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Top Mykonos Tour Packages

A grand welcome to Mykonos. Our well-established tour programmes are carefully strategized and are suitable for all age groups. From summer parties to iconic historical landmarks, our tours will surely help you tick off your bucket list making your stay cherishable for a lifetime. We have packages designed considering safety, and comfort and are economically viable. We offer a myriad range of tour packages, some of which are customizable to your taste and interest. Above all, we also offer attractive discounts and offers from time to time. Make your holiday a grand success full of memories with our Mykonos tour packages.

Top things to know about Mykonos (Greece) Mykonos

Cited as one of the top destinations in Greece, Mykonos is an island situated in the heart of the Cyclades group of islands. A place of serene beauty beautifully staged with its blue-domed churches, chapels, alleyways and white-washed Cycladic architecture houses. Famous for its summer parties alongside the alluring beaches, Mykonos also has a vibrant nightlife. Exploring Mykonos will bring a part of Ibiza to you. From dancing to the beats of the thumping music at the exotic parties to watching the surreal sunset at Little Venice, Mykonos has it all. The 16th-century windmills on the hills are a sight to watch. The main town, Chora, is the pearl of Mykonos. Walking alongside the paved path of Chora, you can visit the designer boutiques, relish a grand meal at the top-rated restaurants, or shake a leg while enjoying your favourite drinks at the elegant and lavish bars of Mykonos.

Mykonos is an island full of cosmopolitan energy, where tourists can enjoy a great fusion between modern and traditional culture. It is one of the most well-known LGBTQ destinations in Greece. As the saying goes, ‘Love is in the air’, Mykonos beaches prove it true. A walk alongside the sandy and pebbly beaches of Paradise, Super Paradise, and Lia will surely make the travellers fall in love once again.

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Mediterranean, Warm-Summer Mediterranean


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Experiences in Mykonos

Mykonos is a great place to spend some time out of your daily routine. An island destined to provide you with both a tranquil-filled as well as an exotic environment. With varied attractions from lavish bars and night parties to composed minimal architecture and narrow paved roads, Mykonos is a destination that will never let you return to your normal life without a loaded backpack of great memories. With Dook Travels’ Mykonos Tour as your personal guide, make your stay at Mykonos safe and comfortable.

Top Attractions in Mykonos

Mykonos feels like a painting with many surreal minimalistic architectural masterpieces clubbed together on a white canvas. The contrast between the white-washed Venetian buildings and the stone-paved roads is a sight itself to behold. Home to some of the world's most beautiful churches like the Paraportiani church, Panagia Tourliani, and Church of Agios Nikolaos to mention a few. Mykonos city is surrounded by pebbly and sandy beaches all through the shoreline. Elia Beach is the largest beach in Mykonos with several bars and restaurants along its shore. The town of Little Venice, Chora, and Caprice has the most impressive nightlife. The Greek coffee and the Mykonos traditional fried pancake is the local favourite.

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A place where the wind never stops, it is the fantasy land of Mykonos famously known as the ‘The Island of The Winds’.  With beautiful beaches to relax on a sunny day, strolling along the paved paths, and finally enjoying a glass of wine while vibing with the bass of the music, Mykonos has it all. Explore the beautiful and composed island of Mykonos with Dook Travels Mykonos Tours. Be it an unplanned trip or a planned trip, with our Mykonos tour packages, you will receive a grand tour of the island making sure that you don't miss out on any fun.

The fun begins as soon as you set foot on the island of Mykonos. Most travellers start their tour with a fun-filled swim in one of the breathtaking beaches of Mykonos followed by sightseeing the stupefying architecture and natural treasures the island holds. Mykonos holds a strong cultural influence in every alley and corner of the streets. Thus, most travellers start their city tour with a long walk exploring the town and dropping around to witness the local landmarks. The tour usually starts with a visit to the vintage windmills dating back to the 16th century. A classic presentation of a well-preserved open-air museum signifying the divine power of the Cycladic winds centuries before technology stepped foot. The extravagant white-washed mills are a picturesque spot representing the Mykonian tradition to process cereals and other crops.

