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Discover the distinct and dramatic landscapes of CENTRAL EUROPE

Find everything and anything suiting your taste with Dook’s Central Europe Tour Packages

One region that has swiftly picked up a pace to become the hottest favourite tourist hub is indeed Central Europe. With the mighty Alps sitting on its top, this heart of Europe boasts nature at its best. The rousing landscapes, rough peaks and rivers running through the villages along with amazing outdoor adventure from hiking, biking to skiing and funicular rides, all make the journey worthwhile. Once here, you will be intrigued to see how the pleasing cultures teem well with history and unique architecture, classics and fine art. Then there is an abundance of old-world charm emanating from the scenic Bavarian towns, gothic alleyways, old castles, unspoiled and ancient walled villages, old market squares adorned with graffiti, impressively imperial cities thriving along with the ruins of the Roman Empire that are still clearly visible. All these surprising combinations in the region always tend to captivate you at the very first glimpse and capture your heart instantly.
A typical route through Central Europe covers the countries- Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and Slovakia and each one of them is a unique tourist destination of their kind. From the beer-buzz in Munich and delectable local delicacies in Budapest to the drop-dead gorgeous sights of Vienna, from the architectural wonders of Prague and Christmas markets of Basel to Slovakia’s Tatra Mountains and national parks of Poland, you will be utterly surprised with Central Europe’ sheer variety of bucket list experiences. This is just scratching the surface; there are a lot more hidden treasures and signature experiences in Central Europe waiting to be explored.
In a nutshell, this region is an amazing route for those who want to experience sophistication, wonderment, European countryside and adventure, all at once! Regardless of which country you want to visit in this gorgeous piece of the continent, there is no denying that you’re sure to have an amazing time travelling around, especially with Dook’s Central Europe Holiday Packages. Get in touch to know more about our thoughtfully crafted Central Europe Tour Packages from India.
1. Austria:
No country other than Austria can truly capture the spirit of Central Europe. It is easy to fall in love with the cities here as you’ll eventually realize that Austria’s main draw is in its more peaceful moments. The flower-dotted lush meadows, glistening lakes and rhythmical rivers, snow-capped Alps, imposing palaces and castles, pretty little mountain villages and horse drawn carriages moving are sure to take your breath away. This picturesque landlocked country may not be as big as others but it surely is one of the popular holiday destinations, attracting tourists year-round with attractions ideal to visit both in winters and summers.

Whether you are discovering the museums and theatres of Vienna or hiking through the pretty villages hidden in the alpine valleys, there’s hardly any experience better than these in Austria. Tour the rhythmical streets of Salzburg- the hometown of Mozart, take a walk through Hallstatt or the remarkable Zell am See, buzz through the slopes of the Alps on the ski board, sip in the exceptional wines of Grüner Veltliner, become crystal-stuck at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds and do so much more.

2. Germany:

Often considered the heart of Europe, this land of thrills and temptations called Germany has a magnetic appeal like no other in the region. It is the kind of a country that seems quite simple from the outside but if you scratch a little below the surface, you’ll find all kinds of cheerful festivals and feasts, unique cultures, spectacular sceneries and extraordinary experiences waiting for you. Today, Germany is a famous tourist destination for holidaymakers and business travellers alike and it is quite easy to believe why. From the unique appeal of urban cities like Berlin and Munich to the quaint charm of small towns in the Alps or the old town of Nuremberg, Germany never fails to surprise its visitors. While it’s deep history and culture are the two significant elements that define the essence of Germany, the world is also attracted to its adventurous outdoors. On one side you will see the UNESCO World Heritage site, masterworks of art and architecture and castles, on the other you will be unbelievably awed by the national parks, enchanting forests, river valleys, vineyards and countless natural marvels that are sitting there to be explored. Start your Germany tour in the capital Berlin which is home to fine museums and galleries and is a host to traditional Christmas markets and many festivals and fairs. Choose Munich and Frankfurt as your next stops and get thrilled by their exciting contrasts and classical charm. Add stops to Hamburg, Cologne, Nuremberg, Baden-Baden, the picturesque Black Forest and Lake Constance and you’ll be amazed at how this country can surprise you at every turn.
Whether you are visiting Germany to eat and drink your way around the country or to immerse yourself in the history, culture and museums galore, this ideal country is just perfect for a long vacation. Book from our range of Central Europe Travel Packages and turn your German tour dreams into blissful reality.
3. Czech Republic:

