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Enjoy the Amazing Evening Entertainment of Azerbaijan

Located in the southern part of the Caucasus, Azerbaijan shares its borders with Russia, Georgia, Iran, Armenia, and some parts of Turkey. This land reflects the real blend of East a West because of its particular geographical history. The deep and intriguing history of this country makes it one of the most interesting Caucasian countries. Home to endless pubs, nightclubs, and fine dining restaurants, the cities of Azerbaijan are extremely modern and happening. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the visitor exports from 2010 to 2016 have increased a lot making Azerbaijan among the top ten most visited lands. Known by the name of ‘Land of Fire’, the new tourism brand and slogan of this country is 2018 is “Take another look”. Visiting this nation is one thing and experiencing its nightlife is completely another. When you actually meet the citizens and enjoy their way of life then only you can truly get the genuine feel of this country. This little obscure nation is concealed in the wedging amongst Europe and Asia. People are unable to point out it on the map but it offers mesmerizing sights and an amazing essence of nightlife. Most of the nightclubs have been made in the last decade after the influx of oil industry expatriates. You can have a great time in the hottest nightlife spots of Azerbaijan till late in the morning especially during weekends.  

Best Night Clubs and Bars of Azerbaijan

Some of the best and most-visited nightclubs of Azerbaijan are Amburan beach club, Hezz, 7 Beers bar and grill, Beluga bar - Park Hyatt, Black Jack, Phoenix bar, White beach club, Sky bar and lounge - the landmark hotel, Caspian bar - Grand hotel Europe, Finnegan’s Irish Pub, 360 Bar- Hilton hotel, Opera lounge - Hookah bar and restaurant, Pub William Shakespeare, and many more. Cay Xana is the tea house of this country which is a good source for local beer and chay. If you want authentic local food preparations then small towns are the best sources. There are a lot of western restaurants and bars where you can enjoy and taste unique western drinks and fine wines. For enjoying live and non-commercial music, you can visit Gramophone which is a small, cozy, laid-back cafe with local jazz, folk, and blues bands. Etud is also another great option which is located in the basement with the relaxed crowd and inexpensive drinks.

Baku Nightlife: A Perfect Destination for Rocking Nightlife

The capital of Azerbaijan and the largest city, Baku is a perfect amalgamation of bright colors, contrasts, fire, and winds. From unhurried clerks to restless nightlife lovers, all come together in this city at night and turns this windy capital into a kaleidoscope of dynamically evolving scenes. The evening entertainment of this happening and the rocking city is loved by the locals and tourists. The welcoming signage’s of numerous restaurants, cafes, pubs, wine bars, and other hot spots light up the colorful streets of this city. Baku has the most eclectic and vibrant nightlife among all other cities of Azerbaijan. Not only for you dance club needs, but this city is also perfect for great live music performances, delicious traditional and western cuisines, hospitality, and much more. Being the architectural love child of Paris and Dubai, this capital city is so attractive and mesmerizing. Home to so many clubs and bars, tourists enjoy the nightlife of Baku the most apart from breathtaking landscapes and skyscrapers. This city is a true hidden gem on the shore of the Caspian Sea. Also, it is an up-and-coming party destination being so much lively and dynamic.

Famous Baku Night Clubs and Bars

With plenty of bars and nightclubs, Fountain Square forms a natural focus of Central Baku. This place is endlessly popular with strollers and shiny fountains giving fish-eye reflections of the greenery around and stone facades. Some of the most popular night spots in Baku include Finnegans which is an Irish bar, Phoenix bar which looks classy with a great crowd, and William Shakespeare which is an English pub. ISR Plaza is a spot which gives the best view of downtown Baku whether it’s daytime or at night. With a breathtaking view, great sushi, live music, a relaxed atmosphere, comfortable seats, and an extensive range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, Azza bar is being loved by most of the tourists. One of the most lively nightlife venues is Capitol Night Club with a diverse crowd and friendly people. If you are looking for fun on a Saturday night then the Hyatt Disco is a perfect spot followed by Sherwoods, the Coral, the Tural, and the Blackjack. One more successful and recently established disco in Baku is X-site located on Boulevard, right above the Red Room restaurant. With an English-speaking staff, great service, and amazing food, Aroma Cafe is a two-story cafe which opens midday and closes midnight. You can enjoy dining with your friends or partner while listening to folk or pop music at Moaziz which also have a dance floor. Other great options include Pasifico lounge and dining, Enerji, Eleven, Otto, Barrel playground, Sintetik, and Le Chateau music bar.

Best Baku Azerbaijan Nightlife Tours

Hit the town with a local guide on Baku and Azerbaijan Nightlife Tour. Dook International is offering best-in-class nightlife tours which will take you to the topmost and hottest nightclubs and pubs. If you want to enjoy and party with the locals along with the VIP treatment, then taking a tour is the best and most affordable way. The cities of Azerbaijan save most of their energy and excitement until after the sun sets. That’s when people put on the party clothes and shifts up the gear. If you also want to get rid of all the stress and tensions of your life then come and join the amazing nightlife of this town with locals. Our team of knowledgeable professionals and multilingual guides will surely make your entire journey unforgettable and hassle-free. We will make you dig deep into the origins of folk music, wine, beer, and local traditions of this nation. From accommodations to food, music, and dance performances, Dook International will fulfill all your needs and desires. Our offered tours are cost-effective, super-comfortable, and practical. So, come, relax, unwind, and spend quality time with your friends and allies.

Experience the Illuminating Streets of Gabala at Night

Gabala, the ancient gem of Azerbaijan is the capital of the Qabala Rayon. Located about 225 Km away from the capital city Baku, this place is perfect for relaxing, enjoying, and nightlife. Featuring the mild and pleasant weather, this city is a magnet for international as well as local events. This is considered a highly popular tourist destination including world’s topmost hotel chains, Greek-style theatres, rocking concerts, ski resorts, hottest nightclubs, and modern shopping malls. Some of the most visited and amazing night spots of Gabala are Crystal Hall, Barrel playground, Hashtag bar, and many more.