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The dramatic charms of Morocco

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If you’ve ever had a fascination with prowling the traditional medinas, riding a camel over the vast stretches of desert, wonder at the rhythm of its rolling sand dunes, explore the ancient maze-like souks while getting absorbed in the rich scents of spices, Morocco fulfils your Arabian-adventure dream in every way. Morocco, officially the Kingdom of Morocco, is located in the northwest corner of Africa and is bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, hugging both the Sahara Desert and the African coastline. And this beautiful blend of African, Arabic and French influences can be seen around abundantly during your Morocco Tour in the café culture, stunning desert landscapes, exciting Kasbahs, souks and medinas, towns tinted liberally with bright colours and the majestic mosques. It's no wonder why Morocco has been a notable choice for artists, writers and film directors for decades and continues to charm all who visit.

Colourful, fragrant, muddled with surprises and exceptionally beautiful- this country draws you in from the moment you start your journey, going beyond the deserts. Rightly termed as the “Magical Morocco”, this fascinating North African country gives you a plethora of reasons to explore its hidden treasures. Lyrical landscapes of the Atlas Mountains carpet the country with its amazing backdrops, making it one of the top things to see and experience in Morocco. Lying unusually close to the Sahara desert, the Atlas Mountains have become the prime territory for hiking, trekking and other outdoor activities. Meanwhile, in the Sahara, you can explore the gorgeous red and orange dunes and the glittering palm tree oases or just bask under the clear night skies that are ideal for stargazing. Add the thrill to your Morocco Trip and choose to sleep in boutique riads, relax on panoramic terraces and grand squares and gorge on delicately flavoured tajines and couscous– before sweating it all out in a soothing hammam bath.

The Morocco Holiday Packages tailor-made by Dook thoughtfully cover the majestic cities of the country, combining all the experiences that offer an exotic sojourn of a lifetime! If you haven’t yet, book an experiential Morocco Tour today and get a closer look into the exquisiteness of the country.  
Capital: Rabat
Languages: Arabic, French, Spanish, Berber and English
Currency: Moroccan Dirham
Driving Side: Right
Best Time to Travel: March to May and September to October. November to February are preferred for more peaceful outings.

Explore Morocco
With an array of attractions and experiences so overwhelming to the senses, there is no wonder why Morocco stands out as one of the most sought after tourist countries for several people who are willing to travel miles for an inquisitive exploration here. Over the years, the hikes up the famous Atlas Mountains, surfing along the sea coast and traversing the Sahara on a camel ride have remained the top activities for travellers here. But Morocco is so much beyond these usual favourites.
While the welcoming blue-hued world of Chefchaouen has started to catch the fancy of curious travellers looking to capture every sight and corner of the destination, Marrakech and Fes medinas and Kasbahs trying to win over the impressively colossal dunes and grand cuisine add to the exotic essence of the country. Hitting all the traveller senses and letting you indulge in innumerable breathtaking pleasures while still keeping you closer to the age-old customs, Morocco is more than just an amazing destination.
1. Marrakech: a melange of the contemporary and the traditional

The ochre city oozing a wealth of traditions and modernity, Marrakech is an unmatched Moroccan experience in itself. The city is ancient yet broad-based, modern yet deep-rooted in culture, exotic, energetic and is undoubtedly the one known for its warm and welcoming spirit.

It is to the medina in the city where most of the travellers gravitate - an old quarter of the city with winding streets and markets that operate at a chaotic pace. What adds to the beauty is the architectural richness of the sandstone walls surrounding the medina, the riads, rooftop restaurants, mosques and gardens including the Menara that still ensnare the travellers. The modern suburbs of Gueliz and Hivernage surround this ancient hub thereby putting a contemporary facade on the city. You can’t afford to miss a stroll around the Jemaa El-Fna square as you are sure to catch the sights of horse-drawn carriages, sunny terraces, fortune tellers, snake charmers, night performances, local street food stalls and so much more that shouldn’t be skipped off your Morocco Tour Package.

