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Greece Tour Packages

Explore Greece with DOOK

Greece: a surreal space to instantly fall in love with

Uncover its mystical treasures with our Greece Holiday Packages

Is Greece worth the visit- your mind will rethink before you hit that ‘book the trip’ button! But even if you do a random google search, the images of this majestic country will surely tickle your wanderlust as Greece is one of the top European countries that must be seen to be believed! The stunning whitewashed buildings, heavenly islands, ancient ruins rooted in deep mythical history, sandy beaches sparkling as the sun sets over the azure waters of the Mediterranean and what not. Imagine, the country which is so perfectly appealing with these irresistible backdrops in the pictures, how beautiful would it be in real!  

Undoubtedly, the beauty of Greece is exquisite; eternal and pristine, whether we pick up its glorious past or the surrounding vistas. Known as the cradle of western civilization, Greece is noticeably steeped in history and is called home to some of the world’s most important historical sites, but one cannot simply ignore its natural beauty and fascinating culture as well. While the ancient archaeological sites like Acropolis and ruins of Delphi lead the way for history buffs, the mighty cliffs dipping beautifully into deep blue waters surrounded by beaches make Greece a prime choice for leisure vacationers from all over the world. Apart from Athens which is the symbolic epitome of history, there are a whopping 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites here, along with oodles of incredible points of interest such as Meteora Monasteries, Olympic Stadium at Ancient Olympia, Knossos, Epidaurus, perfectly balanced columns of Parthenon, Mycenae and more alike. But this is just scratching the surface of the history that’s on offer in Greece; there are treasure troves that call for thorough exploration.  

Along with the history that you’ll find abundantly enthused into the cities and their highlights, there are these Greek islands that have long been considered the chunks of heaven on earth. Most travellers choose to visit the much-famed Santorini to soak up the sun rays, while the others who are intrigued by Greece's variety of seaside paradises will enjoy the vibrant, fun-filled atmosphere at the Mykonos or seek solace on the strip of sand in Corfu. On top of all these, what precisely makes the country beautiful are its welcoming people, their deeply rooted beliefs and heart-warming Greek food served with so much affection.

To list all the magnificent places to visit in Greece would be impossible as Greece is a land of splendour with an endless variety of everything ‘oh-so-stunning’. It’s no wonder why this country has always been the perfect place to escape to for both curious travellers and peace seekers alike. Now if you ask yourself, ‘Is Greece worth visiting?’, the answer would be a big yes! Planning to book a Greece Tour soon? Do visit our website to explore the range of our special Greece Tour Packages or get in touch with our experts to get everything set, exactly as you need in your tailor-made Greece Packages.

Capital: Athens
Languages: Greek, English
Currency: Euro
Driving Side: Right
Best Time to Travel: Round-the-year destination but to experience the destination with the best weather, time between April to July and September to October is preferred.

Explore Greece

Is there anything to say about Greece that hasn’t been said already? This is where modern civilization took birth, after all. It is here where the people fall for its rugged beauty, island escapes, ancient ruins, a great combination of fine wine and sunny beaches and many things that deserve multiple mentions- it truly has something attractive for all sorts of travellers. Where to begin? After all, dipping your toes first into the history then into the waters of the coast, choosing between half-crumbled temples and the sandy shores can be too overwhelming. Luckily, we at Dook, with our range of Greece Tour Packages and an extensive list of awesome experiences are here to save your day!

To begin your ultimate Greece holiday, visit Athens which is the home of the Acropolis as well as the hive of economic city activities and cobbled alleys that lead the way to bougainvillea-drenched restaurants. Make your way to the Peloponnese and witness its numerous testimonies of lost cultures and its charming landscape with numerous beaches. Do visit the second city of Byzantine times- Thessaloniki to experience its colours and chaos. Some of the other things to do in Greece include exploring monasteries in Athos, galloping across the Olympic fields at Olympia, wandering through fresco-covered tunnels at Corinth, gazing into Agamemnon’s tomb at Mycenae, hiking in the Cretan highlands, or watching the ancient tragedy in the Theatre of Epidaurus. Of course, no visit to Greece is complete without visiting the crown of Aegean, Santorini- the sights and sounds here are too good to miss. If interested in more island hopping, simply add the islands of the Cyclades along with beautiful bathing bays of Crete to your Greece Tour itinerary and let yourself be enchanted by the thrilling side of the country.

Your entire Greece vacation is just a click away! Have a look at one of our best-selling Greece Tour Packages from India and get in touch to get yours personalised.

