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Azerbaijan Tour Packages

Explore Azerbaijan with DOOK

Azerbaijan is a fast growing nation on tourism map in the world. Recent number of tourists annually visiting Azerbaijan is over 2.5 million. Tourism is fast developing in Azerbaijan. World Travel and Tourism Councils’ recent report says that Azerbaijan is among top ten countries that saw spike in tourism from 2010-2017. Azerbaijan is also on top in the list of fastest growing travel and tourism economies in the world last year where it saw huge increase in number of visitors coming to Azerbaijan. You should also grab the best Azerbaijan Tour Package and visit the beautiful country.
Azerbaijan attracts everyone. Its ancient historical, cultural heritage and natural landscape attract scholars, art connoisseurs, musicians and tourists from all over the world to come and see the country. Azerbaijan is known as the "Land of Fire" due to its petroleum reserves and thousands of ground sources of natural gas, many of which have been burning for thousands of years. If you ask when to go to Azerbaijan with Azerbaijan Holiday Package then the answer is that the climate of Azerbaijan creates favourable conditions for both summer and winter holidays. Azerbaijan is officially a strictly secular state and mostly agnostic and non-religious nation. There are plenty of things to enjoy on Azerbaijan trip with Azerbaijan Package. There are summer resorts at the shores of the Caspian Sea and winter resorts in high mountains. You can go for trekking, horse riding, combined with sightseeing to UNESCO World Heritage sites. If you want to buy specialty of Azerbaijan then you can do shopping of world-famous carpets and entertainment lovers can simply enjoy fabulous music or opera-ballet performances in Azerbaijan.

Top Tourists Cities in Azerbaijan to Explore

Azerbaijan is located in the South Caucasus region of Asia and bordered by Russia to the north, Iran to the South, the Caspian Sea to the East and Armenia to the west. Baku, Ganja, Sumqayit, Mingachevir, and Lankaran are the five biggest cities in Azerbaijan.

1. Baku: Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan which makes it the biggest city in the country. It is also the largest city in the Caucasus region and the country’s cultural, industrial and scientific centre.

2. Ganja: Ganja is the second biggest cities in Azerbaijan and inhabitants started to settle here in the fifth century in areas around Nagorno-karabakh. The city has a number of interesting shopping markets, mall, and a shop selling items from local to foreign products.

3. Sumqayit: Sumqayit is the third biggest city in Azerbaijan which is located close to the Caspian Sea and the only city founded. It is also the next biggest industrial centre in the country to Baku.

4. Gabala: Gabala is just 225 km away from the capital city, Baku. It is a perfect place for tourism and the weather makes its marvellous to see the gorgeous historical places, the city and its vicinity.

5. Sheki: Sheki is a small city but a travel gem located on forest slopes of the Caucasus Mountains. The small city has a lot of historical attractions to offers and in particular, the Palace of the Sheki Khans is a truly magnificent piece of artwork.

6. Naftalan: Naftalan is a city in Azerbaijan which is located 330 km west of Baku and 50 km from Ganja. It can be reached by rail and the closest airport to the city is the international airport of Ganja. It’s a small town with some beautiful sightseeing to see and explore.

7. Nakhchivan: It is the capital of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan and it consists of the city of Nakhchivan and the first mention of the city was mentioned in the works of Yosef Flavy, a first-century historian.

8. Mingachevir: It is the fifth biggest city in Azerbaijan and its modern city was founded in 1948. He mid-size city is also popularly known as the city of lights for the hydroelectric power is located by the Kur River.

9. Lankaran: Lankaran is a coastal city located near the southern border of the country. There are mineral springs here located about 12 km of the city and the ruins of the Ballabur castle are also found nearby the location.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, the land of fire is a dazzling country with a mixture of the east and west, with intriguing and in-depth history to it. The country is flawless with a rich cultural, historical and natural heritage. The country will catch you by surprise there as most of the travellers always have low expectation out of the country!
1. A Mix Matches Soviet and Middle Eastern Country: It’s fascinating how one country follows two certain kinds of culture at the same time.

