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    Republic Square, Yerevan


    Center of a city is generally the commercial, cultural and historical heart of a city. This place in all the famous cities of the world is generally a happening place where commerce, shopping and entertainment are concentrated. You can spend a good time in the city center with some sightseeing also. Both locals and outsiders gather in huge numbers there. So, in this article which city center we are going to explore? Well, we will explore Republic Square of Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. Republic square is the central town square in Yerevan. Republic square is a happening place in Yerevan and it has all the elements of a great place for the visitors. When you are in Yerevan on your Armenia Tour Package you must be here at the Republic Square, Yerevan. What is the specialty of the square? Let us find out.

    Republic Square, Yerevan

    Republic Square is the central town square in Yerevan, Armenia. Locally it is known as Hraparak. Republic Square has two sections. One is an oval roundabout and another is a trapezoid shaped section in which there is a pool with musical fountains. This is also famously called ‘Heart of Yerevan’ and it is a favorite destination in Yerevan for the visitors. Construction of Republic Square was designed by Alexander Tamanian in 1924 and construction started in 1926 and since then it went till 1950s to complete most of the buildings, only the last building National Gallery was completed in 1977.  In the times of Soviet Period the square was known as Lenin Square and there was a statue of Lenin here also but after the independence of Armenia the Lenin statue was removed and the square was renamed. Today, Republic square is widely known as most important civic space in Yerevan, Architectural height of Yerevan and most outstanding architectural ensemble in Yerevan.

    The Republic Square is located in the center of the Yerevan in the close proximity of Abovyan and Amiryan streets. You can get there by bus or you can use the underground and deboard at ‘The Republic Square’ station. So when you land at Republic Square what is the attraction for you? Well, this complete area of Republic Square has 5 major and famous buildings for you to explore: The National Art Gallery and History Museum of Armenia, The Government House, The Central Post Office, The Mariott Hotel Armenia, Trade Union and communication building. In the Art Gallery and History Museum you can see the exhibits which tell you the history of Armenia right from primitive society to modern times. On the Government house there is Armenia’s main clock with bell. The Central Post Office provides telegraph, money exchange, and postcards that you can buy send and receive. The Mariott Hotel is for the tourists with great advanced services. Trade Union and communication building has been home to Ministry of Transport and communication. So these are these buildings to explore at Republic Square Yerevan. Apart from these you can see musical fountains which was opened in 2007. There is also a Drinking Fountain next to the museum building which consists of seven fountains. Many events also keep taking place here as this is the heart of the city. What about the recreational stuff here? Well, you have number of restaurants and cafes around the square. You can also enjoy shopping here on the Abvoyan Street as the street has numbers of clothing stores, souvenir shops and other shops where tourists love to buy stuffs.

    Republic Square in Yerevan

    At Republic Square, Yerevan you must enjoy the musical fountain as they offer great view to the tourists who come here to admire it. The colour of the fountain changes in the day time and night time which makes it even more beautiful. Musical shows also happen here from the morning till late evening which you can enjoy. So on your Armenia Tour Package or Yerevan Tour Package come to Republic Square and have a great time.

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