1. Athens: the crowning landmark of ancient Greece

As one of the oldest cities in the entire Europe and world, Athens turns out to be utterly surprising- it is indeed a modern metropolis built around ancient monuments, nature and civilisation as well tradition and treasures that go together quite well. It is a city that stretches across ages, defying the ruins of the bygone and is one of the top incredible places to visit in Greece. From the flower-adorned cafes to the mighty Acropolis sitting on the top of city, from imperial temple ruins to the cutting-edge galleries, there are surprises hidden around every corner.
The home of modern Western civilisation doesn’t hold back on the sightseeing front because Athens is Athens, after all! The city overflows with Greek culture and is, therefore, abundantly filled with brilliant sites like the Parthenon and colossal Theater of Dionysus and the neo-classical buildings and temples. Visit the onetime citadel of ancient Athens, Acropolis and its new museum that lies below; this incredible site is topped beautifully by the half-crumbled temples along with smaller shrines. Stroll along the streets of the Plaka district and get mesmerised by this little suburb of Athens while you hop into every handicraft shop and restaurant. Athens doesn’t stop there, either. It’s got a Roman Forum, the Agora where Sophocles and Plato once addressed the crowds and the vast National Archaeological Museum. Feel the vibrant atmosphere in the busy pedestrian street, Dionysiou and wrap up your Greece tour by enjoying shopping or tasting the local cuisine in the historical centre.

2. Corfu: The architecturally blessed Greek town
If you take a closer glance at the old town of Corfu, you’ll be surprised by the multi-layered historical and cultural heritage left behind that is still very much evident today. Considered as one of the most elegant and historically appealing cities to visit in Greece, Corfu is nothing short of a gorgeous sight! This pretty town displays a lovely and unique architecture that is strongly influenced by the different dominations including the Sicilian, the Venetian and the French and this amalgamation is clearly evident in its impressive buildings, stylish mansions, French-styled squares and stunning fortresses.
With all these gems adorning the landscape, the Corfu Town ranks among the most beautiful tourist towns of Greece, having innumerable sights and charms to offer its visitors. The town, therefore, can get very busy which means that there are lots of restaurants and bars for visitors to enjoy. One of the most beautiful buildings in the heart of the city square is the Liston building which stands at the western side of the Esplanade and is arguably the most cosmopolitan spot in Corfu. Other interesting places to visit here include the Old and the New Venetian Fortresses, the Square of the Saints, the Ionian Academy and the Palace of Saint Michael and Saint Georges. Then there are beautiful Venetian neighbourhoods such as the Kanoni where you’ll find the ruins of the ancient city. A day or two spent in Corfu Town is thoroughly recommended.
3. Mykonos: The island paradise

When it comes to places to see in Greece, specifically the top and glamourous island destination, the idyllic island of Mykonos comes on the top of most of the traveller’s lists. Known for its live music venues, classy restaurants and chic hotels, blue-roofed dipped in all-white homes, this island town’s fame has far reached the travellers. It is particularly popular with international celebrities but has today become a famous hotspot for jet setters, honeymooners and socialites.
The major attractions in this picturesque town include Paraportiani (a whitewashed church) and numerous sandy beaches along the island's south coast. The island’s stunning coastline is perfect for sipping in the glass of Ouzo, traditional Greek alcohol while enjoying the shimmering sunset, its rocky landscape and the rugged roads that are best explored through motorbike trips. Do not miss a visit to the windmills in Chora as they are the symbolic attraction of Mykonos.  

4. Thessaloniki: The energetic, cultural heart of Greece

Stylish, cultural, cosmopolitan, vibrant- this second largest city in Greece wears several hats. Thanks to its thriving cultural scene along with the arts, nightlife and universities, Thessaloniki is considered another must-visit on most of Greece Tour itineraries. Whilst there is an abundance of history crammed into the lovely Roman ruins as well as the old Ottoman buildings and fantastic Byzantine churches, there is a lot to relish in the festivals and events that add to the cultural vibe of the city. Walk along the beautiful waterfront, discover the nearby 15th century White Tower, explore the old quarter, a neighbourhood full of bright, winding streets marked by white-plastered houses and Byzantine churches and immerse yourself into the bustling nightlife and delicious local cuisine of the city.

This city truly hums with life; whether you are a history buff, culture hunter, a passionate gourmand, a serious shopper, or a café hopper, you can find something to suit your needs in the cosmopolitan Thessaloniki.

5. Ioannina: The visually appealing Greek gem

The capital of Epirus, Ioannina beautifully spreads out on and around Lake Pamvotida which makes its natural environment and character the area’s top trademarks. While you’ll be instantly enchanted by the still waters and calm environment around the lake, a walk through the old town will give you the feel of stepping back into the bygone era. While much of it is the same as any other city around the world, the old part with its minarets, fortress and ancient walls is too good to wander around. Wonderful buildings like the House Matei Hussein, the Ottoman Mosque of Veli Pasha and the entire historic centre of the town are unique attractions while there are also plenty of secret places reliving the old legends that are a must-visit too. Spending time at the lakeside, sitting on the bench and looking at the landscape in front or just wandering around was a castle and Byzantine Museum is among the favourite things to do in Ioannina, you can also take a trip to the monasteries on Nissi Island or the amazing caves of Perama.

