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    Croatian Museum of Nave Art

    The Croatian Museum of Nave Art is a fine art museum in Zagreb Croatia dedicated to the work of nave artists of the 20th century. The museum holdings consist of over 1900 works of art - paintings sculptures drawings and prints mainly by Croatians but also by other well-known international artists in the genre.

    Monument to the Revolution of the people of Moslavina

    Monument to the Revolution of the people of Moslavina or simply Monument to the Revolution is a World War II memorial sculpture by Duan Damonja located in Podgari Berek municipality Croatia. It is dedicated to the people of Moslavina during Worl

    Lake Dubrava

    Lake Dubrava is a reservoir on the Drava in northern Croatia. It is administratively divided between Meimurje County and Varadin County and is bordered by the municipalities of Prelog Sveti ur and Veliki Bukovec. The Drava flows into the rese

    Medvednica Nature Park

    St. Catherines Church Zagreb

    Church of St. Catherine is a Baroque-style church in Zagreb.

    Co-Cathedral of the Holy Cross Krievci

    The Co-Cathedral of the Holy Cross also called Krievci Co-Cathedral is a Catholic church located in Krievci Croatia and is the co-cathedral of the Diocese of Bjelovar-Krievci.

    St. Marks Church Zagreb

    The Church of St. Mark is the parish church of old Zagreb Croatia located in St. Marks Square. It is one of the oldest architectural monuments in Zagreb.

    Sponza Palace

    The Sponza Palace also called Divona is a 16th-century palace in Dubrovnik Croatia. Its name is derived from the Latin word spongia the spot where rainwater was collected.

    Dominican Monastery

    Dubrovniks Dominican Monastery may be one of the citys first multi-purpose construction projects. Besides its function as a home for a 14th-century Dominican congregation it was positioned against the city wall to strengthen the ramparts northeaster

    Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola

    If you make a right turn from Gunduliceva Poljana youll run into a long set of Baroque stairs designed by Pietro Passalacqua and reminiscent of Romes Spanish Steps. The stairs lead up from Uz Jezuite to the Jesuit Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola Dubrovniks largest house of worship. The stairs were severely damaged in the 1991-92 siege of the city ..

    Cathedral Treasury

    Old Town Hostel

    Old Town Hostel is located in the center of Dubrovniks UNESCO protected Old City. It is a 400 year old four story building that has been recently renovated to accommodate 25 guests in dorm and private rooms. We are ONLY 15 meters from the Stradun and seconds from all the restaurants cafes stores markets museums bars banks and beautiful beaches. We ..

    Dubrovnik Airport

    Franjo Tuđman Airport Zagreb

    Zagreb Cathedral

    Zagreb Cathedral on the Kaptol is a Roman Catholic institution and not only the tallest building in Croatia but also the most monumental sacral building in Gothic style southeast of the Alps. It is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary and to kings Saint Stephen and Saint Ladislaus. The cathedral is typically Gothic as is its sacristy which is of gre..

    Croatian History Museum

    Croatian History Museum is a museum of history located in the Vojkovi Palace on Antun Gustav Mato Street in the historic Gornji Grad district of Zagreb Croatia. The museum holdings consist of around 300000 objects divided into 17 collections. In ad

    ibenik Cathedral

    The Cathedral of St. James in ibenik Croatia is a triple-nave catholic basilica with three apses and a dome. It is the episcopal seat of the ibenik diocese. It is also the most important architectural monument of the Renaissance in the entire country. Since 2000 the cathedral has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

    Riva Harbor

    Nakic Palace

    Adriatic Coast

    The Roman Temple

    St.Lawrence Church and Monastery

    St. Lawrence Church was built in the second half of the 18th century for purposes of the Franciscan Order. On the church facade which ends with a gable a profiled portal with a humble Baroque transom can be found. Placed in the tympanum of the lateral entrance is a small sculpture of St. Lawrence from 1720. Across from the church is the Franciscan ..

    Zadar Cathedral

    The Cathedral of St. Anastasia is the Roman Catholic cathedral of Zadar Croatia seat of the Archdiocese of Zadar and the largest church in all of Dalmatia.


    Ivanica is a mountain in northern Croatia. The highest peak is the eponymous Ivanica at 1059 metres. The rivers of Bednja Lonja Krapina and Veliki potok rise and flow in the area.

    St. Saviour Church Dubrovnik

    St. Saviour Church is a small votive church located in Dubrovniks Old Town. It is dedicated to Jesus Christ.

