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About Finland

About Country Cheat Sheet

Formal Name: Republic of Finland
Location of Kazakhstan: North Europe
Capital: Helsinki
Demonym: Finns, Finnish
Area: 338424Sq Km
Population: 5519586
Ethnic Groups: Ingrian Finn, Russian, Estonian, Sami
Languages: Finnish, Swedish
Religion: Lutheran Church, Orthodox Church, Other Christian denomination, Other religions
Currency: Euro (EUR, €)
Best Time To Visit: Dec-Apr
Calling Code: 358
Drives On: Right
Visa on Arrival: No
Major Cities: Helsinki, Rovaniemi, Kemi
Administrative and Territorial Structure:

Finland is divided into 19 Regions, 70 Sub-regions, 311 Municipalities.

Land Boundaries:

Total: 2,563 km, Land Borders: Norway (709 km), Sweden (545 km), Russia (1,309 km)

About Finland

Finland is a beautiful European country. The greenest country on the planet, Finland has plenty of untouched and pristine natural beauty worth exploring. And adding to this, as per latest reports Finland is also the happiest and safest country on the planet. Finland’s capital is Helsinki. Helsinki is also the largest and most populous city of Finland. Helsinki happens to be the most important and active center of politics, education, finance, culture, research and tourism in the country.

Finland Geography

Finland is located in Northern Europe. Finland shares borders with Russia to its east, Sweden to its northwest and Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia and Gulf of Finland to its Northern side. Finland is a small Nordic country in the region of Fennoscandia. Finland is a country that respects nature and ecology the most and that is why Finland is the greenest country in the world.

Finland Climate and Weather

Winter is the longest season in Finland because of its northern location. It has short and moderately rainy summers as well. Capital city experiences winter season from Mid-November to Late March and during this period temperature is around or below freezing point. June to August is summer time here when temperature is around 20° C and 30° C at the peak.
Finland History

Finland history is interesting. From early 14th century to 1809 it was under Swedish rule and from 1809 onwards till 1917 it remained under Russia and from 1917 till now is independent Finland. During the Swedish regime, Finland remained group of provinces but when Russia took over in 1809, Finland became a national entity as an autonomous Grand Duchy. Finally, after lot of struggles, Finland was declared independent on 6th December, 1917.

Finland Culture and Traditions

Finland culture had influences from its adjacent area because of its geographical position and foreign rules of Sweden and Russia. Most of the people still recognize nature as emotionally connecting point and urbanization in the country is only a recent time phenomenon. Several native customs comprise Finland’s culture represented in their national languages Finnish and Swedish. Minors in the country practice their traditions freely.

Finland Food & Cuisine

Finnish people are passionate about their food and they feel quite attached to their culinary roots. Although, in modern times you can find anything you want on your plate in Finland, but if you want to taste local food then you must try Leipajuusto (squeaky cheese), Vispiuur - dessert, Lohikeitto - a soup, Mustikkapiirakka - a dessert and Kaalilaatikko - a cabbage casserole.

Facts about Finland
1. Finland is the happiest country in the world. 
2. Finland is the safest country in the world. 
3. Finnish language is one of the most difficult languages to learn and translate.
4. Finland has over 2 million Saunas.
5. Finland has midnight sun and sees white light in the months of June and July.
6. Finland has over 180,000 lakes making it the highest water to land ratio in the world.
7. Over 70% Finland’s land is forest which makes Finland an absolute green country.
8. Capital city Helsinki is considered one of the top 10 cities in the world which has cleanest air.
9. Finland has over 70,000 islands.
10. Finland’s press is among top 5 freest press in the world.


Finland Tourism

Finland is a land of thousands of lakes and Islands and over 70% of the land is forest. This is absolutely cool country, the happiest and safest in the world. No matter which month of the year you visit Finland, it offers something unique to visitors. And this is evidenced by the fact that over 6 million foreign tourists visited the country in 2017. Helsinki, the capital city is the first place to start your journey from.

Apart from Helsinki, other must see places are Jyavaskyla, Finnish Lapland, Santa Claus Village, Alnad, Suomenlinna, Levi, Savonlinna, Sibelius Monument, Turku and Nuuksio National Park. One must not miss white night experience during June and July.

