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Tanzania Tour Packages

Explore Tanzania with DOOK

Tanzania: The Hemingway inspired African paradise

See Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and much more with Dook

“Now, being in Africa, I was hungry for more of it, the changes of the seasons, the rains with no need to travel, the discomforts that you paid to make it real, the names of the trees, of the small animals, and all the birds, to know the language and have time to be in it and to move slowly”. When Ernest Hemingway in his non-fiction claimed to be captivated by the charm of the East African landscape, every point about Tanzania being the massive storehouse of natural marvels was hence proved.

Nothing less than an author’s artistic imagination, this incredible country offers an authentic African experience with an unmatched diversity of fauna and flora, the best game viewing and impressive beaches, all these and more wrapped into one package. About twice the size of California, Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa bordered by the Indian Ocean and eight countries including Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. No wonder why it is worth all the hype; its winning combination of wildlife and beach life has been catching the eyes of the inquisitive travellers, year-on-year. What majorly played a role in upholding its appeal as a premier tourist destination is Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain and wildlife-rich national parks like Serengeti. These have not just piqued the traveller’s curiosity but have also gained a name and fame in the works of many celebrated authors and even in the wildlife inspired movies.

Either you choose to explore the exotic Islands of Zanzibar, the premium game sanctuaries of Serengeti, climb the Kilimanjaro, visit Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater, Ruaha, Lake Manyara, Selous or Mafia Island - you’ll see the highlights - and much more - your way.

We, at Dook, design your ideal Tanzania Tour, paying close attention to your interests and budget. With us, you are sure to find the experiences you won’t find in a usual guidebook. Have a look at our bespoke Tanzania Tour Packages and you will know why we are your best choice.

Capital: Dodoma

Languages: Kiswahili or Swahili, English

Currency: Tanzanian shilling

Driving Side: Left

Best Time to Travel: Travel between July to September to catch the river crossings of the Great Migration. November to March is ideal for those seeking peaceful / quieter experiences, especially the bird watching

Explore Tanzania

Watching the great wildebeest migration across the Mara River, pinning your ears to bird calls on walking safaris through the Serengeti, vast blue sky panoramas and several shades of green in the Selous Game Reserve. Reaching up the summit of the highest free-standing mountain in the world: Mount Kilimanjaro, trailing the Big Five on game drives in the Ngorongoro Crater, soft-sand beaches of Zanzibar, balloon safaris, endless savannah or bountiful wildlife. Isn’t a mere thought of Tanzania is as refreshing to a globetrotter as William Wordsworth’s poems are to the soul?

And these marvels are just before you head to discover the off-the-beaten-path gems like chimpanzee trekking in the untouched rainforests of Mahale and Rubondo or crowd-free game viewing among the beautifully wild and unique landscapes of Ruaha or just the hassle-free hot balloon safari over the panoramic landscapes of the country.

One land and plentiful experiences. What excites you? With Dook as your tour buddy, you can travel at your own pace, in your style and with utmost confidence. Wherever you choose to go in your Tanzania Holiday Packages, we are here to show you the best that this country has to offer. Here is one of our popular itineraries where you come up and close with the best in Tanzania.

1. Zanzibar - Beyond the unhurried pace of a serene beach life

What the locals call as the ‘Spice Island’, Zanzibar is a gem tucked on Africa’s east coast and amasses the Zanzibar Archipelago and other small islands in the Indian Ocean. While the city bursts with culture and history, its idyllic geography of white-sand beaches and pristine environment offering both leisure and adventure opportunities have made Zanzibar a leader endorsing eco-tourism.

An ideal place to unwind following your thrilling safari days in Tanzania, the Zanzibar Archipelago with its string of islands offers the most relaxed basking-in-the-sun moments along with a myriad of activities you could indulge in. You can spend days snorkelling and diving among coral reefs, windsurfing, kayaking, onboard the traditional dhow and absorbing the Swahili culture. Also known as the Spice Island for a reason, Zanzibar, surprisingly, has been a major source of the world's supply of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and black pepper for centuries. Once a hub for the spice traders, history here goes back 2,000 years. Nowhere is this more evident than in the alleys of Stone Town (a UNESCO cultural heritage site) where you can head to the spice markets and get enchanted by the huge piles of aromatic spices. A lot of personalised spice tours are also arranged that further pique the interest of travellers.

Our travel specialists, having the know-how of the destination, can help you plan a Tanzania Tour that complements well with Zanzibar archipelago’s places of interest.