6. Nafplio: Spend a weekend taking in the history and magnificence

Often referred to as Greece's most beautiful city and formerly the capital of modern Greece, Nafplio is a popular weekend destination for wealthy Athenians and a famous day trip for most tourists. What makes it a beautiful affair to remember is its lovely harbour front with natural settings and delightful architecture. Any visitor here will be captivated by diverse medieval castles, Ottoman fountains and archaic walls, statues and neoclassical and Venetian buildings. Spare a day to wander through the old town filled with Neoclassical mansions with the Bougainvillea trees adorning their yards. The town is overlooked by the 18th-century Palamidi Fortress which is another landmark to visit. In the very heart of the city stands the Italianate Syntagma Square where you can admire important historic buildings and monuments. Do visit the nearby attractions- Tiryns, Epidaurus Theater and Ancient Corinth. Remember to take a boat ride to the fortress of Bourtzi, Nafplio's most photographed plug.

Top Bucket List Experiences in Greece
1. Every trip to Greece starts with the mighty Acropolis

Even though Greece is guzzled in history and there are plenty of historic sites to explore, there is nothing that beats the charm of the most significant remaining building of Classical Greece- the Acropolis. Regarded rightly as the symbol of Athens and Greece, the Acropolis is a rocky hill rising in the heart of modern Athens. It is topped by three glorious temples dating from the 5th century BC out of which the most distinctive masterpiece is the Parthenon. The monuments here are deemed as the biggest architectural feats of Greek ancient times and are truly worth your visit, not just one but several times.

2. Visit Santorini- need we say more?

Even though there are plenty of island paradises in the Greek land, is there anything quite like Santorini? We don’t think so and you would agree too! One of the well-known places to visit in Greece and the most scenic in all the Greek Islands, Santorini is the diamond of the Aegean that looks crafted by the Greek gods themselves. With its volcanic beaches, pearl white houses with the backdrop of the most dramatic sunsets and sceneries, Santorini lures hundreds and thousands of people every year. While here, you can also take a walk along the cliff-top towns of Fira and Oia, dine with fine wines in restaurants, take a deep plunge into surreal blues of water or explore this paradise at pace. But while you leave, you’ll leave knowing that there is nowhere else quite like it.

3. Get mesmerised by the surreal hues at the Temple of Poseidon

Evidently, Athens isn’t short on treats for fans of Greek mythology and this temple sitting at the end of the Sounio Peninsula is definitely one of the first must-visits on your bucket list. Made entirely of white marble, the Temple of Poseidon was erected in the middle of the 5th century BC and built to honour the god of the sea- Poseidon. All that remains today is a series of towering columns that look even more beautiful against a glorious Greek sunset. As the sun descends into the sea, you’ll be bewitched by the blankets of all the shades of reds, blues and oranges that completely engulf the temple, making it’s an unmissable treat.
4. See Meteora in Kalabaka- a site worthy of awe

Discovered in central Greece, Meteora is a stunning and unusual rock formation that is home to the 14th-century monastery- the reason why it is now listed as the UNESCO World Heritage site. This stunning destination where once the only access was through climbing a series of ladders tied together or be dragged up via a large net is today carved between the rocks and a bridge is built from a nearby plateau. The complex of six monasteries is perched atop 1,300 feet high sandstone pinnacles, at the edge of the Plain of Thessaly near the beautiful Pineios river and Pindus Mountains. It indeed is one of the best places to discover in Greece which is bound to leave you speechless.
5. Wander across the Rhodes Town

History is one thing that you’ll find abundantly in Rhodes Town that dates to the fifth century but there is a world here that houses the shops, bars and restaurants as well as the best beach in the vicinity. This UNESCO-listed magnificent town is enclosed by an impressive defense system, including monumental towers and gates built by the Knights of St. John. While you’ll find an unusual peace in the streets of the old town that is hidden away in the labyrinth of alleys, the nearby attractions like the coastal town of Lindos and Marmaris will be thoroughly enjoyed via a boat excursion. This town looks heavenly by the night and is definitely worth visiting when all illuminated.
6. Explore Crete- an island paradise with a tinge of everything!

This massive island is not just one of the most popular vacation spots in Greece but also the one that is blessed with the best beaches in Greece. From small sweeps of sand lining the restaurants and promenades to long stretches splashed by incredibly clear waters and endless views across the sea, it surely is one dream island destination. But wait, it is not all about beaches. Just like other destinations, it also has its fair share of archaeological sites and laid-back towns where the café terraces just steal your heart. Then there are most impressive hiking trails that invite most of the curious and active travellers.

Visit Greece with Dook and see for yourself how delightful the country is!
With its splendid ancient monuments, charming villages, buzzing cities, cliff-top towns and cuisine not worth missing, Greece surely ticks a lot of boxes as a travel hotspot. You can spend several days or months exploring everything on offer but if you’re planning on taking a brief tour, your dream holiday to Greece is crafted here-with Dook’s ultimate Greece Tour Packages from India. You can either choose from our range of Greece packages or have your picks among the most visited gems, curated by our travel experts. Get in touch today!