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Austria Tour Packages

Explore Austria with DOOK

The ‘awe-inspiring’ Austria
Visit this incredible land of marvels with Dook’s Austria Tour Packages

Picture the flower-freckled lush meadows, sparkling lakes, snow-covered Alps, dainty mountain villages and a horse-drawn carriage making its way through the cobblestone streets. Sounds much like the background of a dreamy fairytale! Well, in the real world, that’s the outstandingly beautiful country of Austria for you! This landlocked country may not be as big as the other European countries, but it surely is one of the most popular holiday destinations, attracting tourists year-round with places ideal to visit both in winters and summers. While in winters, you will have a chance to see the slopes of the Alps buzzing with skiers and boarders, the summers in Austria will invite the adventure and peace seekers to the country’s glacial rivers and lakes and the lyrical landscapes that will convince them to leap on a bicycle or lace up the hiking boots.
Here stands no doubt that no other country waltzes so perfectly between the urban ambiance and lush outdoors as Austria. One day you’re hiking the pinnacles of alpine peaks breathing in the crisp mountain air, the next you’re strolling around the impressive cities of Vienna and Salzburg while dining inside the cosy restaurants. The country with its classic combination of nature and culture, art and innovation, makes for a top bucket list destination. As you walk through its impressive cities of Vienna, Salzburg, and Innsbruck, you won’t stop yourself from flattering about the beauty of the hills wrapping around them and the exceptionally romantic facades.

Not to forget, Austria is home to several small, charming towns and off-beat treasures like Zell am See, Alpbach and Hallstatt that are truly worth your effort and time. On the arty front, the country is abundantly blessed as it is the country that gave the world the most renowned Mozart and is known to be a source of inspiration for those looking up to of course the fine art, music and loads of literature. When it comes to food and drinks, the Austrians like to enjoy them with pure refinement and for that reason, there is no wonder that the country serves the best traditional Austrian cuisines along with a wide variety of fresh white wines to rich reds and if you a beer fan, they have the pools for you to dip in. Additionally, the brief visits to museums and galleries, concerts, coffee houses, palaces and abbeys are just some of the many things you can include in your Austria Tour itinerary.
Step into the fairy-tale land packed with stunning scenery, great food, spectacular art scenes and cultural gems by planning a trip to Austria. Dook offers you an extensive range of Austria Tour Packages from India that is truly experiential. Get in touch with our tour experts to know more about these Austria Packages.

Capital: Vienna
Languages: German, English
Currency: Euro
Driving Side: Right
Best Time to Travel: Round-the-year destination. The preferable time is between April to August & mid-September to November

Explore Austria:

When you choose to visit incredible Austria, you are sure to get encountered with that one moment – the moment that you’ll remember for a lifetime, the moment you’ll return to in your head when life gets gloomy, the moment that stays both in your pretty pictures and your memories. Whether you are discovering the dreamy places in Vienna, sipping the coffee in bustling cafes or taking a trip up to the Ferris wheel, tuning in to the famous musicals in Salzburg while humming the Do Re Me, strolling through the fairytale village of Hallstatt, staying in the best ski resort in Stubai or seeing the world's narrowest house in Bregenzerwald, visit the magnificently beautiful Zell am See, Austria and its amazements will blow your mind. If you’re looking for something a little more intoxicating than the coffee culture of the cities, then you must visit the Wachau Valley to enjoy high-quality wines like Grüner Veltliner and Riesling or to take pleasure in the beautiful landscapes of the vinery. Want to experience something unique and unusual? Add Swarovski Crystal World, Eisriesenwelt, Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Arlberg and Maria Wörth to your Austria bucket list.

Whichever part of the country you decide to visit or whatever hidden corner you pick for exploration, you’ll never be left wondering what to see and do in Austria.  

Do you want to discover Austria without missing out on the most incredible cities and best hidden gems? Get in touch with us to know about the deals on our Austria Holiday Packages and get yours hand-crafted by our tour experts.  

1. Vienna: Romantically charming, historically opulent
One city that without a doubt is worth visiting during an Austria Tour and is simply amazing is Vienna. With a blend of historic wealth, imperial traditions, melodious music, cozy café culture and endearing charm, this city inspires with the old and new, the classic and contemporary alike. It’s quite hard to discover anywhere in Vienna that doesn’t have something worth pointing at while going “oooh, that’s so beautiful!” Brimming with museums, magnificent palaces and churches, the city has also proved itself as an ideal example of exquisite architecture.
However, the capital is not only about being ancient and traditional; rather it also has a pulsating side that needs to be travelled more.

