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Oslo City Break Tour

Oslo City Break Tour

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Norway Tour Packages

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Norway: The country of the midnight sun

Experience overwhelming northern lights with Dook’s Norway Tour Packages

Norway is believed to have the most beautiful landscapes, the longest coastline and the welcoming people of all the Scandinavian countries. Norway's people take advantage of fish, wood, minerals and oil due to its location between Sweden and the Norwegian Sea. Anyone who has seen pictures of Norway or been there can tell you that the country has beautiful scenic setting. Some of the most beautiful things about the country are its fjords, tall mountains, and gorgeous waterfalls. The Gulf Stream Current, which flows through the Norwegian Sea, helps keep temperatures mild all the year round. The summers are wet along the west coast, however, its brighter and hotter inland while the winters are pleasant.

On a Norway Tour, you might see everything from the fjords on the west coast to the snow-capped mountains in the middle. Oslo is a great place to go if you want to learn about history and culture and the Arctic Circle is further north. If you go to Norway in the winter, you can even stay in a hotel made of snow.

Norway's western fjords are some of the most beautiful places in the country. It is said that this area has the most fjords per square mile. The Lofoten Islands are another beautiful group of islands that may be found north of the Arctic Circle. If you're lucky, you can see the northern lights in this area. You can also walk on a beach or look at the tall peaks that dominate the horizon. You can also watch animals and learn about the Viking history of the area.

You might not have any clear ideas about Norwegian food. In most cultures, the main focus is on tasty food. The locals eat a lot of rye bread, cheese, beef and smoked or pickled fish. When you're in Norway Tour Packages, you must try the brown whey cheese called brunost.

If you ever get the chance to visit Norway, you'll find beautiful scenery, a strong economy, lots of outdoor activities and friendly, helpful people. If you plan a trip to Norway, you'll feel like you've stepped into a world right out of a fairy tale, with beautiful landscapes, delicious food, fantastic art and fascinating cultural sites. Dook has a wide range of high-quality Norway Tour Packages from India that are put together by people who live there. Contact our travel agents to know more about these Norway Packages.

Capital: Oslo
Languages: Norwegian and Sami
Currency: Norwegian Krone (NOK)
Driving Side: Right
Best Time to Travel: Year-round vacation spot. In Norway, the best months for weather are June, July, and August.

Explore Norway:

Norway has the best cultural and natural sights in the world. Norway, the land of the midnight sun and the beautiful northern lights, have a lot to offer travelers, from the big city of Oslo to the country's endless snow-capped mountains and deep fjords. Even though there are many mountains and a rough coastline, it is surprisingly easy to travel across the country. You can see some of the best sights using the country's excellent public transportation, like the train network or the beautiful coastal steamers.

Norway is a wealthy country, and every vital part of its cultural and social history has its exciting museum. If you take the time to look, you'll find various cultural and recreational activities, from the Vikings to maritime history, fishing, and the arts.

Norway also has a lot of beautiful natural places. Norway has some of Europe's most beautiful fjords, mountains, and glaciers. It is also one of the continent's most accessible tourist spots.

Do you want to travel through Norway and see as much as possible without missing its beautiful cities or hidden treasures? Contact us today to learn more about our deals on Norway Holiday Packages.

1. Oslo, the Norwegian capital

Fantastic architecture, informative museums, exciting art galleries and influential work of art all add to the modern feel of the capital city. Oslo is one of the greenest cities in the world because it has eco-friendly policies ahead of its time. It is also a pleasant place to walk around because it is by the Sea and in the shadow of nearby mountains. In reality, it doesn't take long for locals to get to the Oslo fjord's ski slopes, hiking trails, or waterways, where they can go skiing, hiking, or boating. Oslo is a lively city with a wide range of restaurants and a busy nightlife with many excellent bars and clubs.

2. Bergen, the gateway to the fjords

Bergen was once the capital of Norway. It is in a beautiful part of the country and tourists enjoy various activities there. The bright colored buildings cascade down the hillsides to Bergen, a group of wooden cottages once used for trading and business.

Even though the weather is terrible, Bergen has a friendly vibe because of its splendid art museums, thriving music scene and exciting nightlife. The hikers love nearby mountains and boaters get blown away by the views from the fjord.

3. Trondheim, one of the largest cities in Norway

Trondheim is one of Norway's most photogenic cities. Wooded hills and sparkling waterways frame the city's bright architecture and charming old harbor. The medieval church in the old capital of Norway is spectacular. People go about with their daily lives slowly and quickly, which gives the city an old-fashioned feel.

You can visit the city's great museums and art galleries, eat at its many unique and charming restaurants, and relax in its many cozy cafes. The city's modern arts and music scene is influenced by a large university campus, which is also part of the city's rich cultural history. Leave Trondheim and head north to see all the wild nature that Northern Norway Tour Packages has to offer.