    Cathedral of the Birth of Mary

    The Cathedral of the Birth of Mary or Trebinje Catholic Cathedral in Trebinje is one of four Roman Catholic cathedrals in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the seat of the Trebinje-Mrkan Bishopric. Petar Pali acts as bishop to the Trebinje-Mrkan Bishopric as well a

    Natural history museum

    Church of Saint Blaise

    If it seems as though the original city fathers had St. Blaises image engraved on every public building wall and fortress in Old Town youd be close to correct. But nowhere is their devotion to the citys patron saint more evident than at St. Blaise Church. The pres

    Fort Bokar

    Dubrovnik Shore Tours

    Guaranteed SMALL GROUP departures for our BESTSELLER TOUR in 2019-2020 for Holland America Celebrity Royal Caribbean Norwegian Crystal and Princess cruise ships arriving in Port of Dubrovnik. All of our tours are also organized as PRIVATE option. We pick up guests DIRECTLY at your ships gangway as we have permit to enter Dubrovnik Port. Enjoy compa..

    Church of Our Lady of the Snow

    The monastery recently was converted to an eight-room bed-and-breakfast and guests can explore the adjoining church at their leisure. Look for the churchs medieval altarpieces and the remains of what may be an ancient Roman amphitheater nearby. Inside y

    Dubrovnik Synagogue

    The Old Synagogue in Dubrovnik Croatia is the oldest Sefardic synagogue still in use today in the world and the second oldest synagogue in Europe. It is said to have been established in 1352 but gained legal status in the city in 1408. Owned by the local Jewish community the main floor still functions as a place of worship for Holy days and special..

    Dubrovnik Treasures

    Dubrovnik Treasures is a boutique located just off the main street Stradun. Here you will find an exquisite selection of authentic traditional Croatian jewelry & unique more modern designs. All the jewelry is handmade in Dubrovnik by local artisans who are brother & sister. They use a combination of Adriatic coral cultured freshwater pearls semi-pr..

    Dubrovnik Cable Car

    Visit us and be amazed with the breathtaking views of the Old City of Dubrovnik the crystal clear Adriatic Sea and the numerous islands. Enjoy all the comforts of our facilities.

    Old Bazaar

    Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik (MOMAD)

    The Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik was founded in 1945 and is housed inside the prestigious palace built in 1939 by Dubrovnik ship-owner Boo Banac. It was designed by prominent Croatian architects Lavoslav Horvat and Harold Bilini. The Museum also manages the Duli-Masle-Pulitika Gallery and the Pulitika Atelier in the Old Town. The Museum of Modern..

    Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Zagreb

    Zagreb Orthodox Cathedral or Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Lord is a Serbian Orthodox Cathedral located on the Petar Preradovi Square in Zagreb Croatia. It was built in 186566 according to designs of architect Franjo Klein. It is ecclesiastically part of the Metropolitanate of Zagreb and Ljubljana and its cathedral.

    Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments

    The Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments located at Metrovievo etalite 18 Split Croatia is the only museum in the country dedicated to researching and presenting cultural artifacts of the Croats in the Middle Ages between the 7th and 15th centuries particularly the time of the early medieval Croatian state from 9th to 12th century.

    Church of st. Constantius

    Green Market

    Church of Saint Barbara

    The church of St. Barbara is a monument of gothic architecture. It is a single-naved church. The building of the church started at about 1400. Above the main entrance there is a gothic niche with a sculpture of St. Nicholas the work of the Italian artist Bonino fro

    Plitvice Lakes National Park


    Zagreb is the capital and the largest city of Croatia. It is located in the northwest of the country, along the Sava river, at the southern slopes of the Medvednica mountain. The Zagreb Cathedral lies in the Kaptol and is famous among the viewers, especially the Roman Catholics. In Croatia, it is regarded as the “tallest building” and “most consecr...


    Zadar is an ancient city in Croatia which lies on the magnificent Adriatic Sea. It founds its location in the regions of the north-western side of Ravni Kotari. The Zadar County is glorified with the presence of Zadar’s Romanesque Churches making it a famous place among visitors. In the list of Things to Do in Croatia, Zadar’s Romanesque Churches c...


    Dubrovnik is a Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. Dubrovnik’s City Walls are a sequence of arranged and well-protected gravel walls reaching at a height up to 25m. The walls surround the Dubrovnik city which lies in the southern regions of Croatia. Dubrovnik is a popular...


