Narikala Fortress

    In the last article you saw aerial tramway in Tbilisi which connects Rike Park or popularly known as European Square with Fortress of Narikala. Narikala Fortress is on the top of the hill and it is quite an ancient fortress. You saw that your journey now by tramway has also become quite splendid and easier as compared to earlier time when the only way to reach Narikala Fortress was by climbing hills.  Once you reach the top of the hill you get to immerse in the great landscape around. On top of it you can explore the beautiful Narikala Fortress for which you took aerial tramway in the first place. What this means is that your travel experience is going to be great when you choose to visit Narikala Fortress on your Tbilisi Tour Package. So, on these notes let us explore Narikala Fortress a bit more.

    Narikala Fortress Tbilisi

    Narikala fortress is in Tbilisi, Georgia. Sitting on a hill Narikala fortress is one of the most beautiful and important site among visitors. This ancient fortress overlooks the city of Tbilisi. The fortress belongs to 4th century when it was built to protect the city from external attacks. At night when lights are on, this place is mesmerizing and demands a place in your camera. Though some parts were completely demolished in the earthquakes of 1827 still other walls stand tall and give beautiful view of the city.

    So, this ancient fortress played a significant role in the history of Tbilisi which reflects even today when you watch it. This fortress is also called Mother Fortress of Tbilisi. In those times it was a symbol of Tbilisi’s defense. The fortress was established at the same time around when the city of Tbilisi itself was founded in 4th century. After that it saw expansion in 7th -8th centuries by Arabs. Arabs built the Emir’s palace within the walls of the fortress. After that it was further beautified by different kings and most of the exciting fortification happened in 16th and 17th centuries. After the earthquake in 1827 partly the fortress was demolished and it was not resorted to its early glory. It was renovated in 1996 and then it replaced the original church which was built in 13th century which got destroyed in a fire. Today, the Narikala offers you some of the best panoramic views of the city from the top. The internal part of the fortress and the church are also beautiful. You should spend some time watching the internal part of the church which is decorated with the frescos showing scenes both from the Bible and history of Georgia.

    Today, your Tbilisi tour is not complete at all without you visiting this beautiful and ancient Narikala Fortress. You cannot leave the city without walking around this amazing fortress as no one does this. Inside the fortress you can observe the history of the city through the walls even though they are not in great shape today. During the day Narikala fortress draws the attention of visitors from all sides of Tbilisi. The fortress overlooks Mtkvari River, which makes Narikala more incredible. Easily, Narikala is one of the most visited places in Tbilisi.

    Narikala Fortress in Tbilisi

    You are highly advised to take a walk along the Narikala Tourist route, a 1500 meter trail that runs from the top of the ridge near the Mother Georgia statue, around the fortress and down into Old Town to near the entrance to the Botanical Gardens. You can experience some stunning views at every turn and you will be absolutely delighted at night when the city lights shine below. Without a hint of doubt, you must visit this ancient and glorious Narikala Fortress on your Tbilisi Tour Package.

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