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Top Belgrade Tour Packages

Our well-researched tours will take you to the top attractions of Belgrade. Clicking on the tours below will give you further details about the packages.

Discover Belgrade (Serbia) Belgrade

A city where you walk old cobbled streets during the day, and party the night away.

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Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, Pancevo Airport, Zemun Polje Airport, Batajnica Air Base

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Experiences in Belgrade

Belgrade has the charm of a typical European city by day and transforms to a party haven by night. Whether you are travelling with friends or your spouse, Dook Tours will ensure that you have a splendid time in Belgrade.

Top Attractions in Belgrade

Serbia is a modern city but it still retains vestiges of its medieval past in cobbled streets and centuries-old fortresses. As the day ends, you can dance the night away on a floating river club. Dook Travels will take you to all the top medieval monuments as well as the party hotspots in its tour of the city.

Plan A Trip To Belgrade

Explore the nightlife of Belgrade with Dook Travels

Belgrade is known as ‘the city that never sleeps’. Suffice to say, Belgrade has a thriving nightlife that attracts partygoers from across Europe to the riverboats on the river Danube. Belgrade has other attractions too. The Most interesting quarter of the city is Skadarlija, in the old town, which has a lovely Bohemian vibe about it. This part of the city is laid with charming cobbled streets, lined with blooming trees and flowers. The restaurants here serve authentic Serbian food. This colourful district had been in the past home to poets, singers, writers and actors giving it a Bohemian vibe.  There is also a lot of live music playing in restaurants and pubs and on the streets to serenade you while you eat and walk around. Another great place to visit is the Belgrade Fortress located at the intersection of Sava and Danube rivers. The fortress has a beautiful view of the river. It is located in Kalemegdan Park so you can stroll across the beautifully landscaped grounds and sit under trees. If you want to see some breathtaking architecture, then visit the Church of St. Sava. The church is huge with a large central dome and looks a lot like the Hagia Sophia. It is bedecked with gold-plated crosses and has as many as 49 bells. The interiors of the church are startlingly beautiful with mosaics and columns made of Carrara Marble. The church regularly hosts choir performances, exhibitions and musical concerts. Like most European cities, Belgrade too has a central square called the Republican square of Belgrade. The square is vibrant and a meeting area for locals and expats. It is also home to the Serbian National Theatre and the Serbian National Museum. While you are at the Square, visit both the theatre and the museum. At night, the parties happen on floating barges known as ‘splavovi’. These barges are moored on river banks and carry an electric vibe about them. The club called ‘Freestyler’ is the most popular of the lot.

Belgrade will make a great vacation spot for anyone who wants a slice of Europe with a party atmosphere. It has everything from fortresses to Bohemian streets to party boats, all of it truly a traveller’s delight. Keeping all these aspects in mind, Dook Travels has come up with interesting itineraries which will take you to the top attractions of the city that never sleeps and make your trip an unforgettable experience.