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About Czech Republic

About Country Cheat Sheet

Formal Name: Czech Republic
Location of Kazakhstan: Central Europe
Capital: Prague
Demonym: Czechs
Area: 78865Sq Km
Population: 10610947
Ethnic Groups: Czech, Moravian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Others
Languages: Czech
Religion: Non-religious, Catholicism, Other Christianity, Other religions
Currency: Czech koruna (CZK, Kč)
Best Time To Visit: Mar-May, Sep-Nov
Calling Code: 420
Drives On: Right
Visa on Arrival: No
Major Cities: Prague
Administrative and Territorial Structure:

Divided into 14 Regions

Land Boundaries:

Total: 2,143 km, Border Countries: Austria 402 km, Germany 704 km, Poland 796 km, Slovakia 241 km

About the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a developed country in Central Europe with an advance high social income market economy. It ranks as the most peaceful and seventh safest country in the world. Though it is a small nation, yet it boasts a number of beautiful attractions which are easy to get around.

Geography of Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a diverse geography. It is surrounded by Bohemia, mostly by low mountains Sudetes and Moravia. The water from this country flows to the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Black Sea. It is a hilly plateau but there is a lack of natural lakes. However, there are many artificial lakes with over 125 in the country.

Czech Republic Climate and Weather

The Czech Republic has a European continental climate with warm, dry summers and cold winters. July is the warmest time of the year with a temperature of 20-25°C. January is the coldest time of the year with a temperature of usually zero or sometimes far below zero. Snowfall is possible in the low land regions on some days in the winter.

History of Czech Republic

The history and land of Czech have been changed and known by a variety of name. Up until the fall of the Austrian-Hungary Monarch, they were known as the land of the Bohemian Crown and came to be known as the Kingdom of Bohemia. And, after the fall of the empire, they came to be known as the Czech lands which were acceptable by Bohemia, Moravia and Czech Silesia.

Culture and Traditions of Czech Republic

The Czech nation has a number of distinctive cultures. Their culture and traditions have also been influenced by far and wide. The Czech has been part of the Western economic, political and social trends. Family is important to the people of the country and their work culture is now in line with the western style.

Czech Republic Cuisine

The Cuisine of Czech has been influenced by its surrounding countries. Their regional cuisine is more of meat-based which is usually reserved for weekend consumption. Their meals consist usually of two or more courses which are soup course, main dish and the third course consists of dessert or compote.
Facts about Czech Republic

1. It has over 2000 castles and it is known as the land of the castles.
2. It is mostly surrounded by mountains.
3. It is a beer enthusiast paradise.
4. Germans claimed them in WWII.
5. Only about 10% of the population believe in God.
6. Prague castle is the largest in the world.
7. It is made up of two kingdoms.
8. Ice Hockey is a popular sport in the Czech Republic.
9. It has most hospital bed per person in the EU.
10. Currency is Koruna.
11. Contact lenses were invented by a Czech chemist.
12. It is ranked as the 5th best country in the world.


Czech Republic Tourism

The Czech Republic is a popular holiday destination. It is the country where fairy tales and history comes alive in its architectural forms and structures. It covers an area of 78, 866 sq kilometres and boasts of its historic cities, romantic castles, world-class architecture and charming wonders. It has impressive 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites which are fascinating, beautiful sights and worth to visit. It takes a vintage pride of Prague and its castle which is known to be in the Guinness book of world record dating its existence back to the 9th century. Apart from Prague, it offers many historical gems, attractions and activities to see and do in the country.

Prague Tourism

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic known for its Old Town Square, Gothic churches, and colourful Baroque buildings with many other attractions. It is the most beautiful country in Europe which has something for everyone to offer. The city is the historic core of the country and has been the capital of the Roman Empire and Bohemia. It is not just historically rich, but it’s culturally grand, rich and diverse highlighting architectural aesthetics from many different centuries.
Different Types of Tourism in Czech Republic

1. Historical Tourism in Czech Republic

For centuries the Czech Republic has always celebrated its architectural and spiritual richness and its mystical historical attractions. In almost every street, the history of this imperial country is laid at every step of the storied buildings. Some of its major historical attractions are Prague Castle, Vysehrad, Palace of Gardens, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, the Jewish Town of Josefov and many others.

2. Cultural Tourism in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has an amazing culture and the best way to understand this passionate and complex country is through its culture particularly its movements etc. The country proudly celebrates its traditions and folklore emphasising its cultural uniqueness. Many of town in the Czech Republic welcome folklore festivals. The Czech tradition is closer to local people away from big cities contrary to those in Prague.

3. Sea & Nature Tourism in Czech Republic

Water and mountains are the main elements that constitute the terrain of the country. Czech has some amazing dams, water reservoirs, ponds and artificial swimming biotopes that you can come across the country. There are a number of pleasant spots to make your summer holiday fun and exciting. It is also surrounded by a number of belts and the two most important rivers can be found in the ranges of the Elbe in the Krkonoše and the Vltava in Šumava.

4. Sports and Adventure Tourism in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic offers a number of adventures and activities such as water sports, outdoor sports and extreme sports and adrenaline. These are a few to be mentions of the sports to try out such as skydiving, flyboarding, golfing, biking, hiking, pony riding, boating or try some fun activities at the Aqua Park, Freestyle Park etc.