Being a medley of majestic Baroque facades, elaborate palaces and romantic parks, Vienna is majestic in every way. If history is what attracts your attention, you can visit the districts dotted with historical buildings like St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Hofburg Palace that spreads its neoclassical wings around the manicured Heldenplatz, The Schönbrunn Palace and so on. If art is what you really adore, you can’t afford to miss the famous Museums quartier and the Belvedere Palace to learn about the history and art of Vienna. Music lovers can enjoy a memorable Mozart concert at the Golden Hall of Musikverein or the Vienna State Opera. For those who love the boho vibes, the city has a region near Danube Canal where you visit a street that is entirely devoted to carefree street artists. You can even take a boat tour over the Danube where you’ll sail down a canal and move past important buildings, such as the Uniqa Tower, the Donauturm and the famous Ringturm. There’s the winding web of streets that forms the Vienna Innere Stadt (old town) which is home to vaulted cafes (Kaffeehauses) where the fresh and hot served cups of hot coffee topped with cream will give you an absolute ‘heavenly’ feel. Not to forget, a wine tasting tour in the vineyards of Vienna will be another experience that you’ll enjoy wholeheartedly. Because Vienna and its wonders are simply not to be missed!

Your Austria Tour will most likely start with a stay in Vienna. But what all do you add to your bucket list? Let us help you here. Pick from a range of Austria Tour Packages available and get connected to our tour experts; rest assured that you are checked in for a lifetime experience!

2. Salzburg: Stage of the world

Unique in every regard, musically gifted and one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Salzburg feels just like a dream! Imagine being surrounded by the fast-flowing Salzach River, raising your gaze to elegant domes and spires, the formidable clifftop fortress and the mountains beyond. Dreamy! Known popularly as the City of Mozart, Salzburg with its harmonious relationship of landscapes and architecture, art and culture, as well as conventional and modern, all within a surprisingly small area, merely adds to the unique charm of this place. One compelling reason to visit this city is obviously its fondness for music as it is common to see Salzburg’s streets filled with buskers, opera singers and all manner of harmonic performers, continuing to serve with melodies. Annually, the city hosts over 4,000 cultural events, including the internationally renowned Salzburg Festival. It’s no wonder why Salzburg justifies its tagline “Stage of the World” because there’s a lot of performance to pack into a tiny city.

Aside from its world-famous cultural and musical highlights, Salzburg offers many other exciting reasons to make a trip here. It is also considered a great place to wander and absorb history. To start with, you can visit the Palace of Schloss Leopoldskron, which is the epitome of Salzburg, a landmark building boasting a shimmering blue lake, manicured gardens and a mountainous backdrop. Add the romantic Old Town (Altstadt) to the itinerary and be awed with the magnificence flowing out of its narrow medieval streets and arcaded courtyards that are fun to explore. You can also visit several churches and palaces that are sprinkled across the city and even the loveliest shopping streets like the Getreidegasse which is worth exploring with its decorated façades, snaking inside the traditional passageways.

3. Innsbruck: The driving force of Austria’s tourism

Quaint and trendy, on the rhythm of nature and city vibes, Innsbruck, the refreshing corner of Austria lies at the heart of a dramatic alpine landscape. Known to be the thriving heart of Austria and one of the prime tourist destinations, the city exudes a vibrant charm and extreme contrasts that are hard to discover anywhere else in the country. While here you can jump between the culture and nature highlights, high peaks and low valleys, exploring the old town and the city centre familiarizing you with the traditions and trends and delightful cafes alike.

You can travel to the major highlights like the Golden Roof, The Ambras Castle, the Arsenal Museum, The Imperial Palace, Hofkirche, Wilten square nestled at the heart of the city centre as well as take a cable car up to the high peaks of the Nordkette mountain range which is a gem tucked away from the city’s bustle, surprising you with remarkable views. Here, you can also find a few famous ski resorts and a designated ski area for winter sports experience. Another major tourist attraction is Innsbruck’s Old Town which is a magnet for lovers of the arts and culture, connoisseurs and all who value shopping in a special ambiance. Don’t forget to stroll along the bustling Maria Theresien Street and stop off at Das Schindler, a Gault Millau-awarded restaurant, for a delicious meal.

4. Graz: The cultural ‘capital of delight’

Even though this city is not as popular as Vienna or Innsbruck, Graz is quirky, unique and beautiful. Austria’s second-largest city after Vienna, Graz is full of great things to experience, food being one of them. Its reputation of being a lively, modern cultural place earned it the title of Cultural Capital of Europe 2003 and its beautiful historical centre, which is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, is a colourful assortment of various influences, from the Baroque to the Renaissance, Art Deco and Medieval. Therefore, from its famous clock tower to the town hall and the beautiful Schloss Eggenberg (Eggenberg Palace) to its late-gothic cathedral and the Murinsel, the city’s key highlights that are delightfully immersed in history and culture are well worth exploring.

