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Top Wedding Destinations in the World

Choose your favorite wedding destinations to celebrate love

Make your dream wedding plans come alive with Dook and vow for a lifetime of love & laughter!

We all understand that feeling of getting married, where you feel excited, blissful, and gratifying all at once. The day you have planned for years now is ready to come alive. It's time for you to come forward and execute all the planning by choosing the destination for your D-day. We provide a wide range of wedding destinations fulfilling your every requirement.

No matter what kind of wedding you expect, we have every type of wedding destination to conquer your expectations. With destination weddings on the surge, more people are preferring it.

Destination wedding gives you an opportunity to make your wedding a stunning affair. With surreal landscapes complementing the love, breathtaking architecture making your photos go aww, and pleasant weather adding more colors to your wedding backdrops, isn’t it the kind of wedding you dream of? Consisting of every bit of magic you need on your wedding day, Dook International offers ideal wedding destination packages.

To make your wedding a memorable affair that everyone remembers forever, you need a destination that fills every soul with a one-of-a-kind experience. Get ready to scroll down and pick some of the thrilling destinations for your wedding.

Popular Domestic Wedding Destinations

Who doesn’t dream of getting married in their dream destination? Everyone does! If you are one of them and juggling to decide on any one place among many, you are at the right place.

As wedding destinations in India are setting a trend, you get countless options to get married in your home country. Marrying in a perfect location can make your wedding day memorable for a lifetime. So, while choosing a wedding destination, make sure you pick a destination that leaves everyone love-struck.

If you don’t know all these incredible wedding destinations in India, read along the list below:

1. Goa

Goa is one of the most magnificent wedding destinations in India. There is barely anyone in India who hasn’t dreamed of marrying in Goa. It is everyone’s dream destination when it comes to wedding planning. For people who swim inside each other’s hearts, getting hitched on the beach is a perfect wedding location for them. Moreover, you don’t have to go outside India because Goa pulls it off for you.

Goa has a blend of everything. What makes Goa an ultimate wedding point is its pristine beaches, splendid resorts, historical churches, lush green forests, and mesmerizing sunsets. From organizing the bachelorette party to dancing on mehendi, playing holi on haldi, and making promises deeper than sea with a stunning backdrop, Goa sets the right vibe for your wedding night.

2. Rajasthan

Rajasthan is known for its destination weddings. It is the topmost choice of every couple for a dreamy destination wedding. This royal destination sets a regal stage for you to walk toward each other and make vows amidst the splendor of glorious palaces. If you want to revel in the traditional charm of a royal place, you should look at all of the thriving wedding destinations in Rajasthan:

a. Jaisalmer

Opulent is the world we have for Jaisalmer. It is one of the most favorite wedding destinations in India. There is no other place more majestic than Jaisalmer. This golden city is a surreal place for a destination wedding. From sandy lanes to whimsical castles, shimmering havelis, and clear skies, Jaisalmer is a perfect place to make your temporary into forever.

b. Jodhpur

Jodhpur is another regal location in the list of wedding destinations in India. It is one of the largest cities in Rajasthan and is also known as the Blue City. If you dream of walking down the aisle holding the hand of your soulmate on the royal lanes, then Jodhpur is the best wedding destination. Many celebrity weddings have also happened in Jodhpur.

c. Udaipur

Udaipur, the city of lakes, offers the most breathtaking destination wedding you ever dreamed of. While tying the knot with your significant other is in itself an overwhelming feeling, living this moment amidst the lakes is an unuttered emotion. The magnificent charm of the palaces and the lively aura of the place make your wedding a royal affair.

d. Jaipur

Jaipur, the elegance of royalty, is one of the grand wedding destinations in India. This pink city is most couple's go-to destination for their D-day. Celebrating love and the union of two families in Jaipur gets extra joyful with the spectacular locations of palaces. This architecturally rich city ensures that every wedding becomes an unforgettable affair.

3. Uttarakhand

When a match made in heaven decides to wed in a place that is no less than heaven- Uttarakhand, it becomes a divine affair. This beautiful destination that lies amidst the majestic Himalayas is one of the budding wedding destinations in India. Promising a beautiful forever on this land of gods is no less than magic. Uttarakhand has everything that a couple may desire in their wedding, from stunning locations to mountainous backdrops to green valleys to blessings of the gods.

a. Dehradun

Dehradun is one of the famous Indian wedding destinations that has unmatched venues. For a summer wedding, Dehradun is a perfect location. Dehradun has many hotels and resorts that offer a grand wedding experience. Imagine taking vows with a mountainous backdrop, surrounded by your loved ones.

b. Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a stunning destination for an intimate wedding. It even offers the charm of a beach wedding without going to Goa. This spiritual land offers you everything, from the beach to the mountain to a tranquil atmosphere for your big day at a pocket-friendly rate.

c. Nainital

Nainital is a spectacular location for destination weddings in Uttarakhand. This lake district is one of the most beautiful places you will ever come across for your big day. Surrounded by lakes, flower valleys, magical sunsets, and culture, Nainital has the perfect venues for your dream wedding.

4. Gujarat

As destination weddings are rising in India, Gujarat is a unique place to exchange vows for a lifetime. Gujarat is rich in architecture, traditions, cultures, and idyllic venues. Whether you want a royal set-up, romantic backdrop, or picturesque setting, Gujarat has it all for you. Gujarat has luxury amenities, lavish resorts, and beautiful palaces for destination weddings. If you are looking for Gujarat destination wedding packages, look no further than Dook International.

