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Armenia is a slowly but surely a growing travel hub in the world. This is one of the oldest countries on 3000 years old maps in the world. This landlocked country offers a great culture and ancient history to the visitors. Since 1990 the number of tourists visiting Armenia has been on rise and this made the country spend more on tourism. What makes Armenia special? Ancient and small land of Armenia has bright colours in all seasons. Snow white winters, mellow autumn, colourful spring and sunny summer attracts everyone to the country. The mountains and mountain valleys of Armenia create numerous of microclimates, landscapes changing from barren to green at the top of mountain ridge. Armenia Tour Package allows you to explore this and much more in this beautiful country. Armenia is a must see destination to enrich you with its history, famous monuments, captivating landscapes and warm hearted people.

Places to See in Armenia

In Armenia you have choices among museums, galleries, religious sites like monasteries, natural and scenic beauty to choose from. Armenia is small in size but it has 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can visit them on your trip to Armenia with Armenia Packages. They are Monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin, The Cathedral and churches of Echmiadzin and Archaeological sites of Zvartnots and Monastery of Geghard and the upper Azat valley. Also you should not miss some other places of interests which include Tatev Monastery, Khor Virap, Matenadaran, and Old Khndzoresk cave village, Dilijan National Park, Lake Sevan, Noravank Monastery, and Amberd Fortress.

When it comes to cities then Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia is the first place to be in Armenia. You have plenty of sightseeing options in Yerevan. The most famous of all those in Yerevan is Lake Sevan. Armenia offers lot of adventure activities. Adventure lovers can explore sports tourism in Armenia as well. On your Armenia Holiday Package you can enjoy hiking, fishing, mountaineering, camping, horse riding and bird watching. Ararat Mountain is the place for adventure in Armenia.

Yerevan, capital city of Armenia is popularly known as pink city as well. This is because of the colour of the overall look of the city. You can notice this in the colour of the stones used in the building which resembles pinkish tone. So people today have given Yerevan a nick name - Pink City.

Yerevan is home to the largest Armenian community in the world. Yerevan is alive and is always full with people of all ages. Yerevan is full of various monuments and cafes. On your Yerevan Tour Packages you can do lot of exciting things. You can do sightseeing, go for adventure activities and not to forget, do lot of shopping as well.

Places to See in Yerevan

Most of the tourist sites in Yerevan are concentrated in the centre. Your itinerary in Yerevan with Yerevan Holiday Package should include Garni Temple, Ashtarak Churches, Khosrov Reserve via Garni and other places. Some of the places to visit in Yerevan are Erebuni Fortress, Republic Square, Abovian Street, The opera and few more. You can enjoy other actions here. You can attend music orchestra, Chill out in Yerevan Green Velt, Climb the Cascades and so on. You can buy lot of stuff when you are on Yerevan tour package.

You cannot forget to see Lake Sevan. You can immerse in the serene beauty of Lake Sevan a fresh water lake. This is home to a rich and rare collection of fish. Lake Sevan is home to rare species of fish including Salmon Trout or Prince Fish which is the signature fish of the lake. Lake Sevan is must watch for everyone.
Travel to Armenia with Dook International’s Armenia Packages

When you buy your Armenia Tour Packages or Yerevan Tour Packages with Dook International, you get the best of Armenia and Yerevan to explore. Not just this you get the best travel experience when you choose us to go to Armenia.


Armenia Travel Information & Guide:

Armenia - A Place For Every Traveller: Armenia is a country of mountains located in the southern part of South Caucasus region. If you love the mountains then Armenia is for you. Armenia is a country that boasts of natural beauty packed in small area with its range of mountains, volcanic uplands, rivers and forests. When you are here you cannot miss the historical and cultural complexes. And here is a list of some of activities that you can do and some places that you can see when you are in Armenia on your Armenia Tour Package. Read More

Armenia Diary I: Armenia is a small landlocked country on the south eastern edge of Europe and at the gateway to the Middle East and all of Asia. It is surrounded by Georgia on the north, Azerbaijan on the east, Turkey on the west and Iran on the south. Armenia is growing with its presence as a favorite travel destination in the world. Let's explore interesting facts about Armenia as a part of series - Armenia Diary. Read More

Armenia Diary II: Here we come with the 2nd installment  of Armenia Diary. This time  we are sharing some more interesting facts about Armenia that would fascinate you both as a traveler as well as information explorer. Let’s explore in the 2nd installment some more insightful Travel Information about Armenia. Read More

Penny Wise Armenia:Penny Wise’ will include prices of basic commodities, meals, transport, etc. to help you plan for local arbitrary expenses while ‘Pocket and Counter’ will help you budget for the ticket of monuments, show and other attractions. Read More