    In Croatia, Split is regarded as the “second largest city” which lies in the Dalmatia regions. It holds about 200,000 inhabitants, which resides in its urban portions. It adorns the beauty of the Adriatic Sea and situated near to the sea’s eastern side. The Split is reaching all over the area of the central peninsula. Being a popular tourist spot i...

    Hvar Town

    The town is a port located on the magnificent Hvar Island which is a major part of the Split-Dalmatia County in Croatia. The borough holds a population of 4,251 as per the 2011 records. It lands on the southern coast bay which is opposed to Jelsa and Stari Grad towns. With its long historical evidence, it remained a center for activities such as tr...

    Korcula Town

    Korcula is a popular momentous mound borough which lies on the east coast side of the Korcula island, Croatia. It is situated in the Adriatic regions which makes it a popular spot among tourist visits. Being the oldest city, it is a famous place to explore the historical remains on its ground. The herringbone patterned arrangement in the streets is...

    Pula Arena

    Pula Arena is a famous name given to the amphitheater which is situated in the regions of Pula in Croatia. The Coliseum is the last example of the Roman-built amphitheater which is constructed with 4-side magnificent towers. Along with it, the three Roman architectural sequences framed also makes it completed preserved place. It holds regard as one...


    Rovinj city is one of the beautiful Attractions in Croatia which lies in the northern area of Adriatic Sea. It holds a popular of 14,294 occupants as per the 2011 record. Among the visitors, it is a famous resort to enjoy an active fishing seaport experience. A list of Places to visit in Rovinj includes St. Euphemia’s Basilica, Monkodonja, Zlatni R...

    Mljet Island

    Mljet is a famous Adriatic island situated in the regions of Dalmatia, Croatia. It is an extremely popular island and comes under the list of famous attractions in Croatia. Landing on the south side of Peljesac Peninsula, Mljet Island gathers huge attraction by the visitors. It is about 37 km in length and reaches 3.2 km in terms of breadth. The l...

    Zagorje Region

    Among the list of Zagreb Tourist Places, the region lies on the northern side of Croatia. It holds up a large area of the northern Mount Medvednica to Slovenia in the northern and western side, and covers till the Medimurje and Podravina regions lying in the Northern and Eastern side. The Zagorje region is a picturesque place for tourists. It is of...

    Krka National Park

    Among the list of Zagreb Attractions, Krka National Park cannot be missed. It is regarded as one of the exquisite Croatian national parks. It lies along the Krka River in the regions of Dalmatia. The beauty of Sibenik-Knin’s county is glorified with the presence of the Krka River. The park was built to protect the river and encourages activities fo...

    Diocletian's Palace

    Being one of the prehistoric palaces, it comes under the list of Things to Do in Zagreb. It was constructed with the purpose to serve Diocletian, the Roman Emperor during the time of 4th century AD. At present, the palace holds about half the town of Split in Croatia. It assembles the look of a large fortress with an enormous composition which attr...


    Rijeka is titled as the “Third largest city” in the region of Croatia. Being a primary seaport, it has gathered major tourist attraction. It lies in the regions of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, situated on the magnificent Kvarner Bay. It holds a population of 128,624 occupants. During the time of 1756, Rijeka hosted the National Croatian Theatre Iv...

    Brac Island

    Among the list of Croatia tourist places, Brac Island is a major attraction. It lies in the Adriatic Sea and covers an area of 396 square km. In Dalmatia and Adriatic, it is regarded as the “largest island” and “third largest island” respectively. The Brac Channel separated it from the acreage. Vidova Gora is the island’s colossal tip, which makes ...

    Brela Beach

    In Croatia, the Brela beach is regarded as the best beaches for tourist attraction. The world-class beach gives an alluring experience to the travelers. The sea water holds excellent quality, making it an eminent beach in Croatia. It holds some linked beaches along with its area that reaches a distance of 6km ahead. The pine trees give a soothing v...

    Zlatni Rat Beach

    The beach is often known with the names of “Golden Cape” and “Golden Horn.” It lies in the regions of Adriatic Sea in the Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia. It enlarges its area towards the southern side of Hvar Channel. The white-pebbled beach is giving major tourist destination goals with its alluring beauty and soothing environment. In Europe, it i...

    Adriatic Cruise

    Being one of the modern luxury examples, Adriatic Cruise has been a famous place in the list of places to visit in Croatia. The legendary view is embracing all the beauty. Explore the golden views, beaches, treasures are hidden, legendary tales, and castle view on the famous Adriatic Cruise. If you’re looking to search for the Europe secrets, then ...

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