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Zimbabwe Tour Packages

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Zimbabwe and its myriad wonders

Step into a world of unmatched natural beauty with our bespoke Zimbabwe Holiday Packages

Truly the country of unmatched wonders, Zimbabwe is a landlocked country located in the heart of South Africa, surrounded by the Limpopo River in the south and the Zambezi River in the north. Despite the political turmoil and violence that almost left the country in ruins, this exotically beautiful country has kept its tourist appeal firmly intact till today. And those who did travel to Zimbabwe usually left insisting that this country was hands down one of the safest, welcoming and most impressive on the continent. A sure shot thanks to its ever-smiling locals, stunning landscapes and some of the spectacularly off-beat wildlife experiences that eventually leave you wanting more. Not forgetting the country’s most iconic wonder, of course, the magnificent Victoria Falls.

Those who still rethink their travel plans to Zimbabwe might lose a chance to spot the most remarkable natural wonders. The country is as iconic and majestic as the other African destinations- full of diverse landscapes, lush mountains, world-renowned waterfalls, five UNESCO World Heritage sites, most exotic wildlife roaming free over serene savannahs and what not! Apart from basking in its pride of being called the home to splendid Victoria Falls which is one of the seven natural wonders in the world, Zimbabwe proudly displays its rare blend of attractions. To name a few, Lake Kariba and the mighty Zambezi River, world-class game reserves like Hwange, Mana Pools National park known for its incredible concentrations of wildlife, Matobo National Park, the colonial city of Bulawayo, the mystical Chinhoyi Caves and so much more that add the thrill to your Zimbabwe Tour itinerary. But what makes them well worth exploring is that most of them remain incredibly away from the crowds, which actually gives you a definite thrill chill of having stepped off the frequently followed tourist map.

To help you plan an awesome trip to remember, we’ve put together the best of Zimbabwe Tour Packages.
Capital: Harare
Languages: There is a total of 16 official languages spoken in the country including English, Shona, Ndebele, Southern Sotho, Tswana, Xhosa, Venda, Chewa, Tsonga, Tonga and more.
Currency: Zimbabwean Dollar (ZWD)
Driving Side: Left
Best Time to Travel: May to September. The high season is between July to October when you can enjoy the best game viewings

Explore Zimbabwe
A journey to Zimbabwe takes you through an impressive patchwork of landscapes, from the balancing boulders and fiery red msasa trees to quiet towns, lush mountains and exhilarating rivers. One cannot help being mesmerised by its awe-striking beauty drizzling from its exotic wildlife, natural and man-made wonders. Every experience, the sights and sounds here are worth every penny!

Gape in awe at the most breathtaking sight of Victoria Falls. Enjoy close encounters with elephants, lions and leopards on a thrilling game drive in Hwange National Park. A luxury Zimbabwe safari should always be on your agenda so opting for a boat safari in Matusadona or getting on a canoe for wildlife sighting in Mana Pools will leave you impressed. Or go on a walking safari in the fantastic Gonarezhou to feel like the last person left on earth. Explore the prehistoric and mystifying ruins of Great Zimbabwe or go for seeing the granite boulders and rock art in Matopos National Park.
Whatever your choices are, the travel experiences offered on a Zimbabwe trip are incredible. Plan your vacation to Zimbabwe with us and brace yourself for an enlivening experience never felt before.

1. Harare: Invariably laidback and enjoyable

The capital of Zimbabwe and the largest city in the country, Harare sits on Zimbabwe’s central plateau, the reason why it welcomes visitors with pleasant breezes and pleasing weather. Trees grow in abundance here and the city is particularly gorgeous at springtime when the jacaranda trees are in full spectacular violet bloom, exuding a divine African summertime feel! As typical in Africa, Harare also possesses some spectacular scenic beauty including a rich mix of wildlife encompassing the city including numerous gardens and recreational parks as well. Tilt your focus a bit and you can find plenty of things to do inside the city itself.

Despite the many claims of the city being not safe, Harare in reality is a great and the safest place to visit, with a typical laidback feel, priceless historic and heritage collection, a wide variety of fine dining restaurants, bars and even craft markets, just similar to what any other growing metropolitan would have. The Botanical Gardens here boast more than 900 species of plant life and the National Gallery drenched well in history has Shona soft stone carvings and exhibits from all over the world! You can spend an afternoon browsing through the curio stalls admiring the handwoven baskets made by the locals, carvings and intricate beadwork that Zimbabwe is famous for!

2. Bulawayo: An eclectic blend of colonial, rustic and nature feels

The second-largest city in Zimbabwe after Harare, Bulawayo has everything from wide tree-lined streets, verdant parks, Zimbabwe’s Natural History Museum, a railway museum, historic ruins, Mzilikazi Art and Craft Centre and warm and welcoming Ndebele communities. Founded in the mid-19th-century by Ndebele king Lobhengula, the city came under the rule of the British South Africa Company during the Matebele War. As a result of which the city’s existing architecture dates back to the colonial era and walking through the wide, jacaranda-lined avenues feels like stepping back in time.

