Czech Republic Attractions

Czech Republic Tourist Attractions

The Czech Republic is an inland country which lies in the regions of Central Europe. It is enclosed by Slovakia to the eastern side, Germany to the western side, Poland to the north-eastern side, and Austria to the southern side. The country lies across a surface area of 78,866 square km. With a low rate of criminal activities in the country, it is the safest tourist destination. It is famous in the 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites which are listed under the Czech Republic Tourist Places.

Prague is titled as the “largest city” and capital of the Czech Republic. It remains the “historic capital” of Bohemia. It lies in the northwestern regions of the country on the magnificent Vltava river. The city has about 1.3 million inhabitants. Many tourist attraction sites got to survive from the vast destruction caused in the twentieth century in Europe. In the list of most visited tourist destinations of European cities, Prague is in the fifth place. Some of the Top Czech Republic Attractions include:

Best Places to Visit in Czech Republic

1. Prague

With the presence of the fall of the Iron Curtain, Prague comes out among the lists of ‘world’s popular tourist sites.’ It is a land to over several architectural architectural styles including Neo-Gothic, Art Nouveau, Baroque, Romanesque, Rococo, Cubist, Gothic, Neoclassical, Ultramodern, Renaissance, and Neo-Renaissance. The main attractions in Prague sights include Hradcany, Lesser Town (Mala Strana), Old Town (Stare Mesto), Josefov, New Town (Nove Mesto), Vinohrady, and Zizkov. Other eye-catching Prague tourist places include the Vysehrad Castle, Prague Metronome, Industrial Palace, Letohradek Hvezda, Andel, Nusle Bridge, Strahov Monastery, and so on.


2. Cesky Krumlov

In the list of Czech Republic tourist spots, Cesky Krumlov is a famous place. The town lies in the regions of South Bohemia. The architectural style in the old town is present from the 14th to 17th centuries. The famous structures in the town include Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance. The historical center is famed with the Cesky Krumlov Castle, which is listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The castle has a giant rococo garden with an exquisite bridge giving a picturesque look. It is built on a heavy rock which comes under the famous places to visit in Czech Republic.

Cesky Krumlov

3. Kutna Hora

The magnificent town lies in the region of Central Bohemia. In the list of Things to do in Czech Republic, Kutna Hora is an eye-catching tourist destination. Its main sights include Italian Court, Church of St. Barbara, Marian Column, Church of Our Lady, Sedlec Ossuary, Jesuit College, St. James Church, Ursuline Convent Church, St. John Nepomuk Church, Palackeho Square, Black Death Memorial, and so on. Kutna Hora center and Sedlec Abbey are listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites catching the entire attention. The stained glass design printed in the Church of St. Barbara gives an eye-catching impression to the visitors.

Kutna Hora

4. Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is also famous with the name of “Carlsbad.” It is a famous spa town which lies in the region of Western Bohemia between the majestic rivers Tepla and Ohre. In the list of Czech Republic Attractions, Karlovy Vary can’t be missed to explore. It is a land with several glorious hot springs which include 300 smaller springs, 13 main springs, and the exquisite river Tepla. The visitors can explore the picturesque outdoor pool filled with mineral water and the striking Vridelni street set above the Jeanna De Carro. Some major attractions include Dvorak Park, Grandhotel Pupp, City Opera House, Park Colonnade, Mill Colonnade, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Plaque, and so on.

Karlovy Vary

5. Castle Karlstejn

Karlstejn Castle is built in an exquisite Gothic architectural style. During the time of 1348 CE, Charles IV (Roman Emperor and Bohemia King) founded the castle. It was a remarked place for protecting the Bohemia crowns, Czech jewels, Imperial Regalia, regal valuables, relics, and other riches. In the list of Places to visit in Czech Republic, Karlstejn Castle is a famous site. The picturesque wall placed in the Holy Cross Chapel is eye-catching. The Well Tower was the first part which was constructed in the castle. The alluring portrait of Charles IV along with his wife is placed on the Marian Tower in the in the St. Catherine Chapel, which looks attracting to the tourist visiting the place.

