestyle

Arctic Lifestyle is a safari house and program service company based in Rovaniemi Finland. We aim to provide unforgettable experiences to our customers through the spell of Lappish nature first class equipment and experienced staff. Our snowmobiles are the newest sport models on the market and the rest of our equipment is of similar standard. We provide services y


Seurasaari is an island and a district in Helsinki Finland known mostly as the location of the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum which consists of old mainly wooden buildings transplanted from elsewhere in Finland and placed in the dense forest landscape of the island.

Snow Village

Imaginative lodging in rooms & suites made of ice or eclectic cabins with private hot tubs.


Ateneum is an art museum in Helsinki Finland and one of the three museums forming the Finnish National Gallery. It is located in the centre of Helsinki on the south side of Rautatientori square close to Helsinki Central railway station. It has the biggesAteneum is an art museum in Helsinki Finland and one of the three museums forming the Finnish National Gallery. It is located in the centre of Helsinki on the south side of Rautatientori square close to Helsinki Central railway station. It has the biggest collections of classical art in Finland. Before 1991 the Ateneum building also housed the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and University of Art and Design Helsinki.

National Museum of Finland

The National Museum of Finland presents Finnish history from the Stone Age to the present day through objects and cultural history. The Finnish National Romantic style building is located in central Helsinki and is a part of the Finnish Heritage Agency under the Ministry of Culture and Education.

Helsinki City Museum

Helsinki City Museum is a museum in Helsinki that documents and displays the history of Helsinki the capital of Finland. Its mission is to record and uphold Helsinkis spiritual material and architectural heritage. The museum features personal memories and everyday life of the citys residents. It also acts as the regional museum for central Uusimaa with a mission to promote and steer

Arctic Circle Information

We are the Tourist Information point in Santa Claus Village. Here you can have useful information you can booked a guide for your stay in Rovaniemi we have also a souvenir shop and the one and only original certificate of Crossing the Arctic Circle.

Elfs Farm Yard

You can meet our kind and friendly domestic animals as reindeer sheep goat rabbits hens and rooster. Cross the Arctic Circle with traditional Lappish wooden skis all needed equipments are provided at Yard. Snow sliding and playground area. Bonfirebbq-make your own picnic.

Lordis Square

The Lordis Square is a square in central Rovaniemi Finland. Next to the square are located a shopping centre called Sampokeskus and a small boulevard. The square is especially popular in summer as a place to host various events.


SantaPark is a Christmas theme park and visitor attraction in Rovaniemi in the Lapland region of Finland.

Uspenski Cathedral

Uspenski Cathedral is an Eastern Orthodox cathedral in Helsinki Finland and the main cathedral of the Orthodox Church of Finland dedicated to the Dormition of the Theotokos. Its name comes from the Old Church Slavonic word uspenie which denotes Dormition.


Helsinki Olympic Stadium

The Helsinki Olympic Stadium located in the Tl district about 2.3 kilometers from the center of the Finnish capital Helsinki is the largest stadium in the country nowadays mainly used for hosting sports events and big concerts. The stadium is best known for being the center of activities in the 1952 Summer Olympics. During those games it hosted athletics equestrian show jumping and the football finals.

Fagervik Church

Northern Lights

Northern Lights can be best spotted in Finnish Lapland, especially during winters. Widely known as Aurora Borealis, this natural light show can only be spotted in the clear sky. Unlike other countries, Finland has ample open spaces and national parks with enough darkness for viewing northern lights. Since the Finnish northern lights are supposed to be the best, the country offers plenty of resorts and hotels for accommodation and tour operators who specialize in spotting Aurorae. However, Northern Finland is just not about northern lights but there are many tempting activities to do like snowmobile tour, reindeer safari, churches, museums and much more.

