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1. Tatev Monastery, Tatev, Armenia

Tatev Monastery, famous for medieval Armenian architecture was constructed in the 9th-13th centuries. Tatev collected taxes from hundreds of villages, making it a rich monastery and educational institute. You will have a feeling of Wow when you visit first this 9th century Armenia Apostolic Monastery. This hilltop with amazing view Monastery is located on a large basalt plateau near the Tatev village in Syunik Province in south-eastern Armenia. The monastic ensemble stands on the edge of a deep gorge of the Vorotan River. There is a wonderful story about the architect of Tatev. This one of the oldest and most famous Monastery in Armenia is gifted with spectacular view around it. The monastery is located at the height of 1600 m in the mountains the Tatev Monastery gives you picture perfect view and it is guaranteed that you will never forget this scene in your life time.

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Tatev Monastery, Armenia

2. Khor Virap Monastery, Armenia

The Khor Virap (meaning "deep well") is an Armenian monastery located in the picturesqe Ararat mountains in Armenia, near the closed border with Turkey. Grigor Luisavorich (St. Gregory the Illuminator) was imprisoned here for 13 years before curing King Trdat III of a disease. This caused the conversion of the king and Armenia into the first officially Christian nation in the world in the year 301. Khor Virap is located on hillock in Pokr Vedi, the village which is 4 KM away from the main highway there. This is just 30 KM from Yerevan, the capital and most happening city of Armenia. What is most interesting thing about Khor Virap is its history. Khor Virap was used as royal prison.

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Khor Virap Monastery, Armenia

3. Geghard Monastery, Goght, Armenia

Geghard Monastery or (Airivank) was founded in 4th century. Geghardavank is a holy place, where the spear by which Jesus Christ was pierced on the cross by Roman soldier, is kept. The monastery is designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. Geghard is a medieval monastery in the Kotayk province of Armenia, being partially carved out of the adjacent mountain, surrounded by cliffs. The spectacular towering cliffs which surround the monastery are part of the Azat River gorge, and are listed together with the monastery as the world heritage site. Some of the churches in the monastery  are cut out of cliff rocks entirely, while are little more than caves and some are elaborate structures which has complex wall sections and rooms deep inside the cliffs.

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Geghard Monastery, Armenia

4. Vernissage Flea Market, Yerevan

Vernissage is one of the best open-air flea markets selling a variety of items on weekends in Yerevan. It is like an open-air exhibition of items of daily use; from jewellery to souvenirs to things of home decor. The handicrafts including ceramics, carved wood, stone, lace, needlework, dolls, paintings, jewelry and other things such as carpets, books and t-shirts on display give you an essense of traditional as well as modern Armenia.

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Vernissage Flea Market, Armenia

5. Temple of Garni

Garni Temple is in a very strategic location, on a cliff, overlooking a range of the Geghama Mountains and Azat River near the Ararat Plain. Built in mid-1st century CE, the temple survived the destruction of pagan temples and countless invasions until its collapse in 1679 CE. It is best known structure and symbol of pre Christian Armenia. The temple was dedicated to the sun of God called as Mihr. But when Armenia took to Christianity in 4th century this temple was converted into a Royal Summer House. Garni is also an exemplary example of great geometrical design. Garni perfectly follows the Pythagorean and Platonic theories of sacred geometry in its design, a design for civilization carved form the wilderness. So, It is a major tourist attraction in Armenia.

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Garni Pagan Temple, Armenia

6. Dilijan Resort City

Dilijan is famous for its magic healing air saturated with the aroma of pines creating very favorable conditions for the people suffering from pulmonary diseases. The climate in Dilijan is mild and sunny with moderate winters and cool summers. The mineral springs rich in carbon dioxide which spew directly from the hillsides add to this popularity. This mineral water is very similar to Borzhomi in Georgia and Vichy from France.

Dilijan Resort City, Armenia

7. Tsaghkadzor Winter Ski Resort

You ride the highest cable car in the world to reach here. Tsakhadzor means the Gorge of Flowers. During the Soviet years it was famous all over the country for its mountain-skiing slopes, healthy climate, thick woods and mineral water springs. The world’s highest Cable car is located here. There are a lot of children's summer camps and rest homes.