5. Honeymoon Tourism in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a charming destination for a newlywed couple who crave intrigue. It combines Moravian elegance, Bohemian garb and Slavic charisma with confidence. It’s adorned with medieval touches, prized castles, renaissance, gothic and baroque architecture as well as numerous shops, cafes, restaurant and natural landscape attractions. There is an endless number of this that can make couples fall in love deeper along with its splendours and atmosphere.

6. MICE Tourism in Czech Republic

Czech Republic has become the hotspot destination for M.I.C.E due to its excellent infrastructure and location. Prague is one the main city which has been a crossroad of culture and business. The infrastructure is in line with the international standards whether it is its conference halls, event location and even the hotels that are available in the city make it an ideal place as a business destination.

7. Health and Wellness Tourism in Czech Republic

Czech has a number of places to recharge yourself and improve on your health. There’s a variety of spa and wellness resorts which offers calming massages, soothing wraps and relaxing baths in some of the best spa town in countries such as Karlovy Vary, Františkovy Lázně, Jáchymov, Luhačovice and many others.

8. Culinary Tourism in Czech Republic

The traditional cuisine of the Czech Republic is meat and potatoes with dishes heavy on gravies and root vegetables. It has diverse flavours presented in many dishes like traditional roasted pork, potato soup, and apple strudel and fruit dumpling. Some of their traditional food includes Plancinky, Trdelnik, Vepro-kneldo-zelo, Chlebicky and many others.

9. Nightlife Tourism in Czech Republic

The main hub of nightlife in Czech republic in Prague. The capital city comes alive at night with its lights hovering all over the castles and building incorporating a bit of everything, from opera, ballet, live theatre, casinos, clubs and lap dancing bars. There are a number of cool cafes and hip bars including some of the city’s top clubs just to the east of the city centre, Holesovice.

10. Winter Tourism in Czech Republic

Winter in the Czech Republic has a glassy, friendly and picturesque atmosphere where it does not allow you to sit idle. There are a number of activities to enjoy and something new to always be discovered. One can take a trip on cross-country ski along the ski trails or sledge on Zvonkova cesta and many others.

Travel Guide

Czech Republic Travel Guide

The historic jewel of Europe is a small country but has much to offer to its international visitors. Its filled with majestic castles, medieval towns, scenic national parks, elegant spa resorts and best beer. Prague is a major attraction of all the cities; however a short drive from the capital city offers some extraordinary attractions such as the gothic giant castle of Karlstejn, hot springs of Karlovy Vary, city of Plzen and human bones made church.

Prague Travel Guide

Prague is often nicknamed as City of hundred spires as it comprises of cobbled lanes, churches, medieval bridges and fairytale castles. There is never a dull atmosphere in the city, the markets bustle with people, jazz clubs, cafes, restaurants and lively music clubs. It has a fascinating long old history with splendid works of Gothic, Romanesque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau architecture.

1. Accommodation in Czech Republic

There are many hotels in the Czech Republic, but hotels in Prague are expensive just anywhere else in Europe. Outside the capital city, the standards and hotel rates are lower as compared to Prague. Though, there are high-end hotels in many other cities such as Ostrava and Brno. There’s a number of bed and breakfast which is more like British style and is found in abundance in rural areas.

2. Transportation in Czech Republic

Getting around Czech can be through flight, coach, taxis and trains. Czech Airlines is the main carrier which offers extensive domestic services. Cars can be hired at stations and airports. It is also easy and safe to hire a taxi which is very affordable as per western standards. The coach takes many different domestic routes into town and cities which are all very affordable.

3. Shopping in Czech Republic

The country specialises in souvenirs which has an authentic slice of this country. One of the most popular kinds of souvenir is Bohemian crystal which is well known for its beauty and colour and is used in many royal chandeliers. They are found in many shops in Prague centred on Wenceslas and old town. Some of its popular shopping centres are Chocó Shopping Centre, Palladium, Bile Abut, Na Praecipe Street and many others.

4. Best Time to Visit Czech Republic

The climate Czech Republic is favourable all year round for travelling. The best time to visit is from the month of March-May, September-November. The highest tourist season is from the month of November to March. But all in all, it is favourable to visit it throughout the seasons. Every season has its own beauty, activities to enjoy and explore.

5. Czech Republic Travel Tips

The Czech Republic is safe with a small amount of pick pocketing and bag snatching.
Public transport is really good.
Accommodation, food and transport is affordable.
Do not exchange money on the street.
Avoid city centre.
Make sure you know the name of the country.
Don’ get overwhelmed by the tourist.
Don’t skip out on the culture of Prague.
ATM’s can also give low currency rate.

6. Czech Republic Flight Connections

The main international airport of Czech Republic is Václav Havel Airport Prague. The main carriers for travellers flying to the Czech Republic from India are Turkish Airlines, Air Arabia, and Aeroflot, Ukraine international from the main metropolitan cities of India.

Visa Information

Czech Republic Visa Information

Documents Required:

Valid Passport
Two recent passport size photographs
Proof of return ticket
Proof of lodging
Cover letter explain the purpose of the visit.
Proof of financial means

Estimated Time:

The processing time can take up to 15 calendar days.