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If you are someone who wants to explore an offbeat destination that throws open the chance to discover the lush primaeval forests, has the places that take you back to the Soviet eras as well as boasts amazing nightlife, Belarus is the country you must visit. Sandwiched by Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia, this country occupies a relatively unexplored corner of Eastern Europe but there are plenty of interesting places to visit in Belarus that are sure to give a ping on your travel radar. Besides all its World War II history and architecture, there are colossal forts and castles, more than 11,000 lakes, the majestic capital Minsk, delicious potato dishes and some unmissable art and music scenes that deserve global attention. The wide portfolio of Belarus tourist attractions, therefore, offers an intriguing blend of the ancient and the modern; it is here where you can take a trip back in time while you have plenty of opportunities to keep up with the contemporary side of life.
Belarus tourism begins with Minsk, the capital city flourishing on its pulsating nightlife, outstanding museums and an impressive collection of Stalin-era architecture along with the lovely Minsk people and this happy coexistence is what makes Minsk so special. Since the time it has taken the top position on most of Belarus’ travel checklist backed by the relaxed visa regime, the capital has witnessed a consistent surge in tourism numbers. Out of all its notable landmarks that attract visitors from far and near, one of the most eye-catching Minsk tourist attractions is the glorious street of Independence Avenue lined with many chic cafes along with the dancing fountains illuminated with lights. Other must-visit Minsk Attractions include Gorky Central Children's Park, Zair Azgur Memorial Studio, old town, National History Museum, Kamaroŭski market and more. Not to mention, if you are an art admirer, you are sure to fall head over heels in love with the city’s street art that adorns even the hidden yards running along the main avenue.
Planning your trip to Belarus? Read on to discover the top Belarus Attractions, lesser-visited routes, historic marvels along with some of the incredibly unique places to visit in Minsk.

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Belarus and Minsk:

Trinity Hill

Upper City

Corpus Christi Church Nesvizh

The Corpus Christi Church in Nesvizh Belarus is an early Jesuit church and one of the oldest baroque structures outside Italy influencing the later architecture of Poland Belarus and Lithuania. Commissioned by Prince Nicholas Radziwill and constructed in 1587-1593 by Gian Maria Bernardoni during the times of the PolishLithuanian Commonwealth it contains tombs of powerful Radiziwi

Victory Park

Victory Park is the largest park in Minsk. The history of the park began when Komsomolskoye Lake was created by the impediment of the Sveslokh River. It was planned to open the park in 1941. There are colorful fountains in Victory Park. The fountains have symbolic names like Victory Eternity and the LED fountain Sail which is situated on the water of the lake.

National Library of Belarus

The National Library of Belarus is the biggest library in the Republic of Belarus. The library is located in Minsk the capital of Belarus. It houses the largest collection of Belarusian printed materials and the third largest collection of books in Russian behind the Russian State Library and the Russian National Library.

Nesvizh Castle

Niasvi Castle or Nesvizh Castle is a residential castle of the Radziwi family in Niasvi Belarus. It is 183 metres above sea level.

Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum

The Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum is a museum in Minsk Belarus. The conception of a museum commemorating the German-Soviet War after the end of Nazi occupation sprung up even before the close of the war. The museum first opened shortly after the liberation of Minsk from the Nazi invaders on 25 October 1944 making it the first World War II museum to open during the c

Mir Castle Complex

The 16th-century castle is one of the places to visit in Belarus reflection on the pond like its straight out of Disney. It’s a Gothic style construction which was built in 1520 by duke IIinich and by 1568; it was in the hands of Mikolay Radziwil who completed the construction into Renaissance style. The castle has such a spectacular look which now makes it on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site

Independence Square Minsk

Independence Square is a square in Minsk Belarus. It is one of the landmarks on Independence Avenue. The Supreme Soviet of Belarus and Minsk City Hall are on this square. During the period of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic it was called Lenin Square. It is currently one of the biggest squares in Europe.