Thanks to the Grazer “Krauthäuptel”, crisp specialty lettuce, Graz itself is one of these culinary regions. In no other Austrian city are chefs in restaurants able to obtain such fine ingredients so easily and therefore, the food you find in Graz is quite different from other regions of Austria. So, even if you are grabbing the seasonal highlights, the regional favorites, or just the staples, in Graz, good food and good food always go along well. Once you go on a gourmet journey here, you will be forced to agree on why the city has earned a reputation of ‘Capital of Delight’.

Top Bucket List Experiences in Austria

1. Planning a magical day trip from Vienna? Visit Wachau (Danube Valley)

If you drive one hour west from Vienna, you’ll be drifting along the Danube River that enters the lush hills, you’ll travel past the terraced vineyards, apple orchards, historic villages and ruins of medieval castles. To be precise, this enchanting place is called Wachau, also known as Danube Valley, which snakes its way through the mountains and transports you into a green valley. This magical concoction of culture and nature makes Wachau Valley a fabulous outdoor experience and a UNESCO World Heritage and Nature site as well and there isn’t any perfect destination like it when you are planning to travel out of Vienna and into the lap of an otherworldly place.

2. Ever heard of a beer pool? Visit the ones in Austria- Starkenberger Beer pools

Are you a beer fan? You would definitely be fantasized about bathing in a beer pool and making this fantasy a reality for you, the Starkenberger brewery has created a frothy-bathing experience. Here, you will not just be amazed by every experience centered around beer like its history, trivia and drinking rituals but also with the main highlight which is their 13-foot beer pools filled with approx. 42,000 pints of warm beer. These pools are a dreamy sight for beer lovers and are rich in calcium and vitamins, making the dips healthy for the skin. Are your thoughts bubbling already?

3. Attend the world-renowned gala ‘Salzburg Festival’

When you say Salzburg, the first thing that rings the bell in your mind is ‘music’. Being the birthplace of W. A. Mozart, as the stage for the famous and glamourous Salzburg Festival and as the film location for "The Sound of Music", Salzburg is renowned globally. The Salzburg Festival which is the most eminent festival is known for opera, music and spoken drama, hosting major concerts, performances and theatre productions. This prestigious music festival is one of the unmissable events in the country as it is characterized by the highest musical quality seen nowhere else, international artists and a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

4. Enter the shimmering world of crystals- Swarovski Kristallwelten

Among the most visited tourist attractions in Austria, Swarovski Crystal Worlds or Swarovski Kristallwelten is a museum unlike any other. In 1995, on the 100th anniversary of the company's founding, this special place opened that turned crystal into a living experience. While the verdant hill landscape and the foliage-covered giant add to the mystical aura, you can enter Swarovski Kristallwelten through a hole in the hillside and step inside a massive crystalline theater. Once inside, you’ll be startled by the art installations, exciting rides and a stunning collection of glittering crystals.

5. Discover the majestic heights and sights of the Untersberg Mountain

The Unterberg Mountain is one of the most popular leisure spaces in Salzbur which has been luring the hikers, winter-sports enthusiasts and nature-lovers up the mountain and back to the valley since 1961. While there are walking routes to the summits, most visitors ascend by the Untersbergbahn cable car which lifts passengers from the lower terminus at the village of St. Leonhard to the Geiereck spur at an altitude of 1,776 m. Taking a Untersberg cable car up to the peak is an experience as it offers a spectacular view over the town of Salzburg, the Berchtesgaden region and the Rositten valley. On a clear day, even the Salzkammergut lakes and the Chiemsee are visible.

6. Visit the classic Alpine Lake town of Zell am See

Tightly hugging the cobalt-blue waters of the country and sitting right on the edge of the mighty Hohe Tauern ranges, Zell am See mirrors a typical Swiss town. From its reserve of fir-clad crests to the snow-covered peaks, the spot has become a true outdoorsy paradise, drawing millions of adventure seekers each year. Of course, it is the host to some of Austria’s finest sailing, hiking, mountain biking, scenic driving and skiing. And if that’s not enough of a wanderlust appetite, Zell am See is also home to a centre of ice-cream-coloured chalets, while the flowers bloom from the timber verandas and earthy eateries of Dreifaltigkeitsgasse and a gorgeous lake in the middle attract all those seeking solace. What else could you want from a place that’s both beautiful and adventurous?

Plan an Aww-ustria tour with Dook and you’ll thank us later!

Are the thoughts of visiting Austria racing your heart with excitement? Or giving you romantic vibes? Get in touch with our tour experts to check out the amazing Austria Tour packages. From the most-visited in Austria to the uncharted regions, you’ll find everything in our special Austria Packages.