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Bestselling Honeymoon Packages

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Exotic Turkey

Exotic Turkey

7 Nights 60648

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Best Selling
Turkey Honeymoon Special Package

Turkey Honeymoon Special Package

8 Nights

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Best Selling
Mauritius Honeymoon Package

Mauritius Honeymoon Package

6 Nights

Visa Accommodation Transport Meals Tour Guide Airport Transfer Sightseeing

Seychelles Honeymoon Special Tour

Seychelles Honeymoon Special Tour

5 Nights

Visa Accommodation Transport Meals Tour Guide Airport Transfer Sightseeing

Exotic Seychelles Honeymoon Tour

Exotic Seychelles Honeymoon Tour

8 Nights

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Mauritius Perfect Vacation For Honeymooner

Mauritius Perfect Vacation For Honeymooner

5 Nights

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Romantic Finland Honeymoon Package

Romantic Finland Honeymoon Package

5 Nights 156828

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Almaty Honeymoon Package

Almaty Honeymoon Package

6 Nights

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Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Roam Romantic Wonderlands with one click

Make your moments of togetherness memorable with Dook’s Honeymoon Packages
After all those crazy, hectic months of planning, preparations and finally the big day, the couples deserve a much-needed breather. Yes, it’s the time of ‘Honeymoon’ we are talking about! It is the time when the couples reflect on their bond and their path to marital bliss as well as look for some ‘just us’ time while unwinding and rejuvenating. Not to mention, some of the greatest, filled with love honeymoon memories will help them keep their spark alive when reminiscing.
Undoubtedly, the honeymoon period requires that connection between the two and what better way to showcase your love towards each other than embarking on a romantic holiday to a faraway, exotic place! Yes, a traditional tourist destination would definitely let you explore the places around but a few days with phones and devices unplugged, into the remotest corner of the world or probably an exciting vacation on a cruise would add further to the excitement of the new beginnings. Looking for where to go? Stuck between the offbeat and popular Honeymoon Destinations? Why not make your honeymoon the best trip of your life by booking your Honeymoon Tour Packages with Dook? Whether your idea is to include adventure, sightseeing, gastronomic excursions, natural vistas or just the luxury accommodations offering utmost privacy, our Honeymoon Packages have got your all preferences covered!
With us as your Honeymoon Trip advisor, you probably get access to numerous Honeymoon destinations around the world and within India. Picture yourself dancing and swaying in the arms of your partner on one of Bali’s secluded beaches; bathing in the sea-facing jacuzzi of Maldivian resorts; holding hands while taking leisurely strolls along the canals of Venice; reliving your DDLJ moments amidst the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland; and how can one forget Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower when one says ‘love’. If you are planning to celebrate your everlasting bond in Indian Honeymoon Destinations, we have plenty of options that are sure to re-energise your romance. The top favourites include Kerala, Goa, Rajasthan, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and Kashmir.

Book from our range of Honeymoon Tour Packages and make your first few days of the new marital life unforgettable.
Top 10 International Honeymoon Destinations:

1. Maldives:

Spectacular beaches? Indeed. Luxurious overwater bungalows with butlers at your service? You bet. Absolute privacy to enjoy each other’s company as newlyweds? Totally. Yes, we are indeed talking about the Maldives here! Perhaps one of the most gorgeous tropical countries, Maldives ticks every box for a honeymooning couple seeking either the beach-fun, stay offering ultimate luxury or utmost privacy at its best. There is no other place as romantically entwined as Maldives so considering spending the initial days of your marital life here is definitely a big thumbs up.
2. Dubai:
If world-class urban luxury, high-end shopping, cultural tours or terrific sightseeing interest you, Dubai might be an ideal choice for the two of you! Move beyond its iconic Burj Khalifa and you’ll be amazed by the extraordinary Dubai attractions and experiences. You can choose to cruise on a traditional dhow at Dubai Creek, take a tour of the ancient Bastakia, book a yacht tour for some alone time, or relax by infinity pools atop one of the most luxurious properties.