2. Affordable: The country is affordable with a daily cost of $60 including food, accommodation, travel etc.

3. Nature: Much of its nature is untouched with mesmerising Caucasus ranges around the area.

4. Mud Volcanoes: You will find mud volcanoes along the Absheron Peninsula which bubble up slowly over time.

5. A Traditional and Modern City: It has some restore old buildings to the most modern architecture.

6. The People: Local people are welcoming and warm-hearted towards their guests.

7. Cheapest Countries in the World: You can eat at local restaurants outside the main cities for a filling meal of $2.

8. Mountain Villages: There’s a variety of historical and cultural villages by the mountain areas.

9. Ski Resorts: One particular place that will take your breath away for ski-cation is Shading.

10. Huge Landscapes: Though a tiny country, it has a huge landscape of mountains, green meadows, deserts etc.

11. Soviet Relics: Lvanovka is a place still full of Soviet collective farm and it is functional.

12. Azerbaijan Grand Prix: The Baku City circuit covers over 51 laps around 3.7 miles in the long street of Baku.

13. Hot Wine: This wine is a sweet and sour drink which is served in cafes in the winter time.

14. Local Food: Try the local cuisine such as kebabs, salads, tea with strawberry jam, hummus etc.

15. Less Crowded: Azerbaijan is less crowded as it's not too touristy like other places and you have more place to yourself.

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Best Places to Visit in Azerbaijan & Baku

Some of the very popular places in Azerbaijan you must see on your Azerbaijan Tour Package are Walled city of Baku, Ateshgah of Baku, Gobustan Rock Art, Mardakan Castles, Heyder Aliyev Center, and Flame Towers. Adventure lovers can explore mountains like Khinalig, Lahij and Laza. Azerbaijan has 8 national parks and you can visit all of them or some of them on your Azerbaijan Holiday Packages.

Baku Tour Package: One of the Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Baku is the capital and largest city of Azerbaijan. Baku is also the largest city on the Caspian Sea and in the Caucasus region. Baku is famously known as "City of Winds” for its romantic climate. Baku is a historical city but currently Baku is also among the world's top destinations for urban nightlife. Flame towers in Baku are the symbol of ultramodern Baku. You must visit Baku with the best Baku Tour Package.

Top Places to See in Baku:

Baku is recognized as one of the most famous tourist destination in the Caucasus region. Baku attracts tourists for its own beautiful sights. Some of the must see tourist attractions in Baku are:

1. Old Town (Icheri Sheher): There are a number of interesting sites you can see in Baku's walled fortress on your Baku Holiday Package. The Old City which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site can all be seen on foot. The major highlight of old city is Palace of the Shirvan Shahs, the medieval palace which is a must see for any tourist in Baku. Another one is Maiden's Tower, a mysterious and eccentric tower which was built somewhere between the 7th and 12th centuries and may have served as a fire beacon, defensive fortification, astronomical observatory, or Zoroastrian temple.

2. Atashgah Fire Temple: This is another place in Baku you must see. Atashgah Fire Temple or the Fire Temple is located at Surakhani near Baku. This castle-style temple has the inscriptions in either Sanskrit or Punjabi which states that the place was a Hindu place of worship. The temple houses a museum and is no longer used as a temple.

3. Bibi Heybat Mosque: Bibi-Heybat Mosque is a historical Mosque in Baku, Azerbaijan. It is also known as Mosque of Fatima locally. This is one of the prominent Islamic architecture in the country. Read More

4. Azerbaijan Carpet Museum: Carpet Museum which is one of the most popular Azerbaijan points of interest for travelers. You can see the ages old rug weaving and huge collection of carpets here. On your list of places to see in baku, you should include Carpet Museum in Baku. Read More

5. Nohur Lake: Nohur Lake is a perfect place for those who love to bask in the sun under a nature’s magic. It is one of the best places to visit in Baku, Azerbaijan. Nohur Lake is located in Qabala district, which is a popular travel destination. Nohur is also for those who simply want to sit and enjoy the fresh air and experience a great view of the mountains. Read More

Other places to see in Baku are City Boulevard, Flame Towers, Martyr’s Lane, History Museum, Mud Volcanoes, Heyder Aliyev Center, Gobustan National Park, Yanar Dag (The Burning Mountain) and more. Buy the best Baku Tour Package and explore this wonderful city.

5 Sights You Must See When You Are in Baku: When you are in Baku, you must explore every bit of it. The city in Azerbaijan is wealthy, colourful and have quite attractive tourist spots. Here are 5 tourist places (Little Venice, Flame Towers, Monument to Richard Sorge, Naftalan Spa, Mud Volcanoes) you must see when you travel to Baku. Read More

Book Azerbaijan Tour Packages with Dook International

With Dook International you get the best Azerbaijan Tour Packages. With us you can explore the beautiful country and the beautiful city of Baku and nearby places. So pack your bags and visit Azerbaijan with our Azerbaijan Tour Package from India and let the land of fire take you by surprise.

