Best Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget

    Budget-Friendly International Honeymoon Destinations

    Honeymoon is a special event in a couple’s life to start their love life or married life. Who does not want to search for beautiful honeymoon places if they already have not made their mind for a particular destination? Global tourism is now a reality and one can easily travel to any part of the world now because countries have opened their doors for travelers. So, if people are looking for honeymoon destinations on a budget that are also beautiful ad unique then there are many such places in the world. In Europe also which is costly, there are several small and unexplored affordable honeymoon destinations. So, we have brought a list of destinations that happen to be the best places to go for Honeymoon or simply the most beautiful honeymoon places.

    1. Serbia Serbia Honeymoon Tour

    Serbia is a romantic destination. Located along the Balkan Peninsula, Serbia offers plenty of things for a couple on a honeymoon trip. They can explore beautiful historic cities such as Belgrade and Novi Sad and if they want to enjoy the charm of beauty they can go to the North’s plateau side of the country. Skiing in the biggest ski resorts Kopaonik and others in the winter season in the southern part of Serbia is also a cool choice for honeymooners.

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    2. Armenia Armenia Honeymoon Tour

    Armenia is a land of thousands of churches. A couple can seek blessings of god at these places to start their love life well. Armenia is also one of the most affordable honeymoon destinations. You can spend a good time in the most urban capital city of Yerevan or a quiet time at the heavenly shores of Lake Sevan during the summers. Adventure-seeking couples can go for skiing and tubing during the winters.

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    3. Georgia Georgia Honeymoon Tour

    Looking for honeymoon destinations on a budget? Well, Georgia is definitely one such place. Georgia offers abundant natural beauty, adventure and fun things to do, beautiful resorts to stay, delicious food and welcoming people. Couples can walk on the streets of old Tbilisi and for a breathtaking view of the Tbilisi go to Mtatsminda holy mountain. There are several other attractions in Georgia which honeymooners can go to for a lovely time together.

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    4. Bulgaria Bulgaria Honeymoon Tour

    If you got bored of hearing others going to the same honeymoon destinations and you are looking for unique honeymoon destinations in Europe then you must think of Bulgaria. Bulgaria has several romantic places for the honeymooners to go to. Plovdiv Old town - the oldest and a romantic town, Lovech Province - home of several natural attractions, Seven Lakes - high up in the Rila mountains with a breathtaking view, Rila Monastery and resorts along the coasts of Black Sea are some of the super cool places offering a feel of romance and joy.

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    5. Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Honeymoon Tour

    Kazakhstan is a beautiful landlocked country in Central Asia and also a new entrant among the beautiful honeymoon places in this part of the world. Almaty can match up easily with any European city for its infrastructure, cosmopolitan people and 5-star hotels and premium restaurants. There are beautiful natural places such as Big Almaty Lake, Medeu skating rink, Kaindy Lake, Burabay National Park, Red Pagoda, Issyk Kul Lake and dwelling experience in traditional Yurt while hiking offer unique experiences to the couples.

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    6. Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Honeymoon Tour

    Azerbaijan is a country with plenty of medieval memories and natural wonders that attract all types of tourists including honeymooners. The capital city Baku has super popular flame towers while the old town of Baku is for a quiet walk down in the memory lane of the old-time of the country. Not just that there are other popular and unique attractions in Azerbaijan which is one of the most affordable honeymoon destinations.

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    7. Turkey Turkey Honeymoon Tour

    Istanbul, the capital city of Turkey is home to travelers. Ancient architectures such as blue mosque, Aya Sofya, Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern, Hippodrome and more would require substantial time to explore. They are a beautiful and splendid place to be. Other than Istanbul there are Antalya, Pamukkale, Kusadasi, and Marmaris. These are some unexplored and affordable honeymoon destinations in Turkey. Couples can also explore Butterfly valley – unspoiled place at the foothills of the Babadag Mountains, Streets, beaches, resorts and the harbors of Antalya, Scuba diving experience in Blue Lagoon and exploring the Island of Bozcaada.

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    8. Finland Finland Honeymoon Tour

    Finland is a land of a fairy tale, definitely among the top unique honeymoon destinations in the world. The happiest and the safest country on the planet have also the world’s loveliest cathedrals in Helsinki, the capital city. Finland also has some super lovely beaches along the Baltic Sea. One cannot miss visiting Lake Saimaa, the world’s second-biggest lake. Couples find Finland truly a happening place on the planet where each part of the country has something to offer to its visitors.

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    9. Ukraine Ukraine Honeymoon Tour

    Ukraine is a new addition on the block of beautiful honeymoon places in the world. Famous for its beautiful coastline along the Black Sea, Ukraine’s two cities Kyiv and Lviv are truly world-class cities where couples can experience an overwhelming holiday. Saint Sophia Cathedral is a heritage site, a symbol of Kyiv and a popular travel site. Thrilling underwater museum at Cape Tarkhankut, Partying in Odesa, walking hand in hand with each other at the beautiful Kamianets Podilskyi Castle, and not to forget the Tunnel of Love - one of the most popular places for couples are the few experiences every couple can enjoy in Ukraine.

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    10. Belarus Belarus Honeymoon Tour

    Belarus can be easily added to the list of best places to go for Honeymoon. Minsk, the capital city of Belarus has a romantic feel about it. Couples can date again here and spend their time at the Botanical garden, Krasnyi Dvorik, Karl Marx Street, Upper Town, and Big Opera and Ballet Theater Park in the capital city. Belarus also has castles, temples, monasteries and saint-like architecture to woo the visitors. Couples can also go to Braslaw Lakes, Mir Castle, The Victoria Square, Island of Tears and other beautiful places in Belarus.

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    11. Croatia Croatia Honeymoon Tour

    When planning to choose among the most beautiful honeymoon places in Europe, you can easily put Croatia among the top. Unbelievable natural beauty, ancient walled towns and much more in Croatia is what is super alluring for a romantic trip to the country. Some of the most romantic places in Croatia are Mljet Island, Hvar Town on Hvar Island, Dubrovnik, Strossmayerova in Zagreb's Upper Town, Ferry ride in Korcula Town and the fishing port of Rovinj.

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    12. Bosnia Bosnia Honeymoon Tour

    One of the Balkan Countries, Bosnia is a country of beaches and beach resorts. Couples can ideally go for a summer holiday here as Bosnia happens to be one of the best honeymoon destinations on a budget in Europe. And some of the spectacular places in Bosnia for couples can be Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic Bridge, Una National Park, and Old Bridge in Stari Most, Bascarssija, Verlo Bosne, Neretva River and Arslanagica Bridge.

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    13. Romania Romania Honeymoon Tour

    Romania is one of the best European countries and also one of the most unique honeymoon destinations. There are preserved medieval towns, spectacular cities, marvelous castles, impressive architecture, beautiful monuments, rich history, and scenic beauty which make Romania a great place for honeymooners. Some of the super-popular honeymoon destinations in Romania are Transylvania, Tunnel of love, Herasttrau Park, Bigar waterfall and Viscri village.

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