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Bulgaria Tour Packages

Explore Bulgaria with DOOK

Travel to Bulgaria and Steeped in Its Unwavering Beauty & Adventure

Bulgaria, one of the oldest countries in Europe, is a popular tourist destination. Natural extravaganzas, picturesque villages, ancient pieces, culturally rich streets, and more can excite anyone. All these define Bulgaria, settled beautifully in the extreme south-eastern part of Europe. Next time you think of Bulgaria, a world of beautiful roses, incredible art, culture & theatre, stunning mountain peaks, sparkling beaches, and surreal towns will surround your head, making you book a Bulgaria tour package to experience all of it.

Bulgaria is an extremely overwhelming place for every kind of traveler- a nature lover, adventure seeker, or history enthusiast. This charming country has lovely churches, great hiking trails, awe-inspiring mountain peaks, soothing golden beaches, bustling nightlife, and the magic of art. All of it makes the Bulgaria tour one of the most exotic ones you will ever experience in Europe. When you stroll on the streets lined with trees in an old town, you will see Bulgaria as one of the most beautiful countries on the planet.

Bulgaria is a mysterious and multi-layered country. In the tourism arena, Bulgaria is reckoned as one of the few exotic countries in Europe. What makes Bulgaria exceptional for travelers? Well, the entire county is noteworthy in that case. The cities of Bulgaria are vibrant, which are filled with art, architecture, and elegance. You can appreciate all this and more with Dook’s Bulgaria holiday packages.
Best Tourist Cities to Visit in Bulgaria

Entire Bulgaria is beautiful and worth visiting. Each city has something worth exploring. As a traveler, you will have not one or two but many places to visit. Bulgaria is a tourist hotspot filled with experiences, adventures, and attractions. There are plenty of attractions worth exploring in every city. Let’s look at these cities one by one:

1. Sofia

Sofia, the capital city, is one of the largest cities in Bulgaria. Located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, Sofia is one of the most stunning cities in Bulgaria. Sofia tops the list of places to explore on a Bulgaria tour. Swarming with historical landmarks, ancient ruins, contemporary art galleries, marvelous museums, and natural wonders, Sofia is a must-visit place in Bulgaria.

Visitors will be mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the city. This youthful city has many churches, mosques, and old-fashioned Red Army monuments. You can witness many museums, galleries, restaurants, and clubs in the city. You can also get to be on the beaches on the Black Sea Coast. Sofia is a city you cannot miss to explore. Buy a Sofia tour package and experience the richness of this beautiful place.

Top Places to Visit on a Sofia Tour

Sofia is a captivating city that charms everyone who visits. It offers a blend of architecture, traditions, cultures, food, and art, which makes it an intriguing place to visit. It has well-preserved monuments and outstanding sights, such as the East Gate of the Serdika ruins from Roman times. From traditional shops to stunning museums, byzantine churches, impressive mosques, and hip cafes, Sofia offers so many must-visit places to explore.
In your Sofia holiday package, you will see the beauty of this city through more of its place. No matter what kind of places you want to traverse, there is always something out-of-the-box. With Dook International’s best Bulgaria Tour Package, you can explore the following beautiful places in Sofia:

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
St. Paraskeva
Rila Monastery
Metro Station Serdika
Sofia University
The Mineral Bath
National Palace of Culture
Boris’ Garden
National Theater Ivan Vazov
Vitosha Mountain
St. Sofia Church
Rila Mountains
Sofia National Gallery
National Museum of History
Boyana Waterfalls
Alexander Nevsky Antiques Market
Sofia Zoo
Boyana Church
National Palace of Culture
Vazrajdane Aqua Park
Seven Rila Lakes
Bulgarian Archeological Museum

Sofia has more places you can check out during the Bulgaria tour.