Armenia & Yerevan Tourist Destinations and Sights:

Khor Virap Monastery: Some places have unique history behind it. They are worth exploring as they carry significant element of historicity and excitement with it. Khor Virap is one of them, a monastery located in Ararat plain in Armenia. The monastery is in existence for centuries. This is quite right to say that when you are on your Armenia Tour and exploring some great places there, do include Khor Virap in your itinerary. Read More

Tatev Monastery: Armenia is considered the oldest Christian nation on the planet. A landlocked country Armenia has history probably longer than any other European country. Armenia is situated along the great Silk Road so it has been under numerous empires’ cultural influences. So Armenia is full of Monasteries. Tatev Monastery is one of the oldest and most famous Monastery in Armenia is gifted with spectacular view around it. The monastery is located at the height of 1600 m in the mountains the Tatev Monastery gives you picture perfect view and it is guaranteed that you will never forget this scene in your life time. Read More

Monastery of Geghard: Monastery of Geghard is also set up in absolutely beautiful landscape and travelers just love to come and see this place. The scenery from top or from far looks stunning and from close there is quite to explore. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Armenia. Monastery of Geghard is located in Kotayk province of Armenia and it is listed as UNESCO world heritage site. Read More

Garni Temple: Garni temple is located in Garni village in the Kotayk Province of Armenia. Temple of Garni was made in first century AD and even today it is best known structure and symbol of pre Christian Armenia. The temple was dedicated to the sun of God called as Mihr. It is a major tourist attraction in Armenia. So it is apt to say that when you are on a Armenia tour visiting Garni and temple of Garni should be among top must see places in Armenia list. Read More

Matenadaran Museum: Yerevan is quite a historic city having deep roots of the past and home to some beautiful tourist sites. One of them is Matenadaran in Yerevan, which is a museum cum research centre. It has huge repository of ancient manuscripts. Matenadaran is a place to visit on your Armenia Tour Package. Read More

Khosrov Forest Reserve: Khosrov Forest Reserve is quite an interesting tourist place to be at because it’s not just forest but also has hills and rivers in it. The Flora and fauna of Khosrov are overwhelming. Spread over 23000 hectares of mountain terrain it has over 1900 species of high vascular plants which includes 24 endemic species. Khosrov forest reserve also has over 280 animal species. If you love nature specially forests you should keep Khosrov Forest Reserves in your list when you are booking Armenia package. Read More

Republic Square, Yerevan: Republic square is the central town square in Yerevan. Republic square is a happening place in Yerevan and it has all the elements of a great place for the visitors. Locally it is known as Hraparak. Republic Square has two sections. One is an oval roundabout and another is a trapezoid shaped section in which there is a pool with musical fountains. This is also famously called ‘Heart of Yerevan’ and it is a favorite destination in Yerevan for the visitors. When you are in Yerevan on your Yerevan Tour you must be here at the Republic Square. Read More

Yerevan Cascades: Yerevan Cascade is a beautiful structure and unique one. Cascade is an example of unique architecture and a cool place to be at in Yerevan. The Cascade is a happening place for both youth and old for a good time. You can enjoy to have a cup of tea, coffee and eating a bite here. You can also enjoy the outdoor concerts here and have a great view of it from up on the Cascade staircase. Many events like Jazz, musical guitar and others take place here. Read More

Gnishik Canyon: A canyon is a great landscape, a deep gorge where a river flows along with it or a rift between two mountain peaks. Canyons may look dead but they if you go deep into them you will find great liveliness in those rocks. Gnishik in Armenia is nature’s delight. First to get to Gnishik village from where you can trek to the canyon it would take around 2 hours drive from Yerevan. You should plan for Gnishik when you Travel to Armenia next time. Read More

Cultural Sites in Armenia: Armenia is said to be one of the earliest Christian civilisations, it’s first church is said to be founded in as early as fourth century. So when we talk about such a country with impressive cultural influences it is bound to have some impressive cultural sites as well. Here are some incredible cultural sites of Armenia you should not miss when you are on Trip to Armenia. Read More

Wrestling in Armenia: Wrestling is one of most popular Sport in Armenia today among other popular sports like football, weightlifting, boxing and chess. Wrestling is said to have deep roots in Armenia. Armenia won its first silver medal in summer Olympics in 1992 in Barcelona when it participated under a unified CIS team. Read More

Yerevan Half Marathon: Yerevan Half Marathon is an international event that attracts every year more and more participants not only from Armenia, but also from other countries. The distance to cover in half marathon is 21.0975 KM or 13.1094 miles to be precise. Yerevan, Armenia hosted its first half marathon event in the month of October in 2015. Read More


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