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Netherlands Tour Packages

Explore Netherlands with DOOK

Netherlands: Diverse, Dramatic, Delightful & more…

Enjoy its extraordinary experiences with Dook’s Netherlands Holiday Packages

A country where you can find an extraordinary combination of old-world charm and new-age innovation, where green patches of the countryside and rugged coastline stretch as far as the eyes can see, where the canals, colourful tulip fields, windmills, gouda cheese and cycling routes are symbolic of country’s magnificence; nothing is quite like the quintessential Netherlands. For a country with so much wow factor, the Netherlands is often underestimated as a travel destination. But it is truly surprising that in this small northwestern European country, you can find a diverse range of cities along with a myriad of delightful small-town experiences that are worth appreciating. The cobbled streets sandwiched between the old-fashioned townhouses and lazy canals harmonising their flow with the vibrant energy of the cities, the traditional churches and vintage shops neighbouring the cutting edge buildings and cafes, a trove of street artworks and museums showcasing a rich heritage of artists, the beach walks and much-loved cycling routes; with all this and more, Netherlands is sure to make its way to your heart quite effortlessly!
The travellers usually start their Netherlands Tour through the capital city of Amsterdam which is a great place to begin, with plenty to see and do. From simply biking along the canals and enjoying the cafes, to sightseeing at the main attractions like the Royal Palace to gazing at the works of the master artist at the Van Gogh Museum or visiting the house where Jewish diarist Anne Frank hid during WWII. Of course, a visit to the capital should definitely be on your list, but don’t forget that there’s so much more to discover beyond the beloved AMS. You can enjoy the innovative skyline and shopping spree in Rotterdam or the tree-lined canals of Utrecht, gorge on loads of cheese in the special cheese markets of Gouda and Alkmaar, chillax in the chic cafes of Maastricht, discover the historic charm in Delft or enjoy the bracing wind with a beach walk along the Dutch coast. Many cities are even like these huge outdoor museums full of contemporary urban art, with colourful murals, surprising outdoor art and 3D illusions. You must not miss the Streetartfrankey’s surprising street art or follow a great digital route through The Hague with The Hague Street Art Tour.

Whatever it is you like, in the Netherlands, you’ll always find a city and a reason that delights you. To help you make your trip a lifetime memory, Dook offers a wide variety of Netherlands Tour Packages from India to choose from.
Capital: Amsterdam
Languages: Dutch and English
Currency: Euro
Driving Side: Right
Best Time to Travel: Year-round destination but June to August is seen as the peak tourist season. You can also visit between April to May and September to October (shoulder season)

Explore the Netherlands:

With so much variety of awesomeness, you are sure to stand amazed at the many facades of the towns and cities that this small country has! Take a boat down Amsterdam’s canals, see the largest flower parade in the world in Zundert, visit a series of traditional, restored windmills in Zaanse Schans, and walk the dikes and harbour of Volendam, surf at Scheveningen Beach in Den Haag, hit the Dutch food hotspots in Jordaan district and snack on the best pancakes, explore the highlights of The Hague and Rotterdam on foot from local’s perspective, discover the wonders of newest province of Flevoland and not to miss the historic charm of the oldest city Maastricht. No matter where you choose to go, there are innumerable experiences for you to enjoy. And with Dook as your travel pal, you can see them all and even more. Book from our Netherlands Packages and see for yourself why we are the right travel partners for your Netherlands Tour!

1. Amsterdam: The charismatic capital
What New York is to America, the city of Amsterdam is to the Netherlands. As the capital and biggest city of the Netherlands and the one which is the most visited in Europe, there’s no getting away from it. And there is no surprise in this. It is not as glamorous as Paris or as superbly modern as London or busy like New York and that’s what makes the AMS so special. Undoubtedly, this delightful city is worth spending a couple of days ticking things off your Amsterdam bucket list with its iconic canals, world-class museums, its rich culture and history, quirky and fun shops, laid-back bars and legendary nightlife and incredible Dutch food.
Here, you could truly spare a month to explore and still have so much to see and experience as there's never a shortage of wonderful things in Amsterdam! If there’s one thing that Amsterdam isn’t definitely short on, it's arts and culture. From the Rijksmuseum to the Van Gogh Museum to the Anne Frank House, there is a huge assortment of museums to cater to everyone’s interests. You can also choose to explore the historic buildings and art galleries in Jordaan, see the medieval wooden windmills and take in the pleasant ambience from the surrounding Tulip fields, go for a hassle-free boat tour on the canals crossing the romantic bridges, stroll through Vondelpark and the flower markets, go shopping in The 9 Streets, attend a live music concert or eat your way around the food stalls. While all these add to the city’s unique appeal, you must not miss a chance to cycle along the canals and discover the city gems, taking advantage of Amsterdam’s unbeatable network of cycle routes.

