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Georgia Tour Packages

Explore Georgia with DOOK

Georgia, over the years has become one of the hot tourist destinations. It continues to attract more tourists. The very first reason for this is that Georgia which is located near the coast of Black Sea, is a beautiful country enclosed with mountains, rivers, meadows and valleys. Those looking for an unspoiled natural beauty can simply grab a Georgia Tour Package and leave for this ideal country for hiking, trekking and much more. Georgia is a place that amazes everyone beyond dreams. Everything that one looks for in a perfect travel destination is there in Georgia. The warm hearted people, beautiful countryside, amazing culture and other such things make Georgia a wonderful place to be in. Modern travellers love to explore. They love fashion, adventure and delicious food apart from the historical, cultural and architectural beauty of a place. With your Georgia Packages, you get to experience all these and much more. Walking through the street of Georgia you can feel the evident history of the country in your face. The kind of warmth offered by people over here is something that can touch your soul very deep. And in your free time you will be delighted to shop in the markets there,as they are very colorful. You can try your bargaining skills hard enough to get your item at a desired price. Go to Georgia with Georgia Tour Package from India and explore its popular wide spread vineyards. People refer every traveler as blessing here and treat them very respectfully. Georgia has admirable ancestry of arts and architecture, many orthodox churches, cave cities and incomparable tarps of Pirosmani.

Beautiful Cities to Visit in Georgia

Georgia is an emerging tourist destination that is still a mystery to people who haven’t discovered it. Georgia’s rich culture and diverse landscapes make it a perfect place for anyone interested in history and nature on the grandest scale. Among the top reasons to visit Georgia, one of the major is its incredible cities. If you have bought the Georgia tour packages, you will get to see these cities:

. Tbilisi

Tbilisi, capital of Georgia and located near the bank of Kura River is the most popular tourist attraction in Georgia. Tbilisi is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains on three sides. Most welcoming people along with stunning countryside, amazing Tbilisi’s nightlife or may be something else will touch you immediately. Tbilisi is unspoiled beauty shaped by rugged mountains. You must explore Tbilisi in Georgia, first on your Tbilisi Tour Packages. Tbilisi has the aroma of the Eurasian crossroads which reflects in its culture and traditions.Tbilisi draws the visitors for its hot springs, cobble streets and caravanserai. Georgia Package is a stress buster to get away from your routine life for a while and explore Tbilisi, the city of romance. You can live the essence of medieval and modern lifestyle of this city with best Tbilisi Holiday Package. Read More About Tbilisi

Best Places to See in Tbilisi: Explore Tbilisi Tour Packages

Tbilisi is located in the centre of eastern Georgia. It is beautifully placed in the foothills of the Trialeti mountain range. Tbilisi got destroyed and rebuilt many a times but that could not take away the spirit of Tbilisi and you will see the old elements of Tbilisi still exists in narrow alleys and big crooked houses built around courtyards in the city. When it comes to Sightseeing in Tbilisi when you are here on Georgia Tour Packages then you can see good number of museums and other exciting places in Tbilisi. Narikala Fortress the most notable place to see is ancient symbol of Tbilisi’s defence. The Parliament and other major government buildings of Georgia are also in Tbilisi only. Then one can see museums like G. Chitaia Ethnographical open air museum, numismatic museum, Museum of art, Simon Janashia museum, Puppet museum and Galaktion Tabidze museum.

Tbilisi opera and ballet theatre is for entertainment seekers. Recreation lovers can enjoy the aerial cable car which connects Rike Park on the bank of Mtkvari River with Narikala fortress. And those who want some peaceful time filled with calmness and pleasantness within them can walk down the lane of Old Tbilisi. Old Tbilisi has its old style balconies, old time churches, winding streets and lot of charming shops around. They are more than enough to fetch the attention of travellers who love to walk down. You also get a great glimpse of old time beauty of a city. Nature beauty lovers can go to Turtle Lake. You can enjoy your time alone, with family or friends at Turtle Lake which is located in hilly outskirts of Tbilisi. Shopping maniac can go to Dry bridge bazaar where you will get lot of antiques and jewellery among other exciting stuffs. Thus you have plenty of places to see and things to do in Tbilisi, Georgia on your Tbilisi Packages.

2. Batumi

Batumi is one of the most-loved tourist destinations in Georgia. It is a modern city settled on the coast of the Black Sea. The architecture of this incredible city is a beautiful blend of Asian and European styles. Tourists visit this city mainly during the summer months. It is also known as the beach destination where people sunbathe, relax, and enjoy beach activities. It has cool cafes, art streets, and creative spaces that tourists love. If you are planning a Georgia tour, include this on your list.