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Tsakhadzor Resort , Armenia

8. Lake Sevan - The Pearl of Armenia

Lake Sevan is the largest lake in Armenia and one of the largest freshwater high-altitude Alpine lakes in Eurasia as well as a popular summer beach destination. It has many resorts, cabanas, fish restaurants and other attractions for visitors. Lake Sevan is at an altitude of 1,900 meters and located 70kms from Yerevan. One can visit Sevanavank Monastery, then head south to Hayravank Monastery and Noratus Cemetary nearby. It is one the most beautiful Attractions in Armenia.

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Lake Sevan, Armenia

9. Noravank Monastery, Yeghegnadzor, Armenia

This architectural beauty of Armenia reflects the treasury of Armenian religious art. Here are the most beautiful cross stones of one of the famous masters - Momik. If you love exploring the old historical structures then Noravank Monastery may surprise you. Noravank is a 13th-century Armenian monastery, located 122 km from Yerevan in a narrow gorge made by the Amaghu River, near the town of Yeghegnadzor, Armenia. The gorge is known for its tall, sheer, brick-red cliffs, directly across from the monastery.

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Noravank Monastery Armenia

10. Republic Square, Yerevan

Republic square is the central town square in Yerevan. Locally it is known as Hraparak. It is a happening place in Yerevan and it has all the elements of a great place for the visitors. It has two sections, One is an oval roundabout and another is a trapezoid shaped section in which there is a pool with musical fountains. This is also famously called ‘Heart of Yerevan’ and it is a favorite destination in Yerevan for the visitors. Today, Republic square is widely known as most important civic space in Yerevan, Architectural height of Yerevan and most outstanding architectural ensemble in Yerevan.

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Republic Square Yerevan

11. Yerevan Cascades

The Cascade is a giant stairway made of limestone in Yerevan, Armenia. It links the downtown Ketron area of Yerevan with the Monument neighborhood. Designed by architects Jim Torosyan, Aslan Mkhitaryan, and Sargis Gurzadyan the construction of the cascade started in 1971 and was partially completed in 1980. The Cascade is a happening place for both youth and old for a good time. You can enjoy to have a cup of tea, coffee and eating a bite here. You can also enjoy the outdoor concerts here and have a great view of it from up on the Cascade staircase. Many events like Jazz, musical guitar and others take place here. So, not just the day time but night time is also great at the Yerevan Cascade.

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Yerevan Cascades

12. Matenadaran Museum, Yerevan

The Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts, commonly referred to as the Matenadaran, is a repository of ancient manuscripts, research institute and museum in Yerevan, Armenia. If you are lover of history and the manuscripts then Matenadaran is certainly for you. But if you are not then also you should go there as the museum hosts world’s richest depositories of medieval manuscripts and books covering range of subjects like theology, philosophy, history, medicine, literature, art history and cosmography in Armenian and many other languages. Matendaran is a place with fantastic collection of the artistry work of Pre-press written material.

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Matenadaran Museum Yerevan

13. Yerevan Metro

Officially Karen Demirchyan Yerevan Subway, colloquially known as the Yerevan Metro, is a rapid transit system that serves the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. Yerevan metro system started in 1981 and like most old soviet metros it has quite deep stations. Yerevan metro covers approximately 13 km and serves 10 stations. However introduction of new minibus system in Yerevan has caused decline in number of travellers travelling in metro trains.

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Yerevan Metro

14. Yerevan Opera Theatre

Armenian National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet in Yerevan is the world famous Opera House. The opera house officially opened in 1933. The building was designed by architect Alexander Tamanian. Since 1935 a unique Armenian opera, Anoush by Armen Tigranian, has been performed in Yerevan opera theatre. It was a great step in Armenian opera history. Anoush is in the repertoire of the theatre until now.

Yerevan Opera Theatre

15. Wings of Tatev - Double Track Cable Car, Armenia

Wings of Tatev is a 5.7 km cableway between Halidzor and the Tatev monastery in Armenia. The longest double track cable car in the world is 5752m (18,871 ft.) and it is in Armenia. Armenia achieved this in 2010 when this longest cable car was opened and was put in the record books for its length. Construction was finished on 16 October 2010. So far this record is with Armenia only and has not been beaten yet.

