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United Kingdom Tour Packages

Explore United Kingdom with DOOK

United Kingdom: Surprisingly Diverse, Superbly Stunning!

Get your spirits and excitement high with Dook’s custom-made UK tour packages

Call it a land of hope and glory or one of the most powerful countries with centuries-old history, unique cultural blends and scenic landscapes, the United Kingdom (popularly known as Britain) satiates every sort of a wanderlust dream. Lying in northwest Europe, the United Kingdom is like a nation made up of other nations as there are four countries making up the entire UK namely England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, each having their identity. Loved by millions of overseas tourists each year, each of these four marvels is jam-packed with history, vibrancy, natural magnificence, world-class leisure breaks, adventure galore and friendly locals. Whether you are out on the streets of London, traversing through the mountains of the Scottish Highlands, soaking up all the culture and history in Edinburgh or relishing the globally renowned music culture of Manchester or Liverpool, you’ll always leave the country with a strong desire to return and explore more.

The United Kingdom today is undoubtedly a leader on the world stage; kudos to its larger-than-life cities that continue to attract crowds year on year. While the large cities like London, Edinburgh, Manchester and Belfast are the natural ports of call for those interested in the country’s exceptional architecture, colossal museums, galleries, shopping and entertainment options, Scotland on the other hand, is a vacation in itself with so much to offer apart from its abundant history and culture. The cities of Brighton and Margate will let the gastronomes savour the most delicious seafood while Snowdonia will take you in the lap of nature with its awesome hill farms and valleys. Then there’s Northern Ireland – a country pulling in increasing numbers of visitors each year keen to see the legendary Giant’s Causeway and learn about the world’s most famous ocean liner at the Titanic Museum. There are literally hundreds and thousands of places to visit in the United Kingdom and you cannot miss out on any of them!

To ensure you get to discover every nook and cranny of this amazing country, Dook has tailor-made special UK Holiday Packages to convert your travel dreams into amazing memories lasting for a lifetime!   
Capital: London
Languages: English (with diverse accents)
Currency: Pound Sterling
Driving Side: Left
Best Time to Travel: Year-round destination. But the peak seasons include the spring (late March to early June) and autumn (September to November) and the winters that are most enjoyable during the Christmas festivities

Explore the United Kingdom:
Quite literally, there are innumerable places in the United Kingdom that are packed with scenic beauty and nature in its raw form and places that are an epitome of rich past and cultural diversity. No wonder why the celebrated writers and poets like Wordsworth and Shakespeare had fallen deeply in love with the country’s natural beauty, old-world charm and countryside, thereby creating some of the heart-stopping poetry on its splendid beauty. On the other hand, the modernism of the cities and their fascinating juxtaposition of ancient buildings with modern architecture are equally attractive sights. Concisely, this country can leave you in complete awe.

When on a UK Tour, you can catch a concert in the streets of London, gaze out over the capital city from the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral or admire the endless views from the London Eye. Enjoy the bracing winds as you pass through the Lake District or find peace in the silence of Snowdonia’s valleys. Visit the wonderful wild terrains often written about in poems like the cobbled streets of Canterbury or Sussex coastline and thick forests mentioned in Rudyard Kipling’s work. Explore Liverpool and Manchester if you are pure leisure seekers and for those who fancy history and want to trace the footsteps of clans and kings, Edinburgh is the place to head to. Marvel at Georgian architecture from the rooftop pool at the Thermae Bath Spa or just simply catch a train to visit the university towns like Oxford and Cambridge.Experience a quirky twist on afternoon tea in Devon or sample the regional delicacies in Yorkshire or enter the mesmerising chocolaty space in Birmingham’s Cadbury World. From the places you’ve dreamt of to the experiences you’ll remember, the UK has all you need for a perfect getaway and there’s nowhere quite like this awe-inspiring nation.

To ensure that your trip is packed with all the activities you want to enjoy, Dook creates the best of UK Tour Packages from India. Read on further to know about the UK Countries and famous cities, the top bucket list experiences and the unmissable tourist attractions to add to your UK tour itinerary.

1. ENGLAND: Country’s precious crowning gem

The largest and the most populous of all the countries making up the entire United Kingdom, England is crammed full of charming and quaint places. Proud home to the country's capital London and even to the prominent cities like Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester, England has a lot to offer and sees large portions of crowd year on year. While most of the travellers tend to stick to London as their starting point of UK tour, the rest of the region including the small fishing towns of Cornwall and the bustling port cities of Southampton do not deserve to be missed.

