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Admire India’s Culturally & Geographically Rich Diversity with Dook’s Domestic Tour Packages

India is a vast nation with diverse cultures, traditions, and natural surroundings. From the great Himalayas in the north to the sparkling coastline in the south, to the Gulf of Kutch in the west, to the Bay of Bengal in the east, India is a place of countless destinations. All the gorgeous locations in India are worthy of memorable domestic tours.

Whether you want to experience spirituality, delectable cuisines, radiating wildlife, quaint pilgrimages, or fun-filled adventures, Incredible India is ready to give all to its globetrotters. From witnessing the spectacular beauty of the Taj Mahal to relishing backwaters cruising, enjoying beach holidays, trekking on the Himalayas, and whatnot, Indian domestic tours offer it all. With Dook Travels, you can choose your next destination from a wide range of domestic tour packages.

Most Popular Destinations for India Domestic Tours

Every corner of India has something to offer its travelers. Be it culture, tradition, historical marvels, pilgrimages, nature, tranquility, mountains, snow, and more. You won’t leave empty-handed from India. Here are a few of the best destinations that you add to your list of domestic tours.
1. Alleppey, Kerala

Alleppey is one of the most charming places in the world. It's no surprise it is among the top destinations for domestic trips. If you want to experience backwater cruising in India, it is the perfect place to visit. Located in the southern Indian state of Kerala, Alleppey is famous for its stunning beaches, breathtaking lagoons, backwater canals, and emerald paddy fields. Alleppey domestic tour packages offer houseboat cruising, beach hopping, visiting temples & churches, bird watching, enjoying lakeside picnics, touring the lighthouse, etc.

2. Goa

Goa is everyone’s favorite beach destination in India. It is the party capital, filled with natural wonders and shimmering coastlines. Besides the beaches, tourists enjoy the vibrant nightlife and carnivals in Goa. Being a party city, it attracts loads of solo travelers and group tourists who indulge in exciting water sports and activities. Goa domestic tour packages are the highest-selling tours in India. Every corner of Goa shimmers with something interesting for everyone.
3. Gulmarg, Kashmir

Gulmarg is popularly known as the heaven on earth. This beautiful destination in Kashmir is among the top places for domestic trips. Located in the lap of Kashmir, Gulmarg is an ideal spot for a blissful vacation. Every year tons of tourist visit Gulmarg for its endless beauty and vast landscapes of pine trees. Whether you’re a day-tripper or snowboard enthusiast, you will experience numerous things in Gulmarg. All of the adventures or activities that Gulmarg offers will be included in its domestic holiday packages. Besides, you will get tired of capturing the beautiful valleys of Gulmarg.

4. Leh, Ladakh

Leh is among the most gorgeous holiday destinations in the world. Elegance lives in every corner of Leh Ladakh. From its magnificent hills to pristine lakes, Leh is captivating and candid. Leh domestic travel packages will offer you the best time in this incredible place. You can explore the stunning views, experience the gravity of the stunning Leh palace & magnetic hill, pay homage to the Bravehearts of Kargil, and more.

5. Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Manali is the dream destination of many honeymooners in India. This hill town has blossomed into a lover’s paradise for all honeymooners. Located in the northern end of the Kullu Valley, Manali and its mountains never fail to entice tourists. From snow-clad mountains to mesmerizing places, woody forests, and cultural sites, Manali domestic holiday packages are worth every penny. Whether it's mouthwatering food, cute shops, or famous temples, Manali has so much to offer.

6. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Jaisalmer is known as the golden city of India, which captivates travelers with its historic temples, gorgeous forts, and picturesque lakes. The City’s most prominent landmark is Jaisalmer Fort, which is also the main highlight for tourists. It is a distinct kind of fort that houses shops, ancient Havelis, and hotels. The ideal time to go on domestic tours to Jaisalmer is between October to March when the weather is pleasant. You can enjoy numerous activities like boating, sightseeing, hot air ballooning, desert safaris, and more.

7. Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur is synonymous with royalty and grandeur. From imperial architecture to peaceful lakes to mouthwatering cuisine and vibrant shops, Udaipur will welcome you with royalty. If you plan to visit this eclectic city with your family, you must check out various domestic tour packages for family. Udaipur is much more fascinating than the imagination. This romantic city has a quirky culture with countless seasonal festivals and fairs. You can buy colorful handicrafts and handlooms from the locals.

8. Darjeeling, West Bengal

Darjeeling is a dazzling destination in India that keeps on astonishing people. It is one of the most famed hill stations in India. Darjeeling is a perfect location with snowy and mighty Himalayan ranges, beautiful valleys, serene tea plantations, venturing toy trains, and winding walking tracks. If you plan to vacay in Darjeeling, you will relish a perfect time amidst the green-grey hills, scenic vistas, and serene vegetation. The untouched beauty of Darjeeling guarantees the best domestic Indian tours of your life.

9. Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

Pondicherry is an elegant small town that looks like a new French colony. It is commonly referred to as the French capital of India. Located along the Bay of Bengal, Pondicherry is an incredible destination for domestic tours. From tree-lined streets to mustard-colored villas, french bakeries, chic boutiques, and whatnot, Pondicherry will give you a complete France vibe. Some spectacular tourist attractions are waiting for you, such as Paradise beach, Auroville beach, Ousteri lake, Varadaraja Perumal temple, and more.

10. Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Ooty is a nature lover’s heaven on earth. From quaint valleys to enchanting waterfalls, mystic grasslands, and lush green tea plantations, a nature lover will get the best of everything. Situated in Tamil Nadu, Ooty is an ideal destination for domestic tours. Tourists flock to this part of South India to spend a peaceful time amidst nature. Furthermore, adventure enthusiasts also get a treat in the form of fun activities. Be it trekking, a relaxing retreat, or a road trip, the adventurer in you will be thrilled.

Enjoy the Diversity of India with Dook’s Domestic Tour Packages

No one can explore the whole of India in one or two visits. You need to go on countless domestic tours to discover every corner of India. You can traverse every part of India with Dook’s domestic holiday packages. The natural splendors of this country are waiting to be unearthed by you. From the Himalayas to Jim Corbett, our domestic travel packages provide you with everything. If you are excited to visit these domestic destinations, check out Dook’s tour packages and go on a fulfilling holiday.
Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which is the most prominent city in India?
Answer: Goa is the most popular destination among tourists in India. If anyone has visited this city once, you will definitely come back to this place for more adventure. It is everyone’s domestic bucket-list destination.

Question: Which destination is best for the summer holidays in India?
Answer: For summer vacation, most people move to colder destinations. So, Manali, Leh, and Darjeeling come first. These places remain cold throughout the year. Hence, it attracts more tourists than other states.

Question: Can domestic tour packages include outdoor activities?
Answer: Yes. Our domestic travel packages also include adventure activities that keep everyone busy with collecting fun memories. Every destination offers fun activities for tourists.

Question: What are the inclusions in domestic tour packages for the family?
Answer: Under the Dook’s domestic packages, you will get fine accommodation, transfers, food, multiple excursions, countless fun activities, and countless experiences.

Question: What are the destinations to visit with a low budget in India?
Answer: Pondicherry, Udaipur, Darjeeling, Jaisalmer, and Allepey are some of the budget-friendly destinations to visit in India.