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Uncover the hidden side of Europe with Dook

Discover Fascinating History, Vibrant Culture, Medieval Castles, Timeless Artifacts, Pristine Beaches, Lush-green Mountains, and more.

Europe is an ultimate holiday destination, jam-packed with historical sights, incredible landmarks, cultural marvels, marvelous castles, pristine beaches, snow-capped islands, and whatnot. No matter how many times you visit this marvel, you will always feel that there is something to explore and discover. Europe is home to different people, languages, cultures, and histories. If you are thinking of traversing this region, take a Europe Tour.

Besides the beautiful mountains, valleys, and countryside, you can also find impressive archeological sites and fairy tale castles. How can someone forget the quaint beaches and coastlines? Also, you can pamper yourself with mouthwatering culinary and enjoy the dazzling nightlife. It’s enough to make you crave Europe. Now all you need to do is to book Europe tour packages and start packing for your Europe trip.

Top 10 Strikingly Beautiful European Countries

There is not one, two, or three countries on the list to visit on your Europe tour. Instead, there’s a long list of European countries that no one should miss. With so many countries on the list, it can be tough to decide. So, here’s a list of Europe’s great lands you can pick under your Europe holiday packages. If you have enough time, we would like you to visit all these Top 10 European countries to have an unforgettable time in Europe.

1. France

France, a western European marvel, is known for its culture, food, art, natural landscapes, and romance. This graceful country leads many travelers to cross the continent to have a glamorous time in France. It has been continually on the list of most visited tourist destinations in the world, and it is easy to believe why. From being the city of light to having gorgeous countryside to delectable food and wine to soul-catching art, history, and culture, it is one of a kind holiday destination.

France is an enchanting charm that offers dramatic landscapes, including Loire Valley, French Riviera, and the awe-inspiring Alps. You would get tired of taking pictures of everything because wherever you go, you will find something of great significance. Even the roadside cafes of France will give you a whole new vibe. There’s barely any European country better than France, so you must take Europe Tour to explore this beautiful gem.

Top Attractions in France - Eiffel Tower, Château de Versailles, Loire Valley, Cathédral Notre-Dame, Provence, Alsace Villages, and more.

2. Italy

Italy, the most exceptional European country in the world, is a place like nowhere else on earth. Most commonly known for its delightful food, Italy is also famous for stunning art, architecture, cultural landmarks, and historical sights. All of it together makes Italy a treasure in disguise. Italy is the top-most country on the list of Europe holiday packages. From visiting Rome to Venice to the beautiful countryside, Italy is undoubtedly a holidaymaker's hidden charm.

There’s not only one place to allure rather many strangely captivating places to explore that are rich in top attractions and destinations. Whether it's the Italian sublime or picturesque canals of Venice or the Hollywood-worthy towns of Amalfi Coast, Italy boasts some of the top holiday destinations. Tourists can also relish a myriad of carnivals, festivals, and celebrations here with the best culinary experience and lots of good wine. Add Italy to your Europe tour package to fall in love with its incredible food and wine, rich culture, and awe-inspiring landscapes.

Top Attractions in Italy - Colosseum, Vatican City, Cinque Terre, Lake Como, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and more.

3. Spain

Being one of the most loved tourist destinations in Europe, Spain is known for its architectural masterpiece, high mountain ranges, and beautiful seaside cliffs. Spain has hundreds of pristine beaches that captivate thousands of visitors to take a Europe Tour. From its natural beauty to centuries-old history to diverse culture to artistic nature to colorful carnivals, there’s so much that Spain has to offer.
Every year millions of tourists visit Spain for its historical marvels, warm climate, incredible gastronomy, and whatnot. All of it together makes a pleasant holiday experience for travelers. Besides the beautiful villages, Spain also has some whitewashed villages and towns that boast a different side away from the hustle of the cities. One of the top and prettiest villages in Spain is Frigiliana which is famous for its incredible art & craft, mouthwatering food, and quaint cobbled streets.

Top Attractions in Spain - Prado and Paseo del Artes, Guggenheim Museum, Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, Plaza Mayor, Toledo’s old city, and more.

