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About Estonia

About Country Cheat Sheet

Formal Name: Republic of Estonia
Location of Kazakhstan:
Capital: Tallinn
Demonym: Estonians
Area: 17462Sq Km
Population: 1328976
Ethnic Groups: Estonian, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarus, Other
Languages: Estonian
Religion: Non-religious, Christianity, Other
Currency: Euro (EUR, €)
Best Time To Visit: May-Aug
Calling Code: 372
Drives On: Right
Visa on Arrival: No
Major Cities: Tallinn
Administrative and Territorial Structure:

Divided into 15 counties, including 13 on the mainland and 2 on islands.

Land Boundaries:

Total: 657 km, Border Countries: Latvia 333 km, Russia 324 km

About Estonia

Estonia is smallest of the 3 Baltic States in. Estonia has emerged as tourist’s favorite travel destination in Europe in last few years. Charming old towns, rich cultural heritage, several beautiful islands and natural beauty make Estonia a cool place to be.

Tallinn, the political and financial capital city of Estonia is also the most famous tourist place in Estonia. Tallinn has medieval old town and it is the modern cosmopolitan city as well. Apart from Tallinn, other famous cities of Estonia are Tartu, Narva, Parnu, Valga and more.

Estonia Geography

Estonia is located on the eastern shores of Baltic Sea. This Eastern European country shares land borders with Russia and Latvia and maritime borders with Gulf of Finland and Sweden. More than half of the country is forest covered which makes Estonia a green country. Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia. 

Estonia Climate and Weather

Estonia has temperate climate with 4 season weather in a year of almost equal lengths. Summers are mild with average temperature between 16 and 20° C and maximum up to 30° C. Longer sunlight hours of around 19 hours a day during summers which is locally known as ‘White Nights’. Winter season sees temperature going below 0°C and rains turn into snow. Frequent rain can be observed in spring and autumn season.

Estonia History

Estonia remained under the foreign rules of Danish, Swedish, German, and Russian for centuries and became first time independent state in 1918 when Estonia got independence from the Russian Empire. However, in 1940 it was forcibly incorporated into the USSR. Estonia finally gained its freedom from USSR in 1991, when Soviet Union collapsed. Since then Estonia has done well as a country on all fronts.

Estonia Culture and Traditions

Because Estonia was under foreign rules, folk song and dance, beautiful and colorful handicrafts, rustic food and other elements of Estonian culture were largely influenced by all of them which included Germans, Finnic people from the adjacent areas, Sweden, Denmark and Russia. However, the country has its own distinct culture and several traditions for thousands of years which can be still be observed in their song and dance, handicraft work and more.

Estonia Food and Cuisine

Estonia is also a good destination for foodies. Traditional, international and fusion food can be enjoyed in Tallinn and other parts of the country. Restaurants and cafes are available everywhere and new ones keep coming up. Traces of Scandinavian, Russian and German kitchens still can be seen in local food and most typical food of Estonia include bread, rye, potatoes and dairy products. Estonian restaurants have all international food on their menu as well.

Facts about Estonia

1. Estonia is one of the lowest densely populated countries in the world.
2. Estonia is one of the most online active countries for almost all services such as doing business, declaring taxes and paying for parking.
3. People of Estonia speak Estonian, Russian, Finnish, German and English.
4. Estonia has Parliamentary democracy.
5. Estonia has thousands years of Sauna culture and even today it hosts sauna marathon.
6. Estonia is a country of startups with 3rd ranking in most startups per capita in Europe.
7. For every 100 women in Estonia there are 84 men.
8. Estonia is not so religious country.
9. 50% area of Estonia is forest which makes Estonia one of the greenest countries in Europe.
10. Famous app Skype was developed by Estonian developers in Estonia only. 


Estonia Tourism

Estonia, one of the Baltic States located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, is a popular travel destination in Europe. Estonia is the smallest country among the Baltic States. There are several beaches, charming old towns, unique culture and modern infrastructure. Some of the popular sights in Estonia include Tallinn, Tartu, Parnu, Narva, Oteppa, Rakvere, Happsaluis, Kuressaare castle, Town hall square, Kumu and more. Estonia is a green country and well connected. Divided into 15 counties, this tiny little country is a perfect place for outdoor lovers. You should not forget to explore the rural attractions of the country.

