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About Lithuania

About Country Cheat Sheet

Formal Name: Republic of Lithuania
Location of Kazakhstan:
Capital: Vilnius
Demonym: Lithuanians
Area: 25200Sq Km
Population: 2795334
Ethnic Groups: Lithuanian, Pole, Russian, Belarus, Ukrainian, Other
Languages: Lithuanian
Religion: Christianity, Non-religious, Other
Currency: Euro (EUR, €)
Best Time To Visit: Jun-Aug
Calling Code: 370
Drives On: Right
Visa on Arrival: No
Major Cities: Vilnius
Administrative and Territorial Structure:

Lithuania divided into 10 counties.

Land Boundaries:

Total: 1549 km, Border Countries: Belarus 640 km, Latvia 544 km, Poland 104 km, Russia (Kaliningrad) 261 km

About Lithuania

Lithuania is a wonderful country and a part of Baltic States in Europe. The country is located on the shore of the Baltic Sea. Attraction points for over a million of visitors to Lithuania are its historical legacy, pristine nature, seaside beaches, SPA resorts and more.

Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania. This is the largest city of Lithuania as well and second largest city in Baltic Region. Apart from being administrative center this is also a travel attraction.

Lithuania Geography

Lithuania is located on the southeastern part of Baltic Sea. The country shares borders with Latvia in the north, Belarus in the east and south, Poland in the south and Kaliningrad Oblast in the southwest. 99 KM of the country is sandy coastline out of which 38 KMs are facing Baltic Sea. At present, Lithuania is a mix of lowlands and highlands.

Lithuania Climate and Weather

Lithuania has semi continental and maritime climate ranges and it is mild. Coastal areas get temperature below freezing points in winters in January and it does not go above 20° C in July. The capital city Vilnius has almost same temperature pattern. The country has 4 seasons namely winter from December to mid-March, spring from April to May, summers from June to August and autumn from September to November.
Lithuania History

The land of Lithuania which was habited by humans in as early as at least 9000 BC saw foreign rules for several years. In mid-13th century there was created Grand Duchy of Lithuania which was a part of medieval mayhem in Lithuania. Russia ruled Lithuania since late 18th century and it continued. In World War I, Germany occupied entire land and Soviets reestablished their control in 1944. Finally in 1990, Lithuania was restores as independent country.

Lithuania Culture and Traditions

Lithuania is a modern European country. The culture of the country has several elements that get reflected in their architecture, music, theater, arts and museums, cinema and so on. The language of Lithuania with Nordic cultural aspects along with Christian traditions is worth exploring in Lithuania.

Lithuania Food & Cuisine

Cuisine of Lithuania has features that are appropriate for cool and moist climate of the country. Like other Baltic states, in Lithuania also Barley, Potatoes, rye, beets, greens and mushrooms along with dairy products are parts of the food here. Long history and foreign rules also has huge influence on cuisine of Lithuania. You will get modern continental food as well.

Facts about Lithuania

1. Lithuania is 1/3rd of Baltic States. 
2. Lithuania was the last nation in Europe to convert to Christianity.
3. Lithuanian language is one of the oldest in the world.
4. Lithuania was the first country that declared independence from Soviet Union in 1990.
5. 1/3rd of Lithuania is forest covered.
6. Basketball is the most popular game here.
7. Lithuania is positioned in a geographical center of Europe.
8. Internet connection in Lithuania is among the fastest in the world.
9. Lithuania’s beer is loved and appreciated all over the world for its fresh and crispy taste.
10. Lithuania is the only country in the world that has its own official scent known as “The scent of Lithuania”.


Lithuania Tourism

Lithuania is one of the Baltic States located in the Baltic Sea region in north-eastern Europe. Lithuania is the largest among Baltic States which has seen a rise in number of visitors in recent years. Lithuania is famous for several things and the best one is that it is one of the most ethical destinations in the world. Vilnius is the capital city and most popular place to visit in Lithuania.

Apart from Vilnius, other must see places are Kaunas, Kalipeda, Panevezys, Siauliai, Kedainiai and more. Lithuania has cool seaside resorts, spa towns and also pilgrimage sites. Bicycle tourism is quite popular here especially in Lithuanian Seaside Cycle Route.