3. Bali:

If you're looking for a romantic getaway that's relatively near and somewhat more affordable but no less beautiful, why not consider Indonesia? Visited by honeymooners, at any time of the year, Indonesia is crammed with incredible experiences. What better place than Indonesia to hit the exotic Bali beaches and other secluded islands, explore the cultural attractions, walk down the hilly terrains or through rice fields and get lost in the tropical rain forests, all fitted into your personalised Honeymoon Packages.

4. Singapore:

Singapore is one of those top honeymoon destinations that get loads of hype - and lives up to every bit of it because it’s not just super popular but also the cheapest. From endless shopping options, awesome food and attractions you can relish together, from invigorating nightlife to entertainment galore, Singapore will surely brew up some romance. Combine your Singapore Honeymoon trip with a much-needed stay at one of the extravagant hotels and you will definitely be tempted to stay back for long.

5. Malaysia:

Just like the other honeymoon destinations, Malaysia has its fair share of amazing attractions and experiences too. But what makes it a perfectly pleasing honeymoon choice is the easy accessibility as well as a touch of tranquillity. From vibrant cities to the thriving countryside, from secluded islands to exhilarating water activities, from cultural marvels to natural attractions, Malaysia is sure to keep you hooked for days. If Malaysia is where you plan to spend some stolen private moments, you must know that this Asian gem fits your pocket too.

6. Switzerland:

When we list all those dream destinations for honeymooners, Switzerland tops the charts. Despite being a small European country, there is a lot that adds to the excitement between the couples- be it the snow-clad mountains, cozy chalets or rejuvenating spas. But what makes your Honeymoon trip in Switzerland even more refreshing is the charming stretch of little towns and huts running along the picturesque green vistas. If planning an ultimate romantic holiday, your honeymoon deserves nothing less than this incredible wonder!

7. Paris:

Anyone can bet on why there is no place as dreamier and romantic as Paris (France). Call it the city of lights or love, Paris is hands down the most classic of all honeymoon destinations around the world. If a heartfelt proposal in front of the Eiffel Tower isn’t in the cards, retreating here after saying “I Do” would never go out of style. You really can just get out and explore, take in the beauty of the city’s art and architecture, go on wine tasting tours, enjoy the sultry summers and cosy winters.
8. Greece:

From the incredible Mediterranean Sea views, the dramatic Santorini sunsets that you can boast about on Instagram to the plush hotels in Athens, Greece gives newlyweds plenty of reasons to choose it as their honeymoon destination. While here, you can choose to explore out all or relax in style. Picture yourself taking a stroll across the neoclassical mansions covered with bougainvillea, a wine tasting tour to Milos or some relaxed moments spent in your private hot tub while sipping champagne. Too dreamy to believe, isn’t it?

9. Finland:

Are you an adventurous couple who loves to witness the extraordinary? Look no further because Finland is your sure-shot answer! If considering Finland for your honeymoon, be ready to be amazed by the activities like husky dog sledding and snow-shoeing, a Christmas-themed village, random rendezvous with the lakes, the art and culture and if you’re super lucky, catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Top it off with a stay in the glass Igloo, some sparkling wine and the dreamy stargazing and you would love to spend your days exploring this picturesque European gem.

10. Mauritius:

Nothing is as delightful as a Mauritius honeymoon for the couples looking for a secluded getaway after their nuptials because if ever there was a tropical island to be called “paradise”, Mauritius surely is. With immersive cultural experiences and oh-so-good beaches, dramatic volcanic landscapes and hills covered with lush vegetation, Mauritius makes for a perfect choice for those looking for adventure as well as seclusion. Beyond the obvious favourite places to see in Mauritius, you’ll be thrilled to meet and greet the locals here and even dance to the beats of their traditional dance ‘Sega’.

Popular Honeymoon Destinations in India:

1. Kashmir:

Well, if you are living in India but have never seen a ‘Paradise on Earth’, do visit Kashmir and thank us later. Renowned to be one of the top honeymoon choices for Indian newlyweds, Kashmir is the most perfectly hand-weaved god’s creation with enchanting valleys and mountains, surreal backdrops, glittering lakes, deep forests, grasslands and adventure galore. While the places like Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Jammu will keep you pleasantly hooked, a stay at the water houseboats is a ‘must-do’ on your honeymoon.