3. Kazbegi

Kazbegi is one of the tourist hot spots in Georgia for every taste and budget. This small town is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, which offer a great hike to mountain lovers during spring and summer. Tourists mostly take day trips to explore the towns. The main attraction of this place is its unparalleled landscapes that offer spectacular views. Buying Georgia tour packages is a perfect way to discover the charming sides of Kazbegi.

4. Kutaisi

Kutaisi is the third largest city in Georgia. It is one of the main ports of entry to Georgia. Although tourists mainly use this city as the point of arrival and departure, Kutaisi is one of the best destinations to visit in Georgia. It boasts charming houses, monasteries, churches, and restaurants for tourists to explore. You can even take day trips to Martvili canyon and visit the main attraction in the city- Prometheus Caves. If you are planning a trip to this beautiful country, check out Dook’s Georgia holiday packages.

5. Borjomi

is a beautiful city in Georgia. It is famous for its mineral water that originated from ancient volcanic sulfur springs. Many people believe that mineral water has healing properties. It can cure many diseases. Borjomi has more to offer than its mineral water. It has scenic towns, picturesque landscapes, and lush green locations. Borjomi has so much to offer everyone, from rivers to waterfalls, dense forests, and alpine meadows. There are many hiking opportunities for adventure lovers.

6. Gori

Gori is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Georgia. The name of this city derives from the Georgian word “Gora”, which means the hill. Gori has three historical and architectural monuments- the museum of Joseph Stalin, the medieval fortress “Goristsikhe, and the ancient cave of Uplistsikhe. It is an enchanting tourist destination that perfectly blends natural beauty, history, and culture. The local markets of Gori are filled with traditional crafts and delicious Georgian food that you can enjoy while strolling through the city streets.

7. Kakheti

Kakhati is a charming tourist destination that captivates the heart of visitors with its rich history, wine culture, and breathtaking landscapes. It is known as the cradle of winemaking- Kakheti is home to some of the oldest wine making regions in the world. You can visit traditional wineries, indulge in wine tastings, and discover vineyards. Besides winemaking, Kakheti also has a wealth of cultural and historical sites. The city is dotted with ancient fortresses, classic monasteries, and lovely villages. With natural beauty, mouthwatering cuisines, winemaking, and profound history, Kakheti is a rewarding destination to visit in Georgia.
8. Mtskheta

Mtskheta is a historically significant place in Georgia that enchants travelers with its architectural wonders and cultural heritage. From Svetitskhoveli Cathedral to Jvari Monastery, Mtskheta has something for everyone. The bustling streets of Mtskheta remain filled with traditional restaurants and souvenir shops that charm tourists. It is also a soothing getaway for nature lovers, where they can relish the breathtaking views from Mount Mtastsminda. If you seek spirituality, history, and scenic beauty, Mtskheta is a must-visit destination.

hoose Best Georgia Tour Package from Dook International

Get on board with Dook International and book your customized Georgia Tour Packages or Tbilisi Tour packages for a lifetime travel experience. When you decide to explore this wonderful country known as Georgia and wonderful city known as Tbilisi, you should straight away ask for your own Dook International’s best packages to reap the best memories of your well spent vacation.

Unmissable Experiences in Georgia

Georgia’s unmatched beauty, stunning landscapes, ancient cities, and heart-filling adventurous activities offer countless unforgettable experiences. The adventures of this country will leave you wanting to come back again for a whole new adventure. No country can beat the charm and the comprehensive travel experience of Georgia. Following are the exceptional experiences that you can experience on your Georgia tour:

Take a surreal bathe in the naturally healing waters of Abanotubani
Taste the Georgian wine in the winemaking region of Kakheti
Go on a wine tour in Kakheti
Indulge in a palatable feast in Garikula
Take a walking tour to Old Tbilisi
Enjoy cycling and kayaking at Colchis National Park
Visit the enchanting Svaenti
Trek the Caucasian Mountains
Hike the Gergeti Trinity Church
Admire the beauty of Ananuri Castle
Explore the caves of Gareji
Spend quality time on the beach in Batumi
Marvel at Martivili Canyon
Applaud the greenery at Batumi Botanic Gardens
Attend a Georgian puppet show
Unearth the Stalin Museum

Heartfelt Activities to do in Georgia Tour

There is a wide range of adventures in Georgia that captivate the heart of every traveler. From lazy strolls around the cities to thrilling adventures. If you want to try some extreme sports on your Georgia tour, here is a list of some of them.