Nestling in the heart of Europe is this small landlocked country that is considered the most loved bucket list destination among the globetrotters. Enthralling castles, magnificent UNESCO-listed monuments, Renaissance palaces, cities dipped in contemporary and historic charm, high-on-life events, wonderful spas and breweries, a countryside like nowhere and abundance of hiking trails- the Czech Republic truly makes for a once in a lifetime holiday. While most people like to begin their tour in Prague, relishing its gothic architecture and classic sights, travelling beyond the capital city will let you experience the true magic of this country. You can take a tour of the old town in Brno, soak in the happy vibes of South Bohemia, go on a beer tasting journey in Plzen, explore the Disney-like castles of Cesky Krumlov, see the incredible gothic buildings of Kutna Hora and discover the unusually satisfying mineral hot springs of Karlovy Vary. You can also opt to explore the countryside and its beautiful landscapes through the incredible cycling trips that make the trip even more memorable. If you want to find yourself enjoying the daily life of Czechs, plan to go offbeat and visit the pretty neighbourhoods that have medieval villages and ample hiking trails located away from the Lesser Town.  
4. Switzerland:

Switzerland is one of the remarkable proofs that a natural heaven does exist in real! A Central European country where “peace prevails in every corner and everything looks prettier, calmer and wiser”, Switzerland is truly a bucket list destination and for good reasons. It is here where you will see adventure and relaxation blending in harmoniously. While the picturesque Alps and their rolling hills invite the snow-walkers and skiers, the postcard-perfect lush green landscapes and the crisp air call out to those who love to spend their quality holiday time in the lap of nature. Then there are the specialities like the famous Swiss chocolate, cheese and watches that are the perfect souvenirs to take back home. Add to this its record of being a safe tourist destination, well-maintained roads, world-class resorts, red trains curling up to unbelievable heights, amazing Zürich, unmissable Bern, awesome Geneva and you know you have a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the Swiss life at ease. Some of the most incredible Switzerland Tourist Attractions that you should definitely not miss are The Matterhorn, Jungfraujoch (the top of Europe), Bahnhofstrasse, Lucerne, Lake Geneva, Lake Lugano and Ticino, Swiss National Park and more.
5. Hungary:

When most people say Hungary, they mean just Budapest. However, this astounding country and its beauty are far beyond its capital. Located in central Europe, Hungary is ideal for those looking for romantic getaways, city breaks and fun-filled weekends. There are hordes of unique experiences and destinations that feature a rich assortment of low mountain ranges, lakes and rivers along with many charming villages, plains and more spread across the country. Due to its convenient location, Hungary boasts the ability to showcase a vivid culture that helps the country pin itself prominently on the tourism map. It is one of those countries that exude both a cosmopolitan buzz and unbelievably beautiful natural beauty. It also boasts the world’s largest thermal water cave system in the world and the second-largest thermal lake in the world - Lake Heviz. A must-try for the traveller is the hot water baths - be it at one of its authentic bathhouses dating from the Turkish times, at its Art Nouveau palaces or one of its clinical sanatoriums. Home to several architectural treasures from ruins of Roman times to extravagant churches, from old town houses to neoclassical buildings and traditional bathhouses, Hungary and its cities have an alluring charm. Be it its capital Budapest famous for its wines and thermal baths, Kecskemét, Sopron or Debrecen, every place holds a unique story that you would love to listen to. Before leaving, do try some of the famed Hungarian wines, as well as the traditional goulash.
6. Poland:

Once the hidden gem of Europe, Poland today, is a thriving country featuring an exceptional range of rich-in-history, cultural and natural attractions. Here, museums along with modern art galleries standing at par with several important national parks, timbered hills and thousands of lakes and rivers satisfy even the toughest travellers. While you can find your portion of fun and amazement in the picturesque cities of Kraków and Gdańsk, the ever energetic Warsaw vie these two with its rich portfolio of art and history. There are other unconventional destinations as well that truly deserve to be listed on the Poland Bucket List. Visit Wroclaw, Auschwitz, Tatra Mountains, Poznan, Bydgoszcz and find out the secrets why visitors keep returning to Poland. If you fancy hiking, just put on your trekking boots and head to the trails around Baltic coast and the majestic Carpathian Mountains that mark your way through dense forests, broad rivers and interlinked lakes. Those looking for more water-based adventures like kayaking, rafting and canoeing, can explore the lowlands of Masuria, Warmia and Kashubia. Lastly, it would not be fair enough to leave Poland without trying its regional specialities including pierogi and potato pancakes.