On the wander-list: Stone Town, Darajani Market (for spices), Pemba Island, Jozani Forest, Kwale Island, Prison Island, The Rock Restaurant, Mnemba Atoll, The Tea House, Mrembo Spa 

2. Arusha: The bustling little African town

An attractive yet underrated town snuggled at the foot of the beautiful Mount Meru (Africa’s 5th highest mountain), Arusha is known as the safari capital or an ideal gateway to Tanzania's Northern Safari Circuit. While the high altitude gives the city a pleasant climate and lush green settings, Arusha has just been able to gain the label of a stopover city. But it is much beyond that!

Some may call it a small, busy and noisy town; the others may find it an interestingly refreshing place to visit. If you plan to stay awhile longer here, you will be able to do a close rendezvous with an interesting mix of modern and the old colonial attractions that this busy African city offers. It has numerous first-class restaurants, bars and markets and is the ideal place to spend a few relaxing days before embarking on a safari. On the cultural front, Arusha consists of over 100 nationalities, making it diverse in terms of culture. You can also participate in cultural tourism program where trips are organised to visit nearby villages.

If booking the Tanzania Tour Packages with us, we help you dig a little deeper into the wonders of Arusha and guide you through the in-and-around attractions. Here is another interesting itinerary that covers Arusha extensively.

On the wander-list: Central Market on Bondeni Street, Arusha Cultural Heritage Museum, Tanzania, Mount Meru, Olduvai Gorge, Mshiri Village, Arusha National Park, Tengeru.

3. Dar es Salaam: The booming metropolis

Dar es Salaam is the largest, multicultural city and economic capital of Tanzania. It is nestled along a quiet bay of the Indian Ocean coast and is loved among the tourists for its seaside setting, unexpectedly laid-back vibe and eclectic influences which depict a rich mix of African, Arabic and Indian cultures.

The name Dar es Salaam in Arabic means "haven of peace" and the same was more fitting of Dar's previous status as a sleepy fishing town which has now transformed into a booming metropolis and the most prospering centre of the entire East African region. Even though most of the popular itineraries skip the Dar es Salaam tour, the culture here along with a thriving mix of beaches, shopping and food has a slice of adventure for you to enjoy. Also, it is a foodie’s paradise since the city boasts the best of international cuisines ranging from traditional Tanzanian barbecue and Zanzibar food to Thai, Chinese and American dine-in.

On the wander-list: Kariakoo market, Askari Monument, National Museum of Dar Es Salaam, Temple Road, Pugu Hills, Bagamoyo town, Bongoyo Island, Village Museum, Uhuru Street, Zanzibari Mix. 

Top Bucket List Travel Experiencesin Tanzania:

1. Make your way up to the summit of Kilimanjaro

Many used it as the metaphor for describing the compelling beauty of East Africa, while the other few listed Mount Kilimanjaro on the top of their bucket lists. This inactive volcano in north-eastern Tanzania termed rightly as ‘Roof of Africa’, is one of the seven summits rising 19,340 feet above sea level and also the tallest freestanding mountain in the world.

There are innumerable reasons why over 40000 trekkers are lured to hike the Kilimanjaro each year. It is one of the continent’s most magnificent sights, rising in splendid isolation from the plains below, making it a photographer’s delight. Not to miss mentioning that the glory of climbing the world’s highest freestanding mountain and standing atop Africa’s pinnacle is next to none. As you climb its legendary slopes ‘pole pole’ which means (in regional language) ‘slowly slowly’, trekking through different climate zones and lush landscapes, the reward of standing above the majestic views of the continent is like the satisfying escape you ever needed.

Just as Ernest Hemingway describes the mighty mountain in his famous work “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” as the symbol of purity and incredibly white marvel shining dazzlingly in the sunlight, Mount Kilimanjaro is nothing less than one of the brilliant wonders of the world. Hence, it is not justified to skip Kilimanjaro’s arduous yet worthwhile hike if you are out on a Tanzania Tour.

2. Visit the giant, wild heart of Tanzania- Serengeti National Park

You may have seen countless wildlife movies recorded in Africa; Serengeti is the proud protagonist in most of them and that comes with a good reason. Serengeti, meaning “endless plains”, is not just Tanzania's oldest park and a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site but also a known home of the Great Migration and 2 million wildebeests, thousands of zebras and antelopes including impalas and Thomson's gazelles. Apart from these, it shelters 4000 lions, 1000 leopards, 550 cheetahs and some 500 bird species that call this area of over 15,000 square kilometres their home.