Top Things to Do in Azerbaijan:
Azerbaijan offers explorers and visitors to try out some of the best things to do while you are in the country such as:

1. Travel Back Time in Baku’s Old City: Inside this old town is a maze-like place with cobbled streets, cafe etc.

2. Visit Museums in Baku: Step into Heydar Aliyaev centre, Azerbaijan Carpet museum and many others.

3. Take a Day Trip: The Gobustan National Park is a perfect place for a day trip, it is worth exploring.

4. Take a Bus Trip to Lahij: It is in the Caucasus Mountains with great panoramic views and many more.

5. Check Out Modern Art and Architecture: Inside the Heydar Aliyev centre, you will see great exhibited works.

6. Climb the Maiden’s Tower: It is one of the oldest buildings in the country and its origin is legendary.

7. Head North to the Mountain Town: Quba is a small mountainous town with great surroundings.

8. Explore a Dusty Old Town: Qabala is a town with an ancient monument located along in the middle of Silk Road.

9. Enjoy the Beaches: The beach culture is Baku is splendid at public beaches like Mardakan or Buzovna etc.

10. Try Some same Wine and Honey: By the village of Ivanovka, you will find the best honey and wine to enjoy.

11. Check out Miniature Books at Baku Museum: You will find a wide collection of these miniature books in the world.

12. Hike Between the Remote Villages of the Country: Khinalig and Griz is becoming a popular spot for hiking.

13. Marvel and Enjoy Lake Goygol: Sit by the lake and enjoy its beauty presented by its natural events.

14. Embrace the Tea Culture: Tea is the national drink of the country, stop by any tea shop on your way across the country.

15. Fix your Gaze at the Ancient Rock Art: There’s an old rock with carvings which dates back to 20,000 years at Gobustan National Park.

Top Things to Buy in Azerbaijan

In every part of the country, the cities of Azerbaijan have their own items to sell. You will find big shopping malls in the big cities, but if you are looking for traditional items, you will find them in the local’s shops and market places.

1. Traditional Carpet: Azerbaijan is the birthplace of elegant carpet which comes in many sizes, patterns etc.

2. Armudu: This set tea of glasses with pear-shaped glass is also a perfect item to shop for home.

3. Spices: The spices and herbs of the country offer them in a great variety.

4. Azerbaijan Traditional Sweets: Some of the sweets to buy are Halva, Baklava, Kyata and many others.

5. Kelagayi: The national headdress silk scarf with a great pattern and natural dyes on them.

6. Jewellery: The rich heritage of jewellery is found in shekebe and hatamkarlig made of precious stones and metals.

7. Ceramics: The country has a rich collection of ceramics and one of the most common ones is Chirag.

8. Backgammon: Backgammon is quite popular here, and it’s a great souvenir to carry back home.

9. Oil Painting: Being a birthplace of the oil industry, the oil paintings created here are artistic and beautiful.

10. Cherry Jam: There are many jams you can find in here, but the white cherry jam is the most unusual and popular one.

11. Copper Cookware: There are many antique shops to find numerous where cookwares are stamped and decorated.

12. Tablecloth: The tablecloths are very elegant and different here as they are decorated with Buta.

13. Imported Clothes: There are a variety of shopping malls in the city of Baku, and the 28 Mall is quite popular.

14. Hats: The traditional hats are a nice souvenir to keep and buy with various patterns and styles.

15. Brandy and Wine: You will find local drinks in almost any part of the country.

Things to Eat in Azerbaijan:

Azerbaijan is not only rich in history and culture, but it is rich in its cuisine. And, the people here are a food lover and will feed you beyond you can imagine:

1. Plov: It is a traditional food, made with saffron flavoured rice cooked with meat, vegetables, herbs etc.

2. Kebab: There are various kinds of meat barbequed and skewered in it similar to the Middle East food.

3. Halva: This food is made only in Sheki and has a unique flavour and secret recipe to it.

4. Qutab: The pancake is savoury filled with vegetables, cheese, meat, yoghurt, sumac etc.

5. Dolma: It is a staple cuisine of the country and stuffed with meat and vegetables.

6. Dushbara: They are somewhat like dumplings, but smaller and ticker served in warm broth.

7. Kufta Bozbash: A national soup made with large meatballs boiled in potatoes, mutton bones and pea.

8. Piti: It’s popularly eaten in Sheki, a lamb stew cooked with vegetables in a traditional pot.

9. Roast Chicken: The roast chicken are wrapped with a handful of onions in a sheet of bread which are barbequed and roasted.

