Croatia Attractions

Croatia Tourist Attractions

Croatia is a country which lies in the regions of central and Southeast Europe on the beautiful Adriatic Sea. The country’s surface area reaches 56,594 square km which covers 21,851 square miles. Croatia has a population of 4.28 million in which many are the Roman Catholics. In terms of revenue, Croatia makes huge revenue from tourism. It also holds a rank in the list of ‘top 20 famous tourist destinations all over the globe.’ Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is a primary subdivision of the country. Zagreb finds its location alongside the magnificent Sava River in the regions of Medvednica mountain Southern slopes. From above the sea level, Zagreb is at about 122m elevations. Croatia Tourist Attractions are the top destinations among the visitors.

Zagreb remains a popular center for tourist attraction. With thousands of Islands located on the land of Croatia, it has become a popular destination among visitors. The first holiday resort opened in Croatia was Opatija, which remained extremely popular during the times of the nineteenth century. In later times, many resorts were introduced for the traveler to have an outstanding experience. The nature reserves are a picturesque attraction in the country. Some of the Top Croatia Tourist Attractions are:

Best Places to Visit in Croatia:

1. Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital and the largest city of Croatia. It is located in the northwest of the country, along the Sava river, at the southern slopes of the Medvednica mountain. The Zagreb Cathedral lies in the Kaptol and is famous among the viewers, especially the Roman Catholics. In Croatia, it is regarded as the “tallest building” and “most consecrated memorial” build as a dedication to St. Stephen King, St. Ladislaus King, and Assumption of Mary. Zagreb’s Gornji Grad is one of the Famous Places to Visit in Zagreb. It is a district of Zagreb in Croatia which translates into “upper town” signifying the historical presence on the city’s hilly side which founds its location above Donji grad, the lower town. Zagreb’s Cathedral, Croatian Parliament, and St. Mark’s Church lies in the Gornji Grad regions. Tkalciceva is a popular street located in the regions of Zagreb. The street represents the erstwhile “August Cesarec Commune.”


2. Zadar

Zadar is an ancient city in Croatia which lies on the magnificent Adriatic Sea. It founds its location in the regions of the north-western side of Ravni Kotari. The Zadar County is glorified with the presence of Zadar’s Romanesque Churches making it a famous place among visitors. In the list of Things to Do in Croatia, Zadar’s Romanesque Churches can’t be missed. Some of these churches include St. Donatus Church, St. Chrysogonus Church, St Simeon Church, St. Elijah’s Church, St. Francis’ Church, and so on. The Sea organ is a magnificent sound crafted item which is carved as a sole dedication to the Zadar city. This probing harmonious instrument produces music by the way of waving seas.


3. Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. Dubrovnik’s City Walls are a sequence of arranged and well-protected gravel walls reaching at a height up to 25m. The walls surround the Dubrovnik city which lies in the southern regions of Croatia. With the presence of fair modifications, these walls are entitled as great fortification systems picked from the Middle Ages. Dubrovnik is a popular city in Croatia which lies on the Adriatic Sea. Being one of the most famed tourist places, it is giving major visiting goals. During the time of 1979, the city was given an entry in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Dubrovnik Cable Car came into introduction during the time in 1969. Many visitors used the cable car to have a panoramic view with the naked eyes. Such an alluring experience was enjoyable for the visitors. Some other attractions of the city include Sponza Palace, Rector’s Palace, Dubrovnik’s Cathedral, Stradun, Bokat fortress, and so on.


4. Plitvice Lakes National Park

Being one of the oldest national parks in Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park attracts huge tourism activities. During the time of 1979, the place was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In 1949, the park came in the foundation. It lies in the area of Karst in the central region of Croatia. The park lands in between the borders to Herzegovina and Bosnia. The entry charges vary according to the age group. It remains a major tourist attraction spot and about 1 million travelers come to explore the place every year. The view of water flowing through the mossy cascades gives a picturesque appearance. The turquoise-colored lakes and wooden footbridges are alluring to see with the naked eyes.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

5. Split

In Croatia, Split is regarded as the “second largest city” which lies in the Dalmatia regions. It holds about 200,000 inhabitants, which resides in its urban portions. It adorns the beauty of the Adriatic Sea and situated near to the sea’s eastern side. The Split is reaching all over the area of the central peninsula. Being a popular tourist spot in Croatia, Split has been giving picturesque experiences. The Adriatic islands and Apennine peninsula are adorning the city’s beauty. The city is a residential land for the famous Diocletian’s Palace, which was created by the Roman emperor. Some popular museums are adorning the city’s beauty which includes the Split Science Museum, Split Archaeological Museum, Ethnographical Museum, Croatian Maritime Museum, and Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments. During the time of 1979, Split’s historical center was regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


6. Hvar Town

The town is a port located on the magnificent Hvar Island which is a major part of the Split-Dalmatia County in Croatia. The borough holds a population of 4,251 as per the 2011 records. It lands on the southern coast bay which is opposed to Jelsa and Stari Grad towns. With its long historical evidence, it remained a center for activities such as trade and culture in the Adriatic regions. The town was a communal part of the famous Empire Venetian. It holds major Croatia Attractions such as St Stephen Cathedral, Bell tower, Fortica fortress, Trdava Napolean, Pjaca, Hvar theatre, Bishop’s Palace, Belvedere terrace, Loggia tower, Clock tower, Paladini palace, Franciscan monastery, Hektorovic palace, and so on.