Tallinn Tourism

Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia. Tallinn is a beautiful town. It’s UNESCO protected Old Town is a must see place in Tallinn. Ancient churches, medieval times streets, vibrant culture and super internet connectivity make Tallinn quite a special place. This is why; Tallinn is one of the most captivating cities in Europe. Some of the must visit places in Tallinn are Tallinn Old Town, TV Tower, Town Hall Square, Toompea Castle, Kadriorg Palace, Raekoja Plats, Oleviste Church, Estonian Open Air Museum and more.

Different Types of Tourism in Estonia

1. Historical Tourism in Estonia

Estonia went through foreign rules for thousands of years and that left an impact on the history of the country. There are several historic sites in the country which can take you to the glimpses and details of Estonian History. Some of these historic sites which you can explore are Tallinn Old Town, Toompea Castle, Kuressaare Castle, Lennusadam, Pirita Convent, and Barclay De Tolly Mausoleum.

2. Culture Tourism in Estonia

Estonia is one of the Baltic States and culturally rich country. Spending time in cultural spots in the capital city Tallinn and other parts of the country will tell you a lot. Some of the must see cultural spots in Estonia are Balti Jaama Turg – wonderful Russian market, Saint Olav’s 12th century church, Kiek in de Kok, Old Town of Tallinn, Von Krahl Theater and more.

3. Sea & Nature Tourism in Estonia

Estonia is dozens of beaches along long coastlines over 3700 KM. Estonia also has several large lakes and the country is 50% forest covered making it one of the most greenest countries in Europe. Some popular beaches among tourists are Kuressaare beach, Vosu Beach, Mandjala Beach, Lake Verevi Beach, Pirita Beach and more. Also don’t forget to touch the plenty of untouched nature in the country.

4. Sport & Adventure in Estonia

Water is all there is Estonia with over 3000 KM coastlines. You can visit ports, islands and paddle across various lakes and rivers. If you love water sports, you can go for Vohandu Marathon in which you have to cross 100 KM of river. Adventure lovers can go for sailing on yacht marines, cycling across the country and more.
5. Honeymoon Tourism in Estonia

Those looking for a honeymoon or romantic break can choose Estonia as the country has everything a couple is looking for. The capital city has charming hotels, quaint shops, restaurants, plenty of sightseeing options, famous old town and more making it a cool choice for honeymooners. You can also enjoy good time in some of the spa resorts on Estonian coasts.

6. MICE Tourism in Estonia

Estonia is not so known place in the MICE world but efforts are being made. The country has rolled out its marketing concept to attract MICE visitors. The capital city Tallin is filled with all modern infrastructures, 3-4 star hotels, and restaurants, free wireless internet connection in each hotel room, modern online registration systems, and plenty of adventure as well as relaxation centers.

7. Health & Wellness Tourism in Estonia

Saunas in Estonia have been centers of health and wellness for hundreds of years. Smoke Sauna experience is a relaxing option after a long day sightseeing experience. These saunas benefit hugely for stress relief and weight loss. You can find one sizzling sauna in summer cottages, country loge and spas here. Also day spa is a widely available in beauty and health centers across Estonia.

8. Culinary Tourism in Estonia

You can really know Estonia through its kitchen. Estonia’s cuisine is a blend of East and West along with Nordic roots. Germany and Russia had huge influence on Estonia which can be seen in their food but they have preserved the local flavor. You can start your trip with Tallinn’s vivid culinary scene and then move forward to peaceful countryside of Estonia in green forests, small villages, sea beaches and country farms. Go to the old town of Tallinn and experience taste, smell, flavor and stories of Estonia cuisine. Some super popular restaurants in old town are Rataskaevu 16, Kompressor, Pegasus and Olde Hasana.
9. Nightlife Tourism in Estonia

Tallinn is most sought after travel destination in Baltic region in Europe. The city is full of good restaurants, bars, pubs and discotheques. Economic growth and social development of the country has given a big boost to the tourism in the country. Vibrant city Tallinn has several night clubs which offer you fun and party time at nights. Some of the popular ones are Club Hollywood, Venus Club, Vabank, Klubi Teater and Club Prive.
10. Winter Tourism in Estonia

Winter in Estonia arrives in late November and stays until late March. You can witness the spectacle of frozen waterfalls, snow-covered forests and national parks during winters. If snow fall is there and the sea is frozen, you can enjoy riding on longest ice road in Europe from mainland to the islands across Europe. You can also enjoy skiing, hiking, snowmobile trip and more. Christmas time in Tallinn is purely magical.