Helsinki Tourism

Helsinki is a fairytale land. Sitting on the north coast of the Gulf of Island facing the Baltic Sea, Helsinki is a great tourist destination. Walking on foot the entire city is quite a good option if one wants to explore in detail. If not on foot, one can always use public transport in which boat rides to islands is a great experience.

Top popular places to see in Helsinki include Suomenlinna, Market Square, Rock Church, Seurasaari, Sibelius Monument and park, Uspensky Cathedral, Linnanmaki Amusement park and Museum of Contemporary art.
Different Types of Tourism in Finland

1. Historical Tourism in Finland

Finland history has mainly 3 chapters. One is of Swedish rule, 2nd is of Russian rule and 3rd is independent Finland. Museums are best places to explore any place’s history and so when in Finland one can visit museums such as National Museum of Finland, Museum of Finnish Architecture, Finnish Museum of Natural history and Military museum of Finland.

2. Culture Tourism in Finland

Each corner of Finland tells you that Finland has a rich and diverse culture. 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country are example of that. No matter which city you are in, there are museums and galleries galore to go to. Some places you must explore to dig deep the culture of the land are Sea Fortress Suomenlinna, Temppeliaukion Church, Helsinki Cathedral and more.

3. Sea & Nature Tourism in Finland

Finland is a land of lakes and Iceland. You will get tired visiting them but lakes and Iceland will not finish. Also over 70% of Finland is forest which is the result of the fact that Finnish people respect the nature big time. Some spectacular landscapes you must explore in Finland are Aland, UTO Island, Pallas-Yllastunturi national park, Koli and Oulanka national park.

4. Sport & Adventure in Finland

Finland has everything in the category of sports and adventure one can imagine. There are ski resorts and skiing, fishing, hiking and trekking, nature adventures, hunting, horse riding, water sports and boating, summer sports along the beaches and more. You just need to decide what you want to explore and when.

5. Honeymoon Tourism in Finland

Slightly unknown land of Finland is a perfect destination for romance. Beautiful lakes, amazing Iceland, splendid white light, beautiful green cover, charming coastal towns, and cozy Igloos to ice hotels, you get everything you want in Finland which makes your honeymoon trip more than a memorable one. Don’t forget to visit places such as Hameenlinna - a stunning lakeside city, Kemi - home of the famous snow castle, Jyvaskyla - a gem of architecture, Kittila - a beautiful resort town and more on your honeymoon trip to Finland.

6. MICE Tourism in Finland

Finland is a new and emerging MICE destination in Europe. The country offers truly beautiful experience of nature, northern lights, Lapland, safaris, resort towns and much more. Helsinki has seen growth in number of visitors coming for business meetings and conferences in recent years. Helsinki and several other cities in Finland are served by direct international flights. And for comfortable stay you also have world class hotels to budget hotels, Ice hotels and cozy Igloos.

7. Health & Wellness Tourism in Finland

Finland has the cleanest air in the world. Nature is the basic value in Finland and word Sauna originated from Finnish language only. So, visitors definitely feel an enhanced health in the environment of Finland. Restaurants offer clean food, and you can relax your body and mind in the Saunas of Finland which has been used for thousands of years.

8. Culinary Tourism in Finland

Culinary is moving towards organic and local food in Finland. One can visit a classy restaurant or an eating place in the middle of wild, to enjoy a Finnish meal. Finland now combines traditional and locally available ingredients with contemporary styles. You can taste the best at popular restaurants such as Georgian House - Helsinki, Kievari Kahdet Kasvot - Tampere, Santa Fe Restaurant - Helsinki and O’Learys Helsinki Bakers.
9. Nightlife Tourism in Finland

Finns love partying and they love to go out. It is true not just in capital city Helsinki but also in small towns. Weekend is the time to enjoy big time in clubs and casinos. You can enjoy floorshows and live bands performances there. If you love Vodka, then don’t forget to hit popular vodka bars. Some super cool clubs in Helsinki you must go to are Apollo Live club, Club Capital, Kaarle XII and Kaivohuone.
10. Winter Tourism in Finland

Finland is a super cool place in winters. You have every activity possible in winters in Finland. Skiing or snowboarding, Snowmobiling, Kick sledding, Dog Sledding, Sailing on Ice Breaker Boats, Ice Fishing, snowshoeing and experiencing a relaxing time at Saunas here are just some of the experiences you cannot miss during winters in Finland.