Whitewater rafting
Hot-Air Ballooning
Forest Hiking
Speleological Tours
Historical Sightseeing
Jeep Tour
Air tour

You can add these top activities to your Georgia tour packages and relish the adventure of a lifetime.

Make Your Shopaholic Heart Happy in Georgia

Every tourist likes to shop for something in a new country as a memory or gift to their loved ones. If you are among them, this list of top places to shop in Georgia will help you find the best shops or markets. Many shopping streets, centers, department stores, shops, and boutiques are there in the country that tourists visit. Let’s look at the places you can go shopping on your Georgia tour:

Yuliko & Friends Concept Store
East Point
Tbilisi Mall
Galleria Tbilisi
Meidan Bazaar
Lilo Mall
Metro City
Batumi Mall
Tbilisi Street Market
Dry Bridge Market
Gallery 27
Craft Shop
Tbileli’s Karvasla
Fabrika Tbilisi Courtyard
The Why Not Gallery

Things to Buy in Georgia

The best part about vacation is the gifts. Taking the unique and beautiful things home from your trip is what makes the holiday ever-green. It reminds you of the unforgettable time you had. Georgia has so many handmade products and souvenirs that you can take home. All these items and beautiful souvenirs can be available at reasonable prices. There are dozens of artisan shops where you can buy unique things for your family and friends back home. Some of the antique things you can buy in Georgia are:

Enamel Jewelry
Traditional Blue Tablecloth
Traditional Clothes with modern touches
Ceramic Utensils
Georgian archaeological treasury
Khinali Socks
Georgian wine horn
Georgian spices
Antique clocks, vases, and posters
Carpets & Kilims
Silk Batik
Woolen slippers & socks
Local honey

Fill Your Belly with Delicious Cuisines at Top Restaurants in Georgia

Georgia is a delightful destination for all trippers, adventurers, shopaholics, and food lovers. Besides the adventure, fun, and shopping, you can find top places to eat in Georgia. These places offer freshly-cooked scrumptious cuisines that will satiate your taste buds. If you are all set to go on a Georgia tour, note down the name of these top restaurants:

Salobie Bia
Cafe Daphna
Cafe Littera
Ninia’s Garden
Shavi Lomi
No.8 BBQ House
Art-Cafe Home
Bina N37
Dadi Wani Bar
Chacha Time
8000 Vintages

Must-Have Food & Drinks in Georgia

Food and drinks add more excitement to your trip. Trying unique food and cocktails in a new country tells you more about its culture. In Georgia, social culture is more prevalent than anywhere in the world. They revel in copious amounts of food and toast over ecstatic drinks. They love to cook food as much as they like to eat. Georgian cuisine is made up of fresh ingredients and fine spices & flavors. Here is the compilation of the most famous dishes and drinks:

Amber Wine
Qvevri Wine
Georgian Craft Beer
Tonis Puri
Georgian Brandy
Georgian Amphora Wine
Raspberry Tea
Lagidze Water

Popular Nightclubs in Georgia

People come to Georgia for many reasons- unique culture, stunning architecture, incredible attractions, mountains, hospitable people, and more. But one of the most attractive things that captivate the attention of tourists is its nightlife. Georgia is home to many late-night avenues, hipster hangouts, bars, clubs, pubs, and more. Wherever you’ll see, there will be never ending night scenes. If you are here to witness Georgia’s nightlife, expect live music, theme bars, dance clubs, and night raves. Whether you are a hardcore party lover or a quiet drinker, you will get a taste of every kind of nightlife in Georgia. So, grab your dance shoes, pull on your comfortable clothes, and get ready for eternal fun. Here is the list of all the famous nightclubs and bars you can try in Georgia:

World’s End Bar
Black Dog Bar
8000 Vintages
Drama Bar
Cocktail Factory
Sakhelosno Bar
Drunk Owl Bar
Art-Cafe Home
Makulatura Bar
Thom’s Bar

Top Tourist Attractions in Tbilisi & Georgia:

Georgia A Brief Travel Guide:
Georgia is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Georgia sits at the crossroads of western Asia and Eastern Europe, so it is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan. Get to know about Culture and People, climate, Economy, Places to see, Things to do in Georgia. Read More

3 Places in Georgia You Must Visit: Georgia is a wonderful country sitting at the meeting point of Asia and Europe. What apart from its culture and heritage has won the heart of people visiting this country is the hospitality and cuisine. Checkout some tourist places in Georgia (Mtskheta,Kutaisi, Svaneti) which you must see while you are travelling to Georgia from India. Read More