The classical African scenery dominated by liberally scattered savannahs peppered with distinctive trees, the most iconic game viewing experiences, genuine smiles of the Maasais or just the thrill chills of being amongst the wandering animals - whatever the reason is, the magic of Serengeti is indescribable. Apart from relishing the game drives or gazing upon the Great Migration in wonder, you can opt to see everything from a bird’s-eye view and soar over the plains during a hot air balloon safari at sunrise.

You can experience the Serengeti in surprising comfort and luxury, as long as you choose the right travel partner. Therefore, we are here to hand stitch your itineraries with bespoke experiences in your Tanzania Holiday Packages that are likely to leave memories for a lifetime.

3. Get lost in the alleys of Stone Town in Zanzibar

The ancient city called Stone Town - declared a UNESCO cultural heritage site in 2000, is Zanzibar’s historic heart, quite Arabic in essence and spirit. It is precisely a puzzling maze of streets and alleyways that form the westernmost tip of Zanzibar Town. But the interesting part here is the fact that you get lost and enjoy the experience of forgetting about the destination and explore every nook and corner of the town instead.

From the twisted passages that pass through the coffee carts and lavishly carved doors, Stone Town leads you to an abundance of shopping districts, both luxury and chaotic. For the dedicated shopper in you, look for some brightly coloured kanga and kikois, silver jewellery, handmade leather bags, wooden carvings, antiques and ornaments of all shapes and sizes. Adding the exciting pinch into shopping interest is the spice-infused beauty products including oils and even the spices themselves.

If you wish to stay longer and explore the town at a leisurely pace, a few worth-visit attractions include The Old Arab Fort, Forodhani Gardens, House of Wonders and The Zanzibar Doors.

4. Ditch the safari jeeps; fly over Tanzanian plains in a Balloon Safari

Whether you're a first time visitor or a frequent traveller, there's no better way to admire the country than by soaring and flying over its lush, green hills and arid plains. And the best way to experience the wilderness of East Africa is through the incredibly unique Balloon safaris in Tanzania. As you silently fly over the plains that swarm with the herds of wildlife, the visuals are absolute sights to behold!

Although not cheap, a balloon safari is worth the expense. Floating serenely over the treetops while you soak up the endless views of Serengeti plains is an unforgettable experience. The Safari departure is usually in the early morning; if lucky you may even spot some nocturnal predators getting ready for the day. The best odds for seeing the Great Migration with its innumerable wildebeests and zebras would be to book a flight in the Ndutu area as large herds flock here between December and March.

5. Dive in or dip in the beach vibes of Mafia Island

Also part of the Spice Islands, but smaller than Pemba, Mafia Island has a population of around 40,000 people. According to its name in Swahili which means ‘a healthy dwelling-place’ or an ‘archipelago’, the island attracts scuba divers, adventure enthusiasts and people wanting to relax on the untouched islands and its white sandy beaches, as its website aptly states ‘miles and miles of unspoilt beaches’.

Despite being endowed with several tourist-friendly features like accessibility, affordability, the abundance of leisure activities along with old fashioned island life, Mafia is still not well-known to most tour operators. But it has surely been attracting those who wish to get away from the crowds; the complete island experience from intense activity to complete laid-back, feet-up bliss, an array of hotels and lodges add up to the thrill of visiting this water paradise.

6. See the hushed side of the wild at Ruaha National Park

The remarkable beauty of Ruaha is not only in the landscape and its diversity of flora and fauna, or the impressive big game but in the feeling of having the wilderness all around you, wrapped inside a gloriously remote setting. This hidden gem is Tanzania’s biggest national park in the southern circuit. Though not a touristy one yet, there are only a handful of safari camps despite their size, offering tourists the respite they may need after a thrilling exploration in the North.

What sets it apart from the other safari destinations is its uncontrolled character. You won’t see many other tourists around – only a plethora of animals like buffalo, giraffe, kudu, sable, almost 10% of the world’s lion population calling the plains home, cheetah and leopard. It is also home to Tanzania’s biggest elephant population and has a stronghold for rare African wild dogs. Safaris here tend to be the game drives focused during daylight hours as night drives are not permitted.

A worthwhile Tanzania trip with Dook

We know that travel comes out meaningful only when it's created individually for the one intending to travel. Our travel specialists at Dook Travels are here to use their first-hand knowledge and help you decide out of the most recommended, trending and off-beat places to visit on your Tanzania trip.

Whether it’s about appreciating the fertile savannahs of Africa’s east, capturing the huge and hearty smiles of Tanzanians, the exciting series of four-wheel game drives or the rewarding climb of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Tour Packages booked with Dook will always turn out to be the best travelling experience.