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About Romania

About Country Cheat Sheet

Formal Name: Romania
Location of Kazakhstan: Southeastern Europe
Capital: Bucharest
Demonym: Romanians
Area: 238397Sq Km
Population: 19518117
Ethnic Groups: Romanian, Hungarian, Romani , Ukrainian, German
Languages: Moldovan, Romanian
Religion: Orthodox Christianity, Protestantism, Catholicism, Other, Non-religious
Currency: Romanian Leu (RON, lei)
Best Time To Visit: Mar-Jun, Sep-Oct
Calling Code: 40
Drives On: Right
Visa on Arrival: No
Major Cities: Bucharest
Administrative and Territorial Structure:

Divided into 41 Counties along with the municipality of Bucharest.

Land Boundaries:

Total: 2,844 km, Border Countries: Bulgaria 605 km, Hungary 424 km, Moldova 683 km, Serbia 531 km, Ukraine 601 km

About Romania

Romania is a beautiful European country. Located on the western shore of Black Sea between Bulgaria and Ukraine, Romania boasts of plenty of natural beauty. Romania also has a rich cultural heritage. Politically, Romania is a part of NATO and EU. Romania is also a great tourist destination with economy doing well in the last decade. Romania is a developing nation.

Bucharest, the capital and the largest city of Romania is. Bucharest is also the financial, industrial and cultural center of Romania. Located on the Dambovita River in the southeastern part of Romania, Bucharest is a historical city which has seen a great economic development in recent years. Bucharest is a must see attraction in Romania as well.

Romania Geography

Romania is a Southeast European country at the crossroads of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Romania shares borders with Ukraine in the north, Bulgaria in the south, Moldova in the east, Hungary in the west and Serbia to the southwest. Black sea is in the southeastern border of Romania. Carpathian Mountains cross Romania from the north to the southwest. Famous Danube River in its last 300 KM runs through Romania only.

Romania Climate and Weather

Romania has temperate and continental climate and the country has 4 seasons summer, winter, autumn and spring. During the summer season, capital city Bucharest has maximum average temperature of 28° C. However, in the southern lower parts of Romania average temperature of 35 ° C is common. During winters temperature goes down to 1-2 ° C. Romania has fairly good weather throughout the year with mild differences in western sections which has Mediterranean influence and the eastern part has more of continental climate.
Romania History

Till about A.D. 271, most of Romania territory was inhabited by the Dacian tribes, but from 3rd century onwards Romania was attacked by barbarians and Romania came under Bulgarian empire from 8th to 10th century. During this period Eastern Orthodox Christianity was brought to Romanians. In the early 15th century, Wallachia and Moldovia, 2 Romanian speaking principalities came under the Ottoman Empire. Romania gained the independence in 1878.

Romania Culture and Traditions

Romanian culture has the influence of Balkan and Eastern European nations. During its historic evolution, the culture of modern Romania got shaped. When you see the Romanian flag, its history and folk art you understand the uniqueness of the Romania’s culture. Christmas celebration is a huge part of country’s tradition.

Romania Food & Cuisine

Romania cuisine has influences of several traditions that it came into contact with over the years. Romania however did not lose its own basic food character. Meat is featured in several traditional foods of Romania but vegetables and fruits are also a crucial part of Romanian dishes. Sarmale, Cabbage roll is the national dish of Romania. Wide range of soups is also specialty of Romania.
Facts about Romania

1. Romanian language is spoken by most of the people in Romania.
2. Majority of Romanian follow Orthodox Christianity. 
3. Romania is a secular state.
4. Bucharest is also known as “Little Paris”.
5. Romanian’s life expectancy at birth is 75.6 years.
6. Romania joined EU in 2007.
7. Romania is a safe country for visitors as violence against foreign visitors is rare.
8. 112 is the number for all emergency services in Romania.
9. Countryside fair on Sundays is a tradition in Romania.
10. Romania is not a cheap travel destination.


Romania Tourism

Carpathian Mountains, “Dacia” cars, Dracula, Black Sea and Medieval Fortresses are some of the elements defining Romania. This beautiful European country is a great travel destination. Romanians are gypsy is a common belief but they are actually a minor ethnic group in the country who originated from India. Skiing in winters and hiking in summers is quite popular in Romania. Visitors love to spend time watching birds in Danube Delta. Bucharest, the capital city is the first place to start your journey from.

Apart from Bucharest, other must see places are Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Constanta, Sibiu, Suceava, Timisoara, County Alba, Arad, Arges, Bacau, Bihor, Transylvanian Alps, Carpathian Mountains and more. You must not miss some cool ski resorts in Rpmania.