7. Slovakia:

Slovakia or the Slovak Republic is a special country sharing borders with Austria to its west, Hungary to the south and Poland to its north. This landlocked country may be small in size but it surely is abundantly filled with natural riches, historical and cultural attractions including a plenty of castles and chateaux along with modern-day entertainment options found amongst its lively city streets. Post its break up from Czechoslovakia, this country has confidently emerged as an independent nation, aiming to lunge forward its tourism game. Apart from its capital Bratislava that is famous for its glorious old town and drinking culture, Slovakia also boasts unique experiences in Tatras where the walking trails and lakes invite the nature lovers, Banská Štiavnica which is a UNESCO listed town and the lesser-explored east dotted with plenty of churches that lure all who visits here. Stopover at Košice and the Tokaj wine region and spend the day at ease because as it is expressed- “a holiday in Slovakia is a good idea.”

8. Slovenia:

Often termed as the miniature Europe and so rightly as the greenest country on earth, Slovenia is where everyone can find everything for themselves. Even though it has quite long been overlooked, it is worth visiting once in a lifetime as here is where you will witness how beautifully the three elements- nature, culture and gastronomy combine in harmony. From the well-trodden paths to off the beaten tracks, from towering peaks of the Julian Alps to the magical Škocjan caves and rustic farmhouses of Prekmurje, from the glistening green lakes to the magnificent coastline along the Adriatic Sea, this tiny country truly has it all. Do visit the riverside market of the capital Ljubljana, Piran- the serene resort town, the castle of Ptuj and, of course, the country’s crowning jewel Lake Bled. Wherever your path leads you here in Slovenia, your heart is sure to go gaga over the greatest treasures that adorn the country’s landscape and are waiting to be explored.

Top Bucket List Experiences in Central Europe:

In a region as extensive as Central Europe, it’s hard to identify exactly what you want to discover- whether it’s an off-road adventure, a guided history tour or a private gourmet journey. To help you pin down a few favourites, we have listed below a few top bucket list experiences that are sure to ignite your wanderlust.

● Hike up to the Tatra Mountains
● Go ‘beery’ happy at the Oktoberfest in Munich
● Remember the rise of the Berlin Wall
● Spend a beachy holiday along the Baltic Sea coast
● Visit the beer halls and beer gardens in Munich
● Admire the imperial beauty of Vienna
● Weave the thoughts of your imaginary fairy tale in Neuschwanstein Castle
● Wander amongst the labyrinth of little streets and timber houses in Nuremberg
● Visit the ancient Białowieża National Park in Poland
● Gape in awe at the sheer natural beauty of Black Forest in Germany
● Tour the touristy trail around Lake Balaton in Hungary
● Try skiing in Slovakia at the beautiful Vysoké Tatry mountain range
● Cruise the Rhine river
● Take a walk through Krakow’s Old town
● Try the Polish craft beer and say cheers to the best beer drinking experience ever
● Take a train to the top of Europe- Jungfrau
● Stroll through the splendid Salzburg
● Take a cable car up to Gimmelwald
● Unwind in a Hungarian spa
● Explore the new and old towns of Prague
● Party wild and free in Berlin or Budapest
● Amble through the enlivening Christmas Markets of Germany
● Kayak through the abandoned mining tunnels in Slovenia
● Cycle around the beautiful streets of Ljubljan

Discover good times and great classic cities with Dook’s Central Europe Tour Packages

Our goal at Dook is to help you plan a perfect Central Europe tour and also to get the most out of every country that you visit because there is so much for you to lose yourself in this wonderfully packed region. Wondering what all to add to your Central Europe trip itineraries? Get in touch with us! Our special Central Europe Tour Packages from India are created with the hopes of offering a comprehensive view of the region as well as hand weave exceptional escapades that are bound to stay in your happy travel memories forever.