Travel Guide

Finland Tour and Travel Guide

Finland is home to mountains, lakes, waterfalls, bays and Lapland. Finland is one of the best places to experience white lights in Europe. Your journey starts from Helsinki, the capital and the biggest city and from there you can travel to the other parts of the country. Helsinki International Airport is not far from the city and bus is quite a good option to travel entire country. Of course, on your trip you cannot miss boat rides, cycling and walking as well. Food is great here. With plenty of sightseeing locations and superb natural beauty your trip to Finland is definitely once in a lifetime thing.
Helsinki Tour and Travel Guide

You start your journey of Finland from Helsinki. The city offers variety of places to see, plenty of activities to do and lots of great experiences. You can walk up to any sightseeing place as they are located within walking distance from the city center. You can choose tram travel also. You can visit Helsinki in any month of the year. There are world class hotels and moderate budget hotels, hostels and other accommodations available. You can reach Helsinki as several international flights fly to Helsinki International Airport.

1. Accommodation in Finland

There are all options of accommodation available in Finland. There are luxury hotels, boutique and design hotels, five star luxury villas, hostels, lakeside cabins, farm stays and snow hotels and glass Igloos to experience white lights in Finland. Rates are quite competitive and thus family and group stay is quite affordable. You can also hire self-catering apartments, cottages and villas on rent. Some of the popular hotels in Finland are Clarion Hotel, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel and more.
2. Travelling in Finland

Bus is the best transport option to travel within Finland. You can board a regular bus or for faster travel you can ride on express bus.

Train is also a good option to travel from one place to another. You can get trains from Helsinki to and from other cities such as Tampere, Oulu, Stockholm and others.

Within a city walking is a good choice. Every place in Helsinki is well within walking distance from the city center.

Don’t forget to ride on a sightseeing cruise in Helsinki and Lapland. Renting a bike is also quite popular here.

3. Shopping in Finland

Shopping may not be very cheap in Finland but you can buy high quality and best products from Finland. You can buy best of Glassware, Home ware, ceramics, electronics, furniture, textile, handicrafts, gifts and souvenirs and more from Finland. Some of the best shopping centers in Finland worth exploring are Ainoa - Tapiola, Arabia - Helsinki, Dixi, Columbus, Heikintori - Tapiola, Itis - Helsinki, Kampin Kesku and Forum in Helsinki.
4. Best Time to Visit Finland

Depending upon what you want to experience, you can choose that time to visit Finland. Be it summers or winters or other time of the year, you can go to Finland for unique experience during that time.

If you love snow activities, go to Finland from December to March. For unique white light experience you can visit Finland in June and July. Other months of spring from April to May and autumn from September to October of the year are also best to visit Finland.
4-5 days are ideal for a Finland trip.

5. Finland Flights

Busiest airports in Finland are Helsinki Airport, Enontekio Airport, Oulu Airport, Turku Airport, Rovaniemi Airport, Vaasa Airport and Tampere Airport. Biggest Airlines flying to Finland are Aeroflot, Etihad Airways, Finnair, All Nippon Airways and British Airways.

6. Finland Travel Tips

Getting visa for Finland is not that difficult.
When in Finland, you should use a local SIM card for calling and internet.
Helsinki is an extremely urban city.
Temperatures vary big time here, so you must pack appropriately.
Finland is a heaven for non-vegetarian.
You also get readily available vegetarian food here.
Be ready for Self-service in hotels and everywhere else because of high labor cost here.
Bus, trains, trams, cruise and boats are the best transport options in Helsinki and elsewhere.
Practice honesty in all activities in Finland.
Never litter.

Visa Information

Finland Visa Information:

Finland is a part of Schengen Agreement and so you can apply for Finnish Schengen Visa. There are various types of visa that you need to obtain depending upon purpose and duration of your visit to the country. However, common documents that you need for all types of visa are following:

Completed visa application form.
Two photos.
Current passport.
Copy of previous visas.
Travel program.
Travel health insurance.
Round trip tickets.
Proof of accommodation.
Proof of sufficient financial means to support your expense.