With such a wide variety to offer to the travellers of all kinds, it’s no wonder why England tops the list of most popular travel destinations around the world. London itself attracts 30 million visitors each year; thanks to its famed attractions like Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. There are historical cities like Cambridge, Oxford and Bath which will make you feel like you’re walking through the set of a period drama while Liverpool (the home of the Beatles) is a tiny yet excitingly musical version of London. The northwest part of England too, has quickly become a top tourist destination and the reason for its popularity is the scenic Lake District area. Apart from the idyllic sights and lots of opportunities for outdoor activities like sailing and hiking, the Lake District has also long been a retreat for writers.

Whatever draws you in, be it London or Bristol, Manchester or the white cliffs of Dover, England will surely deliver a trip of a lifetime.

2. NORTHERN IRELAND: where it’s all about adventures

Wild, rugged coastlines demanding thrilling adventure, gentle rural landscapes with scenic trails, nature at its best, buzzing cityscapes and towns, chic cafes, award-winning food scene, cosy hotels, homely lodges, unique attractions and what not! With this kind of copious variety and a warm, giant welcome that wraps around you, it seems that the adventure and enthusiasm never stop flowing into Northern Ireland. Home to famous cities like Belfast and Londonderry, this country is one of the United Kingdom’s fastest-growing tourist destinations as you will find something surprising and new to uncover with every step you take. Northern Ireland’s major tourist draw is the Giant’s Causeway, which is a picturesque area of interconnecting basalt columns exposed on the northern coast, created by the volcanic eruption. Do cover the buzzing capital Belfast in your itinerary and add Titanic Belfast to the top of your bucket list.
3. SCOTLAND: wrapped in incredibility

Explore the marvels by bike, walk high up into the hills for spectacular views, hop on a serene beach, experience the liveliness of cities, or taste the signature whisky; you can do all this and more in Scotland which truly is the epitome of incredibility. Home to UK’s two main cities- Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland is bordered by England to the south, situated within Europe and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Also being the home to prehistoric landscapes, highland clans, majestic mountains and glens, the Highlands here make up Scotland's most fabled region where visitors can take part in outdoor pursuits, witness amazing nature coming to life or set off on the famous Malt Whisky Trail. Scotland is also a country where you’ll find hundreds of lakes, including the largest – Loch Ness – which is the renowned home to the fabled Loch Ness Monster. In the north, you'll find the majestic Shetland Isles and Orkney Isles and towards the west, you'll find incredible archipelagos such as the Outer Hebrides, home to incredible pristine beaches that are mistaken for Caribbean islands in photos and the Inner Hebrides, famed for their remoteness.

A United Kingdom Tour Package booked with Dook will mostly include Scotland and its majestic marvels. Have a look at one of our UK Tour itineraries including Scotland attractions and get yours tailor-made.

4. The naturally wonderful ‘WALES’

For a small country yet a proud and industrious one, Wales packs a lot in. It’s a country located to the west of England and is made up of some of the United Kingdom’s most mountainous and picturesque areas. Wales has over 400 castles, three national parks, 11 great little steam trains, and four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Adorning the country further are its award-winning beaches, heaps of colourful market towns and Cardiff, the thriving capital city ideal for shopping, museum explorations and entertainment options. However, its crowning glory is the Snowdonia National Park, topped by the UK’s second-tallest mountain, Snowdon. What makes the journey to the summit is the beautiful scenic train making its way up to the peaks. The more adventurous people can zip line down the fastest zip wire in the world which has speed up to 120 mph. If you are going further south, put on your walking boots as here the Brecon Beacons National Park will familiarise you with more mountain peaks for hiking and miles of cycling and walking paths.

Top Tourist Cities to Visit in UK:

1. A trip to LONDON is always worth it!

The famous English writer Samuel Johnson once said- “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”. And he was right! London, the bustling capital city standing on the Thames River, surely has its way to lure the travellers from far and wide. It is the most visited city in Europe, the second most popular tourist hotspot in the world and a dream destination for anyone and everyone; no wonder why this British capital has a charming appeal like nowhere else. The city is a great confluence of the old and the new; on one end, you’ll be awed by the spectacular historic sites and on the other, the lively cultural scene and contemporary metropolitan settings will make the visit to London even more exciting. Once you start to travel around here, we are certain you are going to fall head over heels in love with London.
If it’s your first time in the city and you want to cover the ‘London classics’, make sure you start your day with a visit to the London Eye to take in the city views, walk past Big Ben and see the red double-deckers running on the roads, discover the local markets, explore the parks and museums, take a trip to the West End to experience musical entertainment, shop on the Oxford Street, grab a cold pint of beer in the city’s famed pubs, take a royal tour to Buckingham Palace and see the ceremonial changing of the guards at Horse Guards Parade. After you’re done with seeing the changing of the guard, you can take the tour to other iconic sites in the city which include England’s most sacred royal church, the Westminster Abbey, the Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tate Modern and more alike. Unquestionably, there’s so much in store for you that you can visit London again and again, yet you'll always find something new to discover!
London’s calling! And you must go now! Start packing if you haven’t made it there yet! Dook has got your London trip covered with its specialised UK Tour Packages.