Suomenlinna Fortress

Suomenlinna Fortress of Finland or Sea Fortress is a world heritage site listed by UNESCO as a unique monument of military architecture. It is one of its kind in the history of Finland as it has served three realms in its past: Sweden, Russia, and Finland. The inception of the fortress started back in the mid 18th century when Finland was still part of Sweden. Today, the fortress is amongst the most popular sights in Finland and home to 800 residents. It can be reached by taking a short ferry ride from Helsinki. With numerous cafes, restaurants, and museums, this place is perfect for a quick escape from bustling city life to a peaceful park-like environment.

Helsinki Churches

In Finland, traditions have lived strong for centuries. Sami, the oldest civilization of the country believed that there’s a soul in everything. For many years, people from the pagan reindeer herds worshipped god by chanting and drumming.The Four Famous Churches of Helsinki depicts the evolution of Finland from Swedish territory to Russian outpost, to an independent nation. Starting with Lutheran Cathedral that was commissioned by Russian Czar. It appears as a neoclassical cathedral with green domes. The churchgoers here pay homage to Finland's first overlords, the Swedes. Inside the church, the walls depict biblical stories from last supper and ascension. Next is Temppeliaukio Church which is carved from a massive slab of granite with a pile of boulders holding up the ceiling made of 22 Km of copper stripping. It is a popular acoustic hall

Turku Castle

A granite stone building that has survived for more than 700 years is what is known as Turku Castle. Located near the banks of Aura river, this medieval building is one of the oldest building still in use in Finland. During its history till today, Turku Castle has served as a defensive bastion, an administrative court, a prison, a storehouse, and a barracks. The walls of the castle have witnessed major events in history. The periodic furniture, costumes, and treasures in the museum reflects the time from the past. With a cathedral inside the castle, the building has been standing still since the 1280s.

Lake Saimaa and Savonlinna

Located in the eastern part of Finland, Lake Saimaa is the fourth largest freshwater lake in Europe spread in an area of 4,400 square kilometers. This lake was formed by glacial melting at the end of ice age. The lake is home for numerous islands. This beautiful Finnish district attracts a lot of tourist throughout the year. Savonlinna is situated in the southeastern part of Europe in the lap of Lake Saimaa. This lively city is built on islands and possesses incredible natural beauty of Finland Lakeland. The place is a must-visit for tourists as the city offers many activities like snowshoeing, skiing, boating, kayak and much more. The Savonlinna Opera Festival is a worldwide cultural event and now with its stage as Olavinlinna Castle, it has become a historic attraction too.


With an easy reach from Helsinki there lies a small charming city called Porvoo. The city is more than 800 years old and considered as the second oldest city in Finland. The city has been a source of inspiration for many Finnish artists. A day trip from Helsinki or steamboat in summers is all you need to take to reach this serene city. Not exactly located in the coastal area, the city is still connected to the Gulf of Finland via the Porvoo river. The Porvoo river flows down across the city touching most popular the red shore houses. These houses were originally painted red in honor of the arrival of the king of Sweden. Over the years, the city has been an important center of trade.

Olavinlinna Castle

Located in northernmost Finland this castle is situated in Savonlinna. The building of the castle was started in 15th century by a Danish-born founder of the castle, knight Erik Axelsson Tott. He decided to build fortifying walls to protect the Savo region from Russians. Situated on a small island of lake Saimaa the castle has been part of Great Nordic War (1700-1721), Russo-Swedish War (1741-1743). However, the castle lost its importance after the Finnish War (1808-1809), when Finland became an autonomous part of Russia. Then after, the castle became a tourist attraction and is serving its purpose proudly.

Aland Islands

Located between Sweden and Finland, Aland Islands are an autonomous archipelago with Swedish-speaking people. Aland Islands consist of few large islands and about 10,000 small ones. Aland Islands have an interesting history where Sweden surrenders it to Russia in 1809. Later, a British/French fleet took the island and destroying all the castles. The entire archipelago was demilitarized and it is still the same today. The main attractions of Aland Islands are - Maritime Museum, the Maritime Quarter in Mariehamn, Museum Ship Pommern and Jan Karlsgården open-air museum in Kastelholm. Also, what is worth watching in the Aland Islands is its unspoiled natural landscapes and seascapes.

