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Incredible journeys to Belarus with DOOK!

No matter your travel style, we have a Belarus package tailored for you

Belarus Tour Packages

Explore Belarus with DOOK

Belarus is slowly gaining momentum in tourism. Located in the heart of Europe, Belarus boasts of pristine nature and rich wildlife. Belarus has neighbouring borders with Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. So far inflow of tourists has mainly been from Russia but the number of foreign tourists from other parts of the world including India is growing. This land locked country has plenty to offer to the visitors. You can also explore the beauty of Belarus with Dook International’s Belarus Packages. Belarus Trip is a must for those who are attracted by wildlife. Country has over 40% of the land as forest. This offers the visitors picturesque sights and lush vegetation. In addition to this you can also experience abundance of local wildlife which includes seeing rare European bison.

Belarus is a small country. But if you think that you can finish your Belarus Tour in a single day then don’t make such a mistake. This is why you should buy the Dook International’s best Belarus Tour Package and explore the country’s best places with lot of comfort.

Castles of Belarus

Belarus is a country of castles as well. These castles are living symbols of the history of Belarus. Two of the most famous castles in Belarus which you must visit on your Belarus Travel Package are Mir Castle and Nesvizh Castle. Nesvizh Castle is a UNESCO world heritage site and it is only two hours ride from Minsk, the capital city of Belarus. The Nesvizh Castle complex was erected in 16th century and it has seen many wars and destructions since then. After being burned down repeatedly it still has been restored in full gloryfor the tourists. Mir Castle is in the town of Mir in the Grodno region. Mir Castle was made in 16th century and presently there is a museum inside the castle which is a must see for antiquity lovers. Dook International’s Belarus Tour Package from India offers you a visit to both these famous castles in Belarus.

Minsk Tour Package

Minsk is the capital city of Belarus. Minsk is also the most popular travel destination in the country. Minsk offers something to everyone to see and to do. With Dook International’s Belarus Tour Packages you get to see the popular sights in the city and get to do things which you would cherish forever. Minsk being the capital city of Belarus has a lot to offer to the visitors. Independence Square is one of the major attractions of Minsk. This is one of the largest public squares in not just Belarus but entire Europe. You can have a soothing time in the evening here where you can stroll to take in the pretty water fountains and dancing lights. You cannot miss to see Independence Avenue on our Belarus Holiday Packages. This 15 KM long avenue crossing Minsk from centre to the North East, acts as the main artery of the city, and has cafes, restaurants, and shopping centres, along with clubs and music events. You can also have good time in Minsk’s parks and gardens. And talking about the park you should take a trip to the Gorky Central Children’s Park. You can enjoy the fairground rides and experience the stunning views of the city from the top. Those who would love to dive into Belarusian history can visit the National History Museum, or enter into the cultural sights at the National Art Museum.

Dook International’s Belarus Packages take you through a wonderful sightseeing experience in Minsk city. Some other interesting places in Minsk city to visit are The National Library building, Victory Square with its 38-meter obelisk and the eternal flame commemorating the heroes of World War II, the Trinity suburb and the Afghanistan War Monument on the Island of Tears, the Upper town, the Catholic and Orthodox Cathedrals, Independence Square with the House of Government, the KGB historical office, the Residence of President, the Ice Hockey Arena and a football stadium etc.

Get The Best of Belarus with The Best Belarus Packages

You always want the best travel experience for the best price in the industry. You get both from your beloved travel company Dook International. You should explore Belarus with our Belarus Holiday Packages. The country is really beautiful yet less explored. People who are looking for a fresh travel destination should plan to go to Belarus for once.