Hvar Town

7. Korcula Town

Korcula is a popular momentous mound borough which lies on the east coast side of the Korcula island, Croatia. It is situated in the Adriatic regions which makes it a popular spot among tourist visits. Being the oldest city, it is a famous place to explore the historical remains on its ground. The herringbone patterned arrangement in the streets is a picturesque design. The Church of Saint Nicholas is one of the alluring places to visit in Croatia. The town walls at down look so magnificent that one can’t miss such a view. Moreska is a major attraction site for the visitors in Korcula town, Croatia. People come from places all over the globe to catch the sunset and sunrise views of the town.

Korcula Town

8. Pula Arena

Pula Arena is a famous name given to the amphitheater which is situated in the regions of Pula in Croatia. The Coliseum is the last example of the Roman-built amphitheater which is constructed with 4-side magnificent towers. Along with it, the three Roman architectural sequences framed also makes it completed preserved place. It holds regard as one of the “Six largest Roman arenas present on the planet.” It came into presence from the tie of 27 BC to 68 AD. In Croatia, it is titled as the “best conserved prehistoric obelisk” which is keeping the Roman amphitheater alive. The limestone walls act as a protection layer outside the Coliseum. The elliptical structure is a picturesque place to explore by the tourists.

Pula Arena

9. Rovinj

Rovinj city is one of the beautiful Attractions in Croatia which lies in the northern area of Adriatic Sea. It holds a popular of 14,294 occupants as per the 2011 record. Among the visitors, it is a famous resort to enjoy an active fishing seaport experience. A list of Places to visit in Rovinj includes St. Euphemia’s Basilica, Monkodonja, Zlatni Rt Forest Park, Rovingno Islands, Rovinj mainland, Limska Draga Fjord, Rovinj Town Museum, Palud March, Batana Eco-museum, and Due Sorelle Islands. In the regions of Rovinj, one of a primary economic activity is tourism which is extremely popular. The bars, restaurants, and memorials are given an alluring experience. The eye-catching art galleries come under the list of popular visiting places in Rovinj.


10. Mljet Island

Mljet is a famous Adriatic island situated in the regions of Dalmatia, Croatia. It is an extremely popular island and comes under the list of famous attractions in Croatia. The westernmost point of the island is Goli Rat which gives an eye-catching view to the tourists visiting to explore its beauty. Landing on the south side of Peljesac Peninsula, Mljet Island gathers huge attraction by the visitors. It is about 37 km in length and reaches 3.2 km in terms of breadth. The longest gorges are Babino Polje, which is a connector between the island’s northern and southern side. On the northern side, a harbor lies with the name of Port Palace, which is open for tourist passenger boats. On the island, there is one hotel, namely, Odisej which lies in the north-west side.

Mljet Island

11. Zagorje Region

Among the list of Zagreb Tourist Places, the region lies on the northern side of Croatia. It holds up a large area of the northern Mount Medvednica to Slovenia in the northern and western side, and covers till the Medimurje and Podravina regions lying in the Northern and Eastern side. The Zagorje region is a picturesque place for tourists. It is often regarded as a place with “trans-mountain” and “beyond mountain” area. The mountain beauty makes it a Croatia tourist spots to visit and enjoy. The region’s population gets divided into the Varazdin County and Krapina-Zagorje County. The magnificent Veliki Tabor Castle comes under the list of famous Zagreb tourist attractions.

Zagorje Region

12. Krka National Park

Among the list of Zagreb Attractions, Krka National Park cannot be missed. It is regarded as one of the exquisite Croatian national parks. It lies along the Krka River in the regions of Dalmatia. The beauty of Sibenik-Knin’s county is glorified with the presence of the Krka River. The park was built to protect the river and encourages activities for tourism purposes. In Croatia, it is titled as the “Seventh National Park” with major Zagreb sights for the tourists. During the time of 1985, it gained it proclaim. In the park, major attractions are present, which include Visovac, Roski Slap, and Skradinski Buk. It has sightseeing tours, passageways, presentations, trip on boats, museum, restaurants, and memorial stores. The Roman times, archaeological remains are embracing the park’s presence which includes Barnum, Necven, Kljucica, Cucevo, and Bogocin.

Krka National Park

13. Diocletian's Palace

Being one of the prehistoric palaces, it comes under the list of Things to Do in Zagreb. It was constructed with the purpose to serve Diocletian, the Roman Emperor during the time of 4th century AD. At present, the palace holds about half the town of Split in Croatia. It assembles the look of a large fortress with an enormous composition which attracts major tourists. The half portion of the scenic palace was in the residence of Diocletian and the remaining portion was housed for the military garrison. It is located in the bay on the southern peninsula, which is about four miles away from the Salona region. With an asymmetrical rectangular ground, it is a quaint palace in Croatia. The picturesque luxurious villa catches the maximum attention with its giant gates and watchtowers placed in it.

