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One of the most diverse regions in the world with a plethora of ethnicities, cultures, traditions and landscapes, Eastern Europe is characterized by hip, affordable cities, natural and historical wonders of breathtaking beauty, vibing food and arts scenes and enthralling nightlife. The exact geographical definitions of the region are a bit contentious, but all the countries that fell under the ambit of Soviet rule are generally considered a part of Eastern Europe. European countries such as Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Croatia and Bulgaria along with transcontinental countries like Russia, Turkey, Georgia, and Armenia are all considered to be a part of this fascinating region.

An Overflow of Culture

Eastern Europe has a long illustrious history with Greek, Byzantine, Kievan Rus, Orthodox, Slavic and Ottoman influences. With countless empires rising and falling on these lands, it is no wonder that Eastern Europe is a powerhouse of culture. Cities such as Kyiv, St Petersburg, Budapest and Odessa are sophisticated and elegant with impressive art collections and architecture, while some destinations are akin to open-air museums such as the art-nouveau architectural centre of Riga, the Cascade Complex in Yerevan, the folk art town of Lowicz in Poland, and the town of Pyrohiv located south of Kyiv.
It is here that you’ll find hubs of opera and classical music coexisting with experimental nightlife in centuries-old buildings, classical art galleries running side by side with modern unorthodox shows and destinations showcasing both ancient glories and recent horrors. Only in this part of the world can you raise a glass in a pub operating in the ruins of old Jewish quarters left to decay after the Second World War and walk the tunnels that saved thousands during military sieges hell-bent on destroying entire cultures.

Enchanting Natural Spectacles

Home to sandy unspoiled beaches, green pastures and towering mountains, Eastern Europe is a nature lover’s paradise. Chase waterfalls in the terraced Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, explore the limestone caves of Aggtelek Karst in Hungary and hike up Ice Caves in Montenegro. Or just rent a bike and cycle around in the rolling pastures of Romania and Ukraine. In the midst of all these, there are some bizarre sights of nature as well such as the Crooked Forest of Poland, where a group of about 400 trees are mysteriously and identically bent.

An awesome adventure in the midst of spectacular scenery is almost always a stone’s throw away from every major city in this remarkable landscape. You can feel the energy and the calmness of utter contentment within a space of a few hours in this amazing corner of the world.

A Lesson in History

History is at every nook and corner of Eastern Europe - some of it glorious and some horrific. But you can bet the people here do not shy away from any of it. From the 14th century St Basil Cathedral in Moscow to the infamous Babi Yar in Kyiv; from the castles of Vlad the Impaler in Romania to the walls of Dubrovnik that served as King’s Landing in Game of Thrones, there is no shortage of historical footprints Eastern Europe. Trace the earliest human settlements from the late Paleolithic era in the Devetashka Caves in Bulgaria to the conflicts of the 20th century – the remnants of which can be found in almost every Eastern European city.

You can literally trace human history starting from the late Paleolithic era all the way to the 2000s.

Eastern Europe in a Platter

The cuisines of Eastern Europe are a blend of comforting peasant dishes and finely crafted aristocratic delicacies - from dumplings to sauerkraut, beet soup to stroganoff, there is an abundance of taste in this region. The cuisines found here are often a crossover of regional and cultural influences - from the humble goulash, cabbage rolls and borscht to the world-famous Chicken a-la-Kyiv, trifles and layered cakes. Food in Eastern Europe is not just nourishment, but a celebration, a cause of sharing and honouring age-old traditions.

Take Off on Your Next Adventure to Eastern Europe

Whether you’re a history buff looking to wander around ancient monasteries and fortresses or an adventure junkie looking for the next rush of adrenaline, whether you’re looking to dive deep into cultures or just a laid back trip doing absolutely nothing, Eastern Europe is the place to go. Join us at DOOK and book your seat for a journey into the fascinating lands of the crossroads of Europe and Asia. DOOK offers a plethora of customizable tours and packages into this region steeped in history, culture, nature and adventure. Explore our Eastern European Packages and take off to one of the most diverse and charming locations in the world.