2. Awesomeness has an address called ‘LIVERPOOL’

Think of Liverpool and you instantly think of the home of the Beatles, the musical nights at the Cavern Club and the winning Liverpool Football team. One of the major cities of the UK located in Merseyside of England, Liverpool is one of the coolest UNESCO cities wrapped in music with seriously awesome credentials. From shopping and world-class dining to music, theatre and football, you’ll see people easily obsessed over these with their strong inclination towards the city's undeniable cultural vibe. It is home to an infinite number of museums than any other city apart from London but the galleries here are undoubtedly among the best in the country and not to forget, shopping here is a pure delight. Step back in time and groove to the British music at the Cavern Club, visit the Albert Dock to spend an afternoon at the Beatles Story to see how it all began for the Fab Four or explore the history of the city at the Museum of the Liverpool, all these and more make visiting Liverpool a worthwhile experience.

3. EDINBURGH: between the confluence of old and new

Stunning architecture, endless winding streets, castle perched on a dormant volcano, cobbled streets and colourful characters as your backdrop, there's nowhere else quite like Edinburgh. The capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is an ideal combination of both ancient and modern ambience. Where on one side you usually start by sightseeing in the historic Old Town, where you can find the iconic Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile, on the other side that boasts the New Town, you can just pop in a cosy cafe, relax with your drink while watching the world go by. If adventure is dominating your wild thoughts, you can choose to climb to the top of Arthur's Seat, an extinct volcano giving the best views of the city. If you are a culture enthusiast, Edinburgh has got you covered as there are plenty of galleries and museums to choose from, especially the Holyrood Palace. For outstanding city views, rise early and climb to the top of Calton Hill to enjoy the sunrise over the city. Also, if you are a whisky lover, you are in for a real treat in Edinburgh as the flagship Johnnie Walker Princes Street here is the must-experience destination on the city break to Scotland’s capital. What’s more interesting is that you can even book your personalised whisky experience where you can explore the flavours of Scotland. As the sun lazily goes down, Edinburgh becomes alive with all the energy and therefore, you should not skip visiting the arts festival happening here or the theatre performances happening frequently.

4. BATH: UK’s quaint wellness destination

Deserving all the reputation as the next most-visited city after London, Bath is a preciously beautiful gem located in the valley of River Avon. It has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site and the credits go out to its hot springs and the royal Roman Baths. Sink yourself into one of the city’s thermal pools, fed by the natural springs which drew in Roman travellers back in AD43 and you will come face to face with the reality proving that some things never change. The houses in Bath are built of the Bath stone which is a special kind of limestone found near the city and it is relatively yellowish. This quaint city, apart from being favoured as a wellness destination, has elegant Georgian houses of the Royal Crescent, the photo favourite Pulteney Bridge and the stained glass windows of Bath Abbey that all make Bath a top visited marvel. The city centre brims with a network of small streets, dotted with old-style boutiques and food delights and walking here just feels like walking right inside Harry Potter's Diagon Alley and if you trust the word, you can spend hours walking amongst the Georgian architecture and taking it all in.

5. BRISTOL: the energetic and artsy heart of the UK

Named as the ‘best city in the UK’ and ‘the most liveable city in Britain’, Bristol has been captivating the hearts of its travellers for years now. Known primarily for its vibrancy, a waterfront lined with art galleries, robust dining options and a touch of history in its various attractions, Bristol is full of exceptional experiences that are worth the attention. While many may not know that this city has brought the world our beloved author JK Rowling, its maritime history has left behind the stories of Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe. For a true taste of art in Bristol, head out on a street art tour to discover the works of the city’s most famous son, Banksy. Discover awe-inspiring views on a tour of the historic Clifton Suspension Bridge. Float over historic landmarks in a beautiful balloon. Feel the adrenaline rush at the Wave, the city’s new inland surfing site, see historic works of art at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. Bristol may be small enough to explore on foot but is quite large enough to keep you entertained.