You can plan your fabulous trips to this buzzing heart of the country by simply booking one of our Netherlands Holiday Packages online.

2. Rotterdam: a city with numerous facades

Call it a sturdy harbour city, a city buzzing with nightlife, a city where shopping is a real treat, a city with a rich history, a stylishly artistic city or above all, a sophisticated architecture city, Rotterdam truly has many roles to play and this diversity plays a major role in enticing the visitors from near and afar. Being the second biggest metropolis in the country and wearing many hats, Rotterdam offers a myriad of experiences and attractions in and around the city centre.

For those wanting some peace, there are interesting parks and spaces scattered across the city. For the art lovers and the curiosity seekers, there is a good selection of museums and art galleries including the fascinating Maritime Museum, the Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen and the Wereldmuseum that houses an interesting collection of art from all over the world. For the gourmands, a visit to the Rotterdamse Oogstmarkt, a delicious and sustainable farmers’ market on Noordplein is always a treat. For those with a head for heights, the Euromast provides great panoramic views of the city. If you’re into photography, you will not want to miss the Erasmusbrug Bridge. Last but never least, as this architecturally blessed city is the one that stimulates innovation, one of the best designs to see here is its famous Cubic Houses and if you trust the word, the experience is mind-blowing!

3. The Hague: an unmissable gem

With a wealth of history for the tourists to soak in along with its modern skyline looking firmly towards the future, The Hague, located near the North Sea is one of the great cities to visit in the Netherlands. It is also the key political centre of the country where the Dutch Government is run from the historic Binnenhof and the King’s office palace can be found on the Noordeinde. A dynamic city with almost 30 theatres, 45 museums, plenty of chic hotels and almost 4000 shops to spend your entire day in and not to forget the popular beaches in the Kijkduin and Scheveningen districts; you can have everything added to your tour plan.
The Hague is also known as the “City of Peace” as there are many national and international organizations working for that goal and the perfect example is The Palace of Peace which was built around the turn of the 20th century and is well worth a visit. Along with these, the early 17th-century mansion of Mauritshuis is also considered as one of the central tourist attractions, Grote markt square and the Plein market that are ideal for city strolls, gorging on local delicacies and bustling nightlife. For the best shopping experience, go to the Vlamingstraat and the Spuistraat. Visiting The Hague in summers? You have chosen the best time as with a coastline that stretches no less than 11 km, broad sandy beaches, stunning dune areas and large parks, The Hague offers a sea of space and beach relaxation.
4. Maastricht: the most appealing old treasure

The capital city of the province Limburg, Maastricht is one of the oldest gems of the country as you will quickly discover why when strolling through the historic inner city. Churches, Old city walls, monumental merchant houses and big squares merge seamlessly with a comprehensive range of shops that depict the nice blend of culture and history that the city brings to the table. Even though it is not as popular as Amsterdam, Maastricht still surprisingly attracts over 3 million tourists to the city.
Here, what is interesting is that you can choose to explore the city wonders at your own pace, in your style; be it through a boat trip on the Meuse River or a historical walk through the city while reliving Roman history. Maastricht’s biggest attractions are the underground tours to the casemates and the Saint Peter’s Church, however; there’s more to this than what meets the eye. You can explore the canals, enjoy a walk through the inner city and fill your bellies with Limurg’s famous pies, go on a shopping spree or indulge in the gastronomic delights and city’s drinking culture, take a stroll alongside the Maas River, visit Hell’s Gate to relive history or Bisschopmolen Old mill to try some delicious bakery products and so much more.
5. Utrecht: where life is all about leisurely strolls and rendezvous

A lovely and lively beating heart of the country, Utrecht is even though the smallest of all the cities yet packed with so much wonderment and laid-back vibes. It is home to Utrecht University and several art museums that further adds to a cool hipster vibe. Also an incredibly walkable city with a car-free city centre built around the famed Dom Tower, Utrecht is mainly popular for its gorgeous canals with unusually attractive wharf cellars sheltering the hip cafés and terraces by the water. It is quiet and has an arty, young vibe which gives you the perfect excuse to break up the day’s explorations with a cup of tea or a coffee at the many cafes clustered around squares and canals.

What makes its vibe unique is the fact that it’s not on every tourist’s radar, so it doesn’t have anything like the crowds of people that Amsterdam does. Surprising you further are its key attractions like Utrecht’s medieval old town, DOMunder, De Haar Castle, Dom Church and more. If you fancy flowers, don’t forget to visit the market of Janskerkhof which is indeed one of the most pleasant experiences. You can also opt to stop along the way for a drink at the bars, stroll alongside the canals while visiting the monuments or just sit on the deck of your boat while snacking, drinking and lounging under the comforting sun.