10. Dovga: It is a type of soup made with yoghurt, rice, herbs and vegetables served cold or warm.

11. Balig: It’s a grilled fish on a skewer which is a favourite dish of the people eaten with sour plump rice.

12. Buckwheat: It is a heavy rich carbohydrate grain which is great for breakfast.

13. Lavangi: It a chicken dish stuffed with onions, walnuts, dried fruits creating many flavours to it.

14. Smoked Cheese: The smoked cheese is chewy, salty and smoky in taste often taken with alcohol.

15. Sherbet: It is a drink made from lemon, boiled water and sugar. It comes as milk or fruit sherbet too.

Best Nightclubs to Visit in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a country known for its architecture, European & Asian influences, scenic sceneries, pleasant weather, and varied cultures that everyone knows. But only a few people know that Azerbaijan has a pounding nightlife. As the sun sets, the country revels in a cheerful ambiance where everyone dances, sings, eats, and drinks. Whether you want a quiet night by the seashore or dance in a bustling nightclub, Azerbaijan has a spot for every kind of traveler.

If you want to enjoy Azerbaijan’s nightlife, here is the list of the best nightclubs to explore:

1. 360 Bar
2. Madrid Restobar
3. ETUD Cafe and Bar
4. William Shakespeare
5. In Club
6. Sektoreight
7. Otto Club
8. People Livebar
9. Finnegan’s Irish Pub
10. Pasifico Lounge and Dining
11. Paulaner Bräuhaus
12. Hashtag Bar
13. O’Malley’s Irish Pub
14. Imperia Biliard Club
15. 80’s Club

Interesting Shopping Destinations to Explore in Azerbaijan

Like any other experience in Azerbaijan, shopping also pleases a huge amount of tourists. Shopping involves the gifts tourists buy for their loved ones, family, and friends. The happiness of bringing gifts from a new country is unexplainable. It also includes shopping memories of the vacation in the form of souvenirs. All these things lead you to search shopping destinations so you can bring something home. Azerbaijan clearly understands this fact and offers a wide range of shopping places for your shopaholic heart. From malls to street side stores to boutiques, Azerbaijan has every kind of shopping destination for every kind of tourist.

Look at the list of places you can go for shopping in Azerbaijan:

1. Nizami Street
2. House of Craftsmen
3. Tsum Shopping Centre
4. Port Baku Mall
5. Park Bulvar Mall
6. Ganjlik Mall
7. 28 Mall
8. Deniz Mall
9. Nargiz Shopping Mall
10. Resm
11. ABAD
12. Shopping Center Sadarak

Popular Azerbaijan & Baku Tour Packages Cost From India

Azerbaijan Tour Packages



Baku Group Tour with Indigo Flight

4 Nights/5 Days

₹ 59,999

Baku Group Tour with Indigo Flight

5 Nights/6 Days

₹ 67,999

Mesmerizing Baku Tour Ex Dubai

3 Nights/4 Days

₹ 29,000

Frequently Asked Questions About Azerbaijan:

Question: What is the ideal time to visit Azerbaijan?
Answer: Azerbaijan is a year-round destination. However, the peak tourism season in Azerbaijan is from April to June and September to October.

Question: Can we visit Azerbaijan during the winter season?
Answer: Yes. As we said earlier, Azerbaijan is a year-round destination that you can visit anytime throughout the year. If you love winter snow, you must visit Azerbaijan between December to February.

Question: What can I bring home from Azerbaijan?
Answer: There are so many things to buy in Azerbaijan, such as Ceramics, Jewelry, Oil Paintings, Traditional Carpets, Spices, Traditional sweets, and more.

Question: What are the famous attractions in Azerbaijan?
Answer: Azerbaijan is brimming with stunning attractions that you should explore. Some of the popular ones include Bibi Heybat Mosque, Icherishere, Heydar Aliyev Centre, Flame Towers, Baku Eye, Highland Park, etc.

Question: What is there to experience in Azerbaijan?
Answer: Azerbaijan offers countless exciting experiences. It includes hiking the remote villages, enjoying sunbathing by the beaches, visiting the miniature bookstores, and exploring culinary heritage.

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