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Top Prague Tour Packages

Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic and the historical capital of Bohemia. The city experiences cool winters and moderately warm summers due to its oceanic climate. With a rich history and Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architectural styles, Prague is a political, cultural, and economic centre of central Europe. It served as the seat of the Holy Roman Emperors, including Charles IV and was also the capital of the Kingdom of Bohemia. The Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Habsburg monarchy held this city in high regard. Dook International offers a variety of Prague Tour Packages, help see what makes the city so special. Pre-book your tour ahead of time and pay once you’re done with your travels!

Things to know about Prague (Czech Republic) Prague

Prague, a city with a rich history, stunning architecture and charming cobblestoned streets, is regarded as one of the most beautiful towns in Central Europe and possibly the entire world. Prague is the destination for those who appreciate culture, calm, and history because it is brimming with tourist sites, vintage cafes and plenty of beer. One of the best-preserved cities in Europe, Prague is tucked away in a picturesque setting with riverfront and lovely bridges. The skyline of the city, which is frequently referred to as "the City of a Hundred Spires," is littered with ancient domes and numerous amazing mediaeval church spires.

Prague is a city bursting with architectural marvels as well as a prominent political, cultural, and commercial centre that is carrying on the traditions of the past. Witness this harmony of the past and the present yourself by using one of our Prague Tour Packages this holiday season.

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Experiences in Prague

The 866 hectare historical centre of Prague was added to the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Register in 1992, making it a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world. Prague will fascinate you with its magnificence, with art flowing out everywhere, the perfume of delectable food and beverages wafting from the cafés and the vibration of classical music in the air. The Old Town, with its historic squares and cobblestone lanes, adds appeal to this already lovely city that was planned according to a design that dates back more than a thousand years. There is a lot of culture and history in this city, and you can feel it as you simply walk on the pathways. Don’t miss this rich culture and immemorial history of Prague, make sure to book one of our Prague Packages this holiday season!

Top Attractions in Prague

There are beautiful monuments and architecture for those who want to appreciate the rich history of the city and love good building design. Numerous cathedrals and spires dot the city, giving everyone a picture perfect view. There are plenty of parks and gardens for those who are more interested in leisure and nature. They are all well maintained and looked after meticulously. The patrons of the arts, rejoice, for there are plenty of artistic avenues of entertainment as well. Last but not the least, you can shop to your heart’s desire as well. Make sure you cover all fronts on your Prague Tour!

Plan A Trip To Prague

There’s a lot going on in the city of Prague that is absolutely brimming with history and rich cultural experiences. There are monuments and cathedrals that can be viewed at a casual pace. Furthermore, there are parks and gardens that can be mulled around in. Get to know the city’s history as well by going to museums that have carefully documented the beautiful backdrop of European history that underlines the energy of the entire city. Planning your Prague Tour may be daunting, so use one of our Prague Tour Packages to avoid the stress!

Top Travel Experiences in Prague

Charles Bridge is one of the most beautiful and stunning bridges, and perhaps the most stunning monument in all of Prague. It connects the Old Town with the Lesser Town. The bridge, which has four lanes for horse-drawn carriages now, is 1689 feet (515 metres) long and 32 feet (10 metres) broad. These days, only pedestrians have access to it. There are 30 statues along the Charles Bridge in Prague, many of which are reproductions of the originals, which were constructed at the beginning of the 18th century and are housed in the National Museum in Prague and in Vyehrad. In the exact spot where Saint John of Nepomuk was thrown into the Vltava River, a statue of him now stands. In order to make a wish and have it come true, one is said to place their left hand exactly where the person was tossed off. It is a sight that cannot be missed so make sure to prebook your Prague Holiday Package!

Powder Tower is one of the most famous towers in Prague and one of the most iconic buildings in the city. A sombre Gothic structure that serves as the entrance to the Medieval Royal Route is called the Powder Tower, also known as Powder Gate (Praná brána). One of the thirteen gates that made up the Old Town's defended wall, this city gate was constructed around 1475. It was completely destroyed by fire in 1541 but quickly rebuilt. The tower received its name from the storage of gunpowder it housed in the seventeenth century, 200 years later. Atop the Powder Tower, visitors can take in views of the "City of a Hundred Spires" and explore an exhibit about Prague's towers and history. Take in the views of Prague without any added stress by booking one of our Prague Packages!