Delicious Cuisines to Try in Sofia at the Best Restaurants/Cafes in Bulgaria

Amid bustling hours, Sofia keeps its visitors fulfilled with mouth-watering food. Sofia is filled with countless eating options, available in every nook and corner, which makes it impossible for anyone to overlook. From cozy corners to big restaurants to luxurious cafes to small coffee shops, Sofia has every kind of food place you would like to come over and over again. The best part about these cafes or restaurants is that they offer good food, a calm atmosphere & elegant interior. Let’s look at some of these places to eat that you can check out during your Sofia tour:

Bistro 16
Rainbow Factory
Cake Lab
Green Deli Cafe
Social Cafe & Kitchen Bar
Edgy Veggy
Soul Kitchen
Galleta Bakery & Cafe
Mahala Independent Bookstore
The Hadjidragana Tavern
The Little Things
Mediterraneo Restaurant
Moma Bulgarian Food and Wine
Made in Home
Cosmos Restaurant

If you buy a Sofia package to experience the best of this city, you can eat at these cafes and more.

Countless Things to Enjoy on a Sofia Tour Package

If you are holidaying in Sofia and feel there’s nothing to do here, you are wrong. Sofia is filled with so much history, architectural brilliance, futuristic museums, and admirable art galleries. You can stroll through the streets of Sofia and admire the beautiful architecture of homes and office buildings. Moreover, you can spend the day shopping at the vibrant markets, eating at fine-dining restaurants, exploring national museums, and witnessing the UNESCO sites.

Sofia tour also allows you to enjoy the best nightlife of your life. Its nightlife is the most exotic thing to experience. The clubs, bars, and lively vibe on the streets, where everyone dancing, singing, and enjoying their drinks. That is not it! There’s more to embrace and enjoy. For that, you must buy a Sofia package and fly here.
2. Burgas

Burgas is one of the most stunning seaside cities in Bulgaria. Swarmed by the blissful sea and lakes, Burgas is not a very old town. It is a gateway to the Black Sea coast. Burgas has many beautiful things to see, such as Lake Atanasovsko, Sea Garden, Burgas Marina, and more. It is one of the fourth-largest cities in Burgas.
3. Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo is one of the most loved cities in Bulgaria. If you are on a Bulgaria tour, Veliko Tarnovo is a must-visit place. Filled with nature, history, culture, and much more, Veliko Tarnovo makes for a perfect vacation. Some city highlights of Veliko Tarnovo include the King’s Castle, Charshia Art Gallery, Regional History Museum, Archaeological Museum, and Museum of Illusions.

4. Varna

Varna is one of the third-largest cities in Bulgaria. Being one of the coastal towns of Bulgaria, Varna offers a glimpse of seaside life. The weather in Varna remains pleasant throughout the year. Beautiful beaches in Varna make tourists enjoy the fullest.

Exciting Experiences to Indulge in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is full of experiences! Be it adventure, history, nature, art, gastronomy, culture, or whatnot. Bulgaria brims with authentic experiences of all kinds. This exotic destination has so much in its bucket for every kind of traveler. No matter with whom you are coming on the Bulgaria tour, you will have something to remain engaged in one or the other thing.

Whether it's your family or friends, you will have a lot of things to do together. You can visit various museums, art galleries, and ancient sites with your family. On the other hand, you can indulge in hiking trails and water sports with your friends. Here is the list of experiences you can enjoy in a Bulgaria holiday package:

Explore the Rila Monastery
Adore the Architecture of St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral
Visit the Tsarevets Fortress
Indulge in Unforgettable Adventure at Vitosha Mountain
Be a Part of the Bulgarian Festival
Enjoy a Day Out in Burgas
Take a Stroll in the Varna Sea Garden
Relish Skiing at Bansko Ski Resort
Get Some Vitamin-D at a Beach by the Black Sea
Participate in a Hike to the Seven Rila Lakes
Admire the Bulgarian Castles
Traverse the Capital City of Sofia
Enjoy a Thermal Spa
Visit a Rose Garden
Go on a Joyful Horseback Riding
Eat Delicious Local Cuisine
Wander Around the Countryside
Be a Part of the Cultural Hub of Bulgaria in Plovdiv
Go on a Caving Adventure in Devil’s Throat Cave
Indulge in Retail Therapy at Vitosha Boulevard
Enjoy a Play at Ivan Vazov National Theatre

Captivating Things to Do in Bulgaria

The Bulgaria tour package is incomplete without a few memorable adventures that you can forever capture in your heart. If you are an adventure-seeker, Bulgaria has so much for you. From water sports to mountainous trails, there are thrill-seeking adventures to venture on.