Castle Karlstejn

6. Telc

The Town of Telc lies in the regions of Southern Moravia, which is located near Jihlava. During the time of 13th century, the town came into existence acting as a regal water fort on the routes which lies between Austria, Bohemia, and Moravia. The cultural town covers an area of 36 ha making it a favourable place to visit. An eye-catching attraction is the town is the main square which is famed for its 16th century-built houses. The town square is an eccentric, complex, which includes Baroque houses, urban plaza, and well-preserved Renaissance. The Chateau castle is also famed among the visitors. All these sites are presently under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


7. Olomouc

The city lies on the magnificent Morava river, on the eastern side of the country. In the country of the Czech Republic, Olomouc is titled as the “6th largest city.” It provides a residence place to about 100,000 inhabitants. In addition, its urban zone holds about 480,000 population. It has numerous giant squares, among which is the exquisite Holy Trinity Column famed as the UNESCO World Heritage site. Other major attractions include St. Wenceslas Cathedral, Olomouc Astronomical Clock, St.Michael’s Church, Red Church, St. Maurice Church, John Sarkander Chapel, Hradisko, Town Hall, and so on.


8. Litomysl

In the list of Czech Republic tourist attractions, Litomysl remains a famed borough and precinct, which lies in the region of Pardubice, Bohemia. It is situated at a distance of 136 km in the eastern side of Prague and provides land to about 10,300 occupants. The town is centered with a magnificent Chateau Complex, which is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A dominant feature in the town is the Renaissance Castle, which is regarded as a historical monument as well as along with its atypical architectural style. The townlands to a museum named “Portmoneum” which is famous for artists and writers.


9. Moravian Karst

The Moravia Karst is a beautiful destination to explore among the visitors. It is a conserved nature reserve and an eye-catching landscape which lies on the northern side of Brno and the eastern side of the Czech Republic. It is surrounded with the striking geological dimensions which include gorges and caverns. The picturesque sights include Punkva Caves, Sloupsko-Sosuvske Caves, Balcarka Cave, Vypustek Cave, Katerinska Cave, Stranska Skala, and Byci Skala Cave. In the regions of Moravian Karst, Punkevni Jeskyne remains extremely famed caves. The hiking pathways and bicycle streams are open for the tourists.

Moravian Karst

10. Plzen

The city lies at a distance of about 90 km west side of Prague. It is famous for the Pilsner beer, which came into existence by Josef Groll, the Bavarian brewer. The exquisite St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral was a Gothic architectural style example built in the 13th century. The Cathedral has a tower reaching 102 m above the ground. In the list of things to do in Czech Republic, the Moorish Revival Great Synagogue, the Renaissance Town Hall, Water Tower, Plzensky Prazdroj Brewery, and Franciscan Monastery are the places to explore. The magnificent fountain, which lies in the main square of Plzen is a picturesque place to explore.


11. The Bohemian Paradise

Bohemian Paradise is a picturesque landscape, which is well-conserved. The region holds a title to be the “first nature reserve in the Czech Republic.” At present, it reaches a surface area of about 182 km square. It lies in the regions of Northern Bohemia, North-Eastern Prague. Trosky Castle is a famed symbol of the Bohemian Paradise Kost Castle is also a major attraction. Other sites include Humprecht Castle, Hruba Skala Castle, Sychrov Castle, Valdstejn Castle, Frydstejn Castle, Dlaskuv Estate, and Hruby Rohozec Castle. In the area, Kozakov hill is at the highest peak and is a major attraction for the hikers.

The Bohemian Paradise

12. Hluboka Castle

The historical chateau lies between Vltavou and Hluboka. In the regions of the Czech Republic, Hluboka Castle is the most striking and picturesque place. The castle is built in a Gothic architectural style which captures the entire attention. At present, the castle is based on the romantic style taken a view from the Windsor Castle in England. The castle holds a title of being the “National Cultural Monument” in the country. It comes under the list of popular Czech Republic tourist spots.

Hluboka Castle

13. Pruhonice Park

The elegant park came in the foundation during the time in1885. The park features eye-catching streams and ponds to explore by the visitors. In the regions of Europe, it is an exquisite landscape architectural example, with the finest botanical collection, including exotic shrubs, native trees, domestic species, and rhododendrons. It holds a place in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The fragile and superlative experience one can enjoy here is not easily found anywhere else. It houses to over 1,600 different plant categories, Alpinum, 8000 rhododendrons, ponds, and streams. To enjoy peace and calmness, it is a perfect place in the Czech Republic.

Pruhonice Park

Best Places to Visit in Prague

Prague is a city with major eye-catching attractions. The city is a spiral with thousands of places to explore built in a different architectural style with specific features and monumental dimensions. Among the list of Prague tourist attractions, castles, churches and monasteries are extremely popular. The sublime-built museums and music venues surround with peace and melodious sounds. The Places to visit in Prague include Charles Bridge, Vltava River, Jewish Quarter, and many more. The glorious gardens are cherished with the splendid beauty of trees and shrubs. In the list of things to do in Prague, the dreamy restaurants are an excellent place to enjoy delicious meals.