Aerial Tramway, Tbilisi: Aerial Tramway is a fast and great experiential way to reach from a place on ground to the top of a hill where a significant travel sight is located. In this regard, Tbilisi aerial tramway connects Rike Park or popularly known as Europe Square to the fortress of Narikala. Read More

Mount Kazbek: Mount Kazbek is one of the highest and most beautiful mountains of Caucasus. In fact, it is the third highest mountain in Georgia, after Mount Shkhara and Janga and the seventh highest peak in the Caucasus Mountains. Mount Kazbek comes under the natural beauty category when it comes to must visit places in Georgia. Read More

Uplistsikhe - Ancient Cave Town in Georgia: Uplistsikhe is easily an off beaten travel destination for the tourists in Georgia. It is an old rock-hewn town in eastern Georgia. It is just 10 KM away from the town of Gori, which is also a tourist attraction. Uplistsikhe is built on the left bank of river Mtkvari and here in town you can see numerous structures which dates back to early Iron Age to the late middle ages. Read More

Lake Ritsa - A Beautiful Lake in Georgia: Surrounded by mountains and subalpine meadows, Lake Ritsa is beautiful to say the least. Lake Ritsa is located in Abkhazia, North-western part of Georgia. It is also one of the world’s deepest lakes. Lake Ritsa is quite a popular tourist destination. Read More

Vardzia Cave Monastery: Georgia is a country of natural beauty and Monasteries. Georgia a beautiful country has lot of old time monasteries. Vardzia is centuries old monastery, now part of state heritage reserve. The space around the monastery looks beautiful. You will have a great time here walking in and around Vardiza monastery in Georgia. Read More

Gudauri Ski Resort in Georgia: Gudauri is located on the greater Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia. Gudauri is nothing less than a marvellous scenic brilliance of nature. Gudauri offers quite an opportunity to the Skiers. Gudauri has routes for beginners in skiing as well as for pro riders. Read More

Batumi A Place You Must Explore in Georgia: Batumi is known for abundance of diverse architectural buildings that make the city modern and beautiful. Batumi is also one of the main port city of Georgia. One of the fascinating aspect of travelling to this part is it’s cuisine. Read More

Penny Wise Georgia: It is often a big question in the mind of the travellers who plan to visit a new place. Well Georgia in that sense is a cheap travel destination as compared to other parts of the world. Here's a list of items along with prices for travellers. Read More

Reasons to Travel to Georgia

Georgia offers so much that you can love and enjoy all at once. It is a land of rock and stone, green hills, deep caves, pristine beaches, majestic mountains, and medieval fortresses & monasteries. Whether you are a history lover or nature enthusiast, you will have everything that you desire to experience in Georgia. No matter what you seek here, you will find adventure and peace altogether. From stunning landscapes to outdoor activities to incredible hospitality, Georgia will treat you with the best. If you still don’t find a reason to visit Georgia, here are some of the reasons that we listed below:

Georgia has the highest mountain range in Europe.
It is the country where wine originated.
It has many UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Georgia is the first country where Christianity was first recognized.
Georgians are very polite and hospitable.
The cuisines here are delicious and unique.
It is a budget-friendly country for a long vacation.
Georgia boasts beautiful and diverse landscapes.
Georgia has a rich history that captivates history buffs.
Georgian cities are very vibrant and always buzzing with enthusiasm.
There are many impressive abandoned buildings to explore.
The buildings in Georgia have fine architecture.
It is an ideal adventure destination where you can indulge in unique and unimaginable experiences.
There are stunning monuments and monasteries to unearth.
Georgia has breathtaking natural scenery.
There are beautiful and serene restaurants in Georgia that offer a quiet ambiance.
Georgia has many unique and deep caves.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What are the best months to visit Georgia?
Answer: The ideal time to visit Georgia is May, June, or September. During this time, the temperature remains pleasant and low. However, each month offers its own charm. For example, if you want to do skiing, you can visit Georgia during the cold months.

Question: How are the locals in Georgia?

Answer: The people of Georgia are very friendly and hospitable. They believe in the saying called, “a guest is a gift from God”.

Question: Do Indians require to have a visa to enter Georgia?
Answer: Yes. All Indian passport holders are required to have a visa to travel to Georgia. They are entitled to have an e-Visa.

Question: What is the currency of Georgia?
Answer: The currency of Georgia is Georgian Lari.

Question: Can I use a credit card in Georgia?
Answer: Yes. You can use a credit card almost everywhere in Georgia without any hassle.