Travel Guide

Estonia Tour and Travel Guide

Estonia, smallest of the 3 Baltic States has emerged as a top travel destination in Europe. Long coastlines, beautiful beaches, 50% forest cover, myriad of cultural and natural attractions, fairytale castles, cool small villages and much more is offered by Estonia for all visitors. Tallinn, Tartu, Parnu, Narva and other cities of Estonia are all small yet beautiful cities of Estonia.
Tallinn Tour and Travel Guide

To explore the best of Estonia, you can base your trip in Tallinn. Tallinn old town holds centuries old history of the country. Tallinn Town hall square is the heart of the city and ideal place to start your trip. You get a comfortable stay, delicious food and nature on its doorstep in Tallinn. Tallinn has become a modern entrepreneurial place because of technological advancements. English language is well understood especially b youth in the city.

1. Accommodation in Estonia

There are plenty of good hotel options available in Tallinn old town and if you have little constraint of budget then you can book a hotel outside the main area. It does not make much of difference because Tallinn is a small city and well-connected from all side. Though you can base your stay in Tallinn and travel to other parts of the country, yet if you look to stay in outside the capital you will get accommodation options concentrated in the old town parts of those cities.

2. Travelling in Estonia
There is wide network of bus, trolleybus and streetcar in Tallinn. They start from as early as 5 am in the morning and operate till mid night. You can buy tickets on the bus itself but if you want to save money you can buy a prepaid travel card from Kiosks available in most shopping centers and other urban areas.

Hiring taxing online through a mobile app is easy here. Otherwise you can also order a taxi or get one from the rank. There is no regulated taxi meter; however you can see taxi charges in all taxis. For local travel, trains are run by Elron and you can buy the tickets online, at stations or even on the train. Train journey is quite affordable, easy and quick. You can travel from Tallinn to Tartu in little over 2 hours at a cost of 10 Euros.

3. Shopping in Estonia

What to buy? Well, you can buy clothes, shoes, bags, perfume, watches, local handicrafts and more. You can buy international brands and local products as well. Where to buy? Well, local Shops, markets and shopping malls are the best places in Estonia to shop from. Depending upon your taste and interest in exploring you can hit any or all of these. “Kaubmaja” is a shopping center in the city center and “Solaris” shopping center is located in the old town. If you are in Tartu, you can visit “Lounakeskus” and if you are in Parnu, you can go to “Parnu Keskus” shopping center.

4. Best Time to Visit Estonia

Estonia has 4 seasons and summer is the best time to visit the country. Summer stays from the month of June to August. However, weather can change any day in Estonia, so you are recommended that while packing for Estonia trip even in summers, always keep rain jacket and warm jumper. You can also visit Estonia before and after summers. Before summers during late spring from April to May and after summers during early autumn from September to October is also great time to visit the country. Those who love snow falls can visit Estonia in winters from November to February. Christmas time is also a charming time to travel Estonia.

5. Estonia Flights

The main airport in Estonia is Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport which is only four kilometers from the Tallinn city Centre. Tartu, Pärnu, Kuressaare and Kärdla also have airports.

6. Estonia Travel Tips

Estonia is a safe place in day and night time even for solo female travelers.
Euro is the official currency. You should check the latest exchange currency exchange rate.
Estonia is not expensive. A filling meal is available for less than $10 and hotel rooms are available for $40-80 for a night.
WiFi is available almost everywhere in the country.
Estonia falls in Eastern European Time zone. It is 2 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Meantime).
Seek medical advice from your doctor before travelling to Estonia and get all appropriate vaccinations especially for Hepatitis A, Tetanus and Diphtheria.
You get high standards of food hygiene in Estonia.
Tap water is safe to drink in Estonia.
Though Rye bread, pork, potatoes and dairy products are main part of Estonian food but you can see popular international dishes as well.

Visa Information

Estonia Visa Information

Estonia is a member state of Schengen Area. If you wish to visit Estonia, you need to apply for Schengen Visa. You need to apply for Short Term Visa (Type C) when you intend to visit Estonia for a short stay in Estonia for not more than 90 days in any 180 days period. You should apply for visa 2-3 weeks before your visit to Estonia. It generally takes up to minimum 15 working days to process visa application.

For tourist visa, you need to submit following documents:

Completed visa application form.
Two photos.
Current passport.
Travel program.
Travel health insurance.
Round trip tickets.
Proof of accommodation.
Proof of sufficient financial means to support your expense.