2. Goa:

Another favourite ranking among the top honeymoon destinations in India is Goa as it checks all the boxes for couples. With its captivating combination of sea, sand and sun, Goa is a perfect spot to rest, rejuvenate and recharge while you weave the most romantic moments together. If your idea is to party all night and go sightseeing, North Goa should be your choice and if you want to lounge on a serene beach, see the waves silently kissing the shores and stay in luxurious resorts, South Goa will surprise you.
3. Kerala:

Some places are visited, some are explored, and the other special ones are lived in and Kerala is surely one of them. Set up amongst sheer magnificent natural beauty and with a charm that’s unmatchable, Kerala is a perfect spot to enjoy a secluded holiday with your loved one. From authentic ayurvedic experiences to laid-back houseboat rides and treehouses near waterfalls, from the exotic Tea Gardens to carefree cruising in Kumarakom, Kerala knows exactly how to bring a smile to the faces and solace to the minds of newlyweds.

4. Andaman & Nicobar Islands:

You must have seen plenty of tropical havens outside India but ever seen a classic one within the country? If not, then pack your bags and head to Andaman & Nicobar for a memorable romantic getaway. Whether you are here to get locked in love at Havelock Island, get enchanted by Port Blair attractions, or go for moonlit or dreamy day walks on a beach, this incredible corner in India is sure to leave you with memories that will last for a lifetime, just like your sacred love bond.
5. Himachal Pradesh:

When winter enters India, so does the wedding season. Thinking of where the newlywed couple should head to post-wedding as the chill sets in, is not a daunting task at all as Himachal is the first and foremost choice that strikes the mind of the couples planning a romantic getaway in hills. An ideal Indian state offering a balance of romance, seclusion, and adventure, Himachal truly is a paradise for honeymooners. It is usually preferred for its incredible destination like Kullu-Manali, Shimla, Dalhousie, Mcleodganj, Kasauli, Spiti and more.

6. Darjeeling:

One of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India, Darjeeling (in West Bengal) is a stunning place cradled in the folds of mountains and is the most ideal spot for you two to spend some relaxed, quality time. Imagine being surrounded by fresh & crisp mountain air, floating clouds and lush green valleys wherever you go. Top it off with impressive snow masks on its mountain peaks, the gondola rides, the beautiful pines reaching the sky and you can’t really find a spot as perfect as Darjeeling for spending those special moments of togetherness.  

Top ‘Must-Try’ Experiences for the Honeymooners:

In no particular order, these are some of the best experiences that are worth giving a try for your dreamy honeymoon!

1. See the dancing Northern Lights right above your bed in an Aurora Bubble
2. Spend the cozy nights in the frozen hotels of Finland
3. Dine by the candlelight on Finnish delicacies
4. Cherish the allure of Christmas Markets in Finland
5. Relax in the pool villas at Jumeira Bay, Dubai
6. Take to the skies and enliven your adventurous spirits at SkyDive Dubai
7. Gorge on macaroons and croissants like a local in Paris
8. Express your love on Le Mur Des Je T’aime (I love You Wall) in Paris
9. Visit the Eiffel Tower, an iconic symbol of love
10. Lounge by the infinity pool in one of Santorini’s luxury suites
11. Try Greek wine in Milos
12. Relish a couple’s massage while overlooking the Aegean Sea
13. Stay in a houseboat in Srinagar
14. Don’t miss out on the Gondola ride in Gulmarg
15. Stroll or sun-lounge in Desaru Coast, Malaysia
16. Get into the lively vibe of Kuala Lumpur
17. Indulge in a feast of local Malay cuisines in Melaka
18. Get enchanted by the views of Chamarel Park, Mauritius
19. Witness remarkably romantic sunsets at Tamarin Beach, Mauritius
20. Indulge in underwater activities at Mauritius’ Le Morne Brabant
21. Begin your romantic Singapore trip with Sentosa
22. Spend quality time together at Marina Bay
23. Hike in Switzerland’s Interlaken
24. Shop till you drop in Bahnhofstrasse, Switzerland
25. Book a private yacht with candlelit dinners on deck in Indonesia
26. Party all night at one of Bali’s best beach clubs
27. Bask in sun and serenity at Butterfly Beach, Goa
28. Book a stay at one of the wellness properties in South Goa
29. Gaze at the beauty of Western Ghats, Kerala
30. Enjoy a houseboat cruise and watch the sunset at Alleppey
31. Stroll through the enchanting Munnar tea gardens
32. Explore Andaman and its surrounding islands

