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Get Ready to Experience Africa’s Endless Adventures with Dook

From Safari to Grasslands to Waterfalls to Mountains to Beaches to Game Reserves, Africa will fill your soul with thrill.

Africa, one of the largest continents in the world, has so much to be unearthed. If there’s any continent that offers a myriad of enormous experiences to travelers, then without a doubt, it’s Africa! From exploring the vast wildlife to plugging with sharks to delightful sightseeing to sparkling nightlife to quaint beaches and endless historical sights, it's fun to be here. So, if you plan a trip to Africa, you need many days to witness its majestic holiday destinations.

Don’t worry if you have a few days only. We have mentioned some of the African countries you must visit on your Africa tour. Also, we have added a few bucket-list experiences that you shouldn’t miss in Africa. Now, what are you looking for? Pack your bags and embrace an adventurous vacation experience in Africa with our Africa tour packages.

Top 10 Gorgeous African Countries

If you are on Africa Tour, you must be looking to capture every heart of Africa. But how will you know the best destinations in Africa? Well, you don’t have to do any work. We have curated this list of the top 10 African countries you must enlist in your Africa tour package from India. So, have a look and pick your favorite African country among these:

1. Morocco

Morocco, a North African country, is prominently known for its European and African essence. It is the most traveled country in Africa. Every year, it sees a whopping number of travelers who comes to capture its culture, history, beaches, mountain ranges, and more. Morocco has so many things to offer that a tourist will lose time to explore it fully. A traveler’s soul will get filled with delicious cuisines, vibrant souk shops, magnificent architecture, and Chefchaouen’s blue streets. All you need is enough time to explore all of it.

A trip to Africa is incomplete without discovering the hidden side of Morocco that is known to only a few who dare to explore thrill. There’s so much to unveil, be it Hercules Caves, Atlas Mountains, Akchour Waterfalls, or Volubilis Ruins. You can visit this wonder during any season. It will never cease to show its charming side.

Top Attractions in Morocco - Marrakesh Medina, Chefchaouen, Essaouira, Volubilis, Dades Valley, Rif Mountains, and more.

2. Seychelles

Seychelles, a small and compact country, is a stunning and unspoiled Island in Africa that tops many bucket lists. Although it is one of the smallest countries in the world, it comprises an archipelago of 115 islands lying in the heart of the Indian Ocean. It is a favorite holiday spot for honeymooners, solo travelers, family vacationers, and Heliophile. To explore this ecological delight, you must include it in your Africa tour packages.

Being a remote location with less population, it is home to unique kinds of flora and fauna. All these have now been designated as nature reserves. It is a paradise for holidaymakers, with gorgeous beaches, high mountains, and lush-green rainforests. Besides relishing the quaint time, you can also indulge in great water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving. The Africa holiday packages are half-done without Seychelles in them. One will not forget their time in Seychelles because it offers unforgettable memories.

Top Attraction in Seychelles - Anse Lazio, Baie Lazare, La Digue Island, Morne Seychelloise National Park, Ste Anne Marine National Park, and more.

3. Ethiopia

Ethiopia, an East African country, is comparatively less known among tourists than other African countries. It’s because no one has yet unearthed the beautiful side of this country. Ethiopia has a wide array of archeological and historical sights that are hard to miss. Not to mention the stunning landscapes and ancient culture are some things that will make you dig deeper. If you are a history lover on Africa Tour, you shouldn’t miss visiting Ethiopia. It is a historian's paradise.

Ethiopia is different from other tourist destinations. You may not find fascinating things here, unlike the other tourist destination. But once you set foot here, you will be welcomed with history, historical sights, and hidden gems.

Top Attractions in Ethiopia - Addis Ababa, Awash National Park, Axum, Bahir Dar, Bale Mountains National Park, Gheralta, Langano, and more.

4. Kenya

Kenya, an East African country having its coastline on the Indian Ocean, is an ideal vacation spot for families, couples, and solo travelers. Kenya is named after its highest peak, Mount Kenya. It is popularly known as the home of Safari. Astounding wildlife and spectacular landscapes await you in Kenya. From the highs of Mount Kenya to the plains of Masai Mara to rich culture to abundant wildlife and beautiful beaches, Kenya dazzles everyone with an unforgettable time.

A trip to Africa is half-finished without visiting Kenya, as it is the favorite tourist holiday destination. Once you are here, you will fall in love with everything this country offers. Be it the welcoming people, the beautiful animals, the pristine beaches, the lush green mountains, and all of it.

Top Attractions in Kenya - Masai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Reserve, Lake Nakuru National Park, Lamu Island, Lake Naivasha, and more.

5. Tanzania

Tanzania, another East African marvel, is home to many big national parks in Africa. It is also famous for some of the best landscapes you will ever experience. Be it the Big Five, grasslands, woodlands, mountain peaks, and unique rock formations, Tanzania has so much to offer. A tourist will have many opportunities for sightseeing and photography. You are not going to come home empty-handed from your Africa Tour. Tanzania doesn’t disappoint its tourists.

Approximately 30% of Tanzania is comprised of National Park. It boasts the best national parks in the world and houses nearly one million species. Tourists can also indulge in Scuba Diving on Pemba Island to see plenty of marine life. All in all, you must visit Tanzania to experience the liveliness of this country.

Top Attractions in Tanzania - Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park, Zanzibar Beaches, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara National Park, Mafia Island, and more.

