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Poland Tour Packages

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Poland: Historically Rich. Aesthetically Pleasing

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Think of Poland and you’ll be instantly reminded about its glorious history, picturesque cities, irresistible countryside, the ‘oh-so-cheap’ artisanal beer and delicious dumplings ‘pierogi’. However, nothing could beat the experience of travelling to Poland in real! Snuggled between Germany, Russia, Belarus and the Czech Republic, the beautiful central European country of Poland never fails to surprise its visitors. It has survived centuries of conflict thereby preserving a wealth of rich history while standing proud today as an independent country, ready to assume its new role in tourism that has seen a dramatic increase over the past few years. Apart from its bustling cities, the unspoiled natural beauty of the lakes, hills and forests, historical gems scattered generously across all the corners, rugged coastlines and most importantly the heart-warming food; all these together make Poland distinctive from the other European countries.
When it comes to an ideal Poland Tour, the top cities to visit in the country include Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk; however, there are a host of unconventional destinations to visit too, such as the arty town of Poznan, the city on the shores- Wroclaw and the truly cosmopolitan Bydgoszcz. Being a rich land of history, Poland features 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a collection of breath-taking natural corners such as the world's oldest salt mine and almost 23 national parks. History buffs are well served here as resplendent castles are standing intact that date back to almost 1000 years and the memorials and sensitively restored synagogues from the horrific time of World War II, which you’ll find abound in this country. Then there are former Jewish centres such as Łódź and Lublin that have heritage trails where you can trace the bygone era at your own pace. For those looking for some adventure though, Poland also has plenty of kayaking, rafting and canoeing opportunities, mostly happening in the lowlands of Masuria, Warmia and Kashubia in Poland’s north. The serious hikers and bikers are also wholeheartedly welcome as there is a wealth of options to explore the Polish landscapes. From the Baltic coast to the majestic Carpathian Mountains, you can hire a bike, or put on your favourite walking boots and wander across the country at ease. Wait, there’s more! Visiting Poland and not trying the regional specialties wouldn’t be fair enough for the accomplished chefs who cook these dishes to perfection, keeping it simple and nostalgically local. From creams, gingerbread, potato pancakes, dumplings with varied fillings to dishes cooked with duck, pork and beetroot, Polish food is just too good to miss.

If you’re curious to know more about this gem and want to feel its magnificence in real, you are in the right place! Unlike any other Poland Packages in the market, Dook’s extensive range of Poland Tour Packages from India helps you bring your Poland travel dreams to life as we promise nothing but an exceptional Polish retreat of a lifetime.

Capital: Warsaw
Languages: Polish, English
Currency: Polish Zloty
Driving Side: Right
Best Time to Travel: Round-the-year destination. But the peak season is between March-May and September-November

Explore Poland:

With so much vibrancy, dynamism, arty and historic vibes around, Poland deserves a top spot on your bucket list. But unfortunately, it is often missed on during Europe trips and the few that do visit here tend to just brush the surface. Although you can see the splendour of Krakow and wander around the grand streets of the capital city Warsaw learning about its history, there is so much more that Poland has on offer.

On a bright summer day in Gdansk, eating gelato while walking amongst the townhouses and cobbled streets feels like you are strolling the colourful streets of Italy. Wroclaw, of course, is another crowning jewel of the country presenting a strong reason why it is termed as the ‘Venice of the North’ with several bridges and islands! Visit Auschwitz and you’ll be evoked by several emotions as the city centre and its museum holds the history of the Jews and terrors caused by Nazis. Moving away to the visually pleasing remote corners of the country is experiencing the real beauty of Poland. Leap from secluded sandy beaches and dense green national parks in the North to rolling fields of wildflowers and the high peaks of the Tatra mountains in the South and you’ll know why every corner of Polish landscapes and countryside is as diverse as it is incredible. Then there are these small villages sprinkled across the country that are home to age-old Polish traditions, art and culture that are still kept intact by the locals. Moving just a few miles away you’ll find plenty of opulent castles, medieval ruins putting light into the turbulent past and even the surprisingly modern side of the cities that is truly unmissable.

Read on further to know more about what all destinations are ideal for your Portugal Tour itinerary.