Stalins Line

The Historical and Cultural Complex Stalin line is 26 km from the Minsk and 6 km from Zaslavl town. The Historical and Cultural Complex Stalin line was founded on 60-th anniversary of soviet people Victory in the Great Patriotic war and it was opened on th


Holy Spirit Cathedral

The Holy Spirit Cathedral in Minsk Belarus is dedicated to the Holy Spirit. It is the central cathedral of the Belarusian Orthodox Church. The cathedral located on Cyril and Methodius Street dates back to 16331642 when the Bernardine monastery was built at a time when the city was part of the PolishLithuanian Commonwealth. The building was damaged by fire in 1741 and required th

Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary

Cathedral of the Holy Name of Mary is a Roman Catholic baroque cathedral in Minsk. It is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Minsk-Mohilev.Cathedral of the Holy Name of Mary is a Roman Catholic baroque cathedral in Minsk. It is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Minsk-Mohilev.

Ministry of Internal Affairs Museum

Pishchalauski Castle

The Minsk Detention Center No. 1 is the central prison of the Republic of Belarus located in Minsk.

Palace of Republic

The modern hospitable building is a theatre and performance center. Apart from this it is also an important place where big decisions are announced in relation to summits meetings seminars conferences etc. It is located in the city center and one of the most popular attractions. It is used for official state functions including forums meetings conventions concerts symphony orchestras and New Years events.The Palace is also home to a 3D cinema and several bars cafes and clubs in its surrounding space. Taking a mere 25 years from concept to a fully operational status the Palace of the Republic was finally completed in full in 2001.

Belarusian State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War

The museum was founded on 30 September 1943 by the resolution of the Bureau of Belarus Communist Party Central Committee. It was opened for visitors on 22 October 1944 in the liberated city of Minsk in the left intact building of the Trade Union House on Liberty Square. By the order of the Ministry of Culture of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic on 15 December 1966 the museum was dislocated to Lenin Av. 25a (now Nezalezhnast Av.). It was the first museum in the world of this theme. Nowadays the museum is the most important institution of national memory about the great deed of Belarusian people and the people of the Soviet Union in the struggle against Nazism. The museum became one of the research centers about the Great Patriotic War.There are 24 exhibition halls. The main sections of the exposition are The Battles in the Westerly Direction. 1941-1942 German-Nazi Occupation in Belarus. The museum collaborates with the museums of Russia Ukraine Slovakia Germany etc. The museum has a branch the Memorial Republican Monument to the Internationalist Soldiers in the city of Minsk.

Zaslawskaye Reservoir(Minsk Sea)

Minsk Sea (actually its Zaslaskaje Water Reservoir) is located just 10 km away from Minsk. It is an artificial lake created in 1956 to prevent overflows of the river Svisla and to host Soviet sanatoriums and tour bases. Its surface stretches to 31 sq. km and the lake is mostly 8 meters deep. The best sunsets and the starriest nights are all caught up here among the woods and swamps big water and vast beaches. its a beautiful lake with equipped and wild beaches surrounded by woods and swamps. The wild beaches may require a good walk to find and fully furnished are placed all around the lake. They usually have a dressing spot benches and iron sun-protecting umbrellas few playgrounds for kids and for beach games some alcoves and campfire pits.Among other spots we may recommend Meridian yacht club riding a yacht like a real sailor is always a good idea As well you may try windsurfing there is a cozy windsurfing club Extreme with a private beach. If you are more into a calm pastime a boat station offers a boat-ride.

Church of Saints Simon and Helena

The Church of Saints Simon and Helena also known as the Red Church is a Roman Catholic church on Independence Square in Minsk Belarus. This neo-Romanesque church was designed by Polish architects Tomasz Pajzderski and Wadysaw Marconi. The cornerstone was laid in 1905 and the church was completed in 1910.

Island of Tears

A small footbridge leads from the Old Town to the Island of Tears a memorial set up in 1988 to commemorate Belarusian soldiers who died in the USSRs disastrous 9-year war in Afghanistan. The memorials centerpiece is the chapel with haunting figures of grieving mothers sisters and windows at its base. A nearby fountain features the boy-like figure of an angel rigged up to cry teardrops. You may notice that a certain part of his anatomy is shinier than the rest. This is explained by the Belarusian tradition of newlyweds visiting war memorials on their wedding day and a modern folk belief that if the bride gropes this poor young lads privates shell be guaranteed children.

Minsk Gates

The Gates of the City of Minsk are two symmetrical high towers in the style of Stalin classicism. These two 11-story tall towers are the symbolic entrance to Minsk. The architecture of these massive towers is nothing short of breathtaking and they are a must-see landmark in Minsk. One of the towers houses a 100-year-old clock that was won over by the Germans. The Gate of Minsk indelibly impresses at night due to its interesting and thoroughly projected lighting.