Rovaniemi and the Arctic

The town of Rovaniemi is popular among tourists as “the gateway to the Arctic” since the Arctic that runs through Finland, passes through the town of Rovaniemi. The city is best known as the home of Santa Claus and a place to meet Reindeers. Another attraction of the town is the famous Midnight Sun. Locals and tourists enjoy their attractions outdoors throughout these “white nights”. The town has many natural spots where canoeing, swimming, and fishing can be done, If you love to climb trails then hiking and cycling can be done. Arktikum Science Museum is a place where one can learn about Lapland culture and Arctic natural history, meteorology and geology. Also, meet Sami people here and hop on dogsled safari with them. The city hotels offer rooms with a glass ceiling for viewing northern lights from inside.


Vaasa was established in the 1300s and was an important town when Finland was ruled by Sweden. Unfortunately, the town burned down in 1852 and was re-established six kilometers away near a better harbor. The old burned town is now converted into a huge park. The town offers numerous cafes, restaurants, and shops for visitors. The main attraction is the peace and serenity that the city offers. People can walk along the waterfront that is extended miles along the coast. Other attractions of the city include Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, the Ostrobothnian Museum, the Terranova Kvarken Nature Center, the Tikanoja Art Museum, and the Vaasa Maritime Museum.


With a population of 234,441, Tampere is a popular inland city located in Pirkanmaa among the Southern region of Finland. It is recorded as the ‘second largest urban area’ and ‘third densely populated isolated city’ which lies in Finland. It is situated between two beautiful lakes, Pyhajarvi and Nasijarvi. In the Finnish industry, Tampere is the erstwhile center with its magnate olden days and is labelled as the “Finland Manchester.” Among the list of tourist attractions in Tampere, some of the famous sites are Nasinneula tower, Sarkanniemi amusement park, Dolphinarium, Tampere city hall, cathedral, Kaleva church, Metso library, and the market hall. With the presence of Vladimir Lenin’s last museum, it is a famous city among visitors in Finland. In 1905, Lenin came to Tampere and met Joseph Stalin in the Bolshevik conference held in the Tampere Worker’s Hall.


Oulu is a borough with a community of 202,753 occupants as per the 2018 records. It lies in the North Ostrobothnia, Finland. In the regions of Northern Finland, it is regarded as a densely populated city. It is also titled as the “Europe’s living lab” for the community is involved in experimenting with the latest technologies on a large scale. The city has taken its name from a river Oulujoki. Along with this theory, many other possible reasons also contribute to its name. Each year, several concerts and some cultural occasion are celebrated in the city since it is a residence for many performers, authors, and other geniuses. The visitors can enjoy at Air Guitar World Championships, Oulu Music Video Festival, Musician Music Film Competition held in the month of August. Some of the exquisite museums placed in the city are Tietomaa science center, Northern Ostrobothnia museum, Turkansaari open-air museum, and Oulu Art Museum. The statue of The Bobby and Frans Michael Franzen makes it is a picturesque place to visit.


The Burgh occupies a community of about 68,000 residents. It lies in the former territory of Hame, Southern Finland. Being the old central city in Finland, it comes out as a significant topical place in the country. Until the nineteenth century, it was a predominant city in the region of Finland. Jean Sibelius, the composer was born in the city of Hameenlinna. At present, it is a part of the Tavastia Proper. Before 2010, it was a residential place for the provincial governor of Southern Finland. With the presence of a Gothic Hame castle, it becomes a famous tourist attraction place. It is famed for its center of learning which gave education to some of the legendary Finns. Hameenlinna’s life is portrayed from the history in the schools and military presence in the city. It is a place where Finland’s first railway track was introduced between Helsinki and Hameenlinna in the early times of 1862. Next, to the city, a beautiful lake Vanajavesi captures the entire attention of the visitors.