Since the Middle Ages, Prague's public life has been centred in the Old Town, particularly the Old Town Square. One of the most enjoyable areas to visit is the Old Town Square. The square is warm and charming, and it is flanked by winding streets that are wonderful for exploring on foot. The Church of Our Lady before Tyn, St. Nicholas Church, and Old Town Hall are just a few of the attractions located in the Square. The Church of Our Lady before Tn is a structure full of history and magic that is anchored between homes and tiny lanes in the heart of Prague. It is the city's most significant example of Gothic architecture. Fans of architecture must surely utilise one of our Prague Tour Packages for this reason.

Top Things to Do in Prague

Visit the picturesque cathedrals and other sightseeing attractions. The largest mediaeval castle in the world and the most significant monument in the Czech Republic is Prague Castle, which dates back to the ninth century. The core of Prague is represented by Prague Castle. This makes the visit mandatory, in addition to the city's eye-catching and unexpected buildings and skyscrapers. Visitors will gain a better understanding of Prague's origins and historical development as a result of this attraction. Travelers may require several hours to see the entire castle because the grounds are so large. Your Prague Tour would be incomplete without visiting this destination.

The castle itself encompasses several attractions for you to see, including St. Vitus’ Cathedral, Golden Lane, Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, Daliborka Tower and Black Tower. Charles IV, the Holy Roman Emperor, ordered the construction of the cathedral, which is housed in Prague Castle, to start in 1344. You can access the observation deck of the Great South Tower, which is 295 feet (90 metres) high, if you want to take in the greatest views of Prague and don't mind climbing 287 steps. The views of Charles Bridge, Staré Msto, and Malá Strana are magnificent. Check out the views of Prague by booking one of our Prague Holiday Packages!

The Prague Castle complex's Golden Lane is a little, lovely alleyway that is named for the goldsmiths who originally resided there. Within the castle walls, on the left side of the lane, are rows of tiny, colourful homes. In the sixteenth century, these structures were initially built for the 24 castle keepers. Visits to The Golden Lane are memorable. You can tour a number of its homes to learn more about how the Castle's various residents lived. You can shoot a crossbow and take the target home as a memento in one of the Dark Ages weapon shops.

The Old Royal Palace is also a sight to behold. The Old Royal Palace, which was primarily made of wood in the ninth century, underwent numerous reconstructions and enlargements over the years to become the majestic structure it is today. Make sure you don’t miss any of these attractions on your Prague Tour by making best use of Dook’s Prague Tour Packages!

Best Places to Eat & Drink in Prague

Pork, along with beef and chicken to a lesser extent, is the principal ingredient in traditional Czech cuisine. Typical fish dishes are also available, despite the fact that the Czech Republic is primarily recognised for its meat dishes. Goulash and its several variations are the most well-known national cuisine in the Czech Republic. Goulash is a stew made of meat and vegetables. In Prague, eating at food stands on the street is very affordable and popular. In these kinds of stands, visitors can indulge in hamburgers, traditional Czech sausages, or any other fast food. If you’re a foodie who wants to experience new food cultures, don’t forget to book one of our Prague Tour Packages to get this experience.

Best Shopping Places in Prague

Puppet shops can be found all across Prague. Since the Middle Ages, puppets and marionettes have been utilised in this region, and they play a significant role in the cultural history of the nation. Visitors will be able to find these magnificent traditional wooden marionettes and puppets in several shops throughout Prague. Bohemia Crystal, also known as Bohemian Glass, is a type of crystal that originated in the Czech Republic and Poland, as suggested by its name, in the Bohemia region. The Bohemian Glass was created in the thirteenth century, but it wasn't until the Renaissance that it rose to fame. These days, Prague is teeming with stores selling this lovely and vibrant memento. Our Prague Packages ensure you get the opportunity to try out all the lovely trinkets.

Best Travel Tips for Travellers

There are also lots of nearby restaurants and hotels. If you're visiting Prague for the first time and aren't sure where to stay or where the best deals are, save yourself the trouble and purchase one of our exclusive Prague Holiday Packages, which will take care of everything for you affordably. It will help you to have a memorable experience during your Prague stay. We look ahead to welcome you on your next tour expedition!

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