Considered as a useful port of entry for holidays in Zimbabwe, the city of Bulawayo is the gateway to Masvingo, the Matobo National Park, Hwange National Park and Victoria Falls and has an airport, well connected with flights to/from South Africa. Bulawayo also houses the country's main museums, the Natural History Museum and a railway museum that make for the top city attractions. If you are an art fanatic, Bulawayo Art gallery and the Mzilikmzi Art and craft centre cater to your passion. Located a short drive from the city are the Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage (a blessed shelter for orphaned, sick or abandoned wild animals) that does not deserve to be skipped off your Zimbabwe tour itinerary.

Our customised Zimbabwe Tour Packages take you on a thrilling journey through the most exciting attractions in and around Bulawayo while offering you several opportunities to get a deeper perspective of Zimbabwean history, culture and the wild side of life.

3. Victoria Falls: Marvellous. Matchless. Majestic

Ranking up with Egypt's Pyramids or Cape Town’s Table Mountains and as Africa's most famous tourism destination, Victoria Falls or ‘Vic Falls’, as they are affectionately known, is an iconic sight to behold. In 1989, UNESCO recognised the worldwide significance of these majestic falls and the surrounding area by declaring it a World Heritage Site. UNESCO's listing describes it as "a superlative natural phenomenon with exceptional natural beauty and aesthetic importance and an outstanding example of significant geological features and active land formation processes”; no wonder why it is known to be one of the finest World Heritage-listed spectacles.

Gushing over a 1.6 kilometre-long cliff dividing Zimbabwe and Zambia before falling into the Batoka Gorge, the force, volume and the soaring sounds of the cascading waters will surely captivate your senses. Explore it from all the angles during hair-raising walks or adrenaline-pumping bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge and expect to be blown away by the splendid power of it all. It has an established adventure tourism industry, boasting some of the most popular activities including zip-lining, white-water rafting, gorge swinging and taking a dip in Devil’s Pool, a rock pool on the Zambian side of the falls. However, the best views of the Falls is said to be on the Zimbabwean side as it provides the finest vantage points for taking some seriously stunning Insta-worthy photos. For those who prefer a calmer trip to the Falls, a sunset cruise is ideal as there is nothing like gliding along the river, taking in the dazzling views and sipping on a sundowner as the sky changes its shades to pink, purple or gold.

What’s better than combining the thrill of experiencing Victoria Falls with a classic wildlife safari as this part of Zimbabwe Holiday packages is a major drawcard. See our sample itinerary here that widely covers the heart-racing activities at Victoria Falls.

4. Masvingo: The ancient wonder

Inviting travellers into the deeper reaches of the country, Masvingo is one of the notable tourist places located close to Great Zimbabwe and Lake Mutirikwi. Sitting in order on the edge of the Mutirikwi National Park, the city has plenty in the way of outdoors exploration reserved to it. However, the real indulgence begins at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Great Zimbabwe, which lurks 20 kilometres away between the bushes. Though these ancient ruins fell to pieces a long time ago, they still reveal the spirited tales of the nation’s old Shona-speaking folk.
The city of Masvingo has a relatively flat landscape with gently sloping mountains which makes it ideal for trekking and hiking. Adding to the scenery of the city, Lake Mutirikwi lies close to Masvingo and is great for a quick getaway. The best things to do in Masvingo include a visit to the historic site of Great Zimbabwe, Chipinda Pools, Wildlife Safari at Gonarezhou National Park and an unmissable day excursion to Lake Kyle Recreational Park.

5. Mutare: The hidden Zimbabwean marvel

Have you ever tried going off the usual tourist trail, visited a new place and felt incredible about it? For many, it happens at Mutare. This fourth largest city in Zimbabwe may not be as popular as its cousin cities in Zimbabwe, but don’t let that fact mislead you. It may be smaller in size but what makes it ideal for tourism are the lush mountains surrounding the city, making the climate surprisingly cool and a wide variety of boulevards, trees and public parks adorning the city’s appeal.

Since Mutare is situated at the foothills of Eastern Highlands, it has a breathtaking cityscape that boasts a rich assortment of attractions, suitable for all kinds of travellers. It is mainly famous for its charming guesthouses and the budget-friendly accommodations suitable for backpackers. For vehicle lovers, the antiquated Mutare Museum reserves the best collection of steam engines, motorbikes and vintage cars. For individuals looking to pick up souvenirs as memories, there are plenty of shops and stalls lining the streets of the city. For nature enthusiasts, Bvumba Botanical Reserve guarantees amazing vistas and walkways that allow you to pay special inclination towards rare fauna.