Affordable International Wedding Destinations

An international destination wedding is a dream of every couple. Earlier, very few people were able to fulfill this dream because of the tight budget. Whereas today, everyone can afford a dream wedding in a dream destination on a pocket-friendly budget. Especially if you are considering Dook International, the international destination wedding packages are available at a low-cost budget. With the help of our wedding destination experts, you can plan your wedding in your dream location. Before that, pick the location of your choice from the list below:

1. Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is generally known as a famous tourist destination. But very few people realize that Azerbaijan is a popular international wedding destination. This ancient country has beautiful cities that splash a pinch of charm everywhere. From historic towns to volcanoes to canyons to waterfalls to arid plains, every kind of location you look for in a wedding is available in Azerbaijan. Apart from this, the sea vistas of Azerbaijan are an awe-inspiring location for your wedding backdrop.

Most of the weddings are held in Baku city in Azerbaijan. Baku has a range of luxurious hotels, charming restaurants, and buzzing pubs that will delight your guests. From delicious meals to customized diets, you can ask for any kind of arrangement in this country.

2. Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is becoming a new center for all destination weddings. It is among the most favorite international wedding destinations, as many Indians are choosing Kazakhstan as their dream wedding location. The breathtaking landscapes of Kazakhstan encourage couples to fly here for a grand wedding with stunning backdrops. This modern and economically advanced country offers an ideal place for your D-day. Kazakhstan’s cities reflect the aura of Europe with its glitzy nightlife, nature-rich avenues, and luxury shopping centers. Majestic mountains, surreal green valleys, pristine lakes, and futuristic architecture offer you the perfect places to promise a forever. The most-loved wedding destinations in Kazakhstan are Almaty and Astana. These cities make it a charming destination for all kinds of weddings.

3. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is one of the best international wedding destination for everyone who dreams of getting married in a new country. Adorned by stately mosques, buzzing streets, pretty minarets, historic sights, green valleys, snow-capped mountains, and vast stretches of desert, Uzbekistan is an ideal wedding location for your dream day. The sparkling charm of the Silk Road can accompany you throughout your wedding festivities. As well as the warm and friendly hospitality of Uzbekistan captures the heart of every guest you invite. The modern cities of Uzbekistan sprinkle a captivating charm that gives homely vibes. The top wedding destination in Uzbekistan is Tashkent, which has a natural, historic, and breezy appeal that adds an eclectic beat to your wedding.

4. Turkey

When it comes to planning a destination wedding, Turkey is one of the most blissful places in the world that comes to the mind of a couple. Turkey has every charm that you look for in a place for your wedding. From romantic bliss to cultural traditions to sacred charm, Turkey has everything you may want in your wedding location. Besides, Turkey has a warm and friendly atmosphere where everyone connects and meets with a joyful zest. Not just this, Turkey has the world’s most stunning resorts, hotels, beaches, and valleys for couples to tie the knot.

With beautiful backdrops coupled with breathtaking landscapes, Turkey has a few jaw-dropping destinations for destination weddings, such as Cappadocia, Bodrum, Antalya, and Istanbul. You can escape the typical wedding venue in India and fly to Turkey for a high-end wedding at a budgeted price.

5. Russia

Russia may be always looked up as one of the best destinations for travel in the world. But anyone hardly ever considered it a wedding location. However, Russia is today one of the most majestic international wedding destinations to get hitched. Imagine marrying the love of your life on a beautiful sunny day in Russia, surrounded by your immediate family members and friends. With romantic setups, flowery decorations, delicious cuisines, unparalleled natural backdrops, and happy faces around, you will be elated on your D-day.

Russia is one of the largest countries in the world, so there will be umpteen destination options for your wedding. Among them, St. Petersburg and Moscow are one of the most favorite wedding destinations. The best time for a destination wedding in Russia is summer and spring.

6. Georgia

Romance lingers in the heart of Georgia at every turn as the stunning sea, majestic mountains, and lovely landscapes unfold in front of you. There is no way anyone can deny Georgia as their wedding destination. Undoubtedly, Georgia is a romantic international wedding destination. Georgians are extremely polite and provide out-of-the-world services. Being home to Caucasus Mountain and Black Sea beaches, Georgia sets the perfect stage for your dream day. Georgia keeps the warmness of your love alive with its homely landscapes.

We don’t think you can have a better destination wedding than Georgia at an affordable budget. You experience pleasant weather, delicious food, natural settings, Georgian wine, and unending pretty landscapes all at once on your D-day. Tbilisi and Batumi are one of the spectacular places to tie the knot in Georgia.

7. Armenia

Armenia is a country rich in traditions and modern elegance. It is one of the new additions to the list of best international wedding destinations. Dotted with ancient monasteries, cathedrals, historical sites, and soothing landscapes, Armenia stokes a beautiful stage for your big day. Armenia offers beautiful wedding venues, from 5-star hotels to vineyards, luxurious banquets, and ancient castles. One of the most alluring wedding locations in Armenia is Lake Sevan. It is surrounded by charming wedding venues that offer bewitching backdrops. Everything in Armenia is extraordinary, from culinary delights to warm hospitality, scenic beauty, lavish venues, and serene lakes. All of it adds more glamour to your wedding.

Why You Should Choose Dook International’s Destination Wedding Packages?

Dook International offers a range of wedding destination packages that align with your needs and preferences. We leave no destination untouched and no idea unseen. Our team cordially works with you on your requirements to make your day extra special and memorable. From offering the destination of your dreams to providing bespoke wedding activities to arranging dazzling parties to creating the most beautiful pandal for your vows, Dook takes care of everything.

We effortlessly make your day unforgettable in ways you could never have imagined. All you need is to choose the destination wedding package among the domestic and international locations. So, what’s stopping you? Get up and start your wedding preparations with Dook!