Top Bucket List Experiences in Netherlands:

1. An arty buff? You must not miss the Van Gogh Museum!

Ranked amongst the list of top art museums globally, the spectacular Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is an impressive marvel housing the largest collection of artworks by Vincent van Gogh. The permanent vast collection features over 200 paintings by the great artist, 500 drawings and over 700 letters that attract almost 1.5 million visitors and art fanatics each year. A highlight is participating in the museum's "Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience," which offers a fascinating, interactive look at the artist's life along with his best-known work.

2. Cycle along the canals and explore Amsterdam like a pro!

“When in Amsterdam, ride as the Dutch do!”- This saying comes with the fact that the Netherlands is geographically flat which makes it a perfect place to bicycle. Many communities, especially in Amsterdam actively put the biking culture to use while most of them provide free bikes to visitors to explore the sights. Cycling around Amsterdam isn’t just safe, it’s practically required if you want to travel the city like a local moving leisurely along the most famous canals in Amsterdam. Move ahead to explore the museums, parks and markets while crossing over the beautiful bridges, stopping by at a cafe, tasting the local snack 'bitterballen' and discovering all the nooks and crannies that you could find in the city.
3. See the unseen European gem- Haarlem

This medieval and charming city in the North is much loved by the locals, however, is yet to catch the deserving attention of the tourists. With a lively cultural essence spluttering out of its extraordinary museums, lovely shopping streets lined with little boutiques, vibrant markets and cosy restaurants, Haarlem is indeed one of the veiled European wonders waiting to be discovered. What’s more? The city is close to some great beaches too located on the banks of the Spaarne River and is also at the centre of Dutch flower-growing district which makes for a great base for visitors to the Netherlands to see the tulips in full bloom.

4. Experience the gooey-goodness and cheese trading traditions in Gouda

The name ‘Gouda cheese’ is famous throughout the world. Today, around 60% of Dutch cheese is produced in the region of Gouda, which is also known as the Cheese Valley. And unsurprisingly, Gouda’s Cheese Market remains a unique sight at the heart of the Netherlands’ cheese industry, with its rich Dutch traditions now a must-see attraction. While here, you not just have access to of course a crazy variety of cheese, cheese farms and tasting the authentic Gouda Cheese, you will also be able to see the trading traditions that have endured the centuries. The typical Gouda cheese wheels are delivered by horse and cart, piled on the ground, before being sold traditionally in front of Gouda’s stunning old City Hall. The farmers and traders ‘clap hands’ to confirm the sale that only is described as a one-of-a-kind spectacle.

5. Visit Delft to buy the traditional blue earthenware

A small and lovely old town situated near The Hague, Delft is blessed with the typical Dutch architecture and an impressive canal view. Delft, apart from being adorned with plenty of historical monuments and various interesting attractions easily explored on foot, is also well-known for its ceramic pottery industry, especially for the earthenware painted with the famous Delft blue. You can visit the Royal Delft which is the last remaining earthenware factory to witness the age-old process of creating Delft Blue earthenware and shop for the original Delft Blue ceramics in the central market square (Grote Markt) which is the beating heart of the city.

6. Go for mudflat walking on the Wadden Sea

Yes, you can walk over the sea! At low tide, the Wadden Sea, between the northern coast and the Wadden Islands, virtually disappears and the sandbanks become dry allowing the visitors to walk on the seabed full of mud. This activity known as ‘Wadlopen’, is one of the most adventurous things to do during your Netherlands Tour. Be sure to book in advance as you’ll be updated on the times when the tides are low and ideal for walking the route. It is highly recommended and can be booked under one of Dook’s Netherlands Tour Packages.

7. Visit the Canal town with no streets- Giethoorn

If there is one otherworldly and unreal place in the Netherlands, it has to be Giethoorn as there aren’t any streets here but only the canals. How super cool is that! This peaceful little town that seems like a postcard picture offers access to canal-side restaurants and cafes and to take in all its beauty, it is highly recommended to stay overnight here. Giethoorn is also close to De Weerribben-Wieden National Park where you can traverse by a waterway on rowboats and canoes, of course, by the many hiking paths. Visit here and you’ll then agree why Giethoorn is called the "Dutch Venice".

8. Spare a picture-perfect day trip to the Zaanse Schans Windmill Village

This unique corner of the Netherlands known as Zaanse Schans is full of wooden houses, mills, barns, workshops and so much more of your interest. A pleasant one-day trip from Amsterdam, a visit to the picturesque Dutch village at Zaanse Schans is nothing short of amazement. You will find iconic views of the 6 windmills set on the river Zaan along with a bakery museum, cheese factory, pancake restaurant that have quickly become very popular tourist attractions given that entrance into the area is free.

Discover all the nooks and crannies of the Netherlands with Dook

While we may have convinced you enough to pack your bags and get ready to visit the Netherlands, you can further get in touch with our tour experts to find out the best Netherlands Tour Packages from India that help you experience everything that this incredible country offers.

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