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MICE Tourism (MICE: Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions)

MICE Overview

Lately, there has been an industry drift towards using the term 'meetings industry' to avoid confusion from the short form of MICE which literally aims to ‘Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions.’ ‘Events industry’ is being suggested by other industry mentors to be an umbrella term for the immense range of the meeting and events profession.

Perhaps with the exception of Incentives, MICE is well understood. MICE is an influential tool to be used for rewarding the corporate employees for their performances and motivating them to do well in their future tasks. It also allows corporations to mix business with pleasure making work look inspirational.

MICE Tourism is usually designed where large groups are brought collectively for a particular intention. Travelers, attending MICE activities, have a purpose beyond Leisure tourism and are in reality, business travelers. These business travelers are connected to different sectors of the tourism and hospitality industry through their MICE Activities.

MICE Events and Conference Management

MICE Event Locations are generally proposed by specialized convention bureaus, established for the purpose of bidding on MICE activities in particular countries and cities. MICE Travel Services are usually affiliated with large corporations and organization as planning involve typically years in progress.

This process of marketing and securing major events benefit the local economy of the host city or country. Convention bureaus may offer financial subsidies to attract MICE Events to their city. Today, it is usually used to boost hotel revenue. The global MICE Industry generated revenue of US$752 billion in 2016, and expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5 per cent to reach US$1,245 billion by 2023.

Owing to the increase of various types of events and meetings frequently being organized globally, the MICE industry worldwide is gaining popularity. There is growth observed in business travel, rise in disposable incomes and the rapid development in tourism and hospitality sectors.

Components of MICE Travel

MICE Travel components involve representatives to provide an entire range of travel and conference services for large and small groups and events of shorter and longer duration. The players in the MICE field include Corporate Meeting Planners, meetings and convention departments of hotels, conference centers or cruise ships, food and beverage managers, logistics firms, Private tour operators and transfer companies, incentive houses, professional trade organizations, tourism boards, tourism trade associations and travel-selling professionals.

The main reason why a destination should promote the MICE segment is because of the potential it has for boosting the economy. Besides, MICE Segment helps mitigate the seasonal nature of a destination. Congresses, meetings and events are usually held during the months when there are no holidays and many congresses and fairs are programmed midweek depending on the audience and field that they are aimed at.

Capturing large international congresses that are attended by hundreds or thousands of delegates from all over the world puts a destination on the map. Hosting congresses attracts more congresses, especially those that have the same organisational characteristics. Once a city has proved it has the ability to host certain types of congresses, fairs and events it is much easier to sell the destination and ensure that the organisers choose it.

When a mature destination arrives at a point where it has a saturation of tourists in high season or certain days such as the weekends, it is necessary to look for alternatives to halt this situation. When an alternative exists like MICE Tourism, it isn’t necessary to dedicate so many resources, promoting holiday tourism.

Corporate MICE Tours

Many tourists travelling for business purposes will extend their stay in order to spend a few days discovering the destination, popularly known as ‘Bleisure.’ Around 67 per cent of business travellers state that they often take some free time when they are travelling on business and 58 per cent will often add a day or two on top of their stay to get to know the city. Others expressed their intention to return to the city with their family to spend a few days.

CIS Countries are going ahead in leaps and bounds to become an ideal MICE Tourism Destination. With the advanced technology and facilities, warm hospitality, personalized services united with immense natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, the goal seems to be not very far. The importance of the MICE Industry lies in the fact that it converts the annual business meetings and conferences into a glamorous event for the attendants.

Corporate MICE Tours inspire higher performances internally and explore opportunities of business development with partners, investors, customers and suppliers. CIS’s diversity opens doors for some unforgettable Corporate Tours. Adding feather in the cap is the hospitality industry that has been ensuring remarkable services to keep short and long weekend trips exclusive.

Keeping this in mind, a range of customizable flawless corporate travel experience through Corporate tour packages are designed by the business and corporate tour operators to make the outing memorable. CIS countries boast varied best destinations for corporate outings, which are distributed on beaches to hills and desert.