1. Prague Castle

The castle is built during the time of 9th century with the extremely finest style. The President of the Czech Republic solemn office is regarded as the “Prague Castle.” It is recorded as the “largest prehistoric castle over the globe” in the Guinness Book of Records. The castle houses to several magnificent attractions including St. Vitus Cathedral, Basilica of St. George, Holy Cross Chapel, Old Royal Palace, Belvedere, Lobkowicz Palace, New Royal Palace, National Gallery, Spanish Hall, Column Hall, Vladislav Hall, Rudolph’s Gallery, Rothmayer’s Hall, White Tower, Black Tower, Dalibor Tower, Mihulka, Kohl’s Fountain, Matthias Gate, Obelisk, Golden Lane, St.Wenceslas Vineyard, and so on.

Prague Castle

2. Prague’s Charles Bridge

The ancient bridge is built to serve as a crossing over the eye-catching river Vltava in the regions of Prague. It laid a major connection path between the Prague old town, Prague Castle, and remaining areas adjacent to the city. The exquisite statues on the bridge include the most famed sculptors of Bohemia such as Jan Brokoff, Matthias Braun, Ferdinand Maximilian, and Michael Joseph. During the time of 1965, these alluring statues were replaced by a replica. The original statues are present in the Lapidarium exhibition, National Museum. There are three bridge towers which acts as a safeguarding medium for the Charles Bridge. Two towers are placed on the Lesser Quarter side and one is placed on the Old Town of Prague side.

Prague Charles Bridge

3. The Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock

The prehistoric square lies in the region of Prague old town between Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square. It holds the magnificent buildings describing several architectural styles, in which, the Gothic Church of Our Lady Before Tyn and St. Nicholas Church is extremely popular for the tourist attraction. Prague Orloj or Prague Astronomical Clock is an exquisite example of the Middle Ages. During the time of 1410, it first came in the installation. It holds the title of “3rd oldest astronomical clock over the globe.” The astronomical dial placed on the clock is a representation of the Sky and Earth and mainly surrounds with four components including sun icon, moon icon, zodiac ring, and an outer rotating ring.

The Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock

4. St. Vitus Cathedral

In the list of things to do in Prague, St. Vitus Cathedral can’t be missed to explore. The Roman Catholic cathedral is built in the eye-catching Gothic style and acts as a “seat of the Prague Archbishop.” In the regions of the Czech Republic, it is the largest church present with the tombs of several Holy Roman Emperors and Bohemian Kings. It has two organ casings, one for baroque organ and another for neoclassical casing organ. The front tower is 82 m high, arch height if 33.2 m, and main tower are 102.8 m high which makes it a picturesque place to visit.

Saint Vitus Cathedral

5. Wenceslas Square

Being one of the city’s main squares, it has remained extremely famed among the tourist destination spots. The center of cultural and business communities lies in the Prague New Town regions. It is a place for several historical happenings and is a conventional site for public visits and gatherings. It comes under the Prague Historic Center, which is a World Heritage Site. It is built in a rectangular shape which is 75 m long. Some notable buildings on the square includes Wenceslas Museum, National Museum, Jan Kotera Peterka Building, Antonin Wiehl’s House, Lindt Building, Melantrich Building, and so on.

Wenceslas Square

6. The Hilltop Fortress: Vyšehrad

The ancient fortress is in the southeast direction of Prague Castle standing on the alluring Vltava river bank. It houses to the Vyešhrad Cemetery and the Basilica of St. Paul and St. Peter. The statues present in the fort include Josef Vaclav Myslbek, Libuse and Premysl, Ctirad and Sarka, Lumir and Pisen, Zaboj and Slavoj, Mikulas Karlach, Saint Wenceslas, and Vaclav Stulc. It also houses to the antiquated St. Martin Rotunda. The cultural fortress is built with magnificent architectural styles including Baroque, Gothic, Neo-Gothic, and Romanesque. The fortified place houses to Tabor gate, Leopold gate, strong brick ramparts, and brick gate. The gates are built in an empire architectural style which captures the entire attention.