Saint Simon and Saint Helena Church

Theres a great legendary story behind the church and therefore the locals love it. It was made on the orders of a Royal family between 1908 and 1910. There are two small towers and a bronze statue in front of the church which adds beauty to the church. Church of Saints Simon and Helena also known as the Red Church is a Roman Catholic church on Independence Square in Minsk Belarus. This neo-Romanesque church was designed by Polish architects Tomasz Pajzderski and Wadysaw Marconi. The cornerstone was laid in 1905 and the church was completed in 1910.The Church of Saints Simon and Helena is a Roman Catholic church that was built at the beginning of the 20th century. Its construction was financed by Edward Woynillowicz who was a famous public figure. Edward and his wife had two requests before they decided to finance the construction. First of all they wanted to choose the project by themselves. In addition they wanted to name the church after their children Simon and Helena who died at an early age. That is why this church is named after the Saints Simon and Helena. Famous Polish architects Tomasz Pajzderski and Wladyslaw Marconi designed the Red Church.

Gorky Park

Gorky Park is a public park in Minsk Belarus. It is located near Victory Square and Yanka Kupala Park. The park was established in 1800 under the name Governors Garden. During the Soviet times it was renamed after the famous RussianSoviet writer Maksim Gorky.

Alivaria Brewery Museum

A fascinating guided tour around the territory of the 155-year-old brewery. One of the oldest operating breweries in Minsk Here you will learn everything about brewing development from the very beginning till nowadays and you will see ancient brewing equipment and modern departments.

Independence Square

October Square Minsk

October Square is a square in the center of Minsk Belarus which is located between Independence Avenue Engels Street and International Street. To its east side there are areas limited to buildings of the Palace of Culture of Trade Unions the Museum of the Great Patriotic War and the Minsk Palace of Republic.

Braslav Lake Area

The Braslav Lake Area is one of the ancient terrains left by the glacier, and its major assets are its lakes. There are about 300 lakes in this area of various forms, depths, sizes, water transparency and composition. Therefore, with such unusual beauty and characteristics, they are all called the blue necklace beauty of Belarus. The deepest lake here is South Voloso and the biggest is Drivyaty


Minsk is the capital city of the country and its one of Belarus tourist attractions which have a lot to offer visitors. In the evening, it gives a different vibe to visitors which make it perfect for an evening stroll by the pretty fountains and the dancing lights. Independence Avenue is not to be missed here as it is the best place for restaurants, cafes, bars, gardens, parks and a vibrant nightlife

Lida City

Lida is home to the Lida castle, located in western Belarus, which was constructed in the 14th century. The trapezium shape of the castle is what made it famous. However, the crimson walls which are the result of decorative brickwork add to the beauty.

Nyasvizh Castle

Nyasvizh Castle used to be a complex in Poland and was a residential castle of a royal family, Radziwill in Belarus. It was owned by the family and by 1706; it was seized by Charles XII in the Great Northern War destroying all of its fortifications. The castle has more than 30 fully furnished rooms with courtyards which are very impressive.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park

One of the best things to do in Belarus is exploring the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park. It is home to a large population of European Bison and many other animals. The park covers both Poland and Belarus and famous for its lush green area with many kinds of flora and fauna around it. Apart from Bison, there are many other animals found here such as wild boar, semi-wild horses, elk and many others

Museum of the Great Patriotic War

The Museum of the Great Patriotic War is Minsk’s best museum houses which displays an excellent gallery of Belarus’s history. It is Belarus attractions for many years as it shows the heroism and suffering of Belarus during the Nazi occupation. The museum has about 24 exhibition halls of which there are 142,676 items in the collection.

Brest Hero Fortress Memorial Complex

The 19th-century fortress was formerly known as Brest-Litovsk Fortress erected in the city of Brest. It is Belarus tourist places dedicated to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. When the fortress was first constructed, it was invaded many times and the battle lasted till 23 July 1941. It was then reconstructed in the late 1960s as a war memorial and is a place of national pride and grief of the country

Gomel Palace

The Gomel Palace is of historical importance in the country located on the right bank of the Sozh River. The Neo-classical design is a two storey palace of Pyotr Rumyantsev and became part of the Russian empire. It is today Belarus’s prettiest park on such a beautiful spot. One of the best things to do in Belarus is not to miss and explore such architecture and beauty.