MICE Tour in CIS Countries

MICE Tour extensively flourishes in Eurasia, a blend of Europe and Asia, comprises parts of Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia, some countries of former Soviet Union and areas influenced by Russia. Some of the major countries include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Mongolia and Uzbekistan.

The major restraint for the growth of the MICE industry is the operational cost associated. However, the use of tele-seminars and virtual meetings to abolish travel expenses may prove out to be a significant growth opportunity in the future. Even though presently, technology plays an imperative role in the growth of MICE Business as many corporations adopt e-conferences as a substitute for face-to-face meetings and conferences.

MICE Tour in Central Asia

The MICE Tour for Central Asian Countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan) offers an exclusive experience with conferences, seminars, congresses, incentive trips and road shows. With striking landscapes and incredible cultural prosperity the countries possess a feel of originality of MICE Events. With vast knowledge and experience, CIS MICE Tours include dealers get together, award ceremonies, conferences and gala events for corporate clients from worldwide.

Estimated to be worth more than US$.500 million every year, MICE Business is already a multi-million segment from Russia. ‘Buying Business Travel Awards 2017’ named Armenia best MICE tourism destination at Business Traveller Russia & CIS Awards that took place on December 7, 2017 in Moscow.

Dook - Leading MICE Tour Operator for CIS Countries

Dook International, an international Travel Agency brand, headquartered in New Delhi, India, with a collective experience of over 450 years in CIS Tourism, is also famous as MICE Tour Company. An all-inclusive network of resources is utilized to offer Corporate Tour Packages or MICE Tour Packages for CIS Countries according to client’s requirements with the help of Incentive tour packages and trusted business partners from worldwide. Small towns, international and exotic destinations - all are explored with the help of on-board professional organizing team to enhance exhibitions and seminars with competent customer support and travel guidance.

How Dook is placed for MICE in CIS Countries?

Local Offices: Dook International is omnipresent with own office set ups in all CIS countries.

Indian and Local Support Staff: Trained Indian and local staffs understand and cater every client’s needs, provide the best possible facilities.

Equipments: Arrangements of equipments for your conference or business meeting like Screens, Projectors, Sound System, DJ, Microphones, Internet and more.

Flying Distance (Flying Distance of CIS Countries from India): The favorable flight distance, helps traveler to decide CIS countries as their apt MICE destination. It takes only 3 to 4 hours from some of Indian destinations like the distance between Delhi to Tashkent is 1570 Km, Delhi to Almaty is 1600 Km, similar to distances traversed within India like Delhi to Mumbai is 1415 km. As MICE Tour Operator, Dook provides complete VISA services, Travel Insurance, National/International Flight bookings as well.

Price Comparison (CIS Countries Vs Popular Worldwide Countries): It’s so simple to differentiate the price or the cost structure of Dook when MICE is concerned - one can compare ‘Thailand’ with ‘Tashkent’, ‘Dubai’ with ‘Almaty’, ‘Australia’ with ‘Russia’.

Restaurants: Based on your needs Dook can organize a banquet or dinner in the best restaurants in CIS countries. We provide Indian as well as Local restaurants, Jain Foods, High Tea, etc.

Various Entertainment Options (Team Building Activities, Casions, Bars, Shopping, Spa)

Team Building Activities and Return Gifts: Immense entertainment options are available after or during MICE along with various team building activities and return gifts after or during events.

Casions in CIS Countries: Casinos and the associated activities in CIS countries is lucrative in places like Kazakhstan which have specified gambling regions with two main areas being developed as the Las Vegas and Atlantic City of the region - Borovoe in the Akmola and Kapchagai, nicknamed as Kaz Vegas in Almaty. The most well-known of Russian Casinos is the Sochi Casino and Resort. The largest casino is Yerevan, Armenia according to gaming machines and table games put together, is Shangri La Yerevan and X.O.Club. Belarus boasts over 30 casinos, many of them concentrated in its capital Minsk which are frequented by the rich and powerful from across the CIS.