Wings of Tatev Armenia

16. Khosrov Forest Reserve, Yerevan

Khosrov forest reserve was established in 1958 and  Khosrov is 20 KM from Yerevan located nearby Ararat valley in Ararat province of Armenia also on south of Garni temple. Spread over 23000 hectares of mountain terrain it has over 1900 species of high vascular plants which includes 24 endemic species. Khosrov forest reserve also has over 280 animal species. Local mountains are inhabited by Bezoar goat, Brown bear, Black vulture and Caspian snowcock. History suggests that Khosrov was named after king Khosrov II dduring 4th century. The forest reserve contains variety of landscape. There are semi desert, to mountains along with alpine meadows. 64% makeup for mountain and 16% make up for forest. You can see plenty of animals and birds here.

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Khosrov Forest Reserve Yerevan

17. Gnishik Canyon, Yerevan

Canyons may look dead but they if you go deep into them you will find great liveliness in those rocks. Gnishik in Armenia is nature’s delight. First to get to Gnishik village from where you can trek to the canyon it would take around 2 hours drive from Yerevan. Gnishik village, Gnishik river and of course Gnishik canyon. Till you reach the village the journey is quite comfortable as road is good but the journey ahead to the canyon is a challenging one. You have to put your foot forward safely to enjoy the scene.

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Gnishik Canyon Yerevan

18. Old Khndzoresk Cave Village, Armenia

Khndzoresk is in Syunik, south east of Armenia. The village got its name from the mountain Khor Dzor on which steep slope the village is located. The village is located at 1580m above sea level. The village is famous for taking part in the liberation movement of David Bek. The fortress of Khndzoresk served as a military base for Mkhitar Sparapet in 1728-1730. This beautiful village is famous mainly for its canyon with beautiful rock formations and ancient cave settlements.

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Old Khndzoresk Cave Village Armenia

19. Etchmiadzin Cathedral, Vagharshapat

Echmiadzin is ancient capital of Armenia and is Echmiadzin is the residence of the Supreme Catholicos of all Armenians and the centre of the Armenian Apostolic Church, located in the city of Vagharshapat, Armenia. According to scholars it was the first cathedral built in ancient Armenia, and is considered the oldest cathedral in the world. Every seven years, the rite of blessing of holy chrism is held here; thousands of believers come to Echmiadzin as pilgrims from different parts of the world for this ceremony.

Etchmiadzin Cathedral Armenia

20. Mother Armenia

Is one of the most unique statues of Yerevan that is a symbol of victory of the World War II. The breathtaking and panorama view around it makes it so much more appealing to the visitors. Mother Armenia symbolizes both peace and strength. It symbolizes the important value and high status attributed to females in Armenian families.

Mother Armenia

21. Genocide Memorial Complex

Tsitsernakaberd is an official memorial in Yerevan, dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide. Armenia is, unfortunately, known to the world because of the Armenian Genocide. This tragedy happened to the nation by the hands of the Turkish Ottoman Empire in the beginning of the 20th century.

Genocide Memorial Complex, Armenia

22. Amberd Fortress, Aragatsotn, Armenia

Amberd is a 7th-century fortress located 2,300 meters above sea level, on the slopes of Mount Aragats at the confluence of the Arkashen and Amberd rivers in the province of Aragatsotn, Armenia. This fortress among several others in Armenia is sitting at the altitude of 2300 metres above sea level. The way to this fortress on mount Aragats has gently sloping hills that makes your climb rich with wildflowers and great scenes around. Carry some food with you while walking to Amberd and you can relax there see the place and then come back in time.

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Amberd Fortress Armenia

23. Dilijan National Park, Armenia

Dilijan National Park is one of the four national parks of Armenia. Occupying an area of 240 km², it is located in the north-eastern Tavush Province of Armenia. Your Armenia stay is incomplete if you don’t relax in Dillijan National Park. Dillijan is a charming resort town in the wooded hilly region of picture perfect north of Armenia. You can walk in the densely forested and mountain area which for its surroundings is called ‘Armenian Switzerland’ by locals here. The weather here is cool to add to your excitement.

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Dilijan National Park Armenia

24. Wine Tour in Armenia

Wine Tour Armenia has a rich history of wine making - a home for the world’s oldest and many new wineries. Wine Tour can last for 7 days offering various types of winery experiences, gastronomic tour and trekking combined with village tour where the wine festival is held.

Wine Tour in Armenia

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