The Hilltop Fortress

7. Prague National Theatre

Among the Prague Sights, The National Theatre situated in Prague comes out as a major tourist destination. It is famed as the “national monument of Czech history” and “alma mater of Czech opera.” It is a belonging to the Czech cultural institutions including a lavish artistic heritage. At present, the theatre is comprised of three magnificent artistic troupes including drama, opera, and ballet. The Triga, a three-horse Quadriga is worth watching. It holds 10 exterior items by Antonin Wagner, 10 extrinsic metaphorical carving by the famous Bohuslav Schnirch. The stoned carvings by Max Verich are an eye-catching attraction of the theatre.

Prague National Theatre

8. The Dancing House

The Dancing House is also known as the famous Fred and Ginger. It is built in the deconstructivist style which is like a new-baroque to the architects. Its unusual shape makes it a unique place among the tourists. It is formed in a dancing shape which stands still in the presence of 99 tactile panels of distinct sizes and shapes. The building is covered with a huge twisted metal structure with a nickname as Mary’. The house represents the two extremely popular dancers Ginger Rogers as a glass tower and Fred Astaire as a rock tower.

The Dancing House

9. Petrin Hill

The Petrin Hill is a major attraction place which rises above 327 m from the sea level and is about 130 m above the Vltava river left bank. Its main sights include the Hunger Wall, Petrin Lookout Tower, Strahov Stadium, Petrin Funicular, Rose Garden, Mirror Maze, Stefanik’s Observatory, St. Michael the Archangel Church, St. Lawrence Cathedral, and Memorial for the Communism Victims. The hill is surrounded by the alluring parks and acts as a lovable amusement place for the Prague occupants. The Hunger Wall on the Petrin Hill gives an iconic view. The hill’s summit is in the link to the Mala Strana district in Prague.

Petrin Hill

10. The Infant Jesus of Prague

The 16th century built Roman Catholic statue is a representation of the child Jesus, which comprises of a Globus Cruciger and lies in the Discalced Carmelite Church of Our Lady Victorious in the regions of Mala Strana. The Infant Jesus of Prague was built during the time of 1555, in which, the statue is built with a wax coating wooden layer covered with a green vestment. It is a 19-inch statue built with the coated wooden wax layer. For safeguarding the wax layer, the bottom half portion is kept surrounded in a silver case. The Benefactors shared a major contribution in donating numerous expensive adorned vestments.

The Infant Jesus of Prague

11. The Jewish Town of Josefov

The alluring Jewish Town Hall lies in the regions of Josefov standing between the corners of Cervena Ulice and Maiselova, Prague. It was built as an adjacent masterpiece to the Old New Synagogue. It is an eye-catching Renaissance style which is famed for its two exquisite clocks including the Hebrew numeral clock and Roman numeral clock. The Josefov town gathers magnificent attractions which include Jewish cemetery buildings, the pregnant woman monument built with mirrors, Franz Kafka’s birthplace, High Synagogue, Klaus Synagogue, Maisel Synagogue, Jewish Ceremonial Hall, Pinkas Synagogue, Spanish Synagogue, Old-New Synagogue, Old Jewish Cemetery, and so on.

The Jewish Town of Josefov

12. The Municipal House

The civic astonishing building houses a Smetana Hall, which remains a concert hall in the city. It lies on the Namesti Republiky which is placed next to the huge Powder Gate. At present, the building has been transformed into a ballroom, concert hall, and holds restaurants and cafes. The Foyer, Fresko, and exhibition hall are major attractions. It is built in majestic Art Nouveau style with the splendid external surface of stucco ad allegorical art. The entrance is glorified with the presence of “Homage to Prague” mosaic by Karel Spillar.

The Municipal House

13. Zizkov TV Tower

The eccentric transmitter, TV tower is built during the time of 1985 to 1992. The antenna spire stands at a height of 216 m above the ground. It represents an alluring example of the highly-technological architecture style built in the Prague city. It is like an uncustomary structure based on a triangular shape with its corners standing up in the form of steel columns. The night view of the tower is beautiful and captures the entire attention in the city. The tower was built with a construction cost of $19 million. With a weight of 11,800 tons, it has become a major attraction site. It also holds a record of being the member of “World Federation of Great Towers.”

Zizkov TV Tower

14. Tyn Church

In the list of Prague tourist attractions, Tyn Church or the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn is a famed place. It is built like a Gothic church and remains an eye-catching feature of the Prague old town. It holds huge towers reaching 80 m height and is covered with four small-sized spires. For the tourists, classical music concerts are being performed occasionally. The church is a land to the old pipe organ found in the regions of Prague, which was built during the time of 1673. The entrance is present on the western side in the form of a narrow pathway.