Vilnius Tourism

Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania. All the battles scars left in the city are still visible. Vilnius is a modern city but feels like an overgrown village. Few specialties of Vilnius can be seen in its beautiful old town, sleek business district, elegant center, several open squares and historic suburbs. Top popular places to see in Vilnius include Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, Vilnius University, Museum of Genocide victims, Vilnius Old Town, Vilnius Cathedral Bell Tower, Town hall, Presidential Palace, Three Crosses Monument and so on.

Different Types of Tourism in Lithuania

1. Historical Tourism in Lithuania

Lithuania has vivid history and once can experience this in buildings and monuments here. Capital city Vilnius has it all. It does not hide the war scars it was given. Several historical sites in the country are worth exploring for all who loves this activity. Few names they can visit here are The Lithuanian National Museum, The Paneriai Memorial Museum, Vilnius Cathedral, Museum of Genocide victims, Gediminas Tower and more.

2. Culture Tourism in Lithuania

Lithuania has few sites listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites namely Vilnius Historic Center, Curonian Spit, Cross Crafting and its symbolism, and the people take quite a pride in it. You can immerse yourself in the culture of the land at various places. Experience the legacy of the land in their music, customs, traditions, events and more.

3. Sea & Nature Tourism in Lithuania

Looking for a dreamy beach destination in Europe? Plan for Lithuania. Country has long seacoasts and you can enjoy great time at seaside beaches and spa towns. 1/3rd of the country is forest covered making it quite a popular destination for nature lovers as well. Some must see beaches in Lithuania are Palanga Beach, Sventoji Beach, Melnrage Beach, Nida Beach and Juodkrante Beach.

4. Sport & Adventure in Lithuania

All cycle and car lovers would find Lithuania a great destination to ride through their choice of vehicle. And those who want to experience more can go for a Segway ride on a rent. Also don’t forget to explore multiple outdoor sport and adventure in Lithuania such as Shooting, Scuba diving, rock climbing, horse riding, Lokes Peda, Blokart Sailing, Dog sledging and Golfing.

5. Honeymoon Tourism in Lithuania

If romance is on top of your travel agenda, Lithuania is a great destination to be. It is a wonderful destination for romance. Vilnius has beautiful churches and monuments to see. On top of it, the capital city is quite cheap but quality is not compromised at all. You can enjoy your stay in 4-5 star hotels with great services. Other than capital city, Lithuania has other places of interests such as castles of medieval times at Trakai, cool beaches on the Curonian Spit and spas of Druskininkai.

6. MICE Tourism in Lithuania

Lithuania is a good destination for meeting, conference and events. Vilnius airport is located in the middle of the Europe, only few KM away from Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania. Meeting and international business conference venues are built keeping necessary green and ecological approach. All cities in the country have great internet connection, 5 stars to moderate budget hotels, superb infrastructure and unique venues.

7. Health & Wellness Tourism in Lithuania

Lithuania is seeing rise in medical tourism. The country offers best health and wellness services at relatively lower prices. Also those who want to get a touch of relaxation and healing after seeing your favorite sites, there are several spa towns in Lithuania such as Nida, Druskininkai and Trakai, where you can relax.
8. Culinary Tourism in Lithuania

Your notion that Lithuania cuisine means that you will get only potatoes, meat and sour cream is wrong. Lithuania cuisine has influences of several cultures over the years which all foodies can taste and explore in restaurants here. You should taste snacks, soups, main course, dessert and a mug of local beer. You can also enjoy tea and coffee and local stories with your food. Don’t forget to visit some of the popular restaurants such as Lokys, Bistro 18, Gasper, Dublis and Sweet Root in Vilnius.
9. Nightlife Tourism in Lithuania

Lithuania is a small country but offers you a cool night life after a hectic day in travelling. Clubs and casinos are in plenty and almost all of them offer good music and good food. Some of the popular clubs in the capital city of Vilnius where you can have a great time are Havana, Visu Sventuju Bar, Skybar, Gringo, Universiteto and Casino Tornado.

