Yerevan Half Marathon - A Premier Running Event in Armenia

    Running is gaining popularity across the world. And Half marathon has become quite a big event in many countries taking place every year. So what is Half Marathon? Well it is not a complex thing to define. A half marathon is a road running event. The distance to cover in half marathon is 21.0975 KM or 13.1094 miles to be precise. This distance is actually half the Marathon and is run on road instead of a race track. One who participates in half marathon does require good fitness and some preparation before the event day, but it surely nowhere near the hard work and preparation that goes into running a marathon. Well why this point is important to make is because distance of 21 KM may make some people scare in the first place. In 2008, Running USA reported that the half marathon is the fastest growing type of race. So every country in its different cities hold half marathon since last few years. So which country and which city we are going to talk about in this article? Well, we are going to talk about Yerevan city in Armenia.

    Half Marathon Yerevan

    Like in other parts of the world Yerevan Half marathon is attracting more and more runners every year. The best part about the half marathon is that you don't need to be an athlete and you don't have to run full 21KM necessarily. Yerevan, Armenia hosted its first half marathon event in the month of October  last year in 2015. It took place on October 4. Yerevan Half Marathon is an international event that attracts every year more and more participants not only from Armenia, but also from other countries. Half Marathon is a real celebration for all runners, regardless of their fitness level or training background. The goal that was set out for Yerevan half marathon last year was to enhance the image of Armenia, create a professionally organized international sports event in Armenia, attract sport tourism, support healthy life-style and attract more people into running in Armenia. First winner both men and women in 21KM category were Akhmadeev Rinas (time recorded 1:09:57.31) and Skrypak Olga (time recorded 1:16:15.77). Apart from 21KM category there was also 10KM, 2.1KM, 1KM kids run and Wheelchair 2.1KM run category in which people in good numbers participated.

    Yerevan Half Marathon

    This year also Yerevan half marathon is to be hosted in the month of October. If you love to run half marathon enthusiasts who loves to run half marathons wherever and whenever it takes place, then start gearing yourself up. You prepare yourself for running part and for travelling part leave everything to us. You can Contact With us form right next of the article content on top, so drop your Yerevan or other travel query to us and we will be happy to offer you the best travel experience that so far we have done with our happy travellers.

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