National Park Pripyatsky

The National Park Pripyatsky is also known as Belarus’s Amazon land for its amazing forest and swamps found in this forest. It is a natural reserve founded in 1996 and much of its area surrounded by turf swamps. It’s one of the best-kept secrets in Belarus which is located about 250 km of Minsk. The park is a paradise for bird watchers with more than 250 avian species

Minsk Sea

The Minsk Sea is an artificially created reservoir which is located to the north of the capital city. A popular Belarus tourist spots among locals and tourists alike. Summer is a good time to visit and on the edge of finding the sandy beaches with nice restaurants and local cafes. The sea is overgrown with bank grass which acts a recreation place. The natural balance of nature of the area has lured many tourists to visit the sea.

Circus in Belarus

The circus art is one of the biggest circus organisations in Belarus, it has been known to the world since 1941. It has a hall capacity of 1625 with a list of 68 artists and performers. People from all over the world visit to see the great events happening in circus art, and it’s welcomed over 340000 visitors over the years to date. The events happen to be on a daily occasion on various themes, festivals, ceremonies etc.

Spa for Families in Belarus

The princess spa is one of the well-known spa and hairdresser in Belarus to give anyone an unforgettable feeling of calm, beauty and relaxation. They offer services in massage for the head, foot, body, hand, facial etc, body care with exquisite procedures, facial care with different kinds of program, hair care program and many others

Dukorsky Mayentse

Dukorsky Mayentse was made with the intention to showcase the historical information of Belarus. And, all of the historical events are performed through dances, gentry’s weapons, old customers making by a group of performers at the complex. It is also a perfect resort for a family weekend getaway from the city. They offer a zoo, park, activities, spa, museum, Rope town, tents, the glade of fairytales and many more

Banquet in Belarus

Astoria Riverside is one of the largest Banquets in Belarus and can accommodate 2000 people. It’s the most recognizable gastronomic premium size complex. It comprises of Hall Astoria, Garden of Eden, Cottages, Winter Garden, Cottages, and summer terraces for one to enjoy and dine in a relaxed nature. The menu offers dishes and cuisines where everyone would find food to their liking

Corporate Events in Belarus

Nanosy is a complex located at the peninsula of Lake Naroch offering a good housewarming for corporate events right from accommodation, food, entertainment programs, banquet etc. They organised the event on an international level with a class and touch of Belarus culture and traditions. While you are here, you can also visit the museum and stroll along the pier, try some fresh oven bread and breathe in some nice fresh air of the clean nature.

Belarus Wedding Venue

Agriturismo "Zarechany" is just 24 km away from Minsk along the Pitch River. It has a romantic atmosphere which makes it suitable for weddings, corporate events and even just a weekend getaway. A wedding in this estate is like a fairy tale dream where you have a landscape surrounding you with only a rest house over the water and adorn the place simply in bohemian look

Beautiful Island Resort in Belarus

Lode is the one of the first wooden houses ever built among the green forest on the island. And, in 2002, the first guest appeared in the resort, overtime the island became more popular and today Lode is filled with visitors from all over the world. It has over three dozen cottages, dining room, gazebos, wooden chalets and other amazing amenities and facilities.

Dark Chocolates in Belarus

Chocolates are amazing in Belarus, and their dark chocolate is even better. So, if you are looking for dark chocolates in Belarus, you should stop by Spartak and Onlydarkchocolate. These are the two places that make fine dark chocolate from Melanie and the taste gets so bitter in your tongue. They are the largest confectioners in Belarus and produce the best dark chocolates

Club in Minsk

Robinson Club is a unique country club on the coast of Minsk Sea, which is about 7 Km from Minsk. It has rooms, House Cottage, Cottages for the day, long rental cottages, a restaurant, summer terrace, spa complex, corporate events, gazebos for relaxing and many others. You could have a weekend tour at the Robinson club and enjoy the health care and comfort offered by the club

Nightlife in Belarus

Friend restaurant is a friendly restaurant suitable for all kinds of events with great food, drinks, music, dance, performers and so on so forth. They have Czech made brewery with 31 brand beer of its own. The restaurant hosts a number of live concerts with grand celebration from the best artists in town. There’s also the karaoke night where you can sing your souls out and have good time with an unforgettable holiday

Things to Do in Belarus

Do what makes you happy