Truly believed by many, Marrakech needs to be seen to be believed! And we, at Dook, help you create the out-of-ordinary Morocco Holiday Packages, weaving in the best of Marrakech experiences.

2. Chefchaouen: Soak in the hues of ‘the blue city’

Termed as the ‘blue pearl of Morocco’ for all the evident reasons, Chefchaouen, a city nestled in the dramatic Rif Mountains holds some special vibes. What makes it an extraordinary destination like no other are the picture-perfect blue alleyways and houses rinsed liberally in hues of blues. And without a doubt, this impression of a blue fantasy land brimming with lovely medinas and lovelier smiles of the locals has made it gain the top position amongst the most Instagrammable destinations in the world. But it’s more than what you see on Instagram though!

It is one beautiful city jam-packed with awesomeness and so many activities to choose from - wander along the blue passages and take pictures, mingle with the locals, explore the narrow winding alleys of the medina where you can buy the best of Moroccan native handicrafts, visit the Kasbahs, stay in the riads, savour the local delights like tagines and freshly baked bread or just sit back and relax while sipping in your mint tea at a cafe. All the adventure seekers can make the most of their stay in the city by hiking the Rif Mountain range that is the gateway to various waterfalls and national parks.

3. Casablanca: the white city of Morocco

Besides having the second largest mosque in the world- Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca is Morocco’s biggest city and its chief business centre. The city is located on the same stretch of Atlantic coastline as the country's capital Rabat. Unlike Marrakech and Fes that are the most popular in Morocco Tour itineraries, Casablanca isn’t well known with tourists, even though it has a variety to offer, more to what meets the eye.

The city name derives from the Portuguese word Casa Branca (branca means "white" and casa "house"). Looking at the city, you will know why Casablanca, meaning “white house”, got its name; the city centre is remarkable with a stretch of white coloured high buildings along broad boulevards, including Hassan II Mosque which is truly a jewel adorning and dominating the city’s skyline. Here, in Casablanca, you are sure to find plenty of exploration opportunities in its charming business districts, traditional Arab culture, modern backdrops and art-deco buildings, coastline location and so much more that await to be unveiled to the ardent travellers.
4. Fes: Taking you back to the mystically ancient Arab world

Although Rabat gained the title of Morocco’s political capital in 1912, Fez or Fes has retained its old-world charm as the country's cultural centre that seems frozen in time. This remarkable city that is a recognised UNESCO World Heritage site is home to the oldest and largest medina in North Africa and has one of the best conserved historic towns of the Arab world... and that’s just for the starters; there’s a lot more that it brings to the table!

It has both busy districts and quiet parts; thriving and bustling markets and open squares where you could see the artisans working strenuously in their workshops. Enter through the archways of the stunning Blue Gate and you’ll be awed by the maze of wonder that lies ahead in the 19th-century medina. The blinding alleys lead to squares with exquisite fountains and streets having the aromatic food stands, rooftops unveiling a sea of minarets, towers of spices, traditional handicrafts, hammams and tanneries- the city and its lively charm just seems to go on forever. A wave of luxury hotels in and around the city and praise-worthy restorations of fragmented riads into lavish stay options is further playing a great role in enhancing Fez’s already unique identity and gearing up to fetch a prominent place on the tourist map.

5. Essaouira: the bride of the Atlantic

Often known as Morocco’s windy city or for all the right reasons as “the bride of the Atlantic”, Essaouira or Mogador is one of those coastal cities where the unique atmosphere and water activities seamlessly mingle. It is located a few hours from Marrakech on the Atlantic coast and is a popular beach destination for tourists, but relatively underrated.

While the combination of fantastic beaches and the tropical trade winds have changed this city from a hardworking port into one of the world’s greatest water sport adventure sites, the city also boasts a dual heritage which can be seen in the mighty walls that surround this old Moroccan trade centre. Walk through the shade of its ramparts and the narrow winding streets of the old medina filled with the sound of Gnaoua singing and you will know why UNESCO has bestowed it with the title of ‘the most beautiful city in Morocco’. While on side of the city you can see the charm of houses with white and blue facades or draw the contours of Astapor, the famed "Game of Thrones" city, on the other end you can windsurf your way through the waves of the sea, taking utmost advantage of the windy atmosphere of the city.

