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Finland Tour Packages

Explore Finland with DOOK

Finland: Land of Thousands of Lakes and Forests

Your best travel experience imagination would be met for sure when you visit amazing land of Finland. Finland is a North European country which shares borders with Sweden in the East and Russia in the west. If you are searching for a new travel destination to explore then you must go for a Finland Tour. Why? One simple fact to give you a good reason to go for a Finland trip could easily be that over 6 million tourists visited Finland in 2017 and there were more than 78000 Indians among those. Tourism is adding a huge value to Finland economy generating billions of dollars for the country.

Finland is a great travel destination. The country has amazing landscape along with thick pine forests and hills. Lakes and inlets superbly contribute to the beauty of Finland. Finland is a beautiful Nordic country in the Northern Europe. Finland is famous for lakes as there are nearly 200,000 of them, wild irvas and above all charismatic polar lights. To experience all this and more you must grab the best Finland Packages and be there. Majority of Finland is unspoilt and virgin. There are 40 national parks in the country. But Finland also has urban regions which you can see with best Finland Tour Packages.

Finland Cruise Trips and Polar Nights

If you love cruise trips then you will find plenty of them in Finland. There are many cruise trips between major coastal and port cities in Finland like ones in Baltic region including Helsinki, Turku, Tallinn, Stockholm, and Travemunde. And those who are craving for experiencing polar night can be there in midwinters and experience it above Arctic Circle. This period is the time when sun does not rise for sometimes even for months. Then it is followed by midnight sun in the summers here when sun does not set even at midnights for 73 consecutive days at northernmost point. So, to experience polar night and mid night sun, a rare and unique natural event, you should be in Finland with best Finland Holiday Packages.

Book Finland Tour Packages with Dook

Helsinki is the biggest city in Finland and one of the prime tourist destinations here. Apart from Helsinki, Tampere, Jyvaskyla, Mikkeli, Lahti, Joensuu and Savonlinna are other big cities and travel destinations in Finland. Finland is a place where nature’s most attractive contributions are in abundance. You need to be in Finland with Finland Tour Package from India to believe this. Finland is gifted with forests around sea, rivers, lakes, waterways and much more. So, you must look for best Finland Tour Packages to experience something which you have not even dreamt before.

Adventure lovers will appreciate the place most when they reach Finland on a Finland Tour. Finland is a place for outdoor freaks. You can test the adventure through cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, camping, hiking, mountain biking, fatbiking, climbing, rafting, paddling and many more activities. So, don’t wait for long. Get the Best Finland Tour Package from your own Dook International and get the best life time travel experience in Finland.

Finland Tourist Places and Spots

You can surely start your journey from Helsinki as this is the capital city, largest city and main entry point for visitors to Finland. Then you have Turku another vibrant and artistic city. You can go to other Popular Travel Destinations in Finland as well which include cities like Jyvaskyla, Tampere, Oulu, Rovaniemi and Porvoo. Some of the popular travel sites which you must see when you are on a Finland trip are Suomenlinna Fortress, Kauppatori market and Esplanadi, Rovaniemi and the arctic, Helsinki Churches, National Museum of Finland, Museum of Finnish architecture, Aland Archipelago, Northern lights, Turku Lake Saimaa and Savonlinna, Vaasa and many more.

Explore Helsinki: City of Beautiful Islands

Helsinki is the capital city and the largest city in Finland. None the less it is a small city but you will find it as much lively and bustling as you can expect. Your Finland journey starts with Helsinki Tour only. Helsinki is located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, the easternmost arm of Baltic Sea. Helsinki has long coastlines along the Baltic Sea. This is why Helsinki is popularly called as ‘Daughter of the Baltic’. Helsinki is home to several buildings influenced by art nouveau. You can see architecture of the city which is artistic in many ways. Helsinki is also a city of museums and the primary one is National Museum of Finland. There are 3 major theaters in the city with Finnish National Theater being the most popular one. Apart from culture, art and music, Helsinki also has great infrastructure. So, you can definitely buy the best Helsinki Holiday Packages and enjoy a great Helsinki Tour.

Top Things To Do in Helsinki

took its shape in 1800s from Russians as they made Helsinki on the similar lines of St. Petersburg where there were broad roads and neoclassical mansions. So, you can still see those in Helsinki and more when you are here with Helsinki Tour Packages. Apart from the beautiful layout of the city, beautiful buildings, museums, theaters and more you also have plenty of sightseeing options in Helsinki.

Some of the very popular sightseeing places in Helsinki are Suomenlinna, a giant maritime fortress which spreads across seven islands. Then there is Helsinki Cathedral with the toll green dome. Esplanadi is known to locals as ‘Espa’. This is a place of picnic for visitors and local residents. You can also visit Temppeliaukio Church, Seurassari Island, Uspenski Cathedral, Old Market Hall, Linnanmaki and more.

Helsinki is a great summer travel destination. But if you are winter person then you can be here in winters as well. Christmas celebration is an amazing experience here. And yes, around the Helsinki you can also enjoy adventure activities. So, you must be on a Helsinki Tour to experience this beautiful city in Finland and you can then move to other beautiful cities of Finland to have a great Finland Tour Experience.

