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Top Manchester Tour Packages

Manchester is one of the largest cities in the UK and is also one of the most exciting places to visit. You can find everything from fine dining to shopping and even attend concerts in this city. This city also has many attractions which can be categorized as 'best' and 'world-famous' and if you are planning a trip, then we have the best Manchester Tour Packages that will help you accomplish an unforgettable experience! Our Manchester Packages include round-trip airfare from your home country to Manchester, hotel accommodations, airport transfers and entrance tickets to all attractions, vouchers for food and beverages and much more at a budget-friendly price.

England Tour 12 Days

England Tour 12 Days

11 Nights

England & Scotland Tour Package

England & Scotland Tour Package

14 Nights

England & Scotland Tour

England & Scotland Tour

8 Nights 115235

England Scotland Ireland Wales Tour

England Scotland Ireland Wales Tour

9 Nights

Inspiring England Tour

Inspiring England Tour

10 Nights

Things to know about Manchester (United Kingdom) Manchester

Manchester is the third largest city in England and has been a major cultural center for thousands of years. It was known as 'Mancunium' and was founded by the Romans in AD 79, and later became an important city during the Middle Ages. Contents from Roman times have been discovered here, including a sewer system that dates back to the 7th century. Manchester is home to several universities, including The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. There are also many museums in Manchester, including the National Football Museum which contains over 10 million items and the Whitworth Art Gallery which contains over 2 million pieces. The first football team to play at Old Trafford stadium was Manchester United F.C., which was formed in 1878. Also, Manchester has its own subway system called Metro link and three airports: Manchester Airport or Ringway Airport, London Stansted Airport, and the East Midlands Airport.

Coming to some fun facts, Manchester is the city which saw the world's first atomic split and also associates itself with almost 25 Nobel Prize winners. Manchester is home to some of the best shopping in England, but it doesn't stop there, the city has been called "the culinary capital of Europe." The concept of a 'vegetarian diet' started in this land. If you're a caraholic, you must know that the Rolls Royce story was written in Manchester! With over 200 languages and uncountable Michelin-starred restaurants, a Manchester Tour is a must!

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Experiences in Manchester

Manchester is a city that knows how to have fun. If you're looking to go on an adventure Manchester is the perfect place. It has all the excitement of a city but none of the hassle. Manchester is renowned for its music scene, there are over 200 clubs and venues in the area, many of which host live music at weekends. So, if you're looking for an adventure-filled trip filled with excitement and adventure, then Manchester is right up your alley! With great food, music and art all around, you can be sure that no matter what you're looking for in your next destination, Manchester has it!

Top Attractions in Manchester

Manchester is full of things to do, and it's a city that's easy to get around in. You can spend your time wandering the streets of Manchester, taking in its diverse architecture and culture. Or you can take a trip to the coast, where you'll find some of the best beaches in all of Europe. There are also plenty of great museums, theatres, and art galleries that can be visited during your stay in Manchester. Some of the top-rated ones that are not worth the miss in Manchester are William Brown Library and Museum, Manchester Museum, and Manchester Town Hall.

Plan A Trip To Manchester

Manchester is a vibrant, exciting city that offers an array of experiences to suit all tastes. Whether you're a football fan or not, there's something for everyone here. From the legendary football stadium Old Trafford to the world-class shopping district around Deansgate Locks and New Cathedral Street, Manchester has something for everyone to enjoy! With our Manchester Tour Packages, the following are some of the great sites you will get to witness!

Manchester is known for being home to some of Britain’s best museums. Of all, our favorites are the National Football Museum, which is known as “the world’s leading football museum"; People’s History Museum, which narrates the democratic story from the Peterloo Massacre from 1819 to the existing day; Imperial War Museum North which in one of Europe's most influential war museums; the Pankhurst Centre; Manchester Jewish Museum; Elizabeth Gaskell’s House, Salford Museum and Art Gallery; Museum of Transport, and so on and so forth!

With our Manchester Holiday Packages, we will take you the best of all. One such is the great Manchester Museum. The Manchester Museum is one of the UK's best museums, and it's definitely worth your time. The museum is located in the heart of Manchester and has a permanent collection of over two million items. It has a wide range of exhibits from around the world, from ancient Egypt to modern art. If you're interested in history or art, I'd highly recommend visiting this place. You'll get an overview of British history and culture through artefacts from all over the world. Next on your Manchester Tour visit the Ornate Town Hall and the famous Lowry that will make your eyes pop and caress your senses!