Top Bucket List Travel Experiences in United Kingdom:

While there are a lot of places to see and explore in the UK, here’s a never-getting-old bucket list of top experiences that you must add to your UK Tour Package:

1. Make memories on the London Eye:

How does it feel climbing at the top of the world's largest cantilevered observation wheel while you make the memories of your lifetime? Visiting the London Eye in today’s time is no more about taking in the city views from the top but about making your visit here extra special. You can now upgrade to the so-called ‘VIP experiences’ that include the Champagne experience where you skip the standard queues and chill with a glass of chilled Champagne, or you can choose to have access to the entire pod privately for 2 to 25 guests. Whether you are planning a brief party with colleagues/ friends or a unique proposal for the lover, booking London Eye’s experience can be customised according to your preferences.

2. Nothing like the Big Ben experience!
There are plenty of iconic attractions in London however, no single landmark is as symbolic of London as Big Ben is. One of the must-see attractions in the capital city, Big Ben is actually the name given to the massive bell inside the clock tower that weighs more than 13,000 kg. The accompanying bells chime every 15 minutes whereas Big Ben only chimes on the hour but what is exciting is that its sound can be heard as far as nine miles away! To really admire the beauty of Big Ben and take home some cherished memories, it’s always a great idea to bring a pair of binoculars along with a camera. The best time to visit is either at night when the four clock faces are illuminated and look impressive or during noon when the Big Ben chimes 12 times.
3. Unwind in the Hyde Park
Hyde Park sits in the heart of London and is one of eight royal parks in the city. For years, this beautiful space was used for public meetings but is now a great hideout for those seeking relaxation, wanting to sunbathe or attend world-class events or take part in rallies. Visit its renowned Speakers’ Corner on a Sunday morning to hear people from all walks of life share their views while you admire the magnificent Diana Memorial Fountain.
4. Visit Loch Ness and marvel at the beauty of the Scottish Highlands
The beauty and the majestic scenery of the Scottish Highlands are unbeatable. Also, visit Loch Ness where you can enjoy a boat trip across the icy depths to view Urquhart Castle and unravel the mystery surrounding Loch Ness monster. If you are visiting these two attractions in Edinburgh, chances are high that you will see the best of lochs, castles, wildlife forests, villages and some of your favourite film and TV locations.
5. Relive the classic Canterbury Tales

Want to immediately immerse yourself into a living history book? Or want to travel back in time to the world of Geoffrey Chaucer’s classic novel Canterbury Tales? Wandering through nearly a thousand years of history as you walk amongst the ruins of Canterbury feels the same! As soon as you start exploring and walking across the cobbled streets amongst the timber-framed houses, you’ll immediately understand why this is one of the most loved day trips from London.

6. A brief rendezvous with the queen at Windsor Castle

One of the oldest and largest occupied castles in the world, Windsor Castle is open to visitors throughout the year. It is the family home to British kings and queens for over 1,000 years. Today, the Queen spends most of her private weekends at the castle. You might even time your visit when she is inside! Look at the flag flying from the Castle’s Round Tower, if it’s the Royal Standard the Queen will be there too.

7. Go to a musical gig at Liverpool’s Cavern Club

Too tired of exploring the museums and the palaces? Cavern Club in Liverpool is where the Fab Four, the Beatles played nearly 300 times making it the most famous live music venue. The club is open 7 days a week and the midweek sees plenty of acoustic artists gracing the stage but the weekends are completely packed and rocked out.
8. Have a hearty English Breakfast or gorge on the much-loved fish and chips

Well, the warmth and heartiness indeed begin at breakfast and the people of Britain take this too seriously. Wherever you are in the UK, having a plate filled with eggs, beans, toasts, sausages and hash browns is indeed one of the most authentically pleasing experiences. Fish and chips fall into the category of other favourites often enjoyed on the weekends. You will find this appetizing dish in almost every pub and restaurant and, of course, fish and chip shops, so don’t think of leaving without trying it with a lot of salt and vinegar.
Discover the crowning jewels of the United Kingdom with Dook
Keeping your travelling tastes, budgets and preferences in mind, the expert team at Dook thoughtfully hand weaves the United Kingdom Tour Packages along with the top recommendations that go well beyond just meandering in the streets of London. We have specially created UK Tour Packages from India that are not just light on your pockets but are also experiential and exceptional.