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Top Santorini Tour Packages

Santorini is a place that millions dream of visiting once in their lifetime. Spending a romantic honeymoon, or visiting with family and friends, Santorini welcomes travellers irrespective of their tastes and preferences, from across the world. Dook Santorini Tour is always ready to provide you with the fun and entertainment you are looking for. Dook Santorini Tour Packages are carefully crafted and well-equipped with modern and cutting-edge facilities ensuring you the ultimate comfort and safety from the beginning till the end of your trip. If you are from India, and Santorini is in your book of itineraries, grab your belongings and look for us. We will be the best travel guide with fascinating Santorini Holiday Packages from India making sure you explore the very essence of Santorini to its core.

About Santorini (Greece) Santorini

Santorini is not just a normal island in Greece. It is the island that comes to life every day. One of the best paradises in Greece. Do you know, Santorini is an active volcano. Caldera, the sea lagoon is the result of a volcanic eruption that occurred centuries ago. Every famous attraction in Santorini overlooks this amazing sea lagoon. Santorini, also known as Thira is an island located in the southern part of Greece. It is a part of the Cyclades group of islands. The beautiful island of Greece is accessible both by air and sea. Two ports connect Santorini to its next-door islands. With a Schengen visa in your hands, you can start your extravagant journey either by glancing through the blue waters on a cruise or ferry or by witnessing the bird-eye view of vast waves welcoming you to the land of Santorini.

As you land your foot on this paradise, Dook Santorini Tour will be around to welcome you for an enticing adventure. The best time to visit Santorini is in the summer season. If you want to witness a calm Santorini, April, May and June are the best. The livelihood of Santorini echoes out loud in July and August. With Dook Santorini Tour Packages, sink your worries about accommodation and transportation in the Mediterranean. Coming to the entertainment zone, Santorini is home to dreamlike cave houses, lavish wineries, colourful islands, beautiful sunsets, volcanic islands, luscious delicacies, vibrant nightlife, and many more.

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Santorini Airport

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Apr-May, Jun-Aug, Nov-Mar, Sep-Oct

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Mediterranean, Warm-Summer Mediterranean


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Experiences in Santorini

Santorini is famous for its beautiful sunsets and the divine white-washed architecture bejeweled with beautiful blue domes. When in Santorini, wine tasting in the best wineries or going on a sunset wine tour is a must. The myriad attractions at Santorini have no end. From visiting the Elysian Oia city and glancing at the beautiful sunsets to playing along the red, and white beaches, or devouring the famous local fava beans, your books of memories will get heavier like never before.

Top Attractions in Santorini

Every street and corner of Santorini has a tale of its own. With Dook Santorini Tour Packages, you will get to witness the best of the best that Santorini offers. One can start by visiting the volcanic island of Thirassia, walking over the Karavolades Stairs, or witnessing the historical vibrancy of Ancient Thera and paying a visit to the Monument of Prehistoric Thera, diving you further deep into the ancient glories. Last but not least, you cannot miss out on the serendipity of weaving memories on a Santorini private boat in the evening.

Plan A Trip To Santorini

Santorini is the location that has witnessed love and happiness blossom in the heart of travellers from every corner of the world. The sandy beaches and the surreal streets are overloaded with stories and memories that pull back travelers again and again to this beautiful island of Greece. With its glorious ancient stories and contemporary lifestyle, Santorini is the definition of never-fading beauty. Thus, to make sure you enjoy the contrasting culture in tranquility, Dook Tours has established myriad Santorini tour packages to choose from.

An usual tour in Santorini starts with going back to the prehistoric era of European civilization, the visit to the ancient town of Akrotiri. It is famously recognised as the Pompeii of Greece. The ancient ruins that grace the land of Santorini were once a lively town before it evanesced from the 16th-century volcanic eruption. Take a walk alongside the village of Akrotiri, as your travel guide narrates the great tales of the city. Next, the tour is followed by visiting the Akrotiri Archaeological Site, which is one of the largest archaeological sites excavated in Greece.

Next, coming to the medieval era, witness the Castelli of Emporio along with the Tower of Nimborio. Built in the mid-15th century in the heart of Emporio village, the castle showcases the vibrant architectural gift the forefathers of Santorini hold. It is one of the great landmarks in Santorini.

As the sun reaches above your head, heading to the Perissa beach is the perfect gateway to relaxation. Perrisa beach is the largest black beach in Santorini. After you take a swim, the beach has numerous local tavernas, cafes, restaurants, and bars to satisfy your guts. Visit to Perissa beach is a must if you are travelling with kids. The beach has numerous water sports for them to have some fun which they dream of every night. If you are a sporty person, enroll yourself in some fun with the wide range of sea activities available. Enjoy a game of beach basketball with your newly-met Santorini friends.

After the most-required relaxation, the tour takes you to the street of Pyrgos. The medieval village was once the capital of Santorini and is situated in the foothills of Mt Profitis Ilias. Gaze at the panoramic scenery and visualise the local tales on this divine ground of Pyrgos as your tour guides narrate them to you. In close proximity to the mystical village of Pyrgos, is the Monastery of Profitis Ilias. If the serene beauty of Santorini has overpowered your urge to click pictures, this is the ideal location to grab your phone or camera and click a picture or two. Built-in 1711, the architectural significance the monastery holds is beyond explanation. If you want to please your eyes with the authentic and cultural artefacts of the Monastery, it has a museum dedicated to it. A huge collection of sacerdotal artefacts, rare manuscripts and mystical Byzantine sculptures and icons grace the museum. If you are lucky enough you can witness in person, the monks preparing the wine or other traditional goodies, and collect a few items to bring back home as a souvenir.

As we speak about the local produce, the next best stop for the travellers is the local winery. From the Roman era dating back to 1500 BC to the present-day Santorini, the thrust for wine has never faded. As you dream of having the Santorini wine every weekend, get to know the process of wine production from the vineyards to your glasses. The next time you raise your glass and gulp down the world-famous Santorini wine, you get to relive the moment every time. Wine tasting is such a fascinating adventure that makes travellers take a day off from their regular sightseeing and go on a wine-tasting tour from the best wineries in the town.

As the wine makes you groove and feel the wind of Santorini a bit more, visit the most famous village in Santorini, Oio. The village, mystified by the presence of white-washed buildings with blue shutters and historical churches, is the most photographed site in the world. As the day ends, take a step back and watch the sunset at Oio like never before. If you want time for yourself with the mystical Santorini gala life, rent a quad and enjoy a ride across the surreal streets or along the elegant beaches of Santorini. Some of the famous beaches that are worth a visit are:

Kamari Beach
Perissa Black Sand Beach
Perivolos Beach
Red Beach
Vlychada Beach
White Beach
Caldera Beach

As the night awakes, a whole different life spikes up in Santorini. Sit on the sandy beaches gazing at the night sky, enjoy the infamous Donkey Beer in the famous beach bars, go on a sunset cruise, or enjoy a movie in the open-air cinema of Kamari. If you are more of a party animal, hop on to the town of Fira. As we enter the gastronomical borough of Santorini, do not miss out on the following: Fava me Koukia, Tomato Gefthedes, Saganaki, Greek Salad, Keftes/Kofta, Roasted Greek lamb, Souvlaki and Gyros, Spanakopita and Moussaka, and Pomegranates.

While you wander to the Imerovigli streets, hike on the active Santorini volcano or swim at the hot springs, fun at Santorini is never-ending. With so many diverse options, the need for a tour guide is a must. Dook International is always ready to help you with customized Santorini Tour Packages. All our professional guides are professionally trained and are experts in many languages ensuring that the communication barrier does not become a killjoy.

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