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Top Almaty Tour Packages

Our most sought after tours take you to Almaty for a cool 5 nights and 6 days. However, if you are looking at clubbing Almaty with another city albeit in Kyrgyzstan, might we suggest Almaty & Bishkek for 5 nights and 6 days or Almaty & Baku for 4 nights and 5 days. Both of these tours are very popular with travellers. Clicking on the tours below will give you further details about the packages.

Discover Almaty (Kazakhstan) Almaty

While the vibrant Bazaars and neo-Russian style Architecture will charm you, the pristine lakes and mountains that surround Almaty will leave you spellbound.

Almaty in Kazakhstan has largely been overshadowed by famous neighbours like China and Russia. Not much was known about Almaty, except that it was once the capital of Kazakhstan. It is only in the last decade that Global travellers looking to get away from touristy cities found refuge in the hustle and bustle of Almaty. To the delight of these travellers, the snow-capped mountains were just a few miles away. Centuries back, Almaty was a nomadic city and you can still see vestiges of its nomadic history in the delectable cuisine of the city. Reflections of its soviet past can also be seen in the striking architecture of the city.

Driving Side



Almaty International Airport, Boralday Airport

Best time to visit

Apr-Jun, Apr-Aug, Jun-Sep

Climate Types

Tundra, Hot Desert, Humid Continental


KZT (₸)

Experiences in Almaty

Almaty has something for every kind of traveller whether they are travelling with family, a special someone on their honeymoon or if they are a foodie. Book a tour with Dook Travels today to get the most out of a vacation in Almaty.

Top Attractions in Almaty

Almaty is a complete package. There are mountains, urban lakes, Bazaars, Cathedrals and Museums. Dook Travels will design a tour that will let travellers experience the best of Almaty.

Plan A Trip To Almaty

Explore the fabulous city of Almaty with Dook Travels

Almaty is the largest city of Kazakhstan with a population of more than 2 million people. It was earlier the national capital but Nur Sultan (formerly Astana) replaced it as the capital in 1997. While it may not be the capital anymore, but Almaty continues to be the cultural and commercial centre of the country. Almaty is located in the mountainous region of southern Kazakhstan near the border with Kyrgyzstan in the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains. These mountains are visible from the city and provide a breathtaking backdrop to the city. It is these mighty mountains that have pulled travellers to the city in the last decade or so. With more and more travel bloggers writing about the wondrous time they spent in Almaty, the city is not so much of a hidden secret anymore. The city, despite being a big commercial centre, is laid back with warm local people and fewer tourists than most popular cities. Almaty has everything going for it - diverse food, beautiful architecture, top-notch museums, huge leafy parks and pristine wilderness. There is much to do within the city and outside the city. The tourists can soak themselves in the local culture as they take a walking tour of the Golden Quarter, visit the Green Bazaar and marvel the architecture of the Ascension Cathedral. On a lazy day, tourists can stroll through Panfilov Park or head to the Arasan Baths for some traditional spa time. To get close to nature, a car ride to the gorgeous Big Almaty lake would be ideal and so would be a visit to the Kolsai Lakes National Park. For the adventurous traveller, the ice skating rink at Medeu would be a fun activity.
It’s not just the sights in Almaty that make the trip worthwhile. The food in the city is a Gastronome’s biggest dream come true as they can hog on everything from Beshbarmak to Baursak. The cuisine scene in Almaty is a mix of many countries - local Kazakh cuisine, Georgian food, Uzbek flavours and Uyghur dishes. Then there is always the Rakhat chocolate factory to fulfil dessert temptations.

For those who love shopping, the Green Bazaar has everything from Spices and Herbs to Clothes. Tsum, which is a departmental store, has rows and rows of traditional souvenir shops where tourists can buy jewellery, fur and ceramics.

Dook Travels intends to make the tour of this beautiful city a joy ride for those travelling with us.  The tours are designed to let tourists experience the culture of the city at its finest. Dook offers various packages that lets travellers explore the city to the fullest in a safe manner and presents options that take the tourist to Almaty along with with Bishkek (in Kyrgyzstan).