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Kyrgyzstan is mainly known for its historic heritage and strong culture. The biennial World Nomad Games hosted by Kyrgyzstan have started impacting its tourism industry enormously. Other than CIS countries, Afghanistan, Turkey, USA and Mongolia also participate in the World Nomad Games.

Around 16 different sports and intelligence games are conducted and Kok Boru is the most popular one. It has some similarities with polo, but this involves a headless carcass of a goat. The competitors fight with each other on the horseback, trying to throw each other off their horse in bouts of agility and strength. Popular forms of wrestling like Alysh and hunting games like Salbuurun are also part of the lineup.

From balloon rides to hiking and mountain climbing, Moldova is paradise for people who like adventures. Air tours in Vadul Lui Vode are also very well known.

One of the best countries to go camping is Azerbaijan. Baku is the most famous for camping trips and is a heaven for travel photographers.

When it comes to adventure sports, Ukraine provides some of the best preferences. Visiting Ukraine during the winters would open up possibilities for snowmobile tours, snow tubing, winter paintball, Zorbing, Skiing and many more.

With a large part of the Aral Sea within the borders, Uzbekistan offers a lot of tours of the Aral Sea which are quite enthralling. Hiking and balloon rides are alternatives for having a good time without travelling north, along with skiing and snowboarding.

Armenia offers little when it comes to adventure sports, but tourist can enjoy the most prevalent sports like football and wrestling. However, hot air balloon rides and paragliding in Yerevan offer more exciting experiences.

Squeezed in between Europe and Asia, Georgia offers some of the best recreational sports in the industry. Paragliding and parasailing are very high up the list, accompanying speed racing in F1 tracks and hot air balloon rides.

Lake Baikal in Russia is the largest, deepest and oldest lake in the world. During winter the entire lake freezes and strong winds keep snow from building up, which makes it perfect for ice-cycling. The Kamchatka Peninsula is famous amongst adventure sports lovers for Heli-skiing on volcanoes.

Serbia offers a lot of options like hiking on Fruška Gora, canoeing at Trešnjica Gorge and white water rafting. The Drina, Lim and Ibar rivers are the most popular for rafting in the spring when the snow-melted rivers are at their fullest and most challenging.