Within close proximity to the windmills, stands the Paraportiani church, also known as the Church of Panagia Paraportiani built in the 14th century. The Orthodox Church is listed as one of the most photographed churches in the world. The white-washed prodigious house of the almighty is a group of five different churches. The Agios Efstathios church is located at the centre and encircled by Agios Sozon, Agios Anargyros, and Agia Anastasia. On the top lies the dome-shaped Virgin Mary church. The architecture itself justifies why the site is one of the most preferred attractions for travellers.

Walking a few more steps leads to the famous city of Mykonos, Little Venice. With its Venetian route and lavish restaurants and bars along the shoreline, the place itself feels like heaven on earth. The white-washed buildings with little strokes of sea blue are a sight to behold. As you sit on the contrasting wooden chairs and enjoy your drink, it will surely make your heart skip a beat.

The next preferred location is the village of Ano Mera, a 15- minute drive from Mykonos town. The one activity never to miss when in Ano Mera is diving into their traditional culture. Having a generous meal at one of the local taverns is a great way to indulge in the local delicacies. Well-known for its authentic sweets, travellers do not miss out to have a cup of Greek coffee at the cafes at AnoMera as well. After a grand afternoon meal, visit the Panagia Tourliani Monastery and Monastery of Paleokastro. The Panagia Tourliani Monastery architecture showcases the beautiful fusion of traditional Cycladic Architecture and marble sculpture.

After a long tour of sightseeing, it is religiously followed by a soothing relaxation at Kalo Livadi Beach. Dive into the blue waters, sunbathe on the sandy beach, or enjoy water sports at Kalo Livadi Beach. Loosen up for another exciting adventure at Mykonos, its vibrant nightlife.

Before enduring the nightlife, the tour takes you back to the traditional Little Venice to enjoy the warm-coloured sky as the sun dives into the horizon. Grab a cup of the famous Greek coffee, and enjoy it alongside the seashore.

As the stars lit up the sky, Mykonos transforms into a wild party hotspot. From enjoying a drink at the Panigirakis Castle to enjoying a local movie in the open-air cinema theatre, Cine Manto, Mykonos offers exciting nightlife to both the party-geeks and the old-school fellows. Travellers opt for the following options to make their night at Mykonos a memorable one:

Wander the night shops at Little Venice
Visit the bars and pubs at Caprice
Rent a yacht and enjoy the night in the lap of the calm sea-waters
Go on a cruise ship

The streets of Little Venice at night are filled with crowds all set to party. Even if you are tired yet do not wish to miss out on the fun, you can just grab a drink and enjoy the fun-filled chaos echoing throughout the city.

The delicacies of Mykonos are never to be missed. One such is the rich yield of seafood from the Mediterranean. Some of the foods and dishes that you must taste while you stay in Mykonos are:

Kopanisti - Spread it on bread and devour it
Kremidopita - Mykonian Onion Pie
Lazarakia - Mykonian Handmade Biscuit
Amygdalota - Mykonian Traditional Sweet
Mostra - Mykonos Rusk
Sausage and Kafematika - Mykonos sausage served with black-eyed beans
Rafiolia - Mykonian Traditional Sweet
Melopita - Mykonian Honey Pie
Tiganites Gries - Fried Pancakes

Mykonos is a great place to start your shopping spree. Nammos Village is the largest open-air mall in Mykonos. If you are more into street shopping you can visit the following places:

Matogianni Street - Famous for its handcrafted jewellery, cookies and traditional sandals
Polykandriotis Street - Famous for traditional Greek jewellery
Enoplon Dinameon Street - Famous for branded clothes and footwear
Little Venice - Famous for traditional leather sandals, hagiographies, and hand-made paintings
Andronikou Street - Famous for footwear
Zouganeli Street - Wood and Rope Art

Dook Travels Mykonos Tour offers a diverse range of Mykonos Tour Packages for all categories of travellers. Mykonos Packages are established taking into consideration the preference of the travellers making sure no corner of Mykonos is left unattended. Dook International Mykonos Holiday Packages are customizable and reasonably priced. It also offers Mykonos Tour Packages from India.

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