Top Bucket List Experiences in Morocco:

1. Hike your way up to the mighty Atlas Mountains

The High Atlas, North Africa’s greatest mountain range, stretching for 2,500km across Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, contains some of the most intriguing cloud-tickling summits (over 4000m high) and beautiful regions in the country of Morocco. Its Berber-populated valleys feel very remote from the country’s urban life which also makes it ideal as one of the premier trekking destinations suitable for casual day-hikers and ardent mountaineers alike. Beyond crossing the dramatic and desolate rocky trails, you can contrast with terraced village gardens, ruined Kasbahs, pastoral valleys and hidden passes that help you wander at your will and even choose to fuel the excitement by going for mountain biking through the Atlas passes.

Craft your adventure through these soaring mountains and book similar adventure-filled experiences in your Morocco Holiday packages with Dook.

2. Give a feast to your senses- visit Jemaa El-Fna

Just as the writer Tahir Shah describes it as the “greatest show on Earth,” no visit to Marrakech is complete without a visit to the famous night market of the Jemaa El-Fna. Representing both the “Ochre City” of Marrakech as well as Morocco’s unique cultural identity, Jemaa El Fna square has become an important attraction for the tourists, given the fact that it has attained the tag of ‘Masterpiece of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity’ by UNESCO. Famous for its performing street artistes: story-tellers, acrobats, Arab and Berber musicians, jangling belly dancers, who work daily to entice the foreign tourist audience. To catch the best glimpses, arrive before the sunset and reserve a place at one of the various cafés with terraces overlooking the square to watch performers set up. Once you entertain yourself, prowl the market in search of Moroccan spices and local culinary delights that can be easily found on the lining food stalls. Savour everything from the bite-size crumbs of grilled lamb rubbed in cumin, peppery snails and ghoulal and fluffy Berber pancakes.

3. Ditch a desert trip, opt for a balloon tour instead

When in Morocco, a hot air balloon ride in Marrakech is truly a bucket list experience; there’s no better way to experience the splendour of deserts, profound valleys and the foothills of the Atlas Mountains on a sunrise. This guided tour starts by jumping in a 4x4 on an early morning which then drifts you through the first lights of the morning over the desert valleys and sublime landscapes of the hillsides just as the sun drenches them in gold, orange and pink shades. Once the ride is over, you head back to the start point where a traditionally set up and scrumptious breakfast is awaiting you! It is a typical Berber breakfast including mint tea as a welcome drink, Moroccan pancakes, fried doughnuts, olives and boiled eggs, all prepared with warm Moroccan hospitality. Finish off your journey with a memorable camel ride and don’t forget to carry your ‘flight certificate’ that commemorates your balloon ride and is the best souvenir to look back and cherish.
4. Gorge on the regional delights - Tagine, Couscous and mint tea

Well-known for its delectably diverse dishes, Morocco was listed second in the 2017 ranking of the best gourmand's global destinations, according to the British blog. As the food of Morocco display influences from Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, the country offers to its visitors an exceptional culinary experience- ranging from its endless varieties of tagines, mint tea to the most preferred couscous and even the globally favourite Shawarma. Amongst the most sought-after dishes in Morocco is Tagine. With a very particular cooking method and multiple versions, this dish never ceases to delight the most demanding gourmets! Food such as fish, chicken, meat, vegetables, and sometimes nuts, plums and apricots, are steamed with a bit of spice that enhances its flavour. Another much-loved is a staple dish of Morocco called couscous. Found in almost every home and restaurant and usually prepared on Fridays, this dish is either served with meat, vegetables, fish or chicken, and sometimes sweets. Quenching your thirst, a ceremonial beverage of mint tea that is deeply rooted in traditions is served liberally in the city or the countryside. It is traditionally poured from a height of one metre and is often used as a welcome drink for the guests. Looking beyond these three favourites, there’s so much more to Moroccan cuisine and to name a few, Harira, sardines, Babbouche, Shawarma are also the must-try delights.