1. Warsaw: A city with two facades

The romantic, prehistoric and extraordinarily energetic city located on the Vistula River has not just been considered as the country’s pride but also the most rapidly developing city in Europe with huge potential. Reborn from the ashes, facing the dreadful pangs of wars, Warsaw of course remains the key ancient gem of the country while it has proudly resorted itself today as an economic, historical and cultural centre of Poland and is one of the most appealing tourist destinations in entire Europe. When you look around the city, you will see how both of its modern and ancient sides penetrate at every step in a surprising way.
In this glorious city, the Old Town which has entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List is where the city’s heart has been beating for centuries. Once here, do not leave wandering up the Nowy Świat Street. When you look at the Old Town from a distance, you are struck by how remarkable the vistas of the city look – towers rising above the red roofs of the town, buildings blending in harmoniously with modern architecture and the city surprising us by revealing its second face. The city pulsates with life with a generous amount of cafés and bars and dance parties and open-air concerts making you tap your feet. You can also stroll along the Royal Route that links the former residences of Polish rulers, explore the modern boulevards around the Vistula River and see the Multimedia Fountain Park and the Copernicus Science Center. The city also has a wealth of museums that reverberate the Polish history; these include the Warsaw Rising Museum, Neon Museum, POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, to name a few.
No Poland Tour is ever complete without visiting this magnificent capital city and if you are planning to experience beyond the usual in Warsaw, our Poland Holiday Packages have got your wander-lists covered!

2. Krakow: The cultural heart of Poland

When it comes to the precious jewel of Polish tourism, Krakow stands ahead in the queue of the most attractive destination in Poland. This city which was once the capital of Poland is one of the oldest and largest in the country. With its rich cultural ambiance and heritage along with ancient, quaint architectural works, Krakow is dubbed the cultural capital of Poland with a history dating back to more than 1000 years- the reason why it was recognised by UNESCO as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage in 1978 and a European City of Culture in 2000 and even considered up there on the list of culture-filled places like Prague and Vienna.

Over the years, Krakow has grown to be a tourist popular destination. Apart from its renowned Wieliczka Salt Mine, the basilica and Wawel Castle, the old town of Krakow having the main square called Rynek Glowny, has been luring the tourist with its authentic Polish charm. It’s Europe’s biggest market square and on a sunny spring day it is full of flower stalls, bagel-sellers while you’ll see people on horse and carriage rides, visitors grabbing a table at one of the cafés around the edge of the square with a glass of chilled craft beer. You can also spend your leisure time attending the city’s many festivals, going on hiking, or just sitting by the river and enjoying the unhurried pace of life.
3. Wroclaw: Country’s historically incredible corner
For over one thousand years, the city of Wroclaw has been beautifully reflected in the waters of the River Oder sitting at the foot of Sudetes while being intersected by its numerous tributaries and channels. The bustling capital of the Dolnosląskie province Wroclaw, boasts a complicated history carried over from many centuries, to which the city owes its large number of historical sites as well a collection of 12 islands and more than 100 bridges. Ostrów Tumski, “the Cathedral Island”, one of the most beautiful surviving sacred architecture sites in Europe, is a reminder of the early Middle Ages whereas The Wrocław city hall is among the most splendid Gothic-Renaissance buildings in Central Europe. Its market square features a modern fountain and elegant colourful townhouses are a not-to-miss sight. Close at hand, the Four Denominations District is a unique place to visit, where you’ll see an Orthodox church, a Roman Catholic church, a Lutheran church and a synagogue all standing harmoniously, one beside another. Some other precious historic wonders that you simply cannot miss out on include the huge Gothic Cathedral of St. John the Baptist with its vertiginous twin towers, the two-storey brick Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross and St. Bartholomew and the Archdiocese Museum. Even if you are visiting with family and want some fun and quality time, attractions like the Wroclaw Zoo, Szczytnicki Park and Japanese Garden and ultracool exhibitions at Hydropolis have got you covered for the rest of your trip.
4. Torun: The gothic-inspired metropolis
Located just right on the Vistula River, this charming city is an absolute delight to visit – its quiet streets seem like being in a world away from the popular tourist regions in Poland. Thanks to its Gothic ambiance that makes Torun a popular choice on most of the Poland Tour itineraries, however, it still is an underrated gem, waiting to be unveiled to the world. Gothic style is the most distinctive feature of the city as you’ll easily see a mix of German and Polish history and fantastic medieval architecture in almost every attraction, be it the gothic cathedrals, the gothic town hall, the castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork, the city defense walls and even the townsmen residences from the 13th century. Also, this city, unlike the others in Poland has emerged relatively unscathed from the damages of World War II and therefore, the modern city vibes that you feel here will be undoubtedly authentic. Within the winding streets, you’ll find lovely restaurants and bars, an abundance of monuments making the vibe and overall experience even more enjoyable. Once here, you can't afford to miss the Torun Gingerbread which is considered the most beloved local delicacy.