Diocletians Palace

14. Porec Old Town

The pleasing town and borough lie on the western coast of the Peninsula Istrian in Istria County. It has a major landmark, namely “6th-Century Euphrasian Basilica” which was given regard in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites during the time of 1997. It was built about 2000 years ago and sets around a charming harbor which is under the protection from the sea. Mostly, 12000 population resides on its periphery. On the other side, the wide Prec area holds a population of about 17000 occupants. It reaches at a surface area of 142 square km, in which 37 km stretches of the striking Mirna river. In Croatia, Porec and its neighboring place, Rovinj remains the top attraction sites. In Istria, major tourists visit the Baredine Cave, which is an alluring geological memorial. In the cave, there exists come famous carved models of Leaning Tower of Pisa and Virgin Mary make it a picturesque place.

Porec Old Town

15. Rijeka

Rijeka is titled as the “Third largest city” in the region of Croatia. Being a primary seaport, it has gathered major tourist attraction. It lies in the regions of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, situated on the magnificent Kvarner Bay. It holds a population of 128,624 occupants. During the time of 1756, Rijeka hosted the National Croatian Theatre Ivan Pavlov Zajc. Tovornica Torpedo is a major sight of Rijeka which came into creation by a naval engineer, Giovanni Luppis. The sanctuary of “Our Lady of Trsat” which was built above the sea level at a distance of 135 m, namely Svetiste Majke Bozje Trsatske is one of the beautiful sights in Croatia. Many other attractive places in Rijeka include Trsat Castle, Petar Kruzic staircase, Roman arch, Palace Modello, Rijeka Cathedral, Croatian National Theatre building, and Stadion Kantrida.


16. Brac Island

Among the list of Croatia tourist places, Brac Island is a major attraction. It lies in the Adriatic Sea and covers an area of 396 square km. In Dalmatia and Adriatic, it is regarded as the “largest island” and “third largest island” respectively. The Brac Channel separated it from the acreage. Vidova Gora is the island’s colossal tip, which makes it a picturesque place. The Brac bridge was made as a sole dedication to Franz Josef, an Austrian emperor. It holds a population of 13,9456 residents. The towns of Supetar and Murvica are an attractive tourist spot. The Povlja view in the evening is eye-catching for the tourists.

Brac Island

17. Brela Beach

In Croatia, the Brela beach is regarded as the best beaches for tourist attraction. The world-class beach gives an alluring experience to the travelers. The sea water holds excellent quality, making it an eminent beach in Croatia. It holds some linked beaches along with its area that reaches a distance of 6km ahead. The pine trees give a soothing view to the eyes. At a certain distance from the beach, Biokovo mountain captures the entire attention of the visitors. Brela beach was titled in the list of “top ten beaches all over the globe” by the Forbes magazine.

Brela Beach Croatia

18. Zlatni Rat Beach

The beach is often known with the names of “Golden Cape” and “Golden Horn.” It lies in the regions of Adriatic Sea in the Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia. It enlarges its area towards the southern side of Hvar Channel. The white-pebbled beach is giving major tourist destination goals with its alluring beauty and soothing environment. In Europe, it is recorded in the list of “top ten beaches” giving an eye-catching experience. It has an exclusive shape which makes it record as one of the “Croatian tourism symbols.” The beach is bordered with the outline of the pine tree grove which makes it a delightful place. The pine tree outline is a residence for the Roman Rustica villa residuum and it also includes a fanciable swimming pool.

Zlatni Rat Beach

19. Brijuni National Park

Brijuni National Park comes under the list of Croatian National Parks giving major tourists attraction goals. It is an alluring place to explore with the archaeological and cultural scenes. In Croatia, Brijuni consists of fourteen bijou islands which are making it a major tourist attraction destination. Among the list of fourteen islands, Brijuni National Park is a famous site. The eye-catching views from the park are looking alluring to the visitors. People from all over the globe come to embrace the beauty of the park. In Croatia regions, it is a major sight to enjoy a picturesque view along with the wildlife presence. For the natural heritage lovers, it is a great place to explore the natural heritage with historical and cultural aspects too.

Brijuni National Park

20. Adriatic Cruise

Being one of the modern luxury examples, Adriatic Cruise has been a famous place in the list of places to visit in Croatia. The legendary view is embracing all the beauty. Explore the golden views, beaches, treasures are hidden, legendary tales, and castle view on the famous Adriatic Cruise. If you’re looking to search for the Europe secrets, then the Adriatic Cruise is a good-suited place. The region occupies a vibrant community along with the cosmopolitans. The place’s cultural influencing factors also contribute to the seashore essence. It is a good example of the cruise masterpiece with its eye-catching architectural appearance. The gemstones also make it look extremely beautiful. Spend your summer weekend with the luxurious experience along with the seashores.

Adriatic Cruise



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