Unmissable Experiences to Relish on a Finland Tour

Finland is a country of extraordinary experiences. Finland is a magical wonderland, from witnessing dazzling northern lights to meeting Santa Claus. This happiest country in the world has so much to offer its tourists. Having over 30 national parks, a famous Finnish sauna experience, and some of the biggest ski resorts in Europe, Finland never stops to amaze us. If you plan to go on a Finland tour and want to have a great time, here is the list of experiences you can relish:

Witness the magic of the Northern Lights
See the midnight sun in Lapland
Catch up with Santa Claus in Rovaniemi
Sleep under the stars in an Igloo
Visit the tallest lighthouse in the Nordics
Unearth the Suomenlinna Fortress
Ride a Husky Sleigh
Rejuvenate yourself with a quick dip in a lake
Explore the snow castle of Kemi
Sail around the Turku Archipelago
Bring kids to Moominworld
Admire the town of Old Rauma
Spot the Kummakivi balancing rock(Strange Rock)
Attend an ice hockey match
Try ice swimming
Take a walk on a frozen lake
Tour Helsinki on a boat
Capture the breathtaking landscapes of Finland
Take a road trip

Indulge in Incredible Outdoor Adventure in Finland

The best way to explore the country is to go out and enjoy nature & outdoor activities. Finland offers so many unique adventure activities that captivate every tourist's heart. From hiking & trekking to fishing & sightseeing, Finland is filled with endless adventure. Here are the wholesome adventurous activities that you can add to your Finland tour packages:

Ice Fishing
Husky Safari
Northern Lights tour
Ice Floating
Ice Swimming
Reindeer sledding
Snowshoe hiking

Explore Awe-Inspiring Attractions in Finland

No matter in what season you visit this surreal country, you will get to see plenty of attractions here. Famed for its natural beauty, crystal clear lakes, spectacular Archipelagos, and stunning landscapes, Finland offers many beautiful attractions and places to visit. Take a quick look at the top attractions in the country before leaving for a Finland tour:

Suomenlinna Fortress
Helsinki Churches
Helsinki’s Design District
Aland Archipelago
Old Porvoo
Lake Saimaa and Savonlinna
Lemmenjoki National Park
Santa Claus Village
Turku Castle
Urho Kekkonen National Park
Olavinlinna Castle
Kemi Snow Castle
Nuuksio National Park
Olafsborg Fortress
Ateneum Art Museum
Naantali’s Mumi-Troll Valley
Rope Park
Museum of Finland
Senate Square
Esplanade Park
Serena Water Park
Sapokka Water Park

Eat the Mouthwatering Food on Finland Tour at the Top Restaurants

Finland may be more famous for its adventures, landscapes, green forests, and northern lights. However, it has some otherworldly delicacies that tourists love to drool over. If you have bought the Finland holiday packages to head for a fulfilling vacation in the north, you must know about everything. Here are some top picks for your food cravings in Finland:

Ravintola Olo
Hella & Huone
Wolkoff Restaurant & Wine Bar
Karl Fazer Cafe
Santa’s Salmon Place
Cafe Regatta
Finnjavel Salonki
Georgia House
Kievari Kahdet Kasvot
Santa De Restaurant
Ravintola Suomenlinnan Panimo
Oliven Restaurant Bar
O’Learys Helsinki Bakers
Ravintola Bassi
Hard Rock Cafe

Shop for Fascinating Items in Finland

Every street in Finland is filled with impressive shopping outlets and shopping malls, which gives you a pleasant experience. These places offer an extraordinary range of unique products which tourist likes to buy. From traditional wall hangings to Kalevala Jewelry to Fazer Candies to Kuksa Drinking Cups, you can buy so many things to take home. If you are on a Finland tour and looking for places for shopping, this list will help you:

Tampere Market Hall
Galleria Esplanad
Kampii Shopping Center
Kluuvi Shopping Mall
Itakeskus Shopping Center
Sokos Departmental Store
Itis Shopping Centre
Sello Shopping Center
Flamingo Entertainment Centre
Jumbo Shopping Center
Arctic Circle Mall
Villageshop Veljekset Keskinen
Shopping Center Veturi
Mall of Tripla

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What language is commonly spoken in Finland?

Answer: There are two official languages in Finland- Swedish and Finnish. These two languages are widely used throughout the country. However, the people involved in tourism also frequently speak English.

Question: Does a traveler need a visa to travel to Finland?

Answer: Indian travelers need a visa to travel to Finland. It is a short-term visa that is valid for 90 days. This short-term visa is also known as Schengen Visa.

Question: What is the official currency of Finland?
Answer: Finland’s official currency is Euro. Tourists can also use credit cards, including Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. These cards are widely accepted in Finland.

Question: What is the ideal time to travel to Finland?
Answer: The best time to travel depends upon the experiences you want to indulge in. If you want to indulge in winter activities, you should visit during December and March. For summer fun, you should visit during May and June.

Question: What are the top places to visit in Finland during the winter?
Answer: Finland’s top winter hot spots are Rovaniemi, Helsinki, Santa Claus Village, Kakslauttanen, and Kemi.