4. Alesund, fairy-tale city of Norway

Before it was burned to the ground in 1904, the city was popular with tourists. It had a strange mix of building styles. It was put back together quickly with a mix of faux-Gothic, Art Nouveau, and folklore details as you walk through its streets.

Alesund is attractive partly because of its beautiful harbor, built on a group of islands next to each other. The views of the fjords and mountains are awe-inspiring from the nearby hills. Alesund is a busy city with many good places to eat and a lot active at night.

5. Stavanger, energy capital of Norway

Stavanger is a bustling city with a strong economy as it is close to oil resources. Due to this, the feared urban sprawl is getting closer and closer to the city's edges. The prices have also gone through the roof, making this area one of the most expensive in the country.

The city center of Stavanger is full of old wooden buildings that make for a beautiful walk as they haven't been torn down to make way for new buildings. During the warmer months, there are many bars and restaurants to choose from around the water. The tourists often stop in Stavanger on their way to Lysefjorden and Preikestolen.

6. Tromso, “Paris of the North”

The city of Troms is the northernmost one in Norway. It is on an island surrounded by beautiful blue fjords and snow-capped mountains that are hard to believe are real. The city is 350 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, making it one of the most northern places to visit in Europe. So, it's one of the best places in Norway tour to see the Northern Lights.

Everyone can have a good time in Tromso, which has a lot of bars, a robust arts scene, and lively nightlife. There are a lot of different winter sports to try and there are also many beautiful places to execute them. If you want to do something exciting, Dook’s Norway Holiday Packages can set you up with a trip to the Arctic.

Top Bucket List Experiences in Norway

Here is a list of things you should not miss at your Norway Tour Packages from India.

1. Climb the tallest mountain in Norway

The highest not just in Norway but in all of Scandinavia and northern Europe. Galdhpiggen rises to an altitude of 2,469 meters (8,100 feet) above sea level. Galdhpiggen is not as hard to reach as you might think from its height. This is the case because most walks start at the Juvasshytta tourist station, which is 1,841 meters (6,040 feet) above sea level and can be reached by car. Even though you need a guide to cross the Styggebreen glacier safely, the round-trip hike only takes about three hours.

2. Look at the northern lights

People from all over the world have been amazed by the northern lights for thousands of years. They are one of the nature's most beautiful shows. In the summer, many people visit Norway, but it's the only time of the year when clear skies make it impossible to see the Northern Lights. If you want to see the Northern Lights, the best times to visit are late September through early November or late January through mid-March.

3. Walk the Pilgrim Way

The St. Olav Ways are a group of paths that lead pilgrims from different parts of Norway and Sweden to the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. Even though the walk has evident religious roots, people of all faiths and none enjoy going on it. The Gudbrandsdalen Path goes from Oslo to Trondheim. It is well-organized, so there are many places to eat and stay along its 643 kilometers. But you don't have to travel such long distances. Most people can finish a short part of one of the courses in as little as two days.

4. Visit Nordkapp to see the midnight sun

Even though it's not the most northern point in Norway, the North Cape is famous for tourists. During the summer, though, the cliff offers beautiful views of "not-quite-sunsets," when the sun seems to set for a short time before starting to rise again.

5. Stand on a troll's tongue

About 700 m above Ringedalsvatnet, the outcrop of rock goes on for a long way. This hike is challenging, but it's worth it in the end. Most of the people who want to walk to Trolltunga usually stay the night at Odda. Exactly why? The 22-kilometer round-trip hike can be done without a guide from the mid-June to mid-September within around 10 to 12 hours.

The trail is high in the mountains and will test even the fittest hikers. In case of the weather changes quickly, you should pack hiking boots, an extra set of clothes, a flashlight, a hat, gloves and enough food and water.

6. Ride the Bergen line

The train ride from Oslo to Bergen on the Bergen line is one of the most famous in the world and it still brings people to Norway. The passengers will fly to over 1,200 meters above sea level over the Hardangervidda mountain plateau. Even in the middle of summer, there is still a chance of snowfall. Add to that the famous Flm Railway, which leaves from Myrdal on the Bergen line and goes down the steep slopes of the green valley to the mouth of the Aurlandsfjord.

Visit Top Norway Attractions with Dook:

Dook International is a premium brand whose goal is to offer high-quality tourism based on experiences in a few of Norway's most exciting and off-the-beaten-path places. It also offers the fjords and the mountains, from smooth cliffs to beaches with sand to the hustle and bustle of the city and the quiet beauty of the old mountains.

With Dook, people find its many hidden gems and enjoy the immense beauty of Norway. Besides scenic beauty, Dook has put together the spots to relish food and exciting things to do through several Norway Packages. Why wait then? Book a Norway tour with Dook and appreciate the best of Norway.

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