You will get to do the following activities when you book a Bulgaria package with Dook:

Jet Skiing
Banana Boat Ride
Speed Boat Rides
Wake Board
Overnight Camping
Mountain Climbing
Horseback Riding
Walking Tour
Wine Tasting
Sightseeing Tours
Quad Safari
Thermal Baths
Sunset Cruise
Mountain Biking
Best Restaurants to Visit in Bulgaria

For globetrotters, a trip is complete with tasting the local cuisines of that country. The cuisines reflect the culture and traditions of a country. If you are on a Bulgaria tour, there are some must-haves that you should try. Once you try them, it will leave you craving for more. Bulgarian restaurants are a perfect place for fine dining and hangouts. These restaurants give tough competition to all the luxurious restaurants around the world.

We have shortlisted a few restaurants for you that you can check out during your Bulgaria vacation:

Ethno Restaurant
Philippopolis Restaurant
Izbata Tavern
Mehana Chiflika
Beso Restaurant
Restaurant Talents Sofia
Rose Restaurant
Club Motto Restaurant
Boom Burgers & Booze
Arbat Restaurant
DiWine Restaurant
Ego Restaurant
Restaurant Izvora
Krim Restaurant
La Pastaria Restaurant
Lebed Restaurant
Neptun Restaurant
Dayana Restaurant-1
Castello Restaurant

Famous Shopping Places/Markets in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a myriad of shopping places that can make any shopper go wow. These markets cater to everyone’s needs. Whether you have to buy gifts for your loved ones or just want to stroll around the streets, Bulgarian markets will never leave a moment to impress you. In your Bulgaria package, you can visit all the markets and buy anything you want. From high-end products to souvenirs, handcrafted things, and food, there’s so much to buy in the Bulgarian markets. Find the list of shopping markets/places in Bulgaria below:

Sofia Outlet Center
Serdika Center
Mall of Sophia
Zhenski Pazar Women’s Market
Mall Galleria Burgas
Kvadrat 500
Sm Flean Market
Grand Mall
Art Shop Hand Made
Varna Mall
Paradise Center
Open Air Book Market
Natural Ice Cream
Mall Markovo Teppe
Central Sofia Market Hall
The Antique Flea Market
Elephant Bookstore
Orange Serdika Center
Vino Orenda

Top Attractions to Include in Bulgaria Holiday Package

Bulgaria is a country with varied landscapes filled with cultural richness, natural wonders, and historical sights. Home to blissful landscapes, huge national parks, and exceptional attractions, it captivates the heart of everyone who visits. There’s so much to explore, adventure, and capture in Bulgaria that you will feel short of time. From vibrant towns to ancient fortresses, awe-inspiring scenery, and mountain ranges, there’s nothing that Bulgaria can’t show you. If you are on a Bulgaria tour, here are the attractions you must explore:

Krushuna Waterfalls
Vitosha Mountain
Tsarevets Fortress
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Sunny Beach
Plovdiv Roman Theater
Pirin National Park
Rila Monastery
Old Nessebar
Bachkovo Monastery
Roman Amphitheatre
Kaleto Fortress
Belogradchik Rocks
Boyana Church
St. Anastasia Island
Prohodna Cave
Sveshtari Tomb
The Rose Valley
Buzludzha Monument