The Ornate Town Hall is a beautiful building and it’s also one of the most iconic buildings in Manchester. It was built in Victorian times and it has been restored several times. The purpose of this building was to serve as a municipal building and it still does that today. The interior of the building is very impressive with its marble flooring, high ceilings, and numerous chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. There is a wide range of elegant paintings hanging on the walls.

The town hall is really popular among tourists who visit Manchester because it’s one of the biggest tourist attractions in town and offers many different activities including visiting the art gallery where you can see various paintings by famous artists like Van Dyck or Gainsborough; attending lectures about different topics such as history, science, culture and so on and so forth. It was designed by Alfred Waterhouse and exhibits over 3000 masterpieces! The Clock Tower is another notable attraction. It comes sixth in line as the tallest building in Manchester. The 280 feet tall bell tower's clock bell is known as the Great Abel. It has a total of 23 bells.

With our Manchester Packages, you will never miss out on Manchester nightlife! Manchester's nightlife is a blast. You can go to a club, have a few drinks, dance your heart out, and then go back to your hotel room. Or, you can go to a bar where there are people playing pool and darts, or watching sports on big screens/and then stay there all night. You can also go to a dance party at one of the many clubs in the city center, where DJs spin tunes for hours on end. There are bars in every neighborhood that serve great food, too. Whatever you choose to do, you will go to know a whole lot about 'fun'! For the best nights out, head for Manchester's famous Albert Square or the Northern Quarter. Both areas are full of lively bars, coffee shops, and restaurants and they're only a short walk from each other. Check for any concerts and if one of your favourite artists is performing, let us know! We will take care of the tickets!

Our Manchester Tour Packages will never miss out on the festivities that are live during the time of your visit! The bustling city is a year-round destination, and as such there are plenty of reasons to visit it at any time of year. Spring and summer are the best times to visit if you want to enjoy lots of sunshine or take advantage of festivals like the Manchester Jazz Festival and Manchester International Festival.

Manchester has a thriving music scene - there are plenty of live gigs to check out! Manchester's artistic heritage has endured until today and can be seen in some of the city's best galleries, including the Whitworth Art Gallery and the Manchester Art Gallery. The Manchester Arena is a world-class venue for events such as concerts, exhibitions and sports matches. There are also many other venues across the city that host live music such as The Hacienda and The O2 Apollo.  Apart from that, there are many game and entertainment centres like the Crystal Maze Live Experience, Virtual Hideout, and Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing, to name a few.

Manchester is a city of both history and innovation, so it's not surprising that it's also a city of good food. There are plenty of restaurants that offer everything from traditional pub grub to modern fare, but we think this list will be especially helpful for travellers who want something more unique than just another burger joint. Before we list the name of the top restaurants to proceed with your culinary Manchester Tour, here are some of the delicacies you must never miss: Black Pudding, Eccles Cake, Manchester Tart, Pasty Barm, Parched Peas, Rag Pudding, Uncle Joe's Mint Balls, and the classical drink, Vimto!

Try out the spätzle at The Sparrow, OSMA for a great lunch, Refuge by Volta for the traditional tastes, Mana, Dishoom- the Irani cafe, Where the Light Get In to taste some best wines, Greens for the vegetarian travellers, Tattu Restaurant and Bar for the Chinese lovers, Bundobust for the fans of Indian food, Hispi, Erst, and the list goes on!

Lastly, you cannot miss Salford Quays. It is an up-and-coming area in Manchester that has undergone a major regeneration since the Industrial Revolution. It now features trendy loft apartments and modern art galleries as well as several attractions including the Imperial War Museum North, Lowry and Media City UK. You can also thrill yourself by going on bee adventures or enjoying go-karting. Want some more fun! Visit the serial adventure and zipline park, Treetop Trek. If you have any specific interests other than the ones we mentioned, you can take up a private tour through our customizable Manchester Holiday Packages.

In the end, we can say that Manchester is an amazing city with so much to offer visitors of all ages. Whether you are looking for culture, nightlife or sports, Manchester has it all! If you want to explore the city on foot or by bike, join a walking tour or get a guided tour around this fantastic city get in touch with Dook International.

Our Manchester Packages have the minimum terms and conditions and are equipped with all the necessary amenities of the highest standards. With us, you will get the utmost comfort and safety without invading your privacy or causing any disruptions during the tour. We, at Dook International, have successfully fulfilled our commitment to provide the best trips to over 5 lakhs travellers to over 500+ destinations!

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