10. Winter Tourism in Lithuania

If you love special attractions that Lithuania offers only in winters then you would enjoy a winter trip to the country. Skiing and snowboarding in Liepkalnis within Vilnius is a great attraction in winters. You must climb the hill of three crosses in winters. A trip to Trakai, only 30 KM away from Vilnius, to see Trakai Lake in the winters is also quite a good option.

Travel Guide

Lithuania Tour and Travel Guide

Lithuania is the largest of all 3 Baltic States. Located in the North-Eastern Europe, Lithuania is a great choice as a travel destination. You can start from the capital city, Vilnius which has its own airport not so far from the city center. Vilnius has several attractions and from Vilnius you can move to other parts of the country such as Kaunas, Kernave, Trakai and others. Travelling to any part of the country is easy through rail, bus and taxi. Because Lithuania has long seaside as well, bicycle tours are also quite popular.

Vilnius Tour and Travel Guide

You start your journey of Lithuania from Vilnius. You cannot miss visiting the old town of the city. You can walk here so that you don’t miss a thing. There are plenty of attractions in the old town. Other modes of transportation to enjoy seeing the city at length is by buses and trolleybuses. You can enjoy walking upon cobbled stone streets, visit beautiful churches and cathedrals and Republic of Uzupis, the artist side of the city. Vilnius is an easy going city and people are quite welcoming. You can spend more time than you planned also here.
1. Accommodation in Lithuania

Lithuania offers all sorts for accommodation for everyone with a different budget. You will get 5 start hotels, budget hotels, guesthouses, farmstays, hostels and campgrounds. All these are available at reasonable prices when compared with same facilities in Western Europe. Some of the best hotels you can check in are AirInn Vilnius, Novotel Vilnius, Hotel Panorama and Hotel Congress.

2. Travelling in Lithuania

Lithuania is well connected by roads. Huge network of 4 lane highways connect Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda Panevezys and Palanga. So, you can use buses to travel within a city and from one city to another city in Lithuania easily. Car rentals is also a good option and easily available at airports in Lithuania.
Rail network is not quite good in Lithuania if you compare them with those in Western Europe. But you can travel by train for which first you should check the network and timings.

3. Shopping in Lithuania

Almost each city in Lithuania has shopping malls and shopping centers where you can spend your money for clothes, shoes, accessories and other things such as paintings, sculptures, toys, hats, traditional crafts etc. Popular shopping center in Vilnius you can go to is Gedimino 9, Dom Bow Ties, Sauluva for arts and crafts, Lino Kopos and Aukso Avis. In Kaunas, you can visit Akropolis, Mega Mall and Urmas. Similarly in other cities also you will find plenty of cool places to shop from.
4. Best Time to Visit Lithuania

The time of summer from May to September is the best time to visit Lithuania. But temperatures don’t go above 20° C in many parts of the Lithuania even in summers, so you can actually visit Lithuania anytime. If you love Bird watching then you can visit the country from March to April or from September to October. Winter is also a good time to visit but you need to pack appropriately because temperatures go below 0°C. 4-5 days are ideal for a Lithuania trip.

5. Lithuania Flight Details

Lithuania has 4 international airports and the busiest one is Vilnius International Airport. Other 3 international airports are Kaunas International Airport, Palanga International Airport and Siauliai International Airport. Biggest Airlines flying to Lithuania are Lufthansa, Aeroflot and Turkish Airlines.

6. Lithuania Travel Tips

Many people in Lithuania speak English Language.
Don’t expect smile from Lithuanians unless you become their friend.
Potatoes rule in Lithuania food.  
WiFi is available almost everywhere in the country.
Cafes are everywhere to offer you relaxing time.
Seek medical advice from your doctor before travelling to Lithuania and get all appropriate vaccinations especially for Hepatitis A, Tetanus and Diphtheria.
Squat toilets are available in public places.
Avoid whistling in Lithuania as this is considered rude here.

Visa Information

Lithuania Visa Information

There are various types of visa that you need to obtain depending upon purpose and duration of your visit to the country. However, common documents that you need for all types of visa are following:

Completed visa application form.
Two photos.
Current passport.
Travel program.
Travel health insurance.
Round trip tickets.
Proof of accommodation.
Proof of sufficient financial means to support your expense.