6. Mauritius

Mauritius, a Southeastern wonder, is home to beautiful islands, mystical landscapes, and a serene atmosphere. This place exhibits the marvels of mother nature that make your vacation more livable and enjoyable. You can find top-notch resorts, cafes, and bars that offer an ideal holiday experience. Mauritius can unquestionably live up to your Africa holidays expectations.

From palm-laden shores to mesmerizing scenery to underwater falls to quaint beaches, Mauritius offers a paradisiacal experience. Your Mauritius holidays will leave you wanting more of such a thrilling yet calm adventure. The gracious islands of Mauritius have been captivating the attention of many tourists recently. If you also want to join the tourist clan, you must pack your back and get on the Africa Tour.

Top Attractions in Mauritius - Port Louis, IIe Aux Cerfs Beach, Belle Mare, Chamarel, Tamarin Beach, Underwater waterfall, Tamarind falls, Grand Baie, and more.

7. Egypt

Egypt is famously renowned for its ancient civilization and historical monuments, which include the Great Sphinx, the Giza Pyramids, and the Valley of Kings. Being one of the most ancient countries in the world, Egypt welcomes tourists with many prehistoric sights. It is also known as the Land of Pyramids. It has evolved as one of the tourist hot spots in recent years. Wherever you will walk, you will witness history, tombs, and temples, lying alongside carved statues.

Besides its age-old treasures, you can indulge in scuba diving in the Red Sea and sail over the Nile to experience a different side of Egypt. Your Africa packages must cover Egypt because you can’t miss the paradisaical attractions of this country. There’s so much history, culture, dessert, and coastal landscapes to indulge in. Egypt has something for everyone.

Top Attractions in Egypt - Dahab, Siwa Oasis, Egyptian Museum, Valley of the Kings, River Nile Cruise, Red see the reef, Karnak, and more.

8. South Africa

South Africa is one of the prominent tourist destinations in Africa. From its culture to cities to towns to coastlines and friendly locals, it is a diverse country to visit. Not just this, South Africa boasts a range of unique and exciting activities for every type of traveler. If you are on South Africa Tour, don’t forget to visit Table Mountain. It is one of the top attractions one should have at least once in a lifetime. To admire its majestic beauty, you can book a spot on a cable car and relish the diverse flora view from above.

Besides the natural wonder, South Africa has a rich history that you can witness in many places. From Apartheid Museum to District Six Museum to The Mandela House, one can delve into ancient times by visiting these museums. If you are a fan of wines, you can stop by the vineyards and wineries.

Top Attractions in South Africa - Kruger National Park, Cape Town, The Garden Route, Stellenbosch, The Drakensberg, Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve, and more.

9. Uganda

Uganda is famously known as the “Pearl of Africa”, and it's easy to guess why. This East African country offers diverse wildlife, natural landscapes, and cultural experiences. Besides, you will unearth Africa’s tallest mountain range, snow-capped mountains, and vast Victoria lake. Uganda is home to innumerable Gorillas. More than half of the world’s Gorillas live in Uganda. You must include Uganda in your Africa tour packages to explore this hidden gem of Africa.

One can indulge in trekking through the dense forest, dive for white-water rafting in the Nile, or go on safari to spot the Big Five. With so much to do and discover, it is worth heading to this side of Africa to explore the unexplored.

Top Attractions in Uganda - Lugazi, Mityana, Kidepo Valley National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, and more.
10. Namibia

Namibia, a Southwest African country, is a budding tourist destination. It offers a quaint holiday experience with barely any people around. It is the second least populated country on the earth. One can only see an unending blue sky and vast & empty landscapes. On this overpopulated planet, you will hardly find any place like Namibia where you can immerse yourself in the remote wilderness.
There are still things that tourists can enjoy here, such as wonderful national parks, breathtaking landscapes, and mesmerizing wildlife. Namibia is the hidden gem of Africa. If you are heading for an Africa tour, don’t forget to add this country to your bucket list of destinations.

Top Attractions in Namibia - The Fish River Canyon, Skeleton Coast, Desert-adapted wildlife, Dead Vlei, Etosha National Park, Welwitschia Drive, and more.

Top Bucket List Experiences in Africa

Africa is beyond wildlife landscapes and sunny safaris. Once you start digging the bucket list adventures in Africa, you will end up with a long list. To help you live exceptional experiences, we have picked some of the best. You can include these bucket list experiences in your Africa tour packages and make your trip more fulfilling. Let’s skim through these:

1. Fly high above Maasai Mara in a hot air balloon ride
2. Witness the majestic Victoria Falls in Zambia
3. Indulge in Marine Safari in Mozambique
4. Go for thrilling Gorilla Trekking in Uganda
5. Watch the surreal landscapes of Skeleton Coast
6. Spend a few days on a private island in Seychelles
7. Board a luxurious train in Southern Africa for iconic destinations
8. Walk in the wilderness of Africa
9. Get astonished by Whale watching in South Africa
10. Stroll around with Elephant in Botswana
11. Take a Cape Town tour by Helicopter
12. Enjoy the lavish Nightlife in Africa
13. Explore the African history of Tanzania
14. Relax on the sunny beaches of Africa
15. Unearth the Legendary Sossusvlei
16. Immerse yourself in glittering Malawi Lake
17. Indulge in some local shopping
18. Take the delicious culinary tour
19. Travel the Cape Winelands
20. Climb African Mountains
21. Discover African culture and tradition

All Set to Tour Africa with Dook’s Africa Holiday Packages?

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If you want to avoid travel planning hassle, contact Dook today! Whether you want to enjoy the typical Safari or go for offbeat adventures, our Africa tour package from India has it all. So, don’t wait and begin your vacation with Dook.