5. Getting lost in the maze of medinas

Even though the modern revolution has made Morocco gain a top spot in one of the lavish travel destinations, it still has never lost sight of its deep-rooted traditions. The mystical hearts of the cities of Fez, Tetouan, Essaouira and Marrakech, the medinas take you back in history while they draw you into their maze-like alleys and twisting streets leading to the artisan shops, restaurants, fountains, food markets and homes lining along the streets. As someone who loves to get lost and purposely lost all over again in the sights and sounds of these magically enticing attractions, the medinas are truly heaven. You can easily spend hours exploring the buzzing bazaars, traditional souks, Riads and café terraces, museums and so much more that have made these medinas gain UNESCO World Heritage recognition.

6. Catch some waves along the Moroccan coastline

With 1835 km of long coastline stretching alongside the Atlantic Ocean from the Mediterranean Sea to the dunes of Western Sahara, Morocco has turned into a preferred surfing destination, especially for the Europeans. The choices are vast here as the shores are lively, beaches so long and pristine and the waves are exhilarating! If you are looking for a one-stop-surfing holiday, head to Agadir as your starting point. The Atlantic coastline of Morocco is another option as most beaches here are easily accessed either by public transport or with your vehicle. The Atlantic Ocean tends to be cold year-round, however, if the sun is hot, you will appreciate the coolness of the water! You can also head to Taghazoute, the most popular surf town to catch some waves and browse the surf shops. The best time for surfing is to go during the winter months as the waves are bigger and steadier and the air and water temperature is mild.

7. Experience the traditional living style in a riad

While you could easily find an accommodation option in a hotel with B&B anywhere in the world but nothing compares to staying in an authentic and uniquely designed Moroccan riad in Marrakech. So if you’re planning a Morocco trip next, don’t book yourself into a hotel – try staying in a riad instead. Unlike any hotel or a lavish resort, the riad is a traditional Moroccan house with an interior garden, no exterior windows (for keeping the air cool) and an open courtyard, usually adorned with a fountain in the centre. True riads will have a lot of lush plants and a central fountain but many variations are there. Some may have a swimming pool while the others will have a private, hammam-style spa for their guests. There may not be more than 10 rooms here but each one is uniquely built. What makes them so special is that each room is individually decorated, integrating elaborate Moroccan architecture and gorgeous tilework to bring out the room’s authentic Arabic personality. While you may find riads located all over Morocco, it is easier to find the most authentic ones in the Old Medina of Marrakech. The guests staying here are sure to experience a sense of history that is often now only recreated in films and novels.

8. Bid a rejuvenating adieu to Morocco with the much-needed traditional hammam

While you are travelling around the country, exploring the districts filled with the usual hubbub, the medinas and seeing the sights so exotic, your senses may get overwhelmed and your body and mind may desire the recalibration. An ancient ritual that’s as integral to Morocco as its tagine and mint tea, a hammam (public bath) offers relief and a way to get a deeper understanding of the culture that dates back to the time when these hammams were used for bathing rituals incorporated into weddings and births. This practice that includes aggressive scrubbing and massaging the body including a brief face massage continues to thrive in Morocco as it provides locals and visitors with an opportunity to rejuvenate, while they get fresh and clean. For the scrubber, they use a glove or exfoliating mitt called a kessa which is like a mesh mitt and a few of them are made of goat hair. At the end of it all, you are refreshed with mint tea, spreading the warmth both inside and out of your body. Apart from this age-old bathing tradition, the originality of care products such as black soap, argan oil and natural clay are also characteristic symbols of Morocco and a lot of thermal cures, spas, thalasso will be seen using the same.

Let us familiarise you with the real magic of Morocco...
We are dedicated to customising a "one-of-a-kind" Morocco trip for you and are here to look after every little thing to make sure you fully enjoy every minute of the journey. From adventure-filled trips to luxury holidays in Morocco, from staying in a five-star riad to exotic desert safari, the Morocco Tour Packages can be suited to your dates and created according to your travelling needs.