4. Germany

Germany, a Western European charm, is known for its scenic landscapes, green forests, stunning mountain ranges, and blue rivers. There’s so much this European country has to offer, from rich history to vibrant festivals, cultural diversity to breathtaking scenery, and friendly locals to natural attractions. It might not be the romantic European vacation spot, but it sure has something worth exploring. If it is not yet on your Europe package, make sure you must include it.

The small towns of Germany will take you to a different world, away from the haste of everyday life. These countryside villages are gorgeous remnants of the past despite suffering the war. It is what tourists like about Germany. It fills everyone with the spark of a new and adventurous life.

Top Attractions in Germany - Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, Cologne Cathedral, The Black Forest, Schloss Neuschwanstein, Historic Port of Hamburg, and more.

5. Austria

Austria, a hidden gem of Central Europe, is filled with stunning lakes, dramatic mountain ranges, soothing music, and whatnot. It is known as the most musical city in the world. No one can wander the streets without catching a snippet of a song. You will see people grooving on them and enjoying one of the best holidays of their lives. It is home to some of the most alluring scenery on the planet that you should explore on your Europe Tour.

Its magical Alps with spectacular views and landscapes add more beauty to this place. While most tourists buy a winter Europe tour package from India to enjoy skiing and snowboarding, it is also worth visiting in the summer. From discovering the museums and theaters of Vienna to hiking through the beautiful villages hidden in the alpine valleys, there’s no experience better than these.

Top Attractions in Austria
- Imperial Palace, Salzburg Altstadt, The Spanish Riding school, Schönbrunn Palace, Hallstatt, Belvedere Palace, and more.

6. Netherlands

The Netherlands, a Northwestern Europe marvel, is known for its enchanting landscapes, charming windmills, breathtaking beaches, and awe-inspiring Tulip fields. From Anne Frank’s House to Museums & Galleries to the Canal belt and the festivals, there is something for every traveler. The Netherlands is one of the major destinations in Europe tour packages.

It features lush-green countryside, medieval towns, wild shorelines, and modern cities. The Netherlands is rich in both cultural and natural dynamics. If you love cycling, it is the best place to cycle around the city. Its mild climate, flat landscape, excellent roads, and short ways together make it a perfect place to enjoy cycling. Amsterdam, with its canal-lined cobbled streets, art-filled museums, and lively nightlife, is the most popular destination in the Netherlands.

Top Attractions in the Netherlands - Jordaan & Amsterdam’s Canal, Keukenhof, Rijksmuseum, The Hague, Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, The Ijsselmeer, and more.
7. Portugal

Portugal, a Southern European country, is blessed with 800 Km of golden beaches, marvelous castles, graceful landscapes, rich history & culture, gastronomy, and more. The welcoming Portuguese and warm weather adds more elegance to this magnificent holiday destination. Europe Tour is incomplete without witnessing castles, churches, cathedrals, and historic and age-old cities of Lisbon, Porto, and Sintra of Portugal.

The stunning archeological ruins and historical sights boast a gorgeous side of Portugal. While there is a lot to capture in the coastal region, its mountains are no less than a wonder offering a scenery worth exploring. For more exhilarating getaways, you must tour Portugal’s wild and stunning Atlantic Ocean archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores. If you are heading to Europe for a long holiday, do make sure to add Portugal to your Europe Package.

Top Attractions in Portugal - Oceanario de Lisboa, Palacio Nacional de Sintra, Castelo de Guimaraes, Torre de Clerigos, Alentejo, and more.

8. Switzerland

Switzerland, a magnificent charm of Central Europe, is mainly known for its mountains, lakes, villages, and high peaks. However, there is a lot that Switzerland can offer its tourists. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most expensive European countries. But every penny you spend here will only give you life-long adventures and experiences. Besides the natural wonders, there is Swiss cheese and chocolate that no tourist will leave unexplored.