Top Bucket List Experiences in Zimbabwe:
1. The un-touristy drive through Hwange National Park

Unlike other neighbouring countries in the African region, Zimbabwe has chosen to preserve the exclusiveness of its safari trips as for the country, quality matters over quantity. As a visitor in Zimbabwe, you are lucky not to encounter the hordes of tourists during your trip to savannas, especially the ones taken to Hwange National Park. The largest and the most popular park in the country, Hwange has diverse wildlife that can clearly rival the Serengeti in Tanzania or the Kruger in South Africa, but with relatively fewer visitors. More than 100 types of mammals call it their home, including lions, giraffes, leopards, cheetahs and wild dogs, but it’s the elephants (over 40,000) that represent Hwange. What makes your visit even more worthwhile is the fact that the funds coming into the park from tourism support conservation efforts and the local communities. The exclusivity combined with responsible tourism makes your safari trips here more interesting, allowing you to experience the marvels of the savannas to their best.

2. The unmissable Canoe safari in the Mana Pools National Park

Bursting with a cornucopia of birds and animals, Mana Pools National Park is Zimbabwe’s second world heritage site. The park stretches across 2000km² of prime Zambezi riverfront vegetation, much of which is inaccessible except on foot. Aside from the popular walking safaris in Mana, the river adds another dimension to exploring the rarity of the park’s flora and fauna through canoe safaris. Floating down the river, between Mana Pools and Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park and the wilderness surrounding you truly is one of the classic African safari experiences. With the help of experienced guides, these unique safaris will get you very close to the wildlife. Highlights include paddling past the elephants as they make the river crossing, watching in awe the many species of resident and migrant birds which often settle on the overhanging branches, navigating around the hippos that live along the route or getting exceedingly close to the wild dogs and other game in this park. Although these trails can be exquisite, they aren’t for the faint-hearted either.
3. Dare to jump off the Victoria Falls Bridge and experience a gushing adrenaline rush!
Jumping 111 meters off the Victoria Falls Bridge has to be one of the most challenging, crazy and thrilling things to do. Imagine leaping off the bridge and nose-diving straight towards the rapid flows of the mighty Zambezi River! A massive adrenaline rush giving you a lifetime memory just in four seconds. Some say it's the best bungee jumping experience in the world... maybe because of Victoria Falls as the backdrop and the Zambezi flowing beneath. The others just feel the thrill to do it all over again. First-timers normally do a standard headfirst dive while the experienced ones do not hesitate to try all sorts of flips, backflips and inward tucks, some even jump-off with a bicycle. Just as scary as the bungee jump, the bridge swing also uses the same gravitational force that feels your heart coming out of your mouth. This one boosts your adrenaline over your bearable limits as it swings back and forth but at the same time gives you a pleasing rendezvous with the waterfalls.
4. Cruise over Lake Kariba on a houseboat

Kariba is a little town popular for its famed lake Kariba which has turned out to be one of the main traveller goals in Zimbabwe. By volume, Lake Kariba is the largest artificial lake and reservoir in the world and offers massive opportunities to witness the unique wildlife around it. This kingpin of the Kariba region and the Zambezi Valley, Lake Kariba and its magical experiences draw thousands of visitors a year. And without a doubt, the best way to explore the lake and its surrounding wilderness is through a leisurely cruising on a houseboat for a few days. Nothing beats waking up in the morning to the composure of water around, sounds of birds and matchless views of the nearby game. Moving between Zimbabwe and Zambia, these boats that act as floating hotels with full services give a perfect opportunity to become one with nature. You just drift through the waters unhurriedly while spotting birds, hippos and crocodiles from the deck or jump in the canoes going fishing and spotting wildlife in Matusadona National Park on the lake’s shores. Spending a few days on a boat is the perfect way to unwind and take in the magic of this unusual 'in-the-wild' experience and it is highly recommended.
5. Experience the extraordinary in Matobo National Park

Though it’s home to the most impressive granite scenery in the world and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Matobo National Park is the unsung attraction of Zimbabwe. As one leaves the city of Bulawayo travelling south, several granite outcrops are seen increasing in number and size and the wilderness takes over from the city border. Once you enter the Park, you are surrounded by dramatic scenery with balancing rocks that are truly unique and extraordinary. The national park is split into two sections – the recreational park and the game park. While the recreational area includes a scenic viewpoint and burial site of Cecil Rhodes along with rock art caves, the other park offers sightings of the wildlife. Though there are not many lions or elephants, the park is renowned for its white and black rhino and abundance of baboon packs, leopards and raptors. Although the wildlife viewing has become less productive over recent years due to heavy poaching, Matobo has retained its scenic appeal and this otherworldly landscape deserves to be explored.

The incredible African corner- ‘Zimbabwe’ awaits you! Why not book a customised package with Dook?

Once you choose Dook as your travel buddy for the Zimbabwe tour, treat it as a lifetime memory because your trip will be created uniquely and personally by one of our top tour specialists. Our Zimbabwe Holiday Packages seamlessly weave together the scenic landscapes, extraordinary game viewing and the country’s rich history and offer you an experience that is worth recollecting every time you talk about a trip to Zimbabwe!