Shopping in CIS Countries: A thrilling blend of reasonable price and product varieties makes CIS countries, one of the exceptional destinations, where any kind of shopper can find their choice! In Kazakhstan, the felt art is quite predominant culture, traditional Kyrgyz jewellery, chess sets, old paintings, handmade felt items, watches, tea bowls, fur hats, traditional dresses, decorative Kyrgyz mats are all available in the most well-known shopping mall Tsum in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan. Russia is known for its amazing fine art and folk handicrafts. Baku in Azerbaijan is known for its carpet weaving, carpet bag, which are an excellent souvenir. Uzbekistan is the best place to buy embroidery, ceramics or pottery, silk or carpets. Cafesjian Center of the Art at Yerevan, Armenia, is known for its contemporary art. Bulgaria is known for its cheese, yogurt, fruits, chocolates and specialty items. Belarus is known for its unique craftsmanship in designing of ceramic products. The Georgian tablecloth decorated with birds, deer and other figures comes in beautiful indigo paint, imprinted with attractive local patterns. Jewelleries shaped like little figures wearing traditional Serbian folk costumes and jerseys are some of the ethnic jewellery pieces found.

Spa Resorts in CIS Countries: CIS countries are very well known for their wellness tourism, offering healing spring’s mud baths to spa resorts. Almaty, in Kazakhstan has the most well-known spas in the country. Zaamin resort is popular for its abundance of conifers and alpine landscape. It also goes by “Uzbek Switzerland”. Another famous health resort popular for its climate, is Aktash. Armenia has an entire town dedicated to spas and medical therapies. Dilijan is the urban municipality located in the Tavush province and is often referred to as Little Switzerland or ‘Armenian Switzerland.’ Azerbaijan, called as the land of healing oil for many centuries owing to the curative properties of therapeutic oils like Naftalan crude oil. Russia offers various sanatoria and modern resorts which provide healing services using natural resources.

Places of Exhibition (Events and Exhibition Centers) in CIS Countries

Incentive tours to CIS countries provide a welcome relief from monotonous job life. It has an abundance of Convention Centers, an ideal venue for events and exhibitions, noteworthy meeting center points. Dook provides best Exhibition Centers based on the customers’ needs and specific demands. Some of the Exhibition Centers worth mentioning in different countries are in Kazakhstan, Korme Exhibition Center Astana, Atakent International Exhibition Centre Almaty, in Ukraine, International Exhibition Centre, Kiev. In Russia, it’s All-Russian Exhibition Center, ExpoCenter and World Trade Center Moscow. In Uzbekistan, it’s Uzekspocentre Exhibition Centre Tashkent.

Conference Halls and Venues in CIS Countries

The best conference halls of different capacities and seating arrangements are provided by Dook in different CIS countries as per customers’ specific needs and demands are like in Kazakhstan - Almaty City Exhibition Centers (The Ritz-Carlton Almaty, Rixos Hotel, InterContinental Almaty, Hotel Rahat Palace Almaty, Grand Aiser Hotel). In Ukraine its Kiev City (Hotel Fairmont, Hotel Intercontinental, Hotel Radisson Blu Podil, Hotel Mercure Kyiv), while in Russia, its Moscow City (Sheraton Palace Hotel Moscow, Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya, Crowne Plaza Moscow, Izmailovo Delta Hotel). Besides every arrangements of equipments like Sound System, DJ, LED, are organized along with Indian and local restaurants, Jain Foods are available ready at hand.

MICE Tourism Trends

The fast-emerging MICE Tourism is giving conventional tourism a good run for the money. The experts believe, in few years it can surpass the conventional tourism and take travelling industry in the world to a new stage altogether. The most important aspect is to have a certain infrastructure available in order to be able to absorb all the activities that a congress involves, as much with regards to venues that can hold the events as to accommodation, catering and restaurants, transport and communications. Having other cultural attractions, leisure options, gastronomy, fashion or nature is also useful for attracting this type of tourist who apart from work, also wants to discover new and interesting destinations.