Tourists visit this wonderland for its astounding landscapes, film locations, multilingual trait, all-round weather, culture & diversity, snow-capped mountains, quaint villages, and whatnot. With so many natural wonders, Switzerland is one of the best European countries to head for skiing, hiking, and mountaineering. A budget-friendly Europe tour package will help you relish a wonderful time in Switzerland. Once you enter this wonderland, you will be sure to deny returning home.

Top Attractions in Switzerland - The Matterhorn, Interlaken, Lucerne, Lake Geneva, St. Moritz, Bern, Lake Lugano & Ticino, Zurich, The Rhine Falls, Swiss National Park, Oberhofen Castle, and more.

9. Norway

Norway, a Northern European wonder, is a stunning mix of cultural and natural wonders. The incredible scenery and dreamlike fjords will make you wonder if it is a place or heaven on earth. From endless snow-capped mountains to surreal northern lights, a traveler has unending options to explore. Despite all the scenery and rugged coastline, traveling around the city is easy and fun. Even you can discover some of the best attractions while riding on public transport.

In summer, you can go hiking, mountain biking, and white-water rafting while relishing its gorgeous landscapes. While during winter, its snowy panoramas make for perfect skiing, snowboarding, and dog sledding. Besides the natural wonders and wildlife, Norway is a vibrant city adorned with trendy bars, exquisite restaurants, and whatnot. You should definitely include this panoramic marvel in your Europe tour package from India.

Top Attractions in Norway - Sognefjord, Tromso, Lofoten Islands, Bygdoy Peninsula, Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf, Tromso’s Arctic Museum, and more.

10. Greece

Greece is often known as the best beach holiday destination. But it is more than that. It houses the world’s most significant historical sites, 6000 beautiful islands, and ancient archaeological sites. The glittering blue water, sand & pebble beaches, and Mediterranean climate make Greece one of Europe’s loved destinations. To admire the beauty and charm of Rhodes, Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete islands, you must visit them at least once.

Greece Europe Packages will include so many top attractions in Greece that will be unforgettable. Henry Miller described Greece with this quote, “It takes a lifetime for someone to discover Greece, but it only takes an instant to fall in love with her”. Greece has not only been a place of profound history & tradition, but also the birthplace of many mathematicians, artists & philosophers and the cradle of democracy.

Top Attractions in Greece - Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, Santorini, Delphi, Crete’s towns & beaches, Corfu, Meteora Monasteries, and more.

Top Bucket List Experiences in Europe

In Europe, it’s tough to determine what adventure you should choose from the bunch out there. Whether strolling around the city, hiking the top mountains, skiing on the ice, or simply relaxing by the beach, each experience is the best in itself. So, let us help you pin down some of the best adventurous experiences in Europe from the bucket list below:

1. Watch the dazzling Eiffel Tower at night
2. Witness the magical show of Northern lights in Norway
3. Tour a Gandola in Venice
4. Take a memorable photograph in the Tulip Garden in Amsterdam
5. Go on a day trip to tour Acropolis
6. Experience the sheer beauty of the Colosseum in Rome
7. Get mesmerized by the pretty views of Oia in Santorini
8. Indulge in mouthwatering cuisines and desserts
9. Get astonished by the rip-roaring waterfalls
10. Go on the heaven-hiking in Europe’s graceful mountains
11. Enjoy biking along Amsterdam’s canals
12. Relish the thermal bath in Budapest
13. Stroll around Florence for the incredible views
14. Do some shopping at Paris canal Saint-Martin neighborhood
15. Do not forget to visit Prague’s Christmas market
16. Indulge in a Scenic Boat ride on the French Riviera

Enjoy a Splendid Time with Dook’s Europe Tour Packages

There’s no better holiday destination than Europe. Similarly, there’s no better travel partner than Dook International. We help you plan your trip with our customized Europe holiday packages that will unveil a different side of Europe. It will be more fun and adventurous. There are countless things that you can indulge in, innumerable adventures to get on, endless historical sights, and umpteen natural landmarks.

If you want to discover this exciting side of Europe, buy Dook’s Europe Tour Package from India. We have covered almost every escapade you should see in Europe. You just need to select your tour packages and go on a happy trip to Europe.