Top Bucket List Experiences in Poland
1. Step in the Mine of Mysteries- ‘Wieliczka Salt Mine’

Deep, under the ground, in Poland, there is an extraordinary place, hidden from human sight and full of legends. It is a majestic salt labyrinth called Wieliczka Salt Mine made up of a series of mines, lanes, monuments of salts and even hidden lakes, all found down under. No wonder why it has rightly earned the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The underground is measured and described by creating maps so you can always find the way in this unending maze of drifts, crystal grottoes and ramps and if you don’t follow them, you may easily get lost forever. Spare at least 2-3 hours of a day for this unique tour; you are sure to end it with a memory that stays with you for a lifetime.

2. Experience the horrors of WWII at Auschwitz

Although you’ve probably heard the horrific history of Auschwitz and the Holocaust, a mere fact cannot match a visit to the place, where everything from the war happened. The Auschwitz concentration camp is one name that has been mentioned in almost every World War II book and is a sight that tears your heart into pieces knowing how the people died during the war. From its museum to the displays, every artifact tells a story of someone who once lived but was brutally and slowly killed. The Holocaust Museum and walking tours of the camp are unique in every sense that will give access to the barracks (museums) detailing the process of the executions, the life at the concentration camps and history lessons in general. As you walk from one cabin to another reading about all the atrocities that took place here, your heart and soul will be cringed with horror and an influx of various emotions.
3. Amble through the Old Town of Krakow
Well, this goes without a doubt that the Old Towns and ancient town squares are the most beautiful parts of every European country, but nothing matches the charm of those in Poland. Visiting its incredible city Krakow’s Old town that stands intact from the medieval defensive walls, will bring along a lot of wonderment that you can take in from sights, shopping and streets. From St. Mary’s Basilica, Cloth Hall, the most famous Town Square, cobbled thoroughfares to the many pubs, atmospheric courtyards, jazz clubs and bars around, you will be in for a real treat.
4. Spend a day exploring Kazimierz

Krakow is in proximity to another lovely gem called Kazimierz (the Jewish Quarter). With its uber-cool vibe, laid-back culture and dynamism of the neighbourhood, it feels like stepping inside a street of Berlin where everyone can find something they can enjoy. While here, you can stop to shop at the vintage flea market on Plac Nowy or sip a nice cup of coffee or you can visit the old part of the town to learn about the history of the quarter. There’s more! Another interesting part that lures you to Kazimierz is food, a lot of street food so make sure to take give a real treat to your taste buds during your trip to this amazing part of Poland.
5. You must try the yummy Polish delicacies!
The food in Poland is not just a mix of spices and regular ingredients; it is a blend of age-old evolution and influence from the neighbours. If you are a gourmand at heart, you will love the dumplings here, better known as Pierogi locally. These are made from dough stuffed with cream cheese and melting-in-mouth potatoes. Also, the other must-try items include potato pancakes, bigos, beetroot soup, sausages, mushrooms and pickled cabbages and cucumbers and of course, the Rosot. While choosing where to eat, you should go for a place that is traditional that will bring the Polish culture and flavours to your table, making your experience irresistible and unique.

6. Shop for local specialties in Poland

Just like its neighbours, Poland also leads in the art of making glassware, wood-carved toys and ceramics. You can choose to take unique souvenirs for the home like Polish dolls, wooden toys, carved glass angels and ceramic ware. Other souvenirs include the bags of rock salt from Wieliczka Salt Mine, bottles of Bison grass vodka, Oscypek or the embroidered linens for home decor. In the Baltic Sea region, especially in Gdańsk, the amber jewellery and items are also famous most renowned so make sure to take a few choicest of pieces with you to deck up your jewellery boxes.
7. When in Poland, trying Polish craft beer is a must!
Craft breweries pop up all over the place in Poland and it is refreshing to find a dozen of types, hundreds of ingredients and many, many combinations of flavours and scents in the Polish craft beer. Apart from vodka that has the heart of the Polish people, beer is another popular favourite drink that enlivens their spirit. To cater to your tastes and tasting preferences, there are several tours organised as well that familiarize you with the special, unique and local beers that can be bought only in Poland, especially in Gdansk and Warsaw. There are as many as 6 famous local brands to taste from so make sure you try as many as possible.
Planning a Poland Tour with Dook is easy!

Poland may be one of the most lesser-explored European countries but here, how more beautiful is one city than the other, makes it an emerging choice for the experiential travellers across the globe who are wanting to see beyond the typical European delights. Colourful old towns, salt mines, castles and cathedrals, holocaust museums, generous portions of pierogi and what not! You can explore every nook and cranny of this amazing destination with our Poland Tour Packages.

Plan your Poland trip with Dook and create fresh, warm memories to cherish, while we take care of the rest!

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