Lemmenjoki National Park

If you are a nature admirer and want to experience the wilderness then this is the place for you. The boreal forest is one of the largest national parks in Finland with extensive wild lands in the whole of Europe. Trekking can be done across hundreds of kilometers on marked trails and can stop by in free open wilderness huts or rental huts with facilities of sauna and campfire. Lemmenjoki River adds to the beauty of the park as it flows down the fells into the valley of pines. The forest is home for wolves, brown bears, wild golden eagles, moose, and reindeers.

Snow Castle of Kemi

Snow Castle of Kemi is the biggest snow fort in the world. The fort is built in every winter in various architectural designs and structures. It was first built in 1996 which drew around 300,000 visitors. The castle has tall buildings and walls, all made up of ice. Every year the configuration of the castle varies, however, few elements like a chapel, a restaurant, and a hotel remains the same. The place offers adventure for children, theatres and light and sound art exhibition for visitors.

Skiing in Levi

Levi has the best Skiing and Snowboarding Resort in Finland. The pistes of Levi are liked by families and alpine stars. To enjoy the pristine view of this place hop on to 6-seater chair lift with seat heating and wind-protecting bubble. There are 43 different slopes made according to the ability of an individual. With 124 miles of trails that include cross country ski sections, there are black runs for downhill skiers also. If you are not a skiing person, don’t worry, the place has other activities for you like snowboarding, husky sled rides, and reindeer parks. Levi is also famous for Alpine World Cup Race held every year.

Urho Kekkonen National Park

Urho Kekkonen National Park is the second largest protected area in Finland. It extends from the Resort of Saariselkä crossing the Finnish Lapland and goes all the way to the Russian border. The park is famous for its magnificent trek through the Arctic fell. One can trek either on foot or ski and can stop by in wilderness hut for a night. Korvatunturi is a remote fell in this national park, famous as the home of the father of Christmas. The park has marked trails for hiking and skiing. The place adorns wilderness sceneries, crystal clear water running through rivers and stream, mysterious Korvatunturi Fell, and local reindeer husbandry tradition.

Nuuksio National Park

Established in 1994, Nuuksio National Park is one of the 40 National Parks in Finland. A day trip from Helsinki to Nuuksio National Park is a great way to relax in the lap of nature. The park has beautiful lakes, green forests and rugged rock lands. The best way to know the park is by hiking. Both marked and natural trails are available (1.5 - 17 Km). Bike trails and horse trails can also be considered as an option.

Archipelago National Park

Archipelago National Park is situated to the southwest of Finland and was established in 1983. It has a land area of 500 square kilometers. The “non-qualified area” in the park is part of UNESCO biosphere reserves. The purpose of the park is not only to preserve the natural flora and fauna but also to protect the Archipelago culture and traditional agriculture landscape. The park can be explored by boating except for some restricted areas. Building campfires and Camping is permitted in a few places.

Imatrankoski Rapids

The formation of Imatrankoski Rapids goes back to 5000 years when land rose after Ice age and water of lake Saimaa tore the Salpauselkä Ridge apart. The Rapid has been a famous tourist spot for more than 300 years and was considered as Europe’s most known attractions in the 1800s. Kruununpuisto Park surrounds the area around Imatrankoski Rapids. One can admire the magnificent play of water here and can also go for sightseeing of various monuments. Imatra - one of the largest hydroelectric power plants of Finland can be seen here.

Pyhä-Luosto National Park

A National Park in Lapland, Pyhä-Luosto National Park has some of the magnificent landscapes, beautiful natural spots, and peace. The park was made by joining Pyhätunturi National Park (oldest park in Finland) and Luosto, in 2005 making it the oldest and the newest at the same time. The park covers an area of 142 square kilometers. The salient features of the park are geological specialties, old forests, and wetlands.


Hietaniemi is a popular sandy beach in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Located in Töölö district, a few kilometers from Hietaniemi, the place is a popular summer destination for locals and tourists. People come to relax and play volleyball on the sand beach. Also, the Hietsu Beach Volley tournament is conducted every year since 1995.

Things to Do in Finland

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