Tyn Church

15. The Olšany Cemetery

Among the places to visit in Prague, Olšany Cemetery is the substantial necropolis. It is famous for its many astonishing art nouveau gravestones. The tomb of Augustin Volosin is also present here who was the first president to rule over the regions of Carpathian Ruthenia. Many well-known writers, actors, artists, politicians, and other people are buried in this cemetery. It gives land to over 65,000 graves. One can look at the graves of British Commonwealth Service Personnel over this graveyard.

The Olsany Cemetery

16. Powder Tower

The tower assemblies like a magnificent Gothic Gate built in the regions of Prague. In the city, it is an original tower built so far. It acts as a separation gate between the old and new towns of Prague. During the time of 1475, the construction of the Powder Tower came into existence. It remains an alluring entrance pathway to welcome the tourists entering into the city. The tower’s appearance was an inspiration from the Charles Bridge by Peter Parler.

Powder Tower

17. The Petrín Lookout Tower

The 63.5 m high steel-built tower stands on the magnificent Petrin Hill and came into existence during the time of 1891. It was built to resemble alike the gorgeous Eiffel Tower. It was built to serve two functions which are observation and transmission. At present, it is centered as a major tourist destination spot. On the main level, a small cafe and gift shop is also present to serve the tourists. The lower level comprises of a small mounting zone.

Petrin Lookout Tower

18. The National Museum, Prague

The opulent Czech Museum is a major tourist destination in sight. It was built with the main purpose to exhibit the ancient and natural science collections. It holds about 14 million objects showcasing the historical aspects, artistic culture, librarianship, and musical features. At present, the museum stores the alluring material items in three parts which are natural museum, historical museum, and library. The natural museum contains several departments relating to botany, entomology, paleontology, anthropology, mycology, mineralogy, and zoology. The historical museum houses six departments for prehistory and protohistory, old Czech history, ethnography, numismatics, national museum archives, and theatre. The library holds a varied collection for the tourists to explore.

The National Museum Prague

19. Mala Strana

Mala Strana district is a famous sight among the Prague attractions. Being the most historical region, it has gathered huge attention by the visitors. It has served as a features center for the ethnic Germans during the time of the Middle Ages. It houses, major interesting spots, including Wallenstein Palace, St. Nicholas Church, Holy Infant Jesus of Prague State, Church of Our Lady Victorious, Prague Embassy, Nerudova Street, Petrin Lookout Tower, Kampa Island, and so on.

Mala Strana

20. Spanish Synagogue

The synagogue is a newly built presence which lies in the regions of Jewish Town, Prague. The magnificent Moorish revival architectural style captures the entire attention of the visitors. In the list of Prague attractions, the Spanish Synagogue is a major site. It has a small park in which a modern Franz Kafka’s statue is built who was a famed writer in Prague. There is a Holy Spirit church for the devotees. The two-storey palace is covered with a plain square shaped ground.

Spanish Synagogue

21. The Clementinum and the National Library

The Clementinum is a palatial remarkable building complex, which lies in Prague, Czech Republic. The Slavic Library placed in the complex holds a wide range of collection. It was a time in the past when the Clementinum was titled as the “3rd largest Jesuit college over the globe.” It has a Baroque Library which is extremely famous for its exquisite interior designs. The National Library is a well-renowned central library present in the Clementinum building and Hostivar district. It's funded with about 6 million documents, making it extremely populous.

The Clementinum and the National Library

22. Prague Zoo

The zoological garden is a major sight in Prague. It holds a title of the “7th best zoo over the globe” by the Forbes Travel Guide during the time of 2007. TripAdvisor also rated the zoo as the “5th best in the world.” It holds a major share in the contribution to save Przewalski’s horse for about a number of years. The Radegast sculpture, small tram, and zoo chairlift are the major attractions in the garden. The visitors can enjoy looking at the polar bear, Sumatran tiger, cheetah, western lowland gorilla, and many more animals.

Prague Zoo

23. Letna Park

The Letna park is a huge park which lies on the Letna hills and constructed on a plateau along with the magnificent and the eye-catching river Vltava. The famed monuments, buildings, and sights at the place include Hanavsky Pavilion, Ancient Letensky Carousel, Gogolova Street, Statue of Pebble, Metronome Pedestal, Stalin’s Monument, Molochov’s Functionalist Facade, and Sparta’s Stadium. The visitors can enjoy the popular postcard view towards the tall standing bridges in the regions of Downtown Prague.

Letna Park



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