Rekindle Your Romance with Dook’s Honeymoon Packages

Whether you want to explore white sand beaches, dazzle your eyes with sights of the coral reefs, enjoy a privately booked cruise or a yacht tour, enjoy a regal stay in the Land of Maharajas, take a rejuvenating couple massage, treat your eyes to the views of snow-clad mountains while wrapping arms around each other, sleep together under the skies blanketed by stars or take a romantic shikhara ride while clicking those lovey-dovey selfies, Dook is here to help you make your journey of togetherness an everlasting memory. When it comes to Honeymoon Holiday Packages hand-crafted by Dook, they can be customised to fit your pocket and interests. Regardless of the honeymoon destination you choose, Dook has an experience-filled package for you and your loved one! From making special arrangements at your arrival, all-inclusive meals, candlelight dinners to special accommodations and the experiences in your itinerary, we make sure that everything is well taken care of.

We wish you make the most of this fantastically blessed time of your new life and hope that you two return as happy and satisfied travellers! Book your Honeymoon Tour Packages with Dook today.

Honeymoon Tour Packages FAQs:

Ques: How long should be the honeymoon trip?
Ans: There is no such stipulated length of time for a honeymoon. It totally depends on your budget and interests. It can either be for two nights or can stretch up to over a month. It is highly recommended to consider the travel time to and from your destination and make plans for your honeymoon well in advance.  

Ques: What are the top honeymoon destinations?
Ans: Some of the usual ones include Bali in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, Maldives, Malaysia, Manali & Dalhousie in Himachal, Jaipur, Darjeeling and more. But then, keeping in mind the evolving traveller preferences, especially the honeymooning couples, offering unique experiences has become crucial. For a good mix of options, Dook has rounded up the top honeymoon destinations above.

Ques: Which international destination is best for a honeymoon?
Ans: Paris (France) and Maldives are two countries that have an aura of romance and are ideal for honeymoon. There is an uptick of Indian honeymooners planning some experiential honeymoons to these countries. With Honeymoon Packages by Dook, you are accessible to a range of travel itineraries featuring all these and more destinations. If you wish to bask in sun, serenity and luxury, we also have honeymoon packages for Mauritius and Thailand. If you two want to be packed in cosiness and love for days, we book your tour to places like Finland, Switzerland, New Zealand and Greece. If exploration is on your mind, we have got the best Turkey, Iceland and Indonesia honeymoon packages to offer you. With us, there are a lot of options to explore for your honeymoon abroad.

Ques: Which is the cheapest honeymoon destination?
Ans: If considering your honeymoon abroad, Thailand, Dubai and Bali are reasonable choices to consider. If considering somewhere within India, Himachal and Andaman are good choices that fit both your pocket and preferences.

Ques: Is there a visa required if visiting Andaman & Nicobar Islands on a honeymoon?
Ans: The Indian Nationals just need to carry valid ID proof as some areas of Andaman & Nicobar require travellers to get Restricted Area Permits, even for the Indians. At Dook, we can help you with these permits and your honeymoon package would have this included already. For travellers without Indian passports or international visitors, a valid Indian visa is a requirement.

Ques: What are the inclusions in a honeymoon package?
Ans: Honeymooners buying a holiday package from Dook can expect to get all their travel requirements catered. From arranging accommodation to helping you find the best hotels, from flight bookings to adding experiences to your honeymoon trip itinerary, we do it all for you. There are other services that can be added to your package as well; get in touch with Dook today to enquire more.

Ques: We are a couple looking at some thrilling activities on our honeymoon. What are the destinations that can make this trip filled with adventure?
Ans: If you’re one out of the lot that likes to enjoy some adrenalin-pumping activities while making memories in the initial days of your marital life, then you might consider- New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Costa Rica, Fiji, Dubai, Peru, Spain and more.