Enjoy Dazzling Nightlife in Bulgaria

Apart from all the fun that Bulgaria has to offer in daylight, nights hold a special place in the hearts of tourists. As the sun sets, Bulgarians get out of their homes and set a vibe in the air. There are many bustling pubs and nightclubs in Bulgaria which welcome crowds of all kinds to enjoy music, dance, drinks, and food. Here is the list of nightclubs and pubs that you can check out during the Bulgaria tour:

Eco Bar by Michael
Tipsy Pub Crawl
Mojito Beach Bar
Sugar Club
Culture Beat Club
Papa Beer
Karaoke Bar
Tempus Vini Wine Point
Dance Club Graffiti
Diagonal Craft Beer Bar
Sugar Club
Bar Flip Flop
Sense Hotel Rooftop Bar
Yalta Club
Gotham Club
One More Bar
Club Chervilo
The Little Things
Rakia & Co
The Cotton Club

Reasons to Book a Bulgaria Tour Package Right Now!

With more and more people vacationing in the other Balkan countries, Bulgaria often goes unnoticed. It is an underrated holiday destination that has the potential to capture tourists from all over the world. Therefore, to make Bulgaria renowned among tourists, we have listed below a few reasons to make you book a flight to Bulgaria. There are not one, two, or three but many reasons to visit Bulgaria. Come, let’s look at them:

1. Hospitality

Bulgarian people are known for their kind-hearted nature and joyful personality. They are always ready to offer help of any kind. Bulgarians offer the best hospitality and welcome tourists with an open heart. If you are on a Bulgaria trip, you will be amazed to see the heartfelt hospitality in every corner of the country.

2. Culture & History

Bulgaria has a rich history and culture that you can witness in every corner of the country. Bulgaria’s cultural and historical scene can be seen through its ancient monuments, festivals, food heritage, and architectural landmarks. Buy a Bulgaria package and experience the best of culture and history.

3. Food

Food is the life of every vacation, and when it comes to deliciousness, it is everything! Bulgarian food is mouthwatering and reflects the culture and tradition through its aromatic flavors. Every food smells and tastes like Bulgaria, from vegetarian delicacies to non-vegetarian platters. And of course, you cannot forget the wine. Bulgaria has the tastiest wines in the whole world.

4. Black Sea Coastlines

Bulgaria is bordered by the Black Sea on the east, offering incredible coastal beaches that captivate everyone’s heart with one sweep. Bulgarian seaside towns are a thing to see. There are various high-end beach resorts that you would like to visit on your Bulgaria tour.

5. UNESCO Sites

Bulgaria has numerous UNESCO sites that are worth visiting. These noteworthy sites include the old town of Nessebar, the cliffside church complex in Ivanovo, and the Srebarna nature reserve. These sites hold years of history and ancient ruins that are globally recognized.

Important Tips to Note Before You Leave Home for Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a place where you don’t need to follow any tips. However, there are some things you should keep in mind before visiting. These tips will help you enjoy your trip more freely. These tips will always work for you, no matter how many times you come here.
Use public transport for traveling within the city.
The best time to visit Bulgaria is between May and October.
Sunday can be a holiday for vendors.
You must visit the Royal Palace in Bulgaria.
Use Bulgaria’s local official apps more.
Bulgaria's currency is the Bulgarian lev.
Learn a few important words in Bulgarian language.
Always carry cash with you because you may face trouble paying through a card.
Tipping is a significant practice in Bulgaria.
Bulgaria has so many free wifi hotspots.

Remember to go through these tips before heading for a Bulgaria tour.

Choose the Best Bulgaria Package From Dook International!

Dook International’s Bulgaria Tour Package will make you relish the best experience in Bulgaria. You will get the best hotel to live in and a convenient tour of the enchanting beaches of Sofia. You can find economical-priced Bulgaria Packages and other deals to enjoy your dream holiday in an international destination with Dook International. We ensure that you have the best time exploring the new landscapes and making yourself comfortable on the vibrant streets of Bulgaria. So, wait no more and travel hassle-free with Dook.