Bucharest Tourism

Capital city Bucharest is also cultural and art capital of Romania. Bucharest is a bustling metropolitan city and a great tourist destination in this part of Europe. Though, not so cheap, yet Bucharest is worth visiting for its wide boulevards and gorgeous Belle Epoque buildings. Economic boom in recent years has made the city grow quickly from tourism point of view as well.

Top popular places to see in Bucharest include places like The arch of Triumph, Calea Victoriei, Cantacuzino Palace, Revolution Square, The Royal Palace, The Romanian Athenaeum and Kretzulescu Church.

Different Types of Tourism in Romania

1. Historical Tourism in Romania

Romania has several awesome historical sites representing their superb architectural heritage. Peles Castle is the place to start your historical trip in Romania. This castle is not just a wonder of Romania but also symbol of royal family’s history of Romania. Bran Castle is another impressive medieval time fort and a popular tourist attraction in Romania. Some other historic sites in Romania you must see are Pelisor Castle, Hunedoara Castle, Prejmer Fortified Church and Fagaras Fortress.

2. Culture Tourism in Romania

Cultural heritage is one of the best descriptions of Romania. One can experience it almost everywhere in the cities, towns, monasteries and cultural sites. You must visit some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Romania to experience the culture of the land in the best possible manner. These sites include popular sites such as Churches of Moldavia, Dacian fortresses of the Orastie Mountains, Historic center of Sighisoara, Monastery of Horezu and Villages with fortified churches in Transylvania.

3. Sea & Nature Tourism in Romania

Romania has plenty of sea side resorts along the long coastline of Black Sea stretching from Danube Delta to Bulgarian Black Sea. Mamaia is the most popular resort inn summers located on the north of Constanta city. Eforie Nord, Neptun and Venus are other popular resorts in Romania. Nature has graced Romania big time which is visible in its wilderness and beautiful landscapes. You cannot miss natural wonders of Romania such as Calimani National Park, The Danube Delta meeting Black Sea, The Semenic National Park and more such places which are exemplary work of nature.

4. Sport & Adventure in Romania

Carpathian Mountain definitely dominates the adventure side of Romania. It offers great opportunity for adventure activities like hiking, camping, biking and caving. Also if you find spending away time from hustle and bustle of cities a cool thing; you can visit small villages around the mountains in Romania. You can also have great time fishing in Fortune Lake in Danube Delta.
5. Honeymoon Tourism in Romania

Romania is a perfect honeymoon destination in Europe. Modern cities, calming and scenic villages, beautiful Carpathian Mountain, popular resorts along Black Sea, medieval old towns, enchanting castles and booming economy make it all for a perfect romantic time in Romania. Transylvania is a must see place on a honeymoon trip in Romania for having beautiful mountains, lush green forests, great castles and monasteries. Also, Tunnel of love is a place a couple cannot miss in Romania.

6. MICE Tourism in Romania

Romania is gaining meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibition tourism rapidly. Bucharest is the first preference in Romania for MICE tourism. This is because of new international hotels such as Hilton Garden Inn and Hampton by Hilton have come up in the capital city. Also very developed airport infrastructure in Romania makes it a good choice for MICE. And apart from that Romania has many facilities and tourist areas which make it a popular MICE destination.
7. Health & Wellness Tourism in Romania

Spa and health tourism is quite popular in Romania. Spas and resorts are in good numbers and they are located in areas which offer climatic advantages for health. Beaches and therapeutic of Black Sea coast is a good reason to enjoy improved wellness. Natural resources such as minerals are found throughout the country. Some of the popular resorts known for wellness in Romania are Baile, Felix, Govora and Sovata.

8. Culinary Tourism in Romania

One thing visitor love about Romanian cuisine is variety. Greeks, Saxons, Turks, and Slavic and Magyar have had influence on cuisine of Romania. Dining has evolved in the country especially in Bucharest. You must visit LOFT in Bucharest - one of the most acclaimed restaurants in the city. Apart from that you can also have great dining time at Bistro Jaristea – a good urban cuisine, Lacrimi si Sfinti and more.
9. Nightlife Tourism in Romania

A night out in Romania’s clubs and casinos is as good as in any other European country. Whether you are looking for a dinner, cheap beer or you simply want to shake your legs for the night, you have plenty of options in Romanian cities which are quite safe as well. Calea Victoriei in Bucharest has number of casinos such as 24 hour Monte Carlo style Palace Casino, Casino Bucharest, Casino Fortuna, Casino Mirage and Grand Casino. Old town in Bucharest have best bars to hit at the night.
10. Winter Tourism in Romania

Christmas celebration is a big attraction in winters in Romania. Christmas fairs are organized in Sibiu, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and other places where the decoration looks amazing. Though winter is not the peak season of tourism in Romania, yet it’s a great place to visit who love off season travel. If you love winter sports such as skiing then you must go to Poiana Brasov. Don’t forget to visit Bran Castle.

Travel Guide

Romania Tour and Travel Guide

Romania is home to Carpathian Mountain, Black Sea, Danube Delta, Lakes and many resorts. Romania is safe, developing fast and has many tourist attractions. Some of the cities such as Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Sibiu are little expensive but some other cities such as Brasov, Timisoara and Oradea and not so expensive. Romania is one of the top wine producers in the world and the food here is both traditional and multinational. Summer is the best time to visit the country but snow lovers can enjoy visiting Romania for reasons such as snowfall and best Christmas celebration as well.
Bucharest Tour and Travel Guide

Bucharest is the capital and commercial center of Romania. Bucharest is the place where you start your trip to Romania from. It is well connected with international flights. Though little expensive city, Bucharest offers several things to do and see here. Old town in Bucharest is a place to hang out where evening walk is a great option to explore. Whether you are visiting for business purpose or for a holiday, Bucharest offers you all great facilities, atmosphere, lively people and more. Museums, parks, trendy cafes and 17th-18th century Orthodox churches are some of the places where you can have a great time in Bucharest.

1. Accommodation in Romania

Bucharest has all best hotels from high to moderate price range. If you want to visit Romania in summers then you should book hotel rooms in advance especially if you are visiting coast side resorts. Other options available to stay are private rooms which are cheaper than hotel rooms. Home stay, hostels and guesthouse is also a good and fairly low priced option with good facilities in Romania. Several international hotels are available in Bucharest and other cities of Romania as well for most comfortable stay with and premium facilities.

2. Travelling in Romania

Car or coach travelling is most preferred mode of transport by foreign visitors in Romania. Speeding is common here, so you should be aware of that. Other than that travelling by bus is also a good and least expensive option between towns. Taxis are also inexpensive that makes it quite a popular option to travel in Romania. Rail network is very well connected with trains reaching almost every town and villages in the country. Trains are on time but Regio which is one of the three types of trains in Romania are very slow.

Locally air travel is also easy and sometimes cheaper than train and bus tickets. Domestic Airport infrastructure is developing fast and more cities are getting air connectivity.

3. Shopping in Romania

What should you buy in Romania? Well, you can buy Bead Jewelry; hand painted beautiful Easter eggs, Horezu Ceramics, Oltenia carpets and rugs, Walnut Jam, Reghin Musical instruments, Romanian wines and more. These items you can shop from local stores in Bucharest and other cities. If you want to visit malls to buy international brands then you can visit AFI Cotroceni, Baneasa shopping city, Park Lake mall in Bucharest, Coresi Shopping mall in Brasov, Iulius in Timisoara and more.
4. Best Time to Visit Romania

Though spring and summer is the best time to visit Romania but depending upon what you want to experience, you can choose that time to visit Romania. From March to October is a good time to visit any part of Romania. Resorts are mostly visited during summers. Snow activities, winter sports and Christmas Fairs are the best attractions in winters.

5-7 days are ideal for a Romania trip.

5. Romania Flights

Hneri Conada Airport, 17 KM north of Bucharest is the busiest international airport in Romania. Other busiest international airports in Romania are Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport in Cluj-Napoca, Traian Vuia International Airport in Timisoara, Iasi International Airport, Sibiu International Airport and Craiova International Airport.

Popular airlines that fly to Bucharest are Lufthansa, British Airways, Blueair, KLM Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Ryanair.

6. Romania Travel Tips

Romania is a member country of EU.
Romania is a relatively inexpensive travel destination.
Transylvania is a must see attraction in Romania.
Christmas fairs in several cities are big attraction for the foreign visitors.
Usually service charges are not included in Restaurant’s bills but giving tips to waiters is a common norm here.
Public transport is the best and most inexpensive way to travel in Romania.
Resorts around Black Sea coasts are quite popular especially in summers.
You should buy bottled water to drink as tap water is not that safe here.
You can use Google map for navigation in the entire country.
Bringing Euros/USD is the best option.

Visa Information

Romania Visa Information

You can apply online for Romania’s visa. Depending upon your purpose of visit to Romania, you can apply for that particular visa category. For visa interview you may be requested to be physically present. You need to submit supporting documents along with the application. Common documents that you need for all types of visa are following:

Completed visa application form.
Two passports sized colored photos.
Current passport.
Copy of previous visas.
Travel program.
Travel health insurance.
Round trip tickets